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  • “I do not deserve to be tasting tea. I have been very bad tonight, I did not wait for my friend, and I have already sampled three of the teas and I am about to burst. I DID save enough for a...” Read full tasting note
    ashmanra 1893 tasting notes
  • “Tea of the morning here, I decided to add a little bit of London Fog by Silk Road into it for some fruitiness. This is definitely not one of my most favorite teas from Harney and Sons which is too...” Read full tasting note
    amyoh2 2622 tasting notes
  • “*Slàinte!•[ slanj'-uh; often shortened to slanj ] (To your) Health!* I've been away for a couple of days at the Scottish Games in Estes Park, CO with my beloved daughter Annalisa and we had a...” Read full tasting note
    bonniejohnstone 673 tasting notes
  • “Tea with lunch..... I have been reading _ashmanra's_ reviews of this tea and decided I needed to give it a shot. I wanted another ForLife tall mug and a refill for my Malachi McCormick tin, so...” Read full tasting note
    SimplyJenW 974 tasting notes

From Harney & Sons

Anniversary Blend is a blend of silvery Ceylon and golden Assam, accented by Ceylon Silver Tips and Assam Golden Tips.

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

14 Tasting Notes

1893 tasting notes

I do not deserve to be tasting tea.

I have been very bad tonight, I did not wait for my friend, and I have already sampled three of the teas and I am about to burst. I DID save enough for a pot for us to share, so maybe I have redeemed myself a little.

But the main reason I do not deserve to be tasting tea is because I got this one…ALL WRONG!

I remembered that there were Ceylon Silver Tips in it, but that was all I remembered of the description. I could see the long, silver leaves in the tea as I dipped it out of the pouch. The dark leaves were rather fine, but there were plenty of long thin leaves.

The dry tea smelled great, the steeped liquor even better. I took a sip, hoping this was yet another I could drink plain, and oh my goodness the smell! As I lifted the cup to my lips and inhaled, there was a delightful, slightly smokey, chocolate-y Keemun aroma. Mmmmm. Keemun. Some are too harsh for me, some hold a dear place in my heart. This one was just about perfect. I could really see us oo-ing and ah-ing over this one at tea party day, especially since it was so perfect with my lemon pound cake made from freshly ground soft white wheat and that is the sort of thing we serve at tea party.

Except then I looked up the tea and found that there IS NO KEEMUN IN THIS BLEND! Oh, the shame!

I guess I don’t care that I got it wrong. What counts is that Harney and Sons didn’t. They got it right, and this is one sample of which I will buying a big tin. It reminds me of the Fengqing Black Pearls, and is going to be a near perfect afternoon tea. I wonder if it ices well? I wonder if they still sell the pretty little silver-plated caddy for it?

Russel and Harney and Sons, bravo on this one. Totally affordable enough to drink every day, yet tastes like a special occasion.


oooh – just added to my list. :)


Amy- I hope you like it, too! We already like their Ceylon and India a lot, and the site says this is a dressed up version! I don’t know why it smells like cocoa to me tonight but it sure was good, especially with my lemon pound cake with lemon fluff frosting. I am able to burst!

Harney & Sons The Store

This particular blend of Ceylon and Assam is in my opinion the tastiest of the 3 H&S offers (Ceylon and India, Brigitte’s Blend, and Anniversary) and has a distinct cocoa aroma with lingering tastes of malted honey. So glad you enjoyed!


Can you elaborate on this “lemon fluff” frosting? I think I need it in my life!


It was a recipe in a Southern Living cookbook years ago! I am going from memory right now, but I think it is one stick of butter creamed with 3 cups powdered sugar and add 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Realemon is fine, or fresh squeezed. It is very refreshing on a summertime pound cake!


Russel – I am so glad you said it had cocoa notes in your comment! So often, Ceylons are bright, lemony, minty, orangey, so when I got chocolate I thought there was Keemun and felt like a tea failure when I was so far off! Glad to know there really ARE cocoa notes in this. It really is Keemun up front and Assam at the end! Thank you! It was delicious.


DaisyChubb: here you go! 1/2 cup butter, 4 cups sifted confectioners sugar with a dash of salt, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 2 tsp. lemon zest. Cream butter, add 1/2 sugar and salt and cream well. Add remaining sugar with lemon juice and cream until light and fluffy. (add lemon zest or grated peel here if you have it, I used to always use Realemon for this so I didn’t have zest and it was still great. Hope you enjoy!


Oh, I must try this one….. I think I will have to add a few ounces to my next shop order since the smallest amount you can buy on the website is 7 oz!

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2622 tasting notes

Tea of the morning here, I decided to add a little bit of London Fog by Silk Road into it for some fruitiness. This is definitely not one of my most favorite teas from Harney and Sons which is too bad since I have a big tin of it. I see some swaps in my near future… I might have made it too strong today but there just seems to be some bitterness too.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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673 tasting notes

Slàinte!•[ slanj’-uh; often shortened to slanj ] (To your) Health!

I’ve been away for a couple of days at the Scottish Games in Estes Park, CO with my beloved daughter Annalisa and we had a great time!

Thank you to ashmanra for this tea sample!

The mountain air was refreshing the last few days. 70’s in the daytime and high 40’s at night with a drizzle late yesterday afternoon for a short time. I watched mist rise in wisps above the 14,000 ft mountain peaks, sweeping higher and higher like silken threads forming into clouds by force of nature.

How could I observe such beauty and stand.

When I hear the bagpipes play in such a setting as this, I feel as though all the breath inside of me goes out with the piper into the instrument and the cry goes forth…“Here we are, mere humans in the middle of this beauty and we give all our strength in this breath as a gift.”

Yes, I’m a sentimental Scot! I had my dram of whiskey too with the Clan Cameron Men looking fine in their Kilts!

On to today’s tea!

I was getting a bit sleepy this afternoon so I made a pot of tea. I followed the instructions for brewing temp. and time, then took a little sip. WOW, this was a STRONG cup of tea! I wasn’t expecting such an extremely potent brew!
Not only was the tea dark and strong, but it was on the bitter side.
“What’s this?”
“Maybe this is one of those tea’s very particularly suited to milk and/or sugar,” I said to myself.
Not wasting time, I added some milk and found the tea much more palatable. Then I added sweetening, then more and more until it was exactly to my liking. (This tea took more additions that any other tea in my memory).

The flavor was malty with a little raisin taste, and brisk. With no additions the tea is bitter like a strong espresso.
The wet leaves had the aroma of cinnamon bark (not sweet cinnamon) with a hint of vanilla.

I liked the heaviness of the brew for a morning cuppa. You could really go to town with any type of additions and not overdo it.

When the tea cools down, the malty flavor mellows and becomes more cocoa. You can leave your cup, let it cool, then come back and there is the cocoa taste you may have wanted in the beginning.

A h-uile la sona dhuibh
’s gun la idir dona dhuibh! May all your days be happy ones!


Yes, I, like tunes&tea, am an astringency weenie. I give this one a short steep and a lower temp and I love it that way plain! It is too strong for me otherwise!


I’m 1 up on tunes and tea since I doubt I’ll find bagpipes noted in the tasting notes there! Only crazy me goes to the far out places! (Maybe our new harpist Steepster too will…who knows?)


I went to the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain many years ago. I was pretty horrified when they announced the sheep toss. Fortunately I found out pretty quickly it was actually the “sheaf” toss.


Very funny. Men in kilts is what I like! There was a Camel Corps from Arizona (WWI Desert Troop reenactment) and Clydesdale’s and Jousting competition etc.

Terri HarpLady

Welcome back, Bonnie! I’m so glad you had a wonderful time, the Scottish games sound awesome, as does the Anniversary blend! I tend to like my tea a little strong, so I’ll have to give this one a try sometime.


Thanks, oops I just shrunk myself into a little Rocky Mt. Picture. I look better at half pinky nail height.


Welcome home!

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974 tasting notes

Tea with lunch…..

I have been reading ashmanra’s reviews of this tea and decided I needed to give it a shot. I wanted another ForLife tall mug and a refill for my Malachi McCormick tin, so I decided to order from the Millerton Shop. As always, their service is great, and very personal. I have come to accept that if I value the personal service, it makes sense that it would be more evident in interactions from the shop than the website. Once a process becomes mostly automated and takes out more of the human element, it just becomes more impersonal. Both definitely have their place, though, and I do appreciate the simplicity of both, and that my favorite tea comes to my door. It is a wonderful thing!

I tend to think Assams are a little on the brisk side for me, but since this one is blended with the golden variety, I thought it might work. I get notes of malt, super light smoke, and I do sense a slight note of chocolate which I would not expect, along with a light briskness from the Assam. I do see why she thought there was a hint of Keemun in this, and it was actually that part of the review that intrigued me the most. My favorite blend for breakfast tea is Malachi McCormick, and I am amazed how similarly they taste. This one is a little maltier and brisker than Malachi, and lower on the cocoa notes, but still pretty smooth. In comparison with Harney’s Organic Assam, the Anniversary Blend is sweeter and more cocoa-ey with the Organic Assam having the edge over Anniversary Blend in briskness and body. While I don’t think it will replace my beloved Malachi, this is definitely a good one. It is like Malachi, but with an extra kick in the pants! Sometimes, that kick is very beneficial, especially on Monday. I also have to say how well this held up in a pairing with a ham, salami, and American cheese sandwich. Some teas get lost in strongly flavored food parings.

Usual mug method.


Glad you liked it! I ran out of Malachi, too. I agree, this one seems a wee bit stronger. It is similar to their Ceylon and India, but with more cocoa notes to me.

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595 tasting notes

Sooo… I’m pretty sure at this point that Ceylons are not my thing, even blended with Assam, which is my thing. This is a good blend, but I need to try it with a lower temp/less time/something different. Straight, no milk or sugar, it was a little more bitter than I enjoy. With a dash of cream it mellowed out quite a bit, though. Sugar was not needed but not a bad addition.

As you may have noticed, I have been drinking more cream and sugar with my teas lately. I’ve been doing them all in pots, trying one cup without any additions, one with sugar, one with cream, one with both and then the rest the way I like best. This one ended up being finished up with a splash of cream in the remaining cups.

I got a whole lot of this one and I don’t remember what I was thinking at the time… It’s undoubtedly drinkable, so it won’t be wasted, but if anyone wants a sample, I have plenty to share!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I used to do my pots in reverse order: first one with cream and additives,then strengthening up the cup till it could stand on its own.

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613 tasting notes

This smells wonderful steeping, rich and sweet and enticing. As for taste, it’s strong like Irish Breakfast, malty and a bit tannic, Assam-y for sure but something else is smoothing it out and keeping things “clean”-tasting and a little sweet (the Ceylon I guess). Seems suited for milk and/or sugar, but I didn’t add any this time around. A nice eye opener.

It’s too bad Harney doesn’t do a bold blends type sampler; I’ve dug every single one I’ve tried so far. Trying a new one each day has made the past few mornings excellent. Only one more to go.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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47 tasting notes

Thanks to Bonnie for the sample! I’ve been away unfortunately for quite a few days now and haven’t had one cup of tea since. A nice package was waiting for me when I got home. I brewed this as per Bonnie’s preferences, at 194 degrees for 4 minutes. First sip, this was wayyy too strong for my liking. It sure woke me up :). I added a little bit of milk and sugar, and it was instantly something I could love. A nice strong black tea. Would definitely buy considering I’ve never tried Harney and Sons before.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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549 tasting notes

Another one from my H&S order!
I taste cocoa and honey. A bit of earthiness to it.
Wasn’t sure I’d like it. But I actually do! Not bad at all!

Flavors: Cocoa, Earth, Honey

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81 tasting notes

This tea is malty with a little citrus flavor. The tea is good but not really my kind of blend. I do not think I am a fan of Assam/Ceylon blends.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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