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From Little Red Cup Tea Co.

Our special organic Green Mao Jian Tea is an unusual mountain-grown tea from western Hunan Province. The tea is named for the abundance of tiny hairs covering the leaves when they are picked in the spring and for the sharply pointed shape of the leaves once rolled in the finishing process.

Green Mao Jian Tea is one of the most delicate green teas we have seen. Steeped normally, it produces a lovely pale green brew with meadow notes and light forest scents. A stronger brew may be obtained using more tea leaves, warmer water and a longer steep time. Even then, this tea is not bitter. An excellent tea for those who want to enjoy a green tea without the punch that so many ordinary greens carry.

Our Green Mao Jian Tea is pure whole leaf organic Chinese tea, Fair Trade certified and sublimely drinkable. A marvelous tea to accompany you throughout a busy morning and into the early afternoon, a tea both for the dedicated tea consumer and one for the casual tea drinker as well.

Green Mao Jian tea should be brewed with water heated to between 170° and 180°F. We like to use filtered water, but many prefer to use spring water. The leaves, used in a cup or small tea pot, may be reused several times.

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We're a family-owned Maine company dedicated to importing traditional high quality Chinese tea. Our teas are organic, Fair Trade, whole leaf, and always delicious. Little Red Cup tea is a revelation, if not a revolution.

14 Tasting Notes

1570 tasting notes

I am still working on a full review but basically at first I thought this is a light solid everyday Chinese green. That said, I was playing guitar and let half the cup set. Once it reached room temperature the flavors really came alive. It took on an almost oolong floral quality. I know it wasn’t tainted from earlier teas as I washed my cup and press before I started. I really want to try this iced. I think it will be great. $8/3oz is pretty cheap for any tea that can taste this good.


I really liked it—-and this from a non-greeny.


Oh, stop me… so I guess that means around your tea stash it isn’t easy being green. Sorry, I begged you to stop me.


Hey today is Thursday, have you forgotten the usual today?


ha ha. 45F and raining this morning. Actually we stopped so my wife could get her coffee. I started to get a hot chocolate then decided I was good without it. Just hoping for the return (even briefly) of warm weather and sunshine.


:)The world was a much happier place when Jim Henson was around.


Jim and his wacky world inspired me and my wife. I love all of the Muppets but Gonzo is actually my favorite. I used to do rod arm puppets at church. Not meaning to be arrogant but I’ve seen video of me in action and I was very good at it. My breathing problems hit me performing during a teaching seminar and I had to give it up. My wife use to make the puppets. She has way over 200 ‘missionaries’ located all over the world, including Russia.


It’s a little counter-intuitive since I liked the original era best, but my soft spot is for Bobo the Bear from Muppets Tonight. Then Kermit himself. Hubby’s favorite is Johnny Fiyama (Muppets Tonight again).


Loved Bobo on the show with Cindy Crawford. “Pretty Lady” My wife’s favorite was Sweetums. I’ve had multiple Tee shirts with Animal and Electric Mayhem. My favorite was Kermit Unpigged – Kermit sitting on a stool with an acoustic guitar. Wore it until it rotted off of me. Wish I could find another. Favorite Muppet episode was with John Denver – Grandma’s feather bed. You could tell he loved the Muppets. His eyes sparkled when he was on the show.


Muppets and John Denver. Life was good.


BTW, I recorded Take Me Home, Country Roads when I was a kid and the studio gave me tickets to see John Denver live with my dad and a friend. It was awesome. Those were his early days.


How did I miss a Muppet conversation!?


Ashmanra – how cool! What a neat story.
Stephanie – its never too late to jump in!


It was nine feet high and six feet wide and soft as a downy chick.. Are we dating ourselves or what?


Hubby just had a great idea…a Muppet parody of Oceans 11 with Johnny Fiyama!


I would totally go see this one and would gladly add the DVD to my collection. It does need Sal Minella and Rizzo the rat. Somebody call the Henson people and pitch this!

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1855 tasting notes

Squoze out a reasonable second steep from yesterday’s leaves. The sharpest citrusy edges aren’t there, but still fruity and extremely drinkable. This Mao Jian (Tazo pronounces it Meow Jian) has rejuvenated my interest in green tea.


Local Target – sold out of Pumpkin Pie PopTarts. Food Lion doesn’t carry them. Garner Target – SCORE! They had tons! Sent a box secretly on the plane to London for Anna’s birthday and left two in her cupboard for when she gets back.


Pumpkin PopTarts? How did I miss this? Must find.


Yes, you must. Nirvana in a rectangular pastry crust. I showed great restraint and picked up only one box. We made a special Target run this afternoon. Also happened to run into a grocery-shopping friend who handed me a $1 off coupon for Celestial Seasonings and said, “Hey, would you use this?” Fresh box of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride rode home with the Pop Tarts. Can you stand the excitement?


Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up and placed in one shopping bag! I checked our Walmart for the Sleigh Ride and Candy Cane Lane, not yet. I don’t know if they will even get them in. I will have to check in the college town up the road where I found a left over box this summer… and look for Nirvana as well :)


I have been looking everywhere I go for the Bigelow teas you mentioned, but none of our stores seem to have the Christmas teas out yet.


Around my area, I never see the Christmas teas in store until right before or right after Thanksgiving. I’m ready for some Bigelow Eggnog and CS Sugar Cookie. Oh and Candy Cane Lane! Must buy all the holiday teas – I need an intervention!

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4833 tasting notes


When I wrote my notes for this tea, I had just come back from a big holiday shopping day … and I was exhausted. I liked the way this tea helped to revitalize me.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2013/12/23/mao-jian-green-tea-from-little-red-cup-tea-co/

This is an excellent Mao Jian. One of the better teas that I’ve tried from this company.

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1111 tasting notes

Thanks very much Little Red Cup for a sample of this tea for review!

This reminds me of a stripped down version of one of my favorite green teas of all time- Laoshan Green. There is no soybean creaminess, but the sweetness and GREEN vegetal flavors are there. I would also compare it to Spring Twist by Butiki, but less sweet and delicate. If you are a fan of either of those teas, this might be a suitable and much less expensive alternative!

Hint of floral aroma and tiny bit of astringency. I went for extra leaf and extra steep time so I could hopefully assess everything this tea has to offer. I would definitely drink this one again :)

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2088 tasting notes

I would like to thank Martin from LIttle Red Cup Tea Company for providing me with this sample to review.

I’ve been so busy the last few days with Thanksgiving prep work so when I took my first sip of this tea I thought that perhaps I had accidentally made an oolong rather than the green tea I had intended. After double checking I realized that I had in fact made a cup of Mao Jian. This tea has a really nice floral flavor that I don’t typically expect in a green, but it still has a subtle vegetal flavor that marks it as such. It has a wonderful sweet, almost fruity flavor, that I notice towards the end of each sip. This wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but it such a wonderful tea.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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110 tasting notes

This Mao Lian also know as Jade Sword is my second sample from Little Red Cup Tea.

I had some Mao Lian before so i don’t need to doubt myself while brewing this tea. For my first cup i used 70°c water and a fairly big teaspoon of these nice dark green leafs. Once brewed these leafs look a bit like seaweed and the color of my cup turns a bright green.

This mao jian is a very refreshing green tea with some hints of cream and best off all it doesn’t turn bitter at all. This is a good tea for warm afternoons when u need some hydration!

I comparing my 2 samples from red cup this one is my personal favorite. Tough the white monkey tasted good it wasn’t 100% my thing. This one is more up my ally and would drink it on a very regular base!

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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152 tasting notes

Many thanks to Little Red Cup for the sample!

I used about 1.5-2 tsp to 12 oz of water for a first infusion of 40 seconds. It’s surprisingly crisp and a touch sour upon first sip, like the peels of white grapes. A bit fruity…Vegetal, light, and ends on a slightly sweet note. It leaves faint traces of a sweet, buttery, flowery softness in my mouth that makes me want to drink more.

Second infusion, 55 seconds. The smell of the wet leaves reminds me a lot of Laoshan Green, but the taste is more light and springy than hearty and bean-y. The second steep isn’t quite as sharp as the first but it’s still bright and a little sweeter than before! The buttery/floral notes become less shy and make more of an appearance. MAN this is good.

Third infusion, 1 minute 10 seconds. Back to sharp and springy, not so much sweet but with a lingering smoothness and a slight honey aftertaste. The more the tea cools and the nearer I get to the bottom of the cup, the more honeyed and rich and caramelly the taste is. Coats my mouth a little. Interesting. Still, I kind of wish I’d let it steep a bit longer.

It’s late, so I’ll pay these leaves another visit in the morning. (: Loving it so far! Very nice, and very much appreciated!

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1 tasting notes

This is my first review on Steepster, and I am thrilled to be able to praise Little Red Cup’s Green Mao Jian. The smell of the leaves pre-stepping made me raise an eyebrow, which is something that doesn’t happen often for a picky palate like me. I was intrigued. Its aroma was of moist, almost mossy earth. The green notes hovered quietly behind darker, warmer ones. I usually lean toward extreme-bright-grassy-spinachy-greens, and to “milky” oolongs, but the liveliness and balance of this green-earth won me over. It is layered and textured. An excellent, full, satisfying tea. Thank you Little Red Cup!!

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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56 tasting notes

Doing short 30sec – 1 min brews.
Raises eyebrows
I can’t even describe the flavor. it has an openness to it.
the wet leaves smell like jasmine. with a kinda… fresh air woodsy smell thing going on…
Its somewhat similar to Tsuei Laun that i had from tea from tawain. but this one is not at all fruity.

140 °F / 60 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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