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Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea
Bamboo, Butter, Creamy, Honey, Nutty, Plums, Roasted, Stonefruits, Sweet, Wood, Toasted Rice, Mineral
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190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 30 sec 6 g 10 oz / 303 ml

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This super-rare, highly sought after tea comes from one of the most famous holy places in China: Mount Wudang, known for its ancestral temples, its world-renowned martial arts – and of course, for its seriously next level tea. And this twisted leaf Dan Cong oolong is no exception. With notes of ripe plum and shea butter, plus a unique hint of roastiness, it’s lightly nutty, surprisingly complex and totally refreshing. Because, hey. It’s not just any oolong. It’s supreme.

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25 Tasting Notes

207 tasting notes

I had one of those moments where I craved a dark oolong. I was dreaming about it last night. And my mood has honestly not been to great lately. So luckily Andrew provided me this sample, and damn, is it good. Sweet plum and shea butter. So fruity, so fragrant, so roasted, so nutty,and so much like nectar. I estimated the first steep again, and it was somewhere between 30-45 seconds, and the water was closer to 190 degrees at most. Man, it hit a sweet spot.

Now, I’m looking at the product description, and a temple is what I imagine as I swallow this down. I didn’t realize that this was a Dan Cong, (would this technically be a Phoenix Oolong?) and this one is one of the best that I’ve had. All the notes are balanced, and it is oh so sweet. Curse my expensive tastes.

Flavors: Bamboo, Butter, Creamy, Honey, Nutty, Plums, Roasted, Stonefruits, Sweet, Wood

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1459 tasting notes

So I finally tried this one. A friend bought a bunch and decided to share with me. Lucky day!
I quite like it. Nice and roasty and smooth. It’s like the oolong you get in a fancy Chinese restaurant sometimes, only better. I really get the stone fruit and mineral notes. A tiny hint of vegetal as well.
The problem I have is that right now, the first cup or two is great, fabulous even, but then I get bored and want something else. I kinda feel like I should go for endless infusions to get my moneys worth but at this time I’m simply not interested?!
and why don’t I have that experience with other straight high quality teas? Hmmm


I really love this one. I have not had any in a bit because they were out and I was a little burned out on it for a little while. It’s a top summer tea for me though.


I can see how a tea lover would fade in and out of love with this one. Its great but I wouldn’t want it around for all of time!


I find that a few steeps worth is all I want, as I have so many teas, that resteeping delays me getting to others I want to have. Also, I think that this type of oolong isn’t one to give many multiple steeps as compared to the rolled up and less roasted offerings. I like to use my frequent steeper redemption on this one because it is a really pricey tea.


That is actually why I grabbed a bit of this in the first place, to see which one I wanted 50g of! :P


Ha ha! It’s good. It was out for a long time, one time I got more Mighty Aphrodite, and the other I had Gold Rush.


Ah so this is the one that was out of stock! I need to do a side by side comparison with Gold rush, see which one I like more :P
But I have to buy that sample myself heh


Yeah, this is the one.


Cool, thx!

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582 tasting notes

Woke up early so I decided to brew a darker oolong to accompany me as I read about airtight containers and the whole CO2 releasing of tea/coffee. David’s Tea is still a mystery to me… they have some great teas and then some that are awful. They easily beat out Teavana any day though. This provides a nice cup that is slightly dry.

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86 tasting notes

It’s been a while since I’ve had this. Resteeps really nicely! Nice roasted notes in the smell.

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276 tasting notes

Another sample from Rowell Strange!

I am not usually one for roasted oolong, I am always willing to give them a second chance. This is a Dan Cong, so it’s an easy roasted oolong to like. So! Without further ado, I slung this into my yixing and got to it!

The first two steeps tasted a bit like the Saskatoon Berry sample that was right next to it. By the third steep, it had completely gone away. The berry flavor simply complimented the roasted stone fruit and honey notes I got from the actual tea. By steep five, most of the natural fruit ha gone and I was left with the toasty flavor of barley or brown rice. The leaves were pretty resilient, there was not bitterness at all, even when I left the tea in the pot for like, 7 minutes longer than I had intended. It tasted good throughout, the texture was thinner than the thick soupy mouthfeel I typically get from greener oolong, but I thoroughly liked spending time with it anyway.

Not something I would chose for myself, which is exactly how I like it. Surprises are good! And I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this tea. Thanks Ros!

Flavors: Honey, Stonefruits, Toasted Rice

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243 tasting notes

Another tea I bought 12 grams of just to try. I made this tea in my individual tea pot with the basket infuser so the leaves would expand. The leave are quite long and pretty, and I steeped them twice.

I recently read that oolong is in between green and black teas in terms of caffeine and oxidization. This totally makes sense and that’s exactly what I was getting out of this tea. It’s more delicate than a black tea but bolder than green. It’s quite smooth and I did notice the “mineral” taste others have mentioned. All in all a nice tea. However, as someone who cannot drink anything stronger than green tea too often due to a sensitive stomach I probably won’t be repurchasing this tea. I totally recommend it to those who love oolongs, but keep in mind this is nearly $20/50g. Sorry if it’s tacky to be critical of a tea due to price-I’m starting up a budget and cost-effectiveness has been on my mind lately (not to say that I don’t buy expensive teas-I will on occasion go all out on a green tea of the same price, but I drink that tea everyday and I’m better picking up subtle notes in greens than other forms of tea, thus I appreciate it more :) ). Also, because I do not purchase or drink oolongs I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this one and a cheaper one.

Flavors: Mineral

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 45 sec

Critiquing on price is totally legit. Quality and price should match up reasonably well.


Glad to hear it’s not me being stingy, haha ;).

I haven’t drank a lot of oolong tea before so I can’t say 100% how much better this is compared to cheaper oolong. It’s seems really nice, but for the price I’d rather pick up gyokuro cause I know I’ll appreciate it more.

Lisa Elizabeth

I haven’t drunk a straight oolong yet, but I’m a fan of their flavoured ones so far.


I LOVED ginseng oolong from David’s tea. But they got rid of it :(.

Lisa Elizabeth

:( They swap out their teas too much!

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1351 tasting notes

Good lord it’s been a long few weeks. Last week I had the ear infection from hell, I couldn’t swallow or sleep for a week, and that was with the help of antibiotics. Then, the lovely antibiotics gave me thrush. So I’m still recovering from an ear infection that hopped from one ear to the other and made my throat raw and now I’ve got thrush. Boo. It’s been two weeks since I got sick. Hot tea or spicy food makes my throat better, but makes the thrush worse. Cold drinks soothe the thrush, but do nothing for my throat. So I’ve been chugging cold water and not wasting good tea on a bad system.

But I had to break that for this beauty. My wife had another really crappy experience at the Scarborough Town Center DavidsTea, and I contacted customer service about it, because I know it was not the level of service Davids expects of their stores. Part of the issue was my wife tried to purchase some Blue Mountain Twirl and the employee just laughed and said she hadn’t even heard of it, so they probably didn’t have it. As she was leaving, she saw it on the wall, but just wanted to get the heck out of there. This was about a month ago.

Natalie, wonderful customer service rep that she is, was apologetic that she didn’t have any Blue Mountain Twirl to send us, but she did offer to send some of this tea. Of course, I accepted the offer.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the package today to find a full 100g of this tea. Holy crap. And it is gooooood. It’s delicious and roasty and there’s a hint of stone fruit and omg I just love it. I looove it. If you can get your hands on some of this, do it. Now. I’ll wait.

1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Wow, that’s generous, because this one’s super expensive. I admit though, I always get irritated when I know more about DT than an employee, in particular about previous teas. But I work in customer service now too, and I understand not being informed about “the way things were” or anything that happened in the past.

(I realize that in this case, BMT should definitely have been a tea the employee knew about if it was on the wall, so different situation.)

aisling of tea

Well, De also had to point out where all the teas she wanted were on the wall, and the employee corrected her pronunciation of pu-erh from “poo-air” to “pooer”. >.

aisling of tea

Well, De also had to point out where all the teas she wanted were on the wall, and the employee corrected her pronunciation of pu-erh from “poo-air” to “pooer”. She didn’t know where anything was and was rude about it. Not to mention the number of times we’ve gone in and been ignore because the employees are chatting behind the counter. But! Davids customer service is amazing.


Ugh. Sounds like someone who should perhaps no longer be employed. But yes, thankfully their head office customer service is fantastic (though I don’t believe I’ve ever had to deal with anything personally, and have just heard stories).


Oh yikes, well that’s great that they have awesome customer service at HQ which makes up for that appropriate behaviour.

Man, and I can’t stand when ignorant people “correct” one’s pronunciation especially given the fact that there are thousands of Chinese dialects and the phonology of both languages are very different, resulting in different pronunciations. Ugh.

Hope you feel better soon!


You got 100g of that stuff given to you? That’s a pretty nice gift. I really like this tea.

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3091 tasting notes

Ok, before I get into the tasting note portion of this note I just want to complain for a moment…

About child proof bottles.

My cough medicine has a child proof cap on it, and I don’t know why because I’m pretty much a fucking adult but I find those damn caps impossible to open. Always have; and it’s just so much worse when I’m sick. So, Tre opens them for me. ‘Cause he’s nice like that. But this morning he was at work – and I needed cough medicine. It took me forty-five fucking minutes to open this mother fucker up! I had to google “life hacks” for opening child proof bottles, and even then I ended up needing a fucking pair of pliers to get this motherfucker open. FUCK.

And he wont let it go. And man I hate child proof bottle caps.

But anyway; I had two pots of this tea today done Grandpa style. Seriously, I love my new teaset; and I fucking love Grandpa-style brewing tea; it’s SO LAZY which makes it the perfect brew style for me. Why was I not doing it before!? Actually, I know why – because I usually never want a whole pot of tea, but this teapot is TEENY TINY so it’s not so bad!

I’m not really sure if Grandpa style is a thing people usually do with oolongs; I though maybe some of the subtleties of multiple infusions would kind of get lost or missed from everything blurring together. But, I was craving an oolong and I figured this would be interesting to play around with and not a huge loss if all went poorly because I have so much of it given it’s what I redeemed my most recent free bag of tea on. More bang for your buck, right? After all this is a more expensive blend, and I thought I could use it to further my exploration of straight oolongs, and just pass it along to other Steepster people looking to try it without spending all that money if I didn’t like it. And because I have a lot of it, it also wouldn’t be a total waste if it tasted funny because of my being sick.

As far as “missing the subtleties of multiple infusions” because of my choice of brew style goes, I definitely feel like there was some progression of flavour between subsequent cups. My earliest cups, where the leaf hadn’t been steeping as long, were very, very roasty with a distinct mineral flavour. Then my cups kind of evolved into a sweeter roasty flavour with more of a fruity edge. By the end of my first pot this was very plummy indeed, while still retaining a bit of roastiness/mineral flavour.

My second pot was definitely much heavier on fruit flavour; the leaves had completely opened up at this point. Plum was the dominant note in all the cups from this pot; and it got increasingly more jammy but I also registered some other stewed fruit notes and notes of honey. It had an especially sweet aftertaste, a little reminiscent of vanilla or sweet cream. Maybe even a little bit floral? But just lightly. I really, really enjoyed the second pot!

I wont rate this one yet because I want to try it again when I’m not sick (and more confidant in my observations) but overall I was quite impressed with this one! I like that it sort of borders the edge between greener oolong and more roasted oolong; that’s exactly the balance I was hoping for with this one. Definitely a good grab/use of my freebie tea!

Also, just have to share this last thing. In DAVIDsTEA’s “official” tasting review/blurb for this one they’ve listed the following at the ‘flavour’ of the tea: “Dark green leaf, twisted and somewhat curled, about 1.25 inches in length. Some gloss.”

Excuse me DT, but that is not a ‘flavour’. I had a good laugh at it though.


I’ve had some of the most amazing cups of oolong steeped grandpa style. The Four Seasons Spring Oolong from Green Terrace I steeped in my travel mug and got an incredible range of flavours as I sipped at it over the course of hours, with the leaves still in there.

Oolongs are my go-to tea for travel mugs, because you get awesome results and evolving flavours and they’re often so forgiving.

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238 tasting notes

Again, another expensive blend that I won’t be getting a lot of. I’m kind of ‘meh’ on straight oolongs, but I’m realising that you get what you pay for and this one is delicious. Definitely a higher quality than what I’m used to – sadly my wallet cannot made the jump, LOL. I added a little bit of milk to this one on my first couple of steepings, but maybe next time I’ll just have it plain.

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1794 tasting notes

I got this tea as part of the Frequent Steeper program, and it was a great use of my free two ounces. I drink a lot of oolongs for my blog, and, while this is not an amazing oolong, it was a pretty solid offering from DavidsTea.


Heh, I used my free 50g on this one too :D


The free 50g before that was spent on their Pouchong Oolong – equally tasty, but for different reasons.


Whereas this one is roasted a bit, the Pouchong is floral and greener.


I like the pouchong, but felt more like getting a bunch of something roasty. I might have 150g free this time around…. who knows what I’ll get…

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