Organic China Fujian Bohea Wild Black Tea

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Burnt Sugar, Cocoa, Dill, Green Beans, Roasted, Roasted nuts, Rye, Sweet, Caramel, Chocolate, Malt, Toasty, Wood
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 6 g 5 oz / 145 ml

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From Dragon Tea House

Fujian blacks are perhaps the sweetest of all black teas, although they would not have the strength that Assam, Yunnan and Sri Lanka blacks have. The maltiness is also rather more floral than cereal. However, these are exactly their likable characters. The area around Wuyi was one of the first production region. Now all across the north to northeastern provincial border areas are producing black teas.

In Fujian province in southern China, ancient tea trees still grow wild in some of the forests. They can be hundreds, even thousands, of years old. Purists rave about the rich brown colour of the steeped tea, the aroma of sweet forest floor, the clean, natural finish. Our wild Fujian Bohea black uses robust, new leaves plucked from wild-growing trees, slightly twisted to preserve their natural flavour. This tea is characterized by its large leaves.

This black tea has a distinctive appearance with its mix of long, twisted black leaves, brownish-purple buds. When infused, this tea produces an aromatic, crystal clear, reddish-amber infusion. The flavor incorporates the fruity-sweet and honey elements from the aroma with more classic, malty, “black tea” type flavors into a complex infusion that leaves a lovely, lingering aftertaste in the mouth. Highly aromatic, with a flavour that fills the palate.

Fujian black teas are enjoyable as you would with any other black teas. However, because its unique character is not about strength, adding milk or sugar to cover the bitterness as in other teas is not going to give you a same tasting tea drink — there is no excessive bitterness needed to cover up and the milk or sugar will lower the taste character.

Brewing instruction: Use 5 grams of tea per 200ml of water. Heat water to 95°C degrees (180°F) and steep for one minute. Add 30 secs to subsequent infusions. Adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and water temperature used according to your preference.

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9 Tasting Notes

2048 tasting notes

I have determined that the samples I have been drinking the past few days must be from Cameron B. I had only tried one tea from this swap when a kitchen clean up resulted in someone putting these in a container on a shelf over my head, not hard to do since I am five inches shorter than my daughters and 13 inches shorter than my husband. So thank you, Cameron!

Bohea perplexes me. The first one I ever had was smokey and strong, or so I thought at the time. I liked it, though. Then I got one that was so weak I didn’t like it, until I looked up the instructions on the company website and it called for double the amount of leaf. Using those parameters the tea was good.

So I made this in my Kamjove so it would be easy to make adjustments as I saw how this one behaved.

At 5 grams of leaf per 200 milliliters this is about like the Pluff Bohea instructions I have. After two minutes steeping, the liquor is pale for a black tea but typical of a Bohea. The taste is very nice, reminiscent of a rock oolong, with toasty toasty bread flavor, and little to no smoke. It leans toward heavily toasted bread.

With the assistance of Alexa, my trusty Amazon Echo, I am resteeping at the dining table. If you are not familiar with the Echo, get off Steepster right now and just go buy one on Amazon. My husband was ambivalent about my purchase but now he is talking about getting another one for our room. We love her.

Steep two – as good as the first and now the toasted bread flavor lingers and expands with every breath. It definitely reminds me of some of the Rock oolongs I have tried. Very nice!

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1780 tasting notes

I got this in the mail yesterday from an Ebay seller and tried it right away on opening. :D It was only around $5 with shipping so I just had to buy it as I was looking for some more Wild Tree teas. I was hoping it would be a lot like Teavivre’s Nonpareil Yunnan Dian Hong Ancient Wild Tree and it is slightly, but the Teavivre has a little bit of extra specialness that I love – maybe that tangy quality which is why I was looking for a Wild Tree tea in the first place. At least this tea is something that I can really enjoy and I’m not disappointed in it. The leaves are large and dusty black resulting in a light brew. The taste has that flavor that I’ve only found in Fujian teas, though it is tough to describe (like a volcanic/charcoal flavor). Otherwise, it’s like burnt sugar or caramel with tobacco and a little of that tangy flavor I’m looking for. On first taking a sip, it has a tanginess and tobacco but then like a wave on the sea shore, an incredible sweetness washes in. Very unique!
Steep #1 // 2 tsps. // 10 minutes after boiling // 2 minute steep
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3 minute steep

ETA: Today I tried the Teavivre Ancient Wild Tree steeped the same way and it is actually a LOT different. The Teavivre is much more like plums. So both teas are delicious but very different.

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6482 tasting notes

my notes on this one seem to have poofed, though i know i’ve had it before. long and the short of this is that it’s a really nice tea. It’s not a fruity sort of tea, nor an overly malty one. It sits somewhere in the middle with a roasty, caramel, burnt toast sort of feeling to it. A medium strength in brew…and something i ended up gulping through this morning in an effort to try and wake up! :)

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399 tasting notes

Another sample from Cameron! I have really wanted to try some teas from Dragon Tea House, so I was very happy to see this one.

I wish I had taken notes on the tea, I remember enjoying it but not a lot else about it. I think it might have even been awesome.

Cameron B.

Hah! Love you. :P


it was goood!

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972 tasting notes

So I ordered 100g of this one from Dragon Tea House because it looked good and was ridiculously cheap (it’s still on sale as I write this) with free shipping! The leaves are about an inch long and twisty, and they’re a dull brown/black in color. Dry scent is dark cocoa and raisin, with something that reminds me of roasted potatoes.

Once steeped, this smells similar to what I would consider a typical Fujian tea. I find that these teas tend to have roasty rye bread and/or caraway and dill seed notes. I am surprised by the amount of sweetness this tea has. It’s actually a pure, clear sweetness that reminds me of fresh water from a stream. There is a strong rye/caraway presence with heavy roasted notes, and underneath that is a deep, bitter cocoa flavor. I can also taste a touch of caramelized sugar richness (but not sweetness). There’s something here that’s reminding me of soft, cooked green beans.

Overall, this is a good one if you enjoy Fujian teas. They’re definitely not my favorite, but I still enjoy this tea.

Flavors: Burnt Sugar, Cocoa, Dill, Green Beans, Roasted, Roasted nuts, Rye, Sweet

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Sounds nice

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I like this one :)

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512 tasting notes

This one is nice to me,I like it a lot :)
I kinda didn’t want to review it or anything because i already have a fav Fujian black tea that to Me just can’t be beat(a few favs actually), but this one comes really close and could give My Fav a run for its money.
This one has very nice malty and chocolatey notes like my fav with some subtle roasty notes and some caramel and a touch of something that i dunno makes it taste almost like a pastry cake or something. Delicious!!!
I’ve had this little 50g bag for a long while and I’ve been just pinching out of it here and there for a while Unfortunately this was my last bit of it But thats ok I’ll surely get some more. I really really loved this one a lot.
It is similar in enough ways to my favorite fujian black to be extremely comforting and pleasing to me and at the same time has it’s differences that make it stand apart from others.
So Effin Good!!!!!!!

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Malt, Sweet, Toasty

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1281 tasting notes

Yesterday my wisdom tooth broke in half and fell out while I was eating soup, so I went to the dentist today and it turns out my tooth is much worse than I thought and I need an operation. Part of my gum needs to be cut out as well as the jaw bone sanded down before they can extract the tooth. Ten month wait minimum if I want to be gassed and knocked out or three months if I have it done awake and under heavy sedation. Two weeks to decide while I’m on anti biotics. I’m thinking of just going ahead and having it done without being put under, the quicker the better.

So as a treat I’m using my Chinese gaiwan set and trying this black tea. It smells beautiful in raw form, like chocolate and soft burnt wood. The leaves are large and curly but match it’s wonderful scent. I like a full leaf black.

First Steep – 1 minute –
Light in colour, scent and flavour. Very sweet, like raw sugar cane and caramel. A little malty in the after taste.

Second Steep – 2 minutes –
Still mild but still getting a pure sugar cane flavour. The after taste has increased however and now tastes like malt, wood and caramel mixed with chocolate.

Third Steep – 3 minutes –
Very similar to the first steep again, as sweet and pure in flavour too.

Next time I may try adding 7g instead of 5g to see how it comes out but I enjoyed the gentle caramel and sugar that this tea offers. It doesn’t taste black but it did stand out in a positive way. A good start so far but will experiment to get it perfect though honestly it’s not far off.

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Malt, Wood

Boiling 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

Oh my gosh, good luck with your tooth!


Wow, that sounds very unpleasant. What will happen in the 3 months inbetween?


Thank you keychange .

Christina I just have to get along as best I can, avoid eating on the left side and try to not make it any worse. Two weeks is when I have a check up to see it’s condition after the anti biotics and report my decision. It’s longer than I would like but hopefully the build up won’t be too bad.

Dag Wedin

Ouch, I did some drilling in my jawbone once while being awake. It was unpleasant but didnt hurt at all. until a few hours later…. Not to bad though.


Eeeps. Sorry to hear!
I can tell you that I did the heavy sedation thing for my wisdom teeth and it wasn’t bad at all. I was aware of everything but it was a little foggy, and the nature of the drugs where that I really couldn’t feel anything, and I didn’t care what was happening (I do have anxiety, so that was tons better than I expected)


Yikes. Sorry that happened to you!

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