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From Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Joseph Wesley’s Black Tea No. 7 is a malty, robust full-bodied tea that is as sensual in its appearance as it is in its taste and aroma. A uniquely crafted iteration of the famous Chinese black tea Lapsang Souchong, this tea beautifully balances its smoky undertones with its rich malty plum and chocolate overtones. Grown and processed in a mature tea garden outside the famous Fuding City, in China’s Fujian Province, this tea’s large dark leaves provide both a mesmerizing texture as well as a lush and rich amber liquor. Joseph Wesley’s Black Tea No. 7’s bold flavors, aromas and textures make for a perfect pairing with your favorite sharp cheeses.

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22 Tasting Notes

1511 tasting notes

Thank you for the free sample Joseph Wesley! This is lovely, truly!!
I am usually on the fence with Chinese black teas, but this, well this is delicious. Definitely getting a cigar association as the Snooty Tea Person pointed out below, but like s/he said, not a strong one. Mild and pleasant!
Beyond that there is a sparkling element that I find with really good teas. Is that mineral, is that what that taste is? Hmmm.
It has some depth to it, and LOTS of complexity. I’m getting Barley, a tiny bit of hay, and a big wallop of cacao right before the end of my sip. The aftertaste is of barley as well.
Now, I know this is damn good tea because every time I take a sip, it’s like reading that book you just can’t put down, I want more more!! but then, I really need to savour this as well… so I’m taking really tiny sips in hopes that I can fool myself into thinking that it will last longer that way.

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90 tasting notes

Joseph Wesley’s Lapsang Souchon blows heavy smoke in your face upon first whiff of the dry leaves. Not quite as heavy as if you’re standing next to Grandpa Joe and his massive Cuban cigar; this is when he’s stepped out to the bathroom and left his jacket behind, which you put on so that, just for a moment, you can feel like the Old Spice guy.

And yet, once in the cup, this baby comes out as light as you please–we go from Old Spice to Posh Spice, all grown up and nestled in the arms of David Beckham. The liquor is tarnished gold, like a pale ale, and the aroma gives you nothing but… Full review here:

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818 tasting notes

So, I totally didn’t realize this was a non-smoked lapsang until I brewed it up. That’s okay though…you know why? Because it tastes amazing! It has a subtle hint of smoke, more like a keemun than a smoked lapsang, but there were notes of malt, cocoa, caramel, fruit. Mmmm! Later infusions brought out the caramel even more. Absolutely delicious, and probably ranks up there with the Classic Chinese black tea. :)

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1178 tasting notes

SOOO GOOOOD! Black tea lovers of Steepster, you gotta check this tea seller out!

This Lapsang isn’t over the top smokey, in fact it is just a background of burnt caramel. The flavor is malty, rich, heavy, plum, raisin, barley, caramel, bread, tart and lightly dry. This tea also goes insanely well with a white cheese, omg! This LS is super friendly yet complex for a seasoned tea drinker. Love it!

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl

Admittedly, I was supposed to blog about the tea pet as the tea was a bonus. The tea was so good, I ended up writing about that. Now I’m trying to restrain myself from blowing $50 at Joseph Wesley.

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I love Joseph Wesley’s LS. And any other tea from #3 – #7. #1 and 2 I haven’t tried.


I haven’t tried their Lapsang Souchong, but I have loved the other teas from them that I’ve tried. An outstanding tea seller!

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Thank you for the nice review. I’m really happy to read you like the tea. Cheers, Joe

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517 tasting notes

I went down the the HLDYMRKT in Hamtramck today with the express purpose of meeting Joe. He and I talked for quite a while. I was quite taken by his teas, and purchased this one without hesitation.

It’s really nice. Smooth, malty. I don’t get that undercurrent of smoke, but then my palate isn’t as developed as many others here. Almost sweet, but not like sweet potato or anything. It’s just nice.

The color is beautiful. The tea is aromatic. I’m really glad I decided to get this one.


Super jealous ! Did I mention I ordered his limited edition Da Hong Pao and Qi Lan ?


lucky! both of you! canada shippping just gives me too much of a headache :(


Canada Post is just wayyyyy too expensive. It makes me sad.

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344 tasting notes

Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #7

I had wandered the main hall and was ready to shell out some money when I realized there was a whole other back room with vendors! Joseph Wesley was the first who caught my eye. He had a series of tins of just straight black tea of varying varieties, and he offered me a sample of the Lapsang Souchong.

Which was very very different than any other Lapsang I’ve had. It wasn’t smoked.
Which honestly threw me because I love the smokey flavor of Lapsang. But this was quite nice.

Honestly, most plain black teas are wasted on me. I don’t appreciate the subtlety in a way I do with white or oolongs. But I feel I need to up my tea game, so to speak, and learn some more, and did end up buying a tin of this.

Overall, I did enjoy it. It was dark, still had a slight smokey taste, with sour notes toward the end. I appreciated that this vendor was different than most of the others in that he did not offer blends, and that he was the only vendor who had plain black teas.

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430 tasting notes

At one point last year I had a tea moment with this sample from an aliexpress dealer. The tea tasted like a chocolate caramel oolong and was incredibly smooth. Since then I’ve been on a search for that tea or a tea like it. It can be difficult because tea packaging is sometimes used regionally and may not be specific to a brand. Anyways after my last attempt boychik offered to send me some of this tea as part of my quest to find that tea, and you know, it comes quite close. This one is more malty, not quite as smooth and has much stronger caramel notes, but it is really good. It makes a nice dessert tea.

I steeped 1 TSP in 200ml and used a water temperature of around 92°C and did 4 steeps of this tea (60,90,120,210s).

This teas warm honey broth had a scent of light longan cocoa, butter caramel, and something slightly nutty.

The first sip was quite sweet with caramel coming to the forefront, with ccocoa, yam, and nutty tones with a hint of molasses. As it cools the longan becomes apparent between the butter caramel and other tones. The tea is buttery but slightly more astringent than my fantasy lapsang but really good and very close to the one I am looking for. This one has more caramel and longan and less cocoa, but it is a really nice flavour. As it cools the malt becomes apparent under the other flavours and the tea taste slightly less sweet. The aftertaste of hot chocolate with a little bit of longan.

In future steeps a malt tone became apparent and the caramel became more of a butter note with a mild sweetness. Longan was more apparent in the second steep and then faded. Whereas cocoa remain relatively constant.

Altogether a very good tea which I would consider buying once I get through some of my existing Lapsang Souchong collection. Thanks boychik It really is close!


yay, happy you like it;)


this one is quite delicious!

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7104 tasting notes

i feel like i had a different tea than everyone else lol This one came my way from boychik and i had it yesterday (finishing my catch up). To me? this was barely smokey…instead what i was getting was a deliciously smooth tea with just a hint of something that might be smokey. Even after a couple resteeps it was just a pleasant cup of tea lol

Joseph Wesley Black Tea

That sounds like the correct tea. Our #7 Lapsang Souchung is a much higher grade Lapsang Souchung than any we’ve seen in the North American market. The art of its constructio and what makes us so excited about it is that it has a perfect balance between the natural sweetness of the leaves (picked from wild tea trees) and the gentle smokey notes from the final heating with wood – not wet needles. It’s definetly not a heavy handed tea. Happy to read that you enjoyed it.


i loved it :)


im happy you loved it.


Yes, I agree! I found it very mild as well.


Yay I’m not the only one hahaha

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1328 tasting notes

Queued post, written May 4th 2014

The last of my JW teas to try! The safe bet too. I’ve already mentioned how LS is so well known to me at this point that I don’t need to sample before buying. If I need a fresh supply of LS, I get one wherever I’m shopping. Sometimes I get one close to my preferred balance of body and smoke and sometimes I don’t, but they’re all Close Enough.

And every once in a while you run into one that hasn’t actually been smoked. It’s the same tea, it’s still an LS. It just hasn’t gone through a smoking process. I’ve had very good experiences with that variety too although it is a somewhat rare beast. I mention this now because sniffing at this cup, I’m not actually finding much smoke at all. It’s grainy and sweet with perhaps a little bit of smoke at the periphery, but that’s it. There’s a thick and sticky sort of note to it as well that makes me think of caramel. That note is quite strong.

At this point I read the label on the tin. It doesn’t actually say anything about smoke anywhere at all on the label. At all! Could this be an unsmoked LS, I wonder? I does actually say caramel, though. HA! I totally called that.

Further reading on the website mentions smoky undertones. UNDERtones! That implies a naturally occuring note of smoke, doesn’t it, rather than something added to it. It’s a Fujian black, so a natural smoke note would not at all be unusual.

The smoke note is relatively strong on the flavour, but again not at all as strong as it would be if it had been smoked. At least not if it had been smoked to the degree of the LS I’m used to drinking. I suppose it coud have been smoked very lightly to enhance the natural note. I’m a little in doubt now about whether or not I think it’s gone through a smoking process. Interestingly, I was reading what other people wrote about it and a couple of people felt this one had heavy smoke notes. What have they been drinking? I’m finding it quite mild! Or am I simply too familiar with LS at this point that I can no longer view it objectively? (Not that tea tasting could ever be objective, but I think you know what I mean. I can’t find a better way to express it.)

It’s still quite grainy and sweet, just like it smells. The caramel note is not as strong in the flavour as it is in the aroma, though. I believe it’s the smoke note that tempers it somewhat. It’s a very dark sort of caramel, not a milky one. Caramel sweet as opposed to fruity sweet. That’s a new one. I’ve usually found LS quite fruity-sweet.

The more it cools, though, the stronger the smoky note gets. I take it back, this is definitely not unsmoked. It’s just… trying to pass itself off that way.

Smooth and strong. A good way to start the day.


I happened across a LS review yesterday with a comment on it that unsmoked LS is becoming more common because of import restrictions/pine smoke bad or something, but I don’t remember what I was looking at in order to refind it, and google is failing me. I remember thinking “baroo?” at the comment, as it didn’t mention where they were that such restrictions were happening. Oddness.


What about your browser history?

I seem to vaguely recall having heard such a thing before, but if smoked foods in general are bad, well… In Denmark we smoke all sorts of things. Fish, sausages, meat, even a certain cheese. We’d be in trouble if restrictions were introduced! O.o


Yeah, in the US we like smoked salmon, ham, sausage, and cheese too. It doesn’t seem like a restriction that would actually be implemented successfully!


Oh, re: browser history – I was on like 5 different devices/machines yesterday. I are technogeek. I have no idea which device I was on :D


I can see that would be a bit difficult to check then. I don’t even have that many devices. :)

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43 tasting notes

Took a whiff of this at the NYC Coffee and Tea festival this past March and had to bring some home with me.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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