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Spinach, Sweet, Toasted Rice, Vegetal, Grass, Malt
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  • “Yum. Genmaicha has been one of my favorite teas since my macrobiotic diet days. I also drank a lot of twig tea by Choice Organic; I need to get that again someday. Anyway it’s...” Read full tasting note
    amyoh2 2784 tasting notes
  • “Got back late last night from my trip to Michigan where I sadly had hardly any tea. So what better way to get back into the swing of things than to drink my favorite tea. Oh…and...” Read full tasting note
    jennlea 162 tasting notes
  • “I’m not gutsy enough to put boiled water over matcha, so that didn’t happen. But I needed a caffeinated pick me up to drag me through the rest of the day, so what than genmaicha with an...” Read full tasting note
    moraiwe 616 tasting notes
  • “I’ve had a very stressful week traveling for work. No sleep. Working with annoying people. Argh! I took a bunch of tea with me to try. While I didn’t have ideal brewing...” Read full tasting note
    Mercuryhime 521 tasting notes

From Den's Tea

This is Den’s Tea special blend of Genmaicha with Matcha. This blend uses a tea ceremony grade of matcha and quality Bancha.

Origin: Shizuoka
Harvest: A Blend of 2009 First & Second Harvests
Species: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:
Highly aromatic tea. The Matcha contributes its natural sweetness to the full nutty flavor of the Genmaicha.

Den’s Preferred Brewing:
Water: 4oz boiled
Leaves: 2 grams or 1 rounded teaspoon
Steep: 30 sec
2nd Cup: Water Boiled; Steep 15 sec

For a cup of Iced Tea: Put 50% more amount of tea leaves into a teapot. Steep as directed for hot tea. Once you brew it, put ices into the cup to lock in the aroma.

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112 Tasting Notes

2784 tasting notes

Yum. Genmaicha has been one of my favorite teas since my macrobiotic diet days. I also drank a lot of twig tea by Choice Organic; I need to get that again someday.

Anyway it’s been a busy weekend, I’m studying for a copywriting class I’ve been taking so I’ve had a little less free time than usual. I felt like I needed a little bit of ooomph to get me through the rest of the evening, but not too much. Thanks to Incendiare, I have genmaicha on the brain!

This is quite a tasty tea from Den’s. It’s very green due to the matcha element, which also adds a bit of sweetness to the mix. You definitely get that savory sort of nuttiness that just seems very soothing and gentle. I like this one and will definitely be wanting more when my bag runs out… see previous notes for more info.

I hope all my Steepster friends are having a good Sunday night!

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Funny, I was planning on writing a tasting note for this tomorrow! Best of luck on your copywriting class.


Keep us posted on your copywriting class Amy. :))


Soon I’ll be editing all of you! j/k

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162 tasting notes

Got back late last night from my trip to Michigan where I sadly had hardly any tea. So what better way to get back into the swing of things than to drink my favorite tea.

Oh…and some good news…I’m engaged!!


Congratulations jennlea!!




Yay! Congratulations!


WOW – congratulations!


congratulations. :)


Thanks everyone :)




Much happiness to both of you!


Awesome! Congrats!!!


Eee! Congratulations indeed!


Yay! Congratulations!

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616 tasting notes

I’m not gutsy enough to put boiled water over matcha, so that didn’t happen. But I needed a caffeinated pick me up to drag me through the rest of the day, so what than genmaicha with an extra dose of matcha for good measure.

The matcha adds a gentle sweetness that compliments the nutty roastiness of the genmaicha. It’s very slightly brothy, but not quite as much so as I was expecting.

The matcha flavor in this one isn’t as potent as American Tea Room’s Genmaimatcha, which is my typical go-to genmaicha with matcha, but it is a slightly sweeter matcha. At just over half the price though, I might have to swap my go to genmaicha in this direction.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Yum yum yum I haven’t had this one in forever! I’m plotting a Den’s order but I’m holding out for springtime and Sakura Sencha pre-orders!


Yeah. I have enough Genmaimatcha to hold me through till then, but as long as I’m ordering Sencha (because I surely will haha) this might just slip in.


:) :) :)


I’ve got a decent lemon rooibos…makes me wonder what it’d be like with a few crushed peppercorns thrown in.


Well, pooh. Right comment, wrong tea. Sorry about that. Where’d the lemon peppercorn note go? :P


I figured that. But lemon peppercorn tea sounds pretty awesome.

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521 tasting notes

I’ve had a very stressful week traveling for work. No sleep. Working with annoying people. Argh!

I took a bunch of tea with me to try. While I didn’t have ideal brewing conditions, I was still able to make a few awesome cups. This one was great! I produced a lovely murky green. And it tasted so rich and toasty. And smooth and green. Genmaicha has always been a homey comforting flavor so it’s hard to go wrong with it. This one however, is comforting and delicious. I usually prefer mine without matcha, but it works in this one.

Story time:
a colleague I had been traveling with had been eying my teas with distrust for days. I’ve been drinking super bright Japanese and korean greens. Finally, he commented that my tea was really green. I offered to let him try some but he declined saying that all teas were the same. " I’m having some right now." he show me the no name green tea bag provided by the hotel. I had tried it and it was truly terrible. How can you say all teas are the same when you yourself stated how different they looked? I am baffled!

I also room temp brewed a bunch while traveling. Easier than getting hot water all the time. My colleagues were so amazed. “are you just soaking your tea leaves?! The water is not hot.” they looked super skeptical when I explained about cold brewing. No one wanted to try any. Sad.

I got one colleague to try a coconut rooibos by adding cram and sugar. She liked it! Finally, a success story.


work travel is always cumbersome…


I love the comment about him eyeing your tea with distrust. Glad you got to do some brewing while you were traveling, and I like the idea of room-temp steeping while traveling… I never thought of that one!


I think some people might say that room temp steeping is unsafe because you’re leaving leaves in water for hours and it’s not cold like in the fridge. I was fine but I don’t want you to go into this without knowing the potential hazards. Ive been known to eat stuff left out overnight though so I guess I like risks. :)


With the exception of meat (and dairy, I guess) I have very few qualms about leaving things out. If I make a big supper and there are leftovers, they tend to stay in the dish overnight. Ditto tea leaves. Ah well! : )


I often resteep leaves left out overnight. I’d be shut down as a restaurant, but I haven’t gotten ill from it. :)


that’s my plan for my 7-9 day road trip! tea + room temp water bottle = my friend on a very long drive. Thanks for the reminder :)


I have definitely had almost this exact experience (though not while traveling for work, thank heaven). I remember one person even calling me a “frickin’ hippie” when I explained to them what I was doing. sigh And the room temperature steeping, whilst somewhat of a risk, is indeed worthwhile if you don’t have any other options and you NEED TEA NOW. xD I’ve used it before, while at an anime convention when our in-room coffeepot broke.

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807 tasting notes

Yum! I made a small pot of this, and my espresso drinking husband even requested some: “a big mug of it, please!” So I guess I’ll be making another small pot by the end of this evening. :)

I really do love this tea. I’m a big fan of Genmaicha in general. When I finish up this batch, I’m going to give Samovar’s Ryokucha a try. I’m looking forward to seeing how the two compare.

Frank W.

So how did they compare?


Actually, I like Den’s a bit better. There’s much more matcha and it has a stronger flavor. In addition, it’s cheaper. I’m sticking with Den’s for my regular Genmaicha, but Samovar will win for other types of tea. :)

Frank W.

Thanks! I had just ordered a half pound of Den’s (my wife likes it too and it is on sale through October), but never tried Samovar’s. I saw it on Sam’s website, but also noticed Ryokucha is close to double the price and their minimum free shipping amount was $100. Still, I’ll have to order from Sam’s sometime. What do they do well?


I really like their oolongs a lot! I’ve been enjoying the four seasons (with many steeps each time) for a while, and just got the hawaiian oolong which was pricey but amazing and quite resteepable. I’m just trying a white (downy sprout) this morning and am really enjoying that one as well. :) I think the half pound of Den’s is a good choice… we’re going to have to do that next time at the rate we go through the stuff!

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1162 tasting notes

Yay, genmaicha! I’m trying this using one of the filters they provided in my sample kit, which is très convenient because the matcha isn’t settling to the bottom of my mug.

The bright green colour of the dry leaf is lovely. Looks and smells fresh.

The addition of matcha here makes this a little more vegetal, and maybe a touch sweeter too. The rice is as toasty as ever, which balances out that extra green vegetal vibe.

Very well done, Den’s Tea. Although I’ll admit that I’m old-fashioned and still prefer my genmaicha on the toastier side.

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953 tasting notes

I’d read about certain green teas having a post-apocalyptic, glowing green color — the sort of color that makes me think of some of those post-apocalyptic games I played (can’t now remember, was it Fallout? Half-Life? Doom? All of them?) but I’d never actually seen a tea that color. Until tonight. Whoa. Amazing green!

This is the last tea in my sampler, and the fine, very green dusting of the matcha over the leaves and rice is pretty cool looking. It looks like bright, lime-green powdered sugar over long pointy/twisty leaves. It smells juicily vegetal.

I steeped according to the pamphlet instructions: 30 seconds/boiling. The liquor color is a glowing green, not as lime-like as the dry leaves. More tending toward avocado.

The aroma is classic toasty rice, a smell which to me is somewhat similar to the way the old maids in the popcorn bag taste if you chew on them as I’m prone to do. It’s the primary taste as well, with a fresh green tea underlay.

I like the flavor of genmaichas whenever I drink them. I don’t often sit around thinking that they’re just the thing that would hit the spot, though. This is a good, solid genmaicha and I can see ordering it again, but I think the others in the Den’s sample were more suited to frequent drinking as far as my tastes go so I ranked this one a bit lower than the others.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

I think it was Ricky who called it ‘radioactive’ in one of his comments about my sencha tea! I called it ‘nuclear green’ and if your tea is the color that mine was, I totally get your ‘post-apocalyptic, glowing green’! : ) Reference:


Yes! I knew I’d read about it. Pretty wild to actually witness it!


I labeled this tea as poison and gave it away to my friend. All these negative connotations associated with the color of this tea. Poor Genmaicha.


It was a nice tasting poison, though :-)


I really enjoyed it the first time I had it, after that it became poison to me =( I get sick after drinking it. Might be a mental thing though =/


Oh wow. Sorry to hear that! There was one tea that affected me that way. Trying now to remember what it was. I think it might have been the Tazo Earl Grey, but oddly not every time I drank it.

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807 tasting notes

Still working on my limited sample supply – going to run out soon and need to place an almighty order from Den’s. I do love Den’s Tea!
This is my second steep tonight and just as wonderful.

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1760 tasting notes

I’m trying this blend in its teabag form, although I did get some of the tea loose-leaf aswell as part of the Green Tea Beginners sampler-thingy. The tea bag was just covered it matcha and the tea turned the water a bright green shade that looked very much like watered down matcha tea. The taste is an interesting mix of the matcha’s grassiness and the genmaicha’s roasted, malty flavours. I think the matcha has the edge in this tea, especially as you get down near the bottom when some of the powder has settled.

This seems to be a similar idea to Samovar’s Ryokucha, but I think the Samovar version is superior simply because it has more complexity and depth of flavour and because the malty genmaicha is the dominent flavour note.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 30 sec

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237 tasting notes

Opening up the sample packet, I’m struck by the bright green color the matcha lends to the ensemble. Amazing that tea can be so, so green. Fantastic aroma of roasted grains and vegetables. The first steep (boiling, 30 seconds) was also bright green, and sweet. The toasty and vegetal flavors are holding hands in the middle of the room, making googly eyes at each other. No bitterness at all, and just the tiniest hint of astringency.

2nd steep: boiling, 15 seconds. Losing some of the nuttiness in the aroma this time around. Still a really bright green liquor though. All the flavors are still there, but now they’ve mellowed with the passing of time and are content to simply be present in their own subtle way.

I think I like this one a bit more than Den’s bagged Genmaicha, if for no other reason than to enjoy the sight of the leaves as they transform under the influence of the water.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

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