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  • “I made this by the hot latte instructions they include in the tin. I added Turbinado sugar instead of the six cubes of Demerara. YUMMY! I know this isn't pumpkin flavored, but the spices in this...” Read full tasting note
    ashmanra 1826 tasting notes
  • “More tea in the afternoon..... I have several wrapped bags of this in my stash, so I guess this is a test to see if it will be added to the bagged tea for traveling or edited. I have really only...” Read full tasting note
    SimplyJenW 974 tasting notes
  • “Thank you *fiddling*! I made a cup of this today to help kick start my day. After yesterday's cleaning and running around, we're just hitting costco today and then maybe playing some board games...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4923 tasting notes
  • “Brr, It's cold tonight. I've made a steady stream of tea throughout the day to keep myself and my partner warm instead of turning on the heater. That's the only thing I'm looking forward to about...” Read full tasting note
    Starfish 89 tasting notes

From Harney & Sons

Our Indian Spice tea, from which you can brew the popular beverage Chai tea, combines assam tea, freshly ground cardamom, and spices to create a hauntingly subtle spiced tea blend. Add some milk and sugar, and you could be in Calcutta awaiting the fresh teas coming down from Assam & Darjeeling. This is the tea to use to brew your own chai tea.

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

49 Tasting Notes

1826 tasting notes

I made this by the hot latte instructions they include in the tin. I added Turbinado sugar instead of the six cubes of Demerara. YUMMY! I know this isn’t pumpkin flavored, but the spices in this make it taste like liquid pumpkin pie. I think this is my favorite chai, mostly because it doesn’t taste like other chai I have had. No turmeric, no pepper, just yummy spices. Of course, it doesn’t have chai in the name so maybe it is not really considered one.

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974 tasting notes

More tea in the afternoon…..

I have several wrapped bags of this in my stash, so I guess this is a test to see if it will be added to the bagged tea for traveling or edited. I have really only prepared this as a chai in the past, so I really needed to test it as a standard brew in a cup.

It will be saved! But not replaced. I do have to say that as far as bagged tea goes, it is good. Convenience coupled with decent tea are a must when I travel, and this will work. There is a solid black tea base with notes of cinnamon and cardamom. It is not a super spicy blend, but it is very warming and cozy.

The key to bagged tea for me is to be sure I am using the right amount of water (which is 6-8 oz for most bags, and 12 oz for most sachets) and a shorter steep than I would for loose leaf since the teas in the bags are likely more broken up than loose leaf. I know in my pre-loose leaf days, I would use almost twice the water that one bag could flavor well. Ick.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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4923 tasting notes

Thank you fiddling! I made a cup of this today to help kick start my day. After yesterday’s cleaning and running around, we’re just hitting costco today and then maybe playing some board games to relax once we get home. We bought two new ones yesterday and there are a few in on the shelf we haven’t played through already. lol tough part is finding friends who are willing to come over and play a game for an hour or so…so sad!
However, since both my other half and i are only children, we have no issues playing through a game on our own with ephelant and helen the corduroy dinosaur. :)

This tea? not bad, though there are other chai’s i would drink first. I think this one might be better steeped in milk with a splash of honey so that will be the next way that i try it :)


We had family night for years, still do, but it is no longer game night. But when my son comes home, you bet we will be playing games. Do you play Settlers of Catan? That and Scrabble are two favorites, but UNO, Yahtzee, Phase 10, MtG, Monopoly, and many more are on shelf and enjoyed!


We play settlers, though less often since we have 50+ other euro games on the self. Still a good one though! My other half keeps telling me we just need to have kids and then wait 7 years lol


Nobody’ll play with me at home any more :(
(Yet another reason I teach fifth graders on Sundays—-weekly kid fix.)


Aw…gmathis…that’s sad! I have my other half…so we are gradually amassing a collection of two player games.

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89 tasting notes

Brr, It’s cold tonight. I’ve made a steady stream of tea throughout the day to keep myself and my partner warm instead of turning on the heater. That’s the only thing I’m looking forward to about the upcoming winter – I’m going to get through a lot of my tea.

Dry, this smells like a beautiful mixture of nutmeg and sweet Assam.

This was my first time making chai. I used a 2:1 ratio of milk to water, and added 5 tsp of brown sugar. Gently simmered for 4 minutes. Came out quite well. I was wary of the cardamom (not a huge fan), but it hardly spoke up. Due to the nutmeg, it reminded me a lot of Pumpkin Pie…and now I have a craving which won’t be satisfied until I visit North America again!! Nooo!! Damn you New Zealand and your lack of Pumpkin Pies! (but thank you for your delicious pumpkin soup, which I always miss when I’m in Canada).

I definitely want to explore more chai’s, and the looming cold weather is going to give me an excellent excuse for a tea order in a couple months. Either Bukiti or Verdant (new to both), haven’t decided.

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 45 sec

I like Harney chai quite a bit and I love Butiki chai- they are the two I make sure to have on hand. Haven’t tried Verdant yet.


I’ve never tried harney chai but verdant and butiki are both delicious, though each in a different way.

Miss Starfish

Thanks lovelies – good to know!

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520 tasting notes

Another pot of this today while making Smoky Chicken Chowder for dinner tonight. :)

Made this with 2 cups water, 1 cup non-fat half-and-half cream (since I had it for the soup anyway…) and a scant 1/4 cup of sugar.

I do like this blend because I can taste the tea as well as the spices, milk and sugar. That said, however, since I have been having more and more chais lately, I can’t say that this is on the top of the list. Right now that spot is held by Butiki’s chai blend. But this is definitely a strong second place.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Can I come for dinner? Smoky Chicken Chowder….YUM!!!!


Anytime you can make it here, no one goes hungry at my house. :)

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168 tasting notes

Not physical, but that heart gripping breathless kind.
I try to keep Steepster as a happy place and normally do not want bring any one down with my petty problems, but this is also a place for tea and comfort.
And sometimes we need to speak of our problems while wiping away a tear with dear ones over a tea cup.
(skip down to the bold lettering for just the tea review)
I have a little sister.
She is my little sister, no matter that she came to us through adoption.
My parents have 2 daughters, not a natural born and adopted daughter.
She came to us when she was 4 and had already been through 11 foster homes in the two years she was in the system.
She is twenty now, and a college student and very smart and doing well in school.
Just yesterday, she sent us all a letter, saying that it does not benefit her to be a part of our family anymore.
She wishes that we had never adopted her.
She wants to make lots of money and be successful and she is ashamed that she came from a farm in Idaho, thus, she wishes she could tell people she never even had a home.
My parents were not rich, but my Father always worked hard and none of us kids ever went without.
My parents are honest people that instilled morals,and taught us to be kind to all people and animals. They were never cruel or antagonizing to us girls.
I weep. for them. for me. and for her.
I do not understand.
I needed comfort.
Enter this tea
I did not sleep well last night and my stomach was upset.
This tea had just arrived yesterday from a friend for Christmas (she told me to open it when it arrived and not to wait for Christmas:) she gave me the whole Chai gift set from H&S.
I prepared it with the exact instructions that were in the gift box, water and milk and the included sugar cubes.
Its warm, its softly spicy, its soothing.
Its not the best Chai I have ever had, but its tasty and it hits the spot this morning.
In fact, I think I go make some more.
Thank you for letting me speak of my recent heart struggles, dear friends.
(any advice on how to go forward from this is also appreciated:)

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Hang on to Luke 15 with teeth and toenails; some precious stories to give you a little hope for your prodigal. Stopping right now to pray for your family.

Hesper June

Thank you, Gmathis. You are right, those are good words to read. I will go do that now.


She seems to be going through something monumental. I have a feeling whatever is going on is more about her than about all of you. Not that it makes it feel any better. Give her time, love her unconditionally as you do. She will find her way through this and realize the gifts she was given. There may be some cultural issues at hand, perhaps she is being influenced by someone a so called “friend” at college, or perhaps something she has recently learned in a class or even mental / emotional problems resounding from feeling disconnected now that she is in a large pool of people from all walks of life. This is a tender and delicate age, as well as being in college, many people at this point in their lives have identity problems. Be strong, pray, love will carry you through. xo


So sorry. Sharing your pain. Praying for peace and healing.


I am sorry you have to go through this… I am sure she is very confused and trying to fit in, which is never easy… She has made a terrible decision to be so hurtful and seems to not have though it through. Your parents sound amazing! You have all of our support and if you need anything we can help out with, just let us know!


How hertbreaking! I wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom to share, but I am at a complete loss for words. Sometimes it seems impossible to understand why people do the hurtful things that they do. It seems that she doesn’t understand that family is more important, and more lasting, than anything else and that is so sad. Be strong, and hold your family close. And as Ninavampi said, we are all here for you. Steepster is a happy place – and a place of friends.


I am so sorry, what a heartbreaking thing to happen, especially around the holidays. I agree with everyone else, it seems that perhaps this is an odd phase of rebellion/finding herself and hopefully she will come back to you. What an awful thing to do, I hope you can find some peace through all of this.


Hugs. Very heartbreaking, but I think she will eventually come back around. There is so much searching for your own identity at that age. Sometimes we have to separate from the ones we love most just to find out who we really are.


So sorry for your pain! Praying for all of you!


did she ever get counselling for her trauma? the people who abandoned her are not around to receive her anger. Unfortunately, those who are around, and love her, are receiving her anger and hurt about her abandonment. Perhapse counselling now?

Hesper June

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement!
I greatly appreciate your advice,thoughts and prayers.
I know that through love, patience,understanding and time we will all get through this.

Hesper June

Fleurdelily, Thank you for your words and book recommendation.
I think I will order that book and give it a read.
I do deeply hurt for whatever pain that my sister is going through, and my parents and I only want to be able to help her.
It obviously did feel as though the rug was pulled out from under us, but now that the initial shock has worn away, we realize that this most likely is not directed at us, as you said.
She did indeed receive counseling for a good part of her youth and young adulthood.
As she is adult now, we obviously can only kindly encourage her to seek help in that regard, since that is obviously something of her choosing.
Thank you so much for insight in this matter.


Oh no, I am so incredibly sorry for hear this.

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120 tasting notes

I had a sample of this (in bagged form) lurking in my stash for some time. Unforgivably, I am at a loss as to who gave it to me. So I will take this opportunity to thank the many friends I have on Steepster who have helped shape my tea experiences. Steepster is such a special place.
I found this to be a little mild as far as chai/Indian Spice goes. I like it. The cardamom is not overpowering, and the black tea shines through. A little honey, warmed milk, this would be a good little cup of tea. Here at my desk, with a little splenda, it is just fine.


If you make it with milk per the enclosed instructions, it tastes like liquid pumpkin pie! MMMM!


I will try it! Thanks.


I have some loose leaf I can send if your sample is all gone!

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474 tasting notes

Decided to give this a try this morning, but didn’t have time to log it. I drank it fast while I got dressed and did my makeup before meeting a friend for hibachi.

The aroma of the dry tea is delicious and spicy, smelling like a good standard chai. The blend is more uniform than what I’m used to seeing in chai loose leaf. Usually, there are brown and tan bits, nuts, etc. but this is mostly chocolate-colored leaf and what looks like cinnamon bark. Maybe? It’s so small I can’t tell what it is.

Anyway, the flavor isn’t quite as bold as the scent lead on, but it’s alright. I tend to like my chais on the spicy cinnamon and gingery side, and this doesn’t really present that. (Granted, I added a heavy splash of 1% milk.) But I’ve certainly had rougher chais before. I’m glad I got a chance to try Harney & Sons’ take on a classic, but I will continue my search for the perfect one.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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953 tasting notes

Since becoming a chai fan I’ve been adding samples of anything that looks remotely like chai into my orders, which has been fun. But I think I’m starting to get tired of dating chais and ready to settle down. Not with one, of course. With a small harem’s worth.

I bought this sample with my last H&S order. In the sample packet, it has rather mild spicy scent. I can detect something that seems slightly like anise under the cardamom. Unlike many chai blends, I can smell a strong tea fragrance here. The Assam has an earthy scent, like soil, with an interesting chocolate note to it.

I prepared this on the stovetop, using TeaFrog Assam as extra black tea.

It makes a creamy, chewy, tasty, and very mildly spiced chai. Very, very mildly spiced. It’s on a par on the mildness scale with the most mild I’ve tasted so far, the TeaFrog.

What makes it somewhat different is that it seems to have a stronger tea flavor than a good many other chai blends I’ve tasted. Particularly in the aftertaste. This might be because of the CTC leaves. Since I haven’t tried this without milk and sweetener, it could be that the tea itself is much stronger with long brewing because of how it was prepared, and that this, accordingly, comes out as tea flavor under the milk and sweetener. Whatever the reason, it’s a nice change.

Still, I like even my mild chais a bit more strongly spiced than this. While I liked it, I don’t think it’s going to be selected for the harem in the long term.

Boiling 8 min or more

Your tea harem made me LOL!


I’ve been really enjoying the 500 Mile Chai from Tao of Tea. Might be worth giving it a try!


Thanks, Sophistre, I will put it on the list!


Oh yes, “tea harem” is fantastic!

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36 tasting notes

I have been sort of off chai all summer but with the cooling weather, yesterday afternoon I decided to brew up some of this chai. It is as good as I remember it. I did note however that I wish it had a touch more cardamon and a touch more ginger. Cardamon is a tough one to put into a tin. Ideally it should be fresh ground as it has aromatics that decrease markedly over time. The same with ginger. Dried ginger just cannot compete with fresh ginger.

That being said I really enjoy this one a lot. I might try this afternoon crushing a cardamon pod and adding a slice of fresh ginger. In India they only add the ginger during cool weather since it is very warming. This morning the temperatures dropped significantly so maybe more ginger is the ticket.

4 min, 30 sec

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