Pumpkin Spice

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Herbal Rooibos Blend
Cinnamon, Clove, Natural Pumpkin Spice Flavor, Nutmeg, Rooibos
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Vanilla, Clove, Spices, Cloves, Rooibos
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From Harney & Sons

An herbal celebration of harvest time. A masterful blend of pumpkin and warming spices. This herbal brews a bright red and is light-bodied.

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Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

36 Tasting Notes

2048 tasting notes

I forgot that I had already tried this tea and bought two sachets at Barnes and Noble to make at home.

My opinion remains the same. It is one of the more palatable rooibos blends (I am not a fan of rooibos but was tasting it to see if my pumpkin obsessed daughter would like it) and reminds me of mulled cider more than pumpkin pie.

I noticed they also have it at Target, and a young man told me yesterday that a friend loves it and had recommended it to him. If you like rooibos and mulling spices, try it! It is certainly a very fall, cozy, holiday sort of tisane.


Whenever I think of putting another Harney tea on my to try list, I always see if you’ve reviewed it first! :)


Wow, that is a lot of responsibility, like Spider-Man! LOL! Well, I hope the reviews are helpful. I have a soft spot in my heart for their teas, as they were my first tea loves! SimplyJenW has also tasted a bajillion Harney’s teas, so she would be a good one to check as well! :)


I love Harney teas also! I have a tin of Queen Catherine and Panyang Congou on their way right now!

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1349 tasting notes

Had this two nights ago, along with the Bengal Spice. If possible, this is even more thin than the Bengal Spice, and I ended dumping the cup. I’m keeping the last two bags for my daughter, who seems to really enjoy this one.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

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1928 tasting notes

I decided to move to caffeine free hot drinks for the rest of the evening. I’ve had a lot of tea today. :)

I do like this one. I wouldn’t call it pumpkin, but it’s cinnamon and other spices, and rooibos. The rooibos is almost drowned out by the cinnamon, which is awesome. I like it with a little honey or brown sugar to bring out the spices more.

If I see this on a shelf, I’ll probably pick up a tin. It’s a nice evening tea, it’s easy because of the bag (no picking rooibos out of my strainers), and it holds milk and honey or sugar pretty well.

Boiling 8 min or more

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324 tasting notes

Harney & Sons Blind Date #2.

I was fairly unimpressed by the smell. It’s just “pumpkin” enough to call it pumpkin and that’s about it. As far as the flavor goes, I’m really getting more of the rooibos than anything. If I hadn’t been expecting pumpkin, I would have a higher opinion of this. It’s really a rooibos with a subtle autumnal flavoring, if you ask me.

I’m seeing people suggesting trying this with mulling spices. You’re giving me ideas!!! And I DO have 29 more sachets of this stuff!

…Hey! I now have rooibos in sachet form! So I don’t have to fiddle with cleaning up all the stupid little rooibos loose leaves that are so damn hard to get out of infuser baskets! JOY TO THE WORLD! … OK wrong season but still.

To be perfectly honest, I’m kind of in the mood for flavored teas in sachets now. I just like having something that I can enjoy without having to… overthink it. Heat the water, drop the sachet, sip, smile, don’t lament missing out on all the weird little nuances that everyone else is getting. And I’ve heard many good things about Harney & Sons, flavored and non-flavored. Recommendations?


Paris! :) Pomegranate Oolong is pretty good as well. And Fruits D’Alsace (I think it comes in sachets). The black iced tea is really good if you want to make a pitcher.


Ditto. Paris.


Thirding Parris, and adding hot cinnamon spice!


Paris. Vanilla Comoro.


Paris, Tower of London, Vanilla Comoro, Hot cinnamon sunset some of my favorites!


Also Indian Nimbu.. not sure if that’s in satchets.

Holly Faye

Thank you everyone for your recs! OK so I am most definitely adding Paris to the list, seeing as EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has commented has recommended it. :D Also the item descrip on their website sounds amazeballs.


Yes! Paris!
I was disappointed with my first cup, but I don’t think I brewed it well because everyone since then has been great.


Ha! so I just placed my first h and s order, and I’m getting a free tin of this tea (pumpkin spice) that I’d rather not have LOL.


Awww. Maybe you can gift it or trade it away? If it’s sachets, that makes it easier for swaps.


The H&S soho blend is AMAZING. It’s my favorite tea right now. Of course, coconut and chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations!

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903 tasting notes

Went to the football game straight from work. Spent the next few hours watching out team go out to a 27-11 lead and end up loosing in OT. Really late when I got home, but there were TEA PACKAGES outside my door. Yay, I got tea four days in a row!!! One of the packages was my swap from akgrowngirl. Thank you!!
I’m cold and I’m cranky but I have new Pumpkin Tea to try (ok seriously I have a few new pumpkin teas to try). This seemed to be the obvious choice.
Generally speaking, I really like Harney & Sons. I’m trying to like pumpkin tea, I keep trying them. I should like them, but somehow most seem to disappoint.
This is not on my favorite list. This isn’t pumpkin spice, it’s some vague melon/pumpkin/fruit flavor that’s downed out by cinnamon. I’m not sure if there is suppose to be other spices in here, but it’s way too heavy on the cinnamon. This might as well just be a cinnamon tea. Sorry Harney this is a miss for me. I’m going to keep looking.
Thanks akgrowngirl for sending me some of this, always enjoying trying new teas, and I get to cross this off my pumpkin quest list.


Four days of tea! Awesome!


LOL Yeah, I’ve gone a bit crazy – I have more packages coming, Monday should be 5 in a row….I really need to stop ordering.


my daughter swears by david’s teas pumpkin chai, although i haven’t tried it. heh heh….. pumpkin quest. excellent.


David’s Pumpkin Chai is excellent! At least from what I’ve found so far, it is the quintessential pumpkin tea. I’ve been obsessing over it all week. :)


Hey James, Tons of people like Davids Pumpkin Chai – I’m not one of them. For me it tastes artificial. You would have to try for yourself….


Sorry Nightshifter… that’s what I love about this site, we all experience teas differently. My current favorite Pumpkin tea is Della Terra Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie, but I still have a few more that I haven’t tried yet.


Ooo, I will have to try that one Dexter. I love pumpkin!


Oh no, and now I just placed a Della Terra order to try it! Dexter this is all your fault. :)~

Terri HarpLady

(chuckling quietly in the corner)

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3181 tasting notes

I got a tin of this at Target yesterday. It’s not bad, for a rooibos blend, & another step in my quest to find palatable evening teas.
Not something I’ll probably ever buy again, but I’ll drink it until it’s gone.


I wish Target sold H&S here! Target Canada blows.


It really does….there is so much more the US stores have. I am grateful we have them, as I do think they’re an improvement on Zellers, but still…get with the program TC. And vendors. (It’s partly the vendors’ faults for not wanting to change packing for Canadian standards).


I’ve heard so many positive things about the US stores. You’d think changing the packaging wouldn’t be that much of a pain. Hell, a few weeks ago, I bought a bag of gingerbread m&m’s, that was lazily rebagged with a Canadian labelled bag over the American one. H&S could just print different, Canadianesque stickers and slap those on. Done!


psstt…terri can i haz a bag to try?

Terri HarpLady

Sil, it’s already in your next box, lol




I am pretty sure that the harney and sons teas sold in chapters stores here have those Canadian labels on the tins, so Target should be able to do it.
And, gingerbread M&M’s you say!!! I never heard of these but am going to look for them when I go shopping!

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840 tasting notes

Received this one in the secret pumpkin swap from RogersCK.

Drinking this one on Halloween!

This one smells of rooibos, cinnamon, brown sugar and dark rum. And I am ok with that.

The brewed tea initially tastes mostly of cinnamon with subtle hints of brown sugar. As it cools there is a rooibos taste but it is not medicinal which is nice. The rooibos adds a slight bit of sweetness. This could have probably used a bit of sweetener but I didn’t add any. As it cools I can see how it would be reminiscent of pumpkin and spice, like pumpkin pie.

But I think I am going to stand by my initial observations that it is rooibos, cinnamon, brown sugar and dark rum.

Glad to have had the chance to try this one!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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2372 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (168)

Thank you OMGsrsly for sending this my way! I actually almost bought a tin of this when I placed my Harney order and tbh I am glad I did not. This tea is mostly a cup of cinnamon. Where is the pumpkin? Where are the other spices? Oh well. I am definitely glad I got to sample this before investing in it as I would have been very disappointed. With that in mind, thank you OMGsrsly for satisfying my curiosity and helping me realize I made the right choice by not buying a lot of this tea.

On another note, HOLY NOTICES, BATMAN!! 94 notifications just popped up on my dashboard.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

No worries, I got it from Dexter3657. :) I’d buy it because I like cinnamon rooibos, but it’s fairly expensive for a simple blend.

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126 tasting notes

This was ok. I think the spices are a little weak…I guess I just really like spice. And I didn’t get too much pumpkin in it….but surprisingly I didn’t really detect the rooibos…I was kinda dreading it after I tried African Autumn the other night….eeeek.

It’s not bad..it is a little sweet. It’s kind of a toned down version of Hot Cinnamon Spice. Has that same kinda aweetness…some spice….I prefer the Hot Cinnamon tho. Don’t think I will be reordering.

My search for a pumpkin tea continues….

I have Stacy’s Pumpkin Milkshake sitting in my shopping cart…I can’t wait to try that one!

Terri HarpLady

ughghg…I was looking at Stacy’s new blends 10 minutes ago…doing everything I could to keep from starting a shopping cart with this one in it…the page is still open…

Terri HarpLady

I’m referring to the pumpkin milkshake…I guess that’s obvious!

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

hahaha!! I knew what you meant. I have, I swear, like 15 teas just sitting in my Butiki cart waiting for me to pull the trigger…

Terri HarpLady

I’m trying to go on a tea buying Haitus, but it’s so hard. Little Terri is in my head saying, “just one more order…please?”

Terri HarpLady

The problem is, one order will lead to 3 or 4…

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

Hahahaha! that’s what happens to me EVERY MONTH! I end up with like 5 tea orders. Now whenever the mail or the UPS comes my 4 year old says….is it MORE TEA????

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47 tasting notes

This is what you get when your phone is dead, and your not able to check reviews for tea. Lol. I picked up this tea because it was clearance at target and I’ve never had Harney and Son’s tea before. Mm, powdered cinnamon all I taste. Eck..I can’t taste tea either…
I’m still drinking it though since I’m lazy to dump it.


Aww, this sounds so good though! :(

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