Grape Sencha

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From Den's Tea

Grape Sencha has a grape flavor plus a hint of dried cranberry and raspberry. These combine into the sweet-tart flavors of our Grape Sencha. Great for iced tea.

Origin: Shizuoka
Harvest: A Blend of 2009 First & Second Harvests
Species: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:
Fun fruity and sweet grape flavor. Best selling among our fruit flavored teas.

Den’s Preferred Brewing:
Water: 4oz boiled
Leaves: 2 grams or 1 heaping teaspoon
Steep: 30 sec
2nd Cup: Water boiled; Steep 15 sec

For a cup of Iced Tea: Put 50% more tea leaves into a teapot. Steep as directed for hot tea. Once you brew it, put ice into the cup to lock in the aroma.

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26 Tasting Notes

224 tasting notes

I swear to god, dealing with my inner self is like dealing with an ADD-afflicted five-year old. I pointed out that I had open packages of Apple Sencha and Pineapple Sencha, both of which we love. I pointed out that opening tea exposes it to air, which speeds the staling. But my inner self wanted to try the new flavor. Demanded to try it, in fact. So here it is in my cup. And it is a beautiful, sweet. buttery, grape-scented golden liquor. The leaves themselves are beautiful as well, with dark sharp green leaves and sprinkled purple and pink blossoms. It has a very light sweet flavor with the merest hint of butter and grapes. Quite, quite nice. I’m glad I didn’t choose to spank my inner self and tell her to fly straight.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 45 sec

You don’t find grape-y teas very often, but I love them…Canadian Ice Wine is another of my favorites (Culinary Teas).


That sounds wonderful! You may enjoy the Champagne Infused White Raspberry Tea by Red Leaf Tea.


I agree that finding grape flavored anything is unusual. Lupicia makes a grape green tea called Budou. From what I remember, the flavor is pretty spot on.


Sounds good. I’ll have to look for it.


This has led me to wonder what spanking your inner self would look like. Shuddering? Twitching? But I digress. This sounds good!


Carolyn, does this taste like grapes or raisins? I’ve been thinking about buying this, but I hate raisins :/


Not like raisins at all. It’s more grape juice like.


If it’s more like grape juice, I’m in! Mmm.

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6770 tasting notes

The aroma of this is wonderful! The color of the loose leaf mixture is gorgeous! I’m so excited to try this! Yup! YUM! This cup is HOT but I’m seeing a ICED one in the near future as well! This is lovely! The dry leaf smell tops the taste but the taste is sure up there too! Taste-wise mostly green tea – a sweet green tea – with lovely grape and cranberry notes. I can barely taste the raspberry tho. Regardless…very nice!

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

Love grape!

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427 tasting notes

This has grapes cranberry raspberry and sencha. This smells mostly like grape. In the leaves there are purple shreds and pink buds. I did not steep this very long and I added sugar. But I am only getting a medium grape taste with the green tea. I do think this is good. Does anyone have any advice on steep time?


I haven’t tried this one (and don’t really want to), but I’ve found I love their apple sencha steeped in a ratio of 4.5tsp in 6oz of water heated to 160 degrees for 1.5 min so maybe give that a try. Hope that works for you!


Thank you I will keep that in mind.


I use 170 degree temp and 30 seconds steep time.


Thanks Carolyn.


The package says 190°F for 30 seconds steep while the website says boiling for 30 sec steep for the first infusion.


I do know they changed some of their steeping parameters, maybe the packaging just didn’t get changed yet?


Maybe I would like this after all since it also has cranberries and raspberries… although that makes me very disappointed they don’t call it “mixed berry sencha”/


Oh, you think that’s the case with the steep/water temp? How would I know if they changed the parameters? The website just mentioned boiled water – which I thought pretty high for sencha.


Interesting comments and suggestions here, ladies, thanks for contributing to this!!!


This is such a visually pretty tea (plus the aroma, yum) – it deserves to be done right (plus I have rest of the packet remaining) and I really want it to taste good, you know?


You are right, of course, about the name because grape (while a strong component) is not the only standout, cranberries and raspberries are present as well and can be tasted, too.


Lauren, this is taken from the homepage of

“New Tea Descriptions, Brewing Recommendations and more
We have noticed that North American tea drinkers have developed a deeper appreciation for the taste Japanese green tea. The past year has brought many requests for more information on the traditional and authentic ways to enjoy Japanese teas. As a result of these requests, we are providing more detailed information about each tea. We have also revised the brewing parameters for each tea to brew a more authentic cup. Other new items on our website are a “Tea Navigator” to help you select teas to suit your needs and more IFAQs for those who want information on teas and tea culture. Enjoy our updated website."


Huh, I went directly to the tea page instead! And you were right, they didn’t update the packaging and not knowing any better, followed that! Thanks, Cofftea!


Followed all the trails on the den’s tea website to the ‘perfect brewing guide’ and still found suggested 4oz water/1tsp tea/boiled water/30 sec steep. weird. But will play with parameters to get a nice cuppa!


Lauren, that’s because the package suggestions are probably the old ones.


No no, I got that off the perfect brewing page on den’s website! Seriously! To recap from website Premium Sencha 2-3oz water/1tsp tea/160°F/45-90sec steep depending on variety; grape sencha 4 oz water/1tsp tea/boiling/30 sec steep (on bottom 1/4 of chart); package says 190°F/30 sec steep. All parameters that can be changed for individual taste.

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807 tasting notes

A delightful grape sencha!
I followed steeping instructions and it turned out perfectly but I can see tweaking steep times and temps slightly to your palate.
Pretty to look at.
I could smell the grape through the bag as soon as I took it out of the packing box!
It smells far more kool aid like that it tastes once brewed which is a good thing IMO.
It is very natural tasting when steeped!
Absolutely a wonderful morning cup hot or iced!
Love Den’s Tea!!!
Fast shipping, great service.
Thank you Den’s for another winner!

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564 tasting notes

I actually had a craving for this tea, so I figured I’d make myself a cup.

I have no idea why this works. It’s an imitation of the fake grape taste that’s in candy and a lot of cough syrups, but it tastes like it could actually happen in nature. It’s also delicious.

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4846 tasting notes

Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea!

Now, I have to be honest, before reading the description, this would not have been a tea I was interested in trying. While I do enjoy grapes, I am not a fan of grape-flavored foods, drinks and candy. But since learning that this also has cranberry and raspberry flavors in it, I decided to give it a fair shake.

Anyway… I like this! The grape flavor is the strongest note, so I get why they call it “Grape Sencha” but I can taste the tartness of the raspberry and cranberry, and I like how those two flavors come through in this cup. It’s really quite good.

Thanks again TeaEqualsBliss, because if you hadn’t sent me some of this tea, I probably would never have tried it! And it’s really good!


I agree! I’m not into grape flavored things, usually, but like grapes naturally! :)

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280 tasting notes

This was the last of the flavored Senchas by Den’s Tea that I had to try.
Most of that is because I avoid anything flavored like grape (when it’s not wine, that is!)—purple soft drinks, candy, etc. – yuck! So a tea, flavored like grape? Not my thing.

But I got a sample anyway, because I was so impressed by all the other flavored Senchas by Den’s, I had to try it.

Well, when I opened it up, the smell was actually quite irresistable. It wanted to be eaten up. The actual brewed tea was, as every one of the flavored Senchas has been, a perfect balance of buttery/great Sencha with enough flavor to be present but NOT fake tasting or overpowering.
The smell of the loose leaf was so strong, I was surprised that the actual liquor didn’t taste as sweet as grape juice. I was expecting the sweet flavor of grape juice so much, at first I thought the tea was just weak. But after several sips, I realized of course it wouldn’t be sweet (or fake tasting), and enjoyed it very much.
I think that’s what makes Den’s flavored Senchas so good — they really know how to make them well-balanced. And they use high quality tea as a base, so the tea itself is good and subsequent steepings just as enjoyable.

So yes, I’ve been impressed by all of the flavored Senchas by Den’s. This was a very pleasant surprise. Some I like better than others, but they’ve all been better than my initial expectations (and some, like Apple, or Pineapple, I’ve liked enough to buy several ounces of!).

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec

I had this one earlier today too! YUM!


How funny! Yeah, after I wrote this, I looked and saw you had just rated it, too.

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40 tasting notes

Had a small sample of this along with my first order from Den’s, and when I finally ran out of my Gyokuro Kin and Sencha Shin Ryoku, I knew it was finally time to give it a try.

This tea is everything you would expect from it: loud and Grape-y. While a lot of flavored senchas seem to have a misting of fragrance or a handful of dried flowers, the Grape sencha is laden with dried cranberries, grapes, and flower petals; making it a particularly fragrant brew.

My first infusion was a little hot and long (180 for ~2 minutes in my kyusu), and made the somewhat overbearing. The directions say “boiling” for “30 seconds,” but I altered it a bit with slightly cooler water (165*) for 1:25. This made the tea leaves come through a little better, and allowed the “grapiness” to spread across the infusions a little more uniformly.

All in all, a very fruity, fun sencha. I prefer the crispness of the Rose sencha, but this tea certainly makes good on its promise.

165 °F / 73 °C 1 min, 30 sec

Have you tried their Shincha? It’s really good.
You mention in your profile recently getting into green tea — other vendors I can recommend from personal experience are:
And many people have good things to say about:

However, Den’s Tea is still my favorite…


I have!! I just got an order of Shincha Houryoku and it is AMAZING four steeps in. Never had a tea hold up so good over multiple steepings. A little paranoid of radiation, but it’s from western Shizuoka, so I think I’ll take my chances for such tasty stuff.

Thanks for the reccomendations — I’d love to hear a couple of your suggestions from Maiko! I’m trying some matcha and Sakura sencha from o-cha soon, so I’ll let you know what I think :)


Cool! Glad you got the Houryoku, it is good stuff. I had it last year too (for the first time). I got the Shincha Kunpu this year, which is also excellent.

Yeah, certainly post your review of the matcha and sakura sencha here on Steepster. I just received my first order from O-cha today, their Kirameki shincha and Kagoshima Yutaka Midori shincha. I’ll review them here as well!

Hmm… well, for Maiko, I’ve only had 3 things thus far (not quite finished with the last one) – Maruyama Sencha (eh, it was OK, many people like it but I don’t personally recommend), Shiawase Cha (pretty unique, fun tea, maybe worth trying if you like Genmaicha and want something a little different), and finally Yamashita’s 5 Gyokuro Sampler (8g of each tea). I highly recommend the sampler, as you can try some awesome teas at a decent price, but I would wait until it’s on sale. I think the normal price is 4,000 JPY (about $40-$45 depending on the rate they use), but I got it on sale for 3,000 JPY (at the time that was equal to $31). It’s expensive still somewhat, but far cheaper than buying any of the upper Gyokuro individually… as I said, I’m not done. I still have 2 left, the best two they carry, Yashiki no Cha and Takumi.

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123 tasting notes

Another generous sample from Den’s Tea. This tea has a very strong grape flavor, the smell reminds me of grape fun dip. Now flavored teas are not my thing, especially green tea, with the exception of genmaicha. The first time I had this I steeped it for two minutes which is way too long, a minute is much more appropriate. The grape taste is actually very subtle and when paired with the cranberry cuts the sweetness with the tartness. Not bad but not my thing.

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337 tasting notes

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