Li Shan High Mountain Oolong

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Oolong Tea
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Creamy, Mango, Spices, Floral, Fruity
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180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 30 sec 3 g 6 oz / 172 ml

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  • “I'm drinking this at the same time as Alishan and Shan Lin Xi, all from Green Terrace. They all have quite distinct personalities! I started with the Alishan and this was quite the departure from...” Read full tasting note
    mj1851 268 tasting notes
  • “Thank you, *Green Terrace Teas*, for a sample! This is a really nice green oolong! Floral, fruity and sweet. I enjoyed a lot of infusions out of this tea. This is one I could definitely keep on...” Read full tasting note
    Teatiff 353 tasting notes
  • “This is a wonderful light oolong. Floral with fruity notes (melon). Only slightly astringent. 3 infusions brewed at 30s, 45s, & 60s. I like the first two infusions better. I think 60s was...” Read full tasting note
    Ubacat 224 tasting notes
  • “So I know I started out with drinking oolongs wrong when i first got into tea. My dad has a worker in China who has stayed at our house a few times over the years. She always used to just put a...” Read full tasting note
    Ostdalost 183 tasting notes

From Green Terrace Teas

Li Shan, or “Pear Mountain”, is named after the abundant pear orchards that originally occupied the region. In addition to its rich soil, Li Shan’s high altitude maintains a cool and moist climate that is ideal for creating superior quality tea. Our spring harvest was grown at an elevation of about 2,000 meters, or over 6,500 ft! Tea from Li Shan has a very high demand due to its limited supply and superior quality. Floral and fruity in character, this tea also has a very clean, soft mouth feel and evokes exotic flavors such as mango and tropical fruit. Can be steeped multiple times without losing flavor.

Chinese Name: 梨山烏龍茶

Origin/ Harvest: Lishan, Heping District, Taichong City, Taiwan 台灣台中市和平區梨山村 / Spring 2014

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10 Tasting Notes

268 tasting notes

I’m drinking this at the same time as Alishan and Shan Lin Xi, all from Green Terrace. They all have quite distinct personalities! I started with the Alishan and this was quite the departure from that oolong. This oolong is crazy fruity to me. There’s a hint of a creamy mouthfeel and then BAM, mango in my mouth. I honestly couldn’t believe it when I took the first sip. I’m getting not only mango with some sweetness, but also a subtly spicy finish. I kept thinking that it reminded me of a dessert I had had, but couldn’t remember what. I finally figured it out- it reminds me a lot of mango mousse that is served in Indian restaurants. Yum! I don’t know if all Li Shans are like this, but it was definitely a unique experience for me.
Also, when did Green Terrace change so that the minimum quantity of tea is 150g? I just bought 10g of a bunch of their teas to try and would like to buy more, but that’s honestly a huge deterrent.

Flavors: Creamy, Mango, Spices

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML
Cameron B.

Yeah, I noticed that too… They got rid of the sample sizes and changed the minimum to 150g for rolled oolongs and 50g for everything else. :(


Not being able to buy small quantities irks me so much. I will happily try 10-25g of almost anything, but if I have to buy 50 or more then I have to know I love it or I have to be very, very intrigued.


It definitely irks me too! I actually know that I love their Alishan enough to buy it, but I don’t want 150g at once. I have way too many other teas to be able to drink all that before it gets too old! I emailed the company to suggest that they bring back the smaller sizes, but I haven’t heard back.

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353 tasting notes

Thank you, Green Terrace Teas, for a sample!

This is a really nice green oolong! Floral, fruity and sweet. I enjoyed a lot of infusions out of this tea. This is one I could definitely keep on hand. Thank you for allowing me to try this wonderful tea.

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224 tasting notes

This is a wonderful light oolong. Floral with fruity notes (melon). Only slightly astringent. 3 infusions brewed at 30s, 45s, & 60s. I like the first two infusions better. I think 60s was a bit too much as it give it too much punch. I like my oolongs very light. I think I will try a little more of this later in the day. In my tiny yixing teapot, the leaves were still uncurling with the 2nd and 3rd infusion so there’s lots of flavour left there.

Flavors: Floral, Fruity

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 3 OZ / 103 ML

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183 tasting notes

So I know I started out with drinking oolongs wrong when i first got into tea. My dad has a worker in China who has stayed at our house a few times over the years. She always used to just put a bunch of tea leaves in her cup and then keep adding water. Over-steeping did not exist in her world. And neither did it in mine till I found this forum. xD
Sometimes I like to still be a bad tea drinker and drink tea like that, without a strainer. I’ve been tempted to do that with these Green Terrace Teas. They are too light for me it feels like. Perhaps I am used to drinking strong and sometimes bitter oolongs, so when I drink the vegetable, floral kinds they’re too light for me.
The steeping time on Steepster says a minute, but after doing it for a minute I wanted it to be stronger so I steeped it for a bit longer.
Was hoping for a stronger Li Shan like I’ve had in the past but like the other sample I tried it’s light and floral-y. I mean, it is a bit stronger than the other of course. But not strong enough for me I suppose.
I’m hard on teas. :P

Cameron B.

I generally find green oolongs too light for me. And too floral. :P


Yeahhh I need something stronger!!


Your method Is not silly at all Ost, I drink lots of green teas that way in a tall glass, and they don’t turn bitter. Some call this method “Laoshan style”. I learned how to do it a few years ago on Verdant’s website. You just refill when the glass gets 2/3 empty. It never fails, especially with Dragonwell. Someone told me recently they tried that method with almost all types of teas and it worked every time, with no bitterness. I have yet to try it with oolong, now you got me curious, I will try very soon and let you know :-)


I haven’t tried that, but it sounds good. Thanks for the tip!


TheTeaFairy, really? I feel like everyone actually pays attention to steeping times. Usually when I know I like an oolong tea I’ll just put the leaves in and drink it like that. But since I joined here I feel like it’s not a good thing haha
Good to know that I’m not the only person that does it that way though!

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1315 tasting notes

Now, I know tasting notes are shared personal experiences. I also know each of us interprets the flavors differently. I know this, but my experience does not seem to parallel anyone else on this tea. Where everyone else got flowers and fruit, I got corn with a creamy feel. I did notice some bite early on that faded as it cooled. Also a bit of dryness as the floral notes finally show up in the aftertaste. As the cup cooled I did have a brief Pina Colada moment. With cup two I swear I got potato with a spicy note similar to cinnamon. Where are these coming from? I washed everything before I started. Just weird. Good, but weird. The floral notes once again hold off until the aftertaste and come out to play a bit more when the cup cools. It isn’t until cup three and four that this started out floral in the nose and stayed that way. Of course odd ball me also had earthy or gentle cave notes on cup three and the spicy note returned on four. I very much enjoyed this tea but my experience is so different from what I expected and what others had that I am left puzzled. Cups 1 and 2 were sipped yesterday with 3 and 4 brewed today. I used one tsp of leaf and a 5 oz cup. The water was at 190 F. Steeps were 1.5 m, 1 m, 1 m, and 2 minutes.


I only used gongfu brewing on this tea so I don’t know if that made a difference. I did get savoury elements, and I could see cinnamon evolving from the floral spice element. I tend to be lighter on the leaf as well, so that combined with steeping method could have resulted in the difference.


Everlasting Gobstopper tea!


Maybe:). With each layer revealing something new.


I like the way you guys think.

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52 tasting notes

Delicious gaoshan. This has a nice, light body with light fruit and florals going on. This is subtler than most gaoshans I’ve had, which is refreshing. I’d definitely consider buying this again. The leaves are a bit more broken than I would like, but that may be because of the small sample size packaging.

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55 tasting notes

This tea was excellent, it surpassed my expectations and was a joy to experience. The leaves are a dark green color, rolled into small clumps that pack a powerful aroma and flavor. The aroma is light and refreshing with hints of sweet fruits and floral undertones. It brews a beautiful light green/yellow and tastes heavenly. It starts with a sweet flavor again accompanied by floral undertones. It has a light astringency, bringing attention to the full-bodied character of the oolong. Overall this tea was wonderful and it comes HIGHLY recommended.


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114 tasting notes

This is the last of my three free samples from Green Terrace Tea. I’m grateful for the opportunity to taste such fine teas. I prepared this oolong in what I call a modified gong-fu method: 3 grams in 6 oz of water with 60 second steeps. It is a compromise between the simplicity of western style and the effort of true gong-fu.

1st steep (60 s): Light nose is spicy, with cooked veggies underneath. Taste has good mouth-feel but not as interesting as the nose. Good finish. As I sip, the tea seems to keep getting better, probably because the finish is so long that the taste builds upon itself. 2nd steep (70 s): Similar to the first steep but more powerful. Really good. 3rd (2 min): Still very good. I’ll probably try a few more steeps but have other things to do today, so will stop for now.

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 0 sec 3 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

The compromise method sounds right for me, too. I just cannot fathom brewing one swallow at a time!


I almost always use a hybrid east/west method using smalish cups and a strainer. I don’t have the patience for gong-fu most of the time. I like doing multiple short steeps but I also like getting more than a thimble full of tea at a time! I find it’s a great compromise.

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401 tasting notes

I got my free samples this week and why not start sampling tonight!

Using the full sample in a 6oz gaiwan.

Well…hello beautiful.

Talk about a full cup of yum.

This is everything I like about a high mountain oolong…and more.

The elements I’m really digging are usually the floral, spicy and minty aspects, and I get them all here. Nice florals that might be a little more perfumed then what I’m used to, but really, I can’t name the flowers cause it’s none of the ones I’m used to find in greener oolongs, which are orchids and lilacs.

The usual spiciness which translates into nutmeg for me is also there, and so is that fresh mouthfeel I get at the end of the sip.

What’s really different about this oolong is its fruitiness. It so full of fruits, it almost tastes tropical to me. The fact that it’s also creamy makes me think of Pina Colada. I also get grapes and apple notes.

There’s a certain bite to it also, a briskness. I wouldn’t say it’s bitter, but it’s a tad astringent. Nothing offensive though, makes the flavours pop even more.

I have many more steeps to come, and might finish it with a cold brew.

I am very impressed with this first sample.

Thank you so much Green Terrace Teas for this opportunity.


I know, at one point I really tasted pins colada. I normally get gardenia, in green Oolong’s. A scent I only know well, because we used to have a lovely mature bush at a house we had when I lived further south from here. The scent is spicy and intoxicating. I got lilac on this one ironically as it reminded me of this huge bush around the corner from me. I loved the fruit notes in this one.


It really is interesting, I like it a lot! I don’t even think I know what gardenias smell like, but I envy you for having had some near by :-)
I can’t find the thread, but I remember reading something about getting 20% off for reviewing their teas, do you know how it works, do I just send an email when my three reviews are done?


The instructions were on the card the sent. I think they want us to post our reviews on their site.


Ahhh! That’s it!!! Thanks, it must still be in the envelope, silly me :-)


I need to write about this one yet, but this was so nice! I couldn’t believe how smooth and strong the flavors were.


I just ordered my samples – I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier.


Teatiff, I drink loads of green oolong and this one is truly different…can’t wait to read your review.

MzPriss, I will let you know when I see promo stuff from now on :-)

Have you guys requested your $6 gift card from Teavivre?


I did not know about Teavivre – I can always use some more Bailin GF. I will go check their site


Apparently I was not quick enough and the gift cards are all gone – oh well, they are doing other stuff later


Shout, so sorry you missed it :-(




Did you miss it also DEX? If so, I haven’t been a good tea friend, so sorry :-(


No I got one – I got an email about it from them (I seem to be signed up to a gazillion newslwtters). I was just pondering a comment here.


Haha! Think I know which one…oops.


I got this one too! Can’t wait to try it. ^^


(I thought we weren’t ordering more tea….)

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373 tasting notes

Last night I enjoyed eight steeps of this tea and will probably have a few more today.

This is quite a fruity green oolong with nice floral tones which manages to be both soft and punchy at the same time. It is not a biting green oolong. Its floral tones while spicy and obviously present never present this sensation. However this absence seems to turn into a slight bitterness which is usually absent for me in Oolong’s of this type. It may be that I chose a slightly too long steep time, as the rinse had quite an intense flavour. The punchy tones are apparent in the great fruit tones which I really enjoyed!

The dry leaf smelled intensely of snap peas, melon rinds, and a grape hyacinth. they were composed of cool toned spruce to olive green shaded irregularly sized nuggets. Once brewed the tea had a light yellow green coloured broth.

I steeped this tea at around 85°C and so far I have done eight steeps after the rinse (35,30,35,45,55,70,85,120). The tea is still yielding a flavourful broth. The tea was creamy from the first steep and left a mild tingling at the roof and front of the mouth.

Similar tones have been found in both the scent and flavour. So far I have detected:

°Pineapple, melon ( at times even cantelope rind), mango, orange juice, and that bright tone from the white of orange rind. Pineapple has been the dominant fruit tone so far.
°Lilac and clover nectar, with lilac dominating the earlier steeping, and clover the second half. The floral notes contribute a pleasant spiciness to the tea.
°A slightly woody tone
°Savoury tones including snap pea, artichoke and spinach.

The dominant tones have been fruit and floral notes.

So far I have enjoyed this tea and look forward to further steeps today.


Mmm, later steeps now give me a camphor sweet taste in the back of the throat, similar to ginseng oolongs, did you get that?


I didn’t take it past eight steeps this time but I could see it heading there with that slightly woody tone, mixed with spice and some savoury bitter notes:)


Your descriptions are just amazing :-)


So are yours, whether it’s tea or the beautiful place you live.

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