Thé du Hammam

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Fruit Green Blend
Flavouring, Green Tea, Mallow Flowers, Rose, Sunflowers
Berries, Orange, Rose, Grass
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From Le Palais des Thes

Inspired by a Turkish recipe using green tea, Thé du Hammam is a fruity blend which evokes the fragrances used to perfume the hamman: roses, green dates, red fruit and orange flower water. Sprinkled with flower petals in the purest of eastern traditions, the tea’s extraordinary fragrance features a subtle combination of Chinese green tea, celebrated for its freshness and thirst-quenching properties, and rich fruit aromas.

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37 Tasting Notes

2784 tasting notes

I believe this is the last of my samples to try from Le Palais de Thes. I do feel a slight sense of accomplishment but I haven’t been wildly crazy about most of these teas.

When I was trying this I accidentally dumped too much leaf in my cup. To me it looks like a bancha (japanese green tea) from the way the leaf appeared, although they state the base for this is a Chinese green. Smells very nice and flowery in the tube.

I do think this is a nice green tea blend. I am getting the date flavor very nicely as it lends a bit of sweetness. I am not getting a ton of rose in this cup, the date and fruity flavors predominate for me although I could have done a better job of brewing this.

This might be my second favorite of the flavored greens I tried behind The Des Fakirs. It is a subtle blend which seems nice for unwinding and relaxing. The flavor is not astringent at all and is very refreshing and moisturizing on the palate. I think there might be a bit of vanilla in this blend as well. If you’re looking for a lovely fruity/flowery blend you might want to check this out. I did like this but I don’t think I feel compelled to buy any. It seems like I am pretty fussy when it comes to flavored green teas because I do actually LIKE the way green tea tastes without drowning it in a bunch of other stuff. ;-)

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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2182 tasting notes

I am actually far more awake this morning than I probably will be this afternoon, so I am leading my day with a green tea even though I don’t usually.

This is one of the blends I was most intrigued by in the Le Palais des Thes set. Rose, dates, and red fruits… yum. In the tube the dry leaf smells sugary-fruity, but I don’t really get any distinct rose. Steeped, the aroma and flavor reminds me of some other tea I’ve had before, but I can’t quite place it. Must be the red fruits blend… yup, definitely the red fruits. I’m just not used to having those flavors with a green tea base! There is definitely some floral notes to this that must be the rose, but again I don’t pick it up as much as a distinct flavor. It’s sweet, and berry-fruity, and a bit floral, all over a light green tea base that doesn’t lend a ton to the overall flavor. All in all definitely a very tasty tea, but honestly the richness of the red fruits is kind of an odd pairing with a green tea… I just think it goes so well with a black. They do actually have a black-based version of this blend, so if I ever get the chance to try that I will jump on it. I am definitely interested to try this one iced, as well.

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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439 tasting notes

This is from last spring swap with lovely Ysaurella.

You would think it has lost its freshness by now, but nope, this is still very potent. I had enough to make a large pot tonight. It’s like having Turkish Delights in a beverage! It is very reminiscent of that wonderful friandise, but its not overly sweet as one would think.

It has a nice fruity/floral mouthfeel, almost like a soft perfume. I don’t know a lot of teas with dates in them. Don’t really know what green dates taste like, i’m assuming they are dates that have not been dried? Like fresh figs maybe… I definitely like what is does to this cup.

Perfect little dessert tea, the way I like them, sweet but not sickening!

Thank you so much Ysaurella for this wonderful tea :-)


Oh yum. Turkish Delight + dates is a good idea.


That’s what it tasted like, really delicious! But all gone now :-(

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408 tasting notes

First thanks to Palais des thés for this rare oriental tea.

Why rare would you ask…because for one time we have a very oriental tea without any mint ! And this is an exploit!

Green date is really tasty and present as well as red fruits and orange blossom – a perfect balance.

A small regret because I don’t feel the rose very well…

Anyway Thé du Hammam is my evening tea. I drink it almost every night. It’s so sweet, like a dessert, like a promise for a 1001 nights tale trip (I think in English you call that book Arabian nights)

Thé du Hamman was the first green tea I really appreciated…à la folie…


Ca sonne bien. I really should try Palais des Thés.


Sounds good. One question though, does this tea leave some greasy puddles at the bottom of your teapot and/or cup after drinking, as a result from essential oils flavoring ? Or does the cleaning just require a quick water rinse ? I might be willing to try it, as your enthusiasm is highly seductive…


Sounds good. One question though, does this tea leave some greasy puddles at the bottom of your teapot and/or cup after drinking, as a result from essential oils flavoring ? Or does the cleaning just require a quick water rinse ? I might be willing to try it, as your enthusiasm is highly seductive…


Hi LaFleurBleue,

I took this tea this morning with me at work so I can answer you with precision : no I can rinse very easily my mug. Essential oils are used here for 2,5% only.
But you know essential oils are the main way to flavour teas, flowers and pieces of fruits are there to do this too but the main flavours are given by essential oils.


Thanks for your precise answer
I realize that essential oils give a strong flavor, way more easily than flowers or fruits could do, but I got bored to have to scrub my teapot and cups each time I drank some Le Palais des Thés blends, especially Thé des Songes.


I see…I never have the problem but I read that traces of teas can vary a lot depending of the area you’re living (different type of water). Not sure if this is true.
here is a link (in French) where a tea lover explains how she manage to erase all the traces without scrubing with a “clay stone” universal cleaner
here is the product she speaks about :
page is available in English.

never tried thé des songes…I should !

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303 tasting notes

I’m a little tired and I need to open a new box of contacts. How I know this? As I squinted at my profile just now, I read, ‘All pets are off’ and wondered what the hell whoever had written it meant by that.

Those poor smelly pets.

Anyway, this is today’s second batch of Thé du Hammam, but this time… iced! This has the same unfortunate reaction to being cold-steeped as Kränku’s delicious kiwi vanilla – it gets all foamy. My glass seriously looks like I’ve been drinking beer from it (and it’s not just the contacts this time).

Aside from that, it’s nice – clean and fresh, but without much of an aftertaste. I was hoping for a little bit more of that smooth, creamy vanilla LPdT do so well, but this is mostly vaguely Hammamy and nothing else.

In accordance with my ratings rule that greens, whites and oolongs must also be tasty and delicious iced, this might have warranted a five-point reduction, but I was going to give it another five points after enjoying it so much hot this morning, so I’ll just do nothing and congratulate myself on giving it such an insightful grade right from the start.

In other news, the right index fingertip pad is a really bad place for two mosquito bites.

Iced 8 min or more

lolololololol. ‘all pets are off……’ hedgehogs too? :-(




Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you…


Morgana I am laughing so hard….


Oh, Phoebs. Such a creative genius; so misunderstood.


Too Funny!

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521 tasting notes

This is a bit too weak but it is likely my fault for using too much water. It’s a nice fruity and floral green with a sencha tasting base. grassy and green with a slightly drying mouthfeel. It’s enjoyable but not too interesting. I think I may not be in the mood for greens lately.

Husband liked it quite well. :)

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464 tasting notes

I’m back! All crises diverted at home. Dad and cat recovering well. Expect a few backlogs.

This tea is very perfumey. It wasn’t bad, but I’m starting to think that all Palais des Thes blends taste very similar. The flowers were sweet, the sencha-tasting base was ok as well.


I am so happy to hear that your loved ones are doing well! Is awesome! Health and well-being thoughts are being sent your way! :))


Thanks, Scribbles! I appreciate your well wishes! :-)

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348 tasting notes

Been awhile since I’ve talked about a tea on here…and it had to be one I didn’t like very much. Oh well. This one meant well.

This is the first blend that I’ve delved into since…uh…yesterday. (That English Breakfast teabag shouldn’t count!) First impressions: It was a blend. A green tea blend. Specifically, Chinese sencha as the base with orange and red bits strewn about. On smell, it was…well…fruit sugar. Not sure if they were aiming for apples with the aroma, but I got the impression caramel dipped apples. And we’re almost two weeks out from Halloween.

I obeyed the brewing instructions to the letter(ish) – 1 tsp. of blend in a 6oz. steeper cup, infused for three minutes. The water used was “about” 170F degrees. Couldn’t say for certain.

The liquor brewed a pale, somewhat foggy green with a leafy (but sweet) aroma invoking a sense of honey-dipped peanut butter. When I sipped it, I must say I recoiled a little. There was an unwelcomed syrupy texture on the forefront. It settled down, allowing the rest of the tea aspects to shine through, but it was definitely jarring. Like, “flavored tea” jarring. The middle was sweet and lightly floral. Some of the natural grapy lean of the Chinese sencha even poked out like a prairie dog. But…the finish.


No polite way to put it. The epilogue and aftertaste were…soapy. Astringent, still sweet-ish, kinda lavender-y…and just unpleasant. If only everything from the middle and top note had remained. I think that the blended elements themselves could’ve held this infusion up better without the flavoring agents. ]

A second infusion was a drastic improvement, keeping hold of the fruitier aspects, while ditching the soapy palate texture.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Ugh. I hate that “flavoured tea” flavour, which is why I stay far far away from flavoured tea

Geoffrey Norman

I’ve encountered some flavored teas I’ve liked. This is not one of them.


Hi GN come to Happy Lucky’s in Fort Collins and have some tea with Eric and I.

Geoffrey Norman

@Bonnie – I had no idea you worked there. So does another tea pal o’ mine – Eric Scott. Been to the site, seen the tour. Love the selection.


Nope I don’t work there, I drink TEA there with Eric and the gang. It’s my pub. I write about Happy Luckys all the time and post pictures on Facebook with Eric if you want to check it out (Bonnie Johnstone). It’s a great place!

Geoffrey Norman

Too bad I’m on the wrong side of the country.

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53 tasting notes

This was the second of two samples I was sent from Le Palais celebrating their new online web presence for the U.S. This one by all appearances seems to be a best seller, and it’s well-crafted, but it’s an example of why I’m not crazy about green tea blends.

It’s a base of China green, which comes through just fine with the other ingredients. It’s a strong sweet front of citrus, strawberry, and date, but then it turns into astringent and perfumey, which clashes with the sweet/not-sweet qualities of the green tea.

They have what I can only assume is a new version of this tea in a Keemun blend as listed on the U.S. web site. They’ve taken out the dates in that version, so I imagine this might work better in line with my taste preferences, the smokiness of the Keemun being a better match for the citrus/berry/perfume notes.

So if you don’t have an aversion to a perfumey aftertaste, you might enjoy this.

My full review and pics at my blog :


they have such a cute web site


Yes, they’ve done some god things on the site. Beatiful designs.

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111 tasting notes

Thanks for Ysaurella, whose post on this tea caught my eye and helped us swap some teas we had in our respective cupboards.
I felt I had to start my tasting of her samples with this one;)
Thanks to my recent fantastic infuser, I could see that the green leaves were rather nice and bigger than I expected when I had served the dry tea.
The smell is really nice, sweet and very fruity.
The taste was fine, though not exceptional. What I liked is that the different flavors taste natural (as I’ve had a not so good experience with a flavored green tea from Le Palais des Thés before, I was wary of that. The flavors were however a bit weak in comparison with the green tea base and not as striking to my palate as to my nose.
I also thought some japanese sencha powder had been added to it, as there was a lot of it at the bottom of my teapot. I also found it to be quite astringent while I was finishing my teapot (after 6 cups or so).
However I have to say that I’m not sure I’ll ever like a green tea, as much as a nice black-blend, a oolong or a white tea. I believe this tea might rate among the green teas I liked best.
And some of Ysaurella’s other samples really have a smell to die for. To be continued…

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 15 sec

I am happy you liked it “for a green tea”
That’s right that steeped longer than 4 minutes it becomes astringent, it is a quite complicated.
Maybe try some pleasant green from Mariage Frères as Thé à l’opéra or a mix black & green blend like Prince Igor or Balthazar to pursue experiences with green teas.You surely find one you really really like, I did and I am not very green tea.


I meant a quite complicated tea !

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