Raspberry & Apricot Delight

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From iHeartTeas

A light and fruity handcrafted green tea blend with pieces of sweet raspberries and delicate bits of apricot. Wonderful both hot and cold.

Recommended Steeping Parameters: 1 tsp of tea at 175F for 2 mins.

Steeping parameters are recommended based on the way I enjoyed this particular blend personally. Feel free to play and discover how you enjoy it best.

Can be purchased at www.iHeartTeas.com

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16 Tasting Notes

807 tasting notes

I used a little over 1 tsp because I use 8 ounces of water and I never know if steeping recommendations are for 6 or 8 ounces so I just added a little more tea. I also steeped for an extra minute so even if that was wrong it is a forgiving tea!
This tea is JUICY! It makes your mouth water and the flavors are really quite wonderful! I could not detect any artificial flavors even if they are used and I am pretty sensitive to artificial flavorings.
I am also not typical a fan of apricot flavored teas but this one is soooo good!
I think the sweet raspberry – not tart which really helps to mellow the usually more pungent earthy apricot and while I do like earthy teas, apricot and I do not normally get along.
The aroma of this tea is super sweet super yummy with this almost vanilla aroma to it.
No sugar is needed to add to this tea its really quite perfectly sweet and balanced all on its own and I can only imagine adding sugar would make it all the more decedent or dipping some sugar cookies into it but I have had my allotment of cookies for today lol.
I am impressed – I purchased some 52 teas that had been revived from iHeartTeas.com and this was included as a free sample! This lovely lady blends her own teas and I give her two huge thumbs up – if only I had more thumbs!
Try her teas people they are dang good! :)

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec
RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Thank you so much for your kind words. Seeing as this is my first official review for a tea I blended personally I will be celebrating tonight with a nice cuppa tea. Thanks for making my day. :)


Enjoy a good cuppa I know it will be good if it is your own! :) Loved it!! And thank you for a generous sample! I hate it when I only get one try with a new tea lol I was able to get three brews and a couple steeps out of each!


Oh, this does sound good. Wish I could have justified ordering the 52teas I had eyed up, but the credit card gave me the evil eye :(


I know it was so good I now want to order this and another she crafted but I am thinking I will go poor if I do.


Oh and this is HER blend by the way!

Scott B

This sounds like a really great flavor combination.


Something about it is great becuase I have tried a lot of apricot teas lately and have only found 1 I like and 1 (this one) that I love!

Scott B

Do you find apricots earthy overall-or just in most of the apricot teas that you have had?

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Again thanks so much. I couldn’t be happier that someone is enjoying something I put so much love and care into. If anyone is interested my website is here… www.iHeartTeas.com and you specifically are looking for this blend… http://iheartteas.teatra.de/store/products/raspberry-apricot-green-tea-delight-2oz/


Good question Scott, you know, mostly in preserved and prepared foods, like dried fruits, cereals, etc. and teas but come to think of it I can’t recall the last time I had a fresh apricot!

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8155 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! and thanks to kittenna for passing a wee bit more of this on to me. I’m beginning to think the memory of this tea was better than i recall. While this one is still pleasantly fruity and delicious, it doesn’t quiet hold the same appeal to me as a while back.

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1649 tasting notes

Fruity non hibiscus green tea! something I’ve been craving for ages. So I was supa’ glad I got this in the sampler pack from ihearteas.
Peach is definitely more present than raspberry, though I kinda wish it was. Either way, it hits the spot so yay :)


Kudos to all non-hibiscus fruity blends!!!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

So glad you enjoyed this as well. I personally find this one so juicy, lively, and fresh. All good things in my book :) It is particularly wonderful iced.


TeaFairy, I second the kudos!! :P


Rachel, I am so looking forward to icing this one! though I tend to cold brew cuz we never have ice lol

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Me too. I love to cold brew tea. :)

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4846 tasting notes

I ordered the newly rescued Gingerbread Chai from iHeartTeas and Rachel included this sample with my order.

This is really very nice. At first, all I really tasted was the slightly grassy taste of the green tea, but after allowing it to cool a few moments and taking a few sips, the raspberry really emerged. It is sweet and just a little tart, like a fresh berry would be. The apricot is there too, although it is a much softer flavor, asserting itself in the aftertaste more than at any other point.

Quite enjoyable. Sweet but not too sweet, and the combination of raspberry and apricot is very pleasing. My full-length review of this tea will publish next week on the SororiTea Sisters, but for now, this is a good one.


Sometime I am going to have to acquire a sample of this. It sounds so good.


I had a sample – I need to order it!


Yeah, I totally said the above, promptly went onto her site, and ordered it along with two other signature blends and some coconut pouchong. Self-restraint is not my best asset.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

It’s good to know I’m not the only one with self resistant issues. :)

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3134 tasting notes

The dry tea smells fruity with a metallic twinge of sencha. I’m not a big fan of green teas with that flavour, so hoping it doesn’t carry over into the flavour.

Whew, there’s no astringency or bitterness, so the metallic aroma mustn’t be linked to those (it was in my mind). Cannot put into words how relieved I am about that – so many times with green blends I’m getting unpleasant flavours from the sencha. Initially I’m mostly tasting sencha, which is pleasant enough, but not what I want. I think the flavours are coming out in the aftertaste, but I feel like I have too much fruitiness going on in my mouth right now to pick them out. I’m also drinking this warm/hot (unusual for me), and I’m wondering if the flavours will come out better when it’s cooled…. only problem, I’m not sure the tea’s going to last that long. I’m enjoying the pleasantly fruity, buttery sencha regardless.

Ok, I’m giving this one a temporary rating because I’m enjoying it whether or not I can taste raspberry or apricot (can’t pick out either right now). I expect that another time, when I try this cooler and with an untainted palate (I’m blaming Mango ‘n Friends here), the rating will be upped. I’m also interested to try this iced and cold-steeped. Haven’t cold-steeped a flavoured green before (other than DavidsTea’s Lime Gelato, which hardly has any green tea in it to begin with).

ETA: Resteep, 175F/2 min is similarly of buttery sencha, albeit weaker.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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525 tasting notes

Thank you to Kittenna for sending me a sample of this. It’s a rather refreshing cold brew. The sencha is metallic and grassy. Perhaps a bit too much since it seems to overpower the fruit flavors. It is smooth and buttery, however.

I can tell that it’s a fruit flavor, but I can’t distinguish what kind of fruit. It’s so faint. Well, anyhow, the green base is nice and the vague fruitiness is pleasant. A nice refreshing brew overall.


You’re making good sample progress today!!!


I know! No work today means more time for tea!

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1220 tasting notes

Thanks Kittenna! All of a sudden samples from you that I’ve been holding on to for forever have made their way to the forefront. Probably a good thing.

I’m not getting much flavor from this in the way of raspberry or apricot. Sencha though? Definitely. And there is a subtle fruity sweetness to it but it’s kind of hard to tell what it might be.

I let it cool off and I can taste raspberry for sure now. I think I will save the rest of my sample to cold steep.

Also I am so excited for hockey I am already plotting places I want to go in Raleigh. I can’t believe how long North Carolina is, it’s only 65 miles further to go to Tampa and driving back from Tampa felt like AGES. Short list: Tin Roof Teas, tea buying moratoriums stop when you’re somewhere new right?

But I know my boyfriend wants to go to Tampa because they have tesla coils in the arena. Wah wah wahhhh there aren’t even schedules yet what am I doing.


Tin roof is awesome! I always go there if in near Raleigh


Hahaha, I need to locate my last box from you! And sipdown the samples you sent in the first box :D (Which should be easy, about one cup each is left!)

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248 tasting notes

This is lovely! Sent to me by Emilie, thanks!
I’m a complete green tea newbie, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Anyway, the flavors are nice and light and the green tea base comes through nicely. I can’t pick anything out exactly, but there is a nice light sweet juiciness. Whatever the green base is, I like it!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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50 tasting notes

I was worried about the raspberry in the green tea being either too tart or taste like cough medicine used to taste like. But it’s very light, with a subtle hint of apricot as an after taste. It’s a very light green tea that is perfect hot and would likely be a very nice cool treat this summer. Check out the full review here: http://www.erinstea.com/handcrafted-teas-iheartteas-launches-teas/ DO NOT OVER STEEP. I steeped at 2 minutes and used water at about 82 degrees.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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