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Caramel, Cinnamon, Cookie, Butter, Molasses
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  • “Stuff has a tendency to add up and I don't want to stand here in a few months with the realization I would need 8 full boxes to escape with even half my stuff. So I'm doing the responsible thing...” Read full tasting note
    clareborn 300 tasting notes
  • “Lupicia is convinced, convinced that I want a lot of individual sachets of Cookie sent directly to me, whenever convienant. Well, they are not far wrong. Its a really nice blend, a buttery little...” Read full tasting note
    Rosehips 827 tasting notes
  • “Good day Steepster... I had kind of a rough morning, I was over at my boyfriend's house in Berkeley and woke up with itchy hives again. Decided to go home and take some Benadryl and that seems to...” Read full tasting note
    amyoh2 2307 tasting notes
  • “Thanks *Azzrian* for a sample of this one, which I have apparently yet to try! The dry leaf smells quite interesting - very rich, malty and sweet. It looked to me like this could be a CTC...” Read full tasting note
    kittenna 2229 tasting notes

From Lupicia

A rich caramel cookie flavored black tea blend with a satisfying full body. Enjoy this one with milk to bring out the sweetness. The sweetness of this tea makes it popular with children, like mom’s cookies right out of the oven.

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110 Tasting Notes

31 tasting notes

Had this this morning with some soy creamer and just a hint of sugar. It really does smell like a cookie. Probably the best tea for dessert that I own. Great with milk, but the flavor is mild enough that it tastes great plain, too!

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74 tasting notes

Blllerrggggggh. Bahhhhh I really didn’t like this one. This is the first tea from Lupicia that I haven’t liked. The smells is nice and interesting and pretty fun, it seems like it would be good.

I tried it with a splash of 2% milk and I just gotta say, it tastes like melted butter – and not in a good way!! It’s very rich and kinda gross, it feels like you’re drinking butter. Not fun. I’m gonna try it again with maybe a lighter steep time or hotter water or something. But I’m pretty sure I hate this one, I’m gonna have to give it away if it’s as gross next time.

Sorry Lupicia, an epic winning streak but finally one tea of yours that I don’t actually just love. Strange! Anyway, I’ll give it another shot and report back if it’s awesome. If it’s gross, I’m totally giving this away. :)

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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14 tasting notes

I used 1 tsp per 8oz, (hot) b/c I can’t figure out how many grams.

Smells: Definitely caramel, almost burnt/smoky, probably from the black tea. The scent is even warmer and sweeter as it is steeped.

Taste: Since it’s a black tea, I wasn’t expecting anything really sweet (although I was hoping for a slightly sweet dessert type. It’s a very interesting case with this one; milk didn’t make much of a difference. First thing I can taste is the full black tea, with hint a caramel. Not very sweet, but nothing sweetener can’t fix, if you’re fond of adding. The aftertaste is really something; first I taste the black tea, but it slowly melts away into a pleasant, malty caramel flavor that lingers. I’ve never had anything like it before.

I might buy this again, but I’m really interested in sampling different types of dessert teas and such. I also might steep longer, but I’m afraid of it getting too bitter.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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103 tasting notes

This tea is absolute perfection! I just love it so so much!
I got a sample of this in a swap last week which I had to try before I went to the Lupicia store. It was amazing. Tastes just like a cookie.
I can’t even describe how delicious this tea is.
It’s just the perfect dessert tea! :D

Flavors: Caramel, Cinnamon, Cookie


Hmmm… sounds lovely. Is the cinnamon pretty mild? Or is it cinnaBLARGH?

Also, I thought of you the other day b/c I was re-watching the Rifftrax Nat Geo specials. The bat one is funny no matter how many times I watch it! I made my boyfriend watch it too!


It’s pretty light cinnamon. I wouldn’t like it if it were too much. :P

Haha that’s awesome! I made my friend watch that one over this last weekend! :P Did your boyfriend like it??


He did! I didn’t make him watch the others yet. Those were ok, but the devil bat was the best, hands down. We were rolling!

How was your visit with your friend?


Haha it’s so true! That one is the best! What were the other two about even? Wasn’t there one about the ocean or something?

It was great! I showed him a few MST3Ks. He loved them. xD

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493 tasting notes

Oh buddy, oh pal. This is a different tea.

Different, good.
The second one I tried from my long awaited Lupicia order.

One I’d eagerly anticipated from the moment I first heard of it.

First of all, I have to say that without thinking about it, I automatically associate the word “cookie” with “chocolate chip cookie”, so all this time, that’s what I thought this tea would be. No, I obviously didn’t read the description or ingredients list.

So when I finally cracked open the bag and sniffed the leaves, I was a little surprised it didn’t smell like chocolate at all, no cocoa notes. I was also surprised to see that it looked like a CTC tea.

However, what I smelled when I sniffed the bag was a buttery, subtly sweet cookie note.

I didn’t even try it black, I just had to follow Lupicia’s suggestion and add milk immediately.
What resulted was a buttery, creamy delight. A subtle cookie, with a substantial base, perfect for the flavouring. Sweetness that was more of a suggestion than a reality. I’d like to try with a bit of sugar next time. And maybe black, one day.

So far Lupicia is two for two! Way better than my Adagio experience!


So excited for this one!


YAY!!! so happy that you are enjoying your long awaited Lupicia order!!!


I love this one too :)




Sooooo true, Sil

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236 tasting notes

OH. MY. GOD. I love this. It tastes like a butter cookie when it is very warm, then as it cools, the taste is more like an almond cookie. If you let it cool even more, it’s exactly like dipping one of those Breaktime coconut cookies in coffee. There is a slight coffee like quality to it, mj don’t worry, it’s not like that! I put raw sugar and a tiny bit of cream in my cup, because when the name of a tea is cookie, you can do that.


Oh that sounds awesome!


I’m so excited to get my order in July!

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148 tasting notes

Well. This tea is just what I needed.

I’d been saving this sample from sil for a rainy day, and it’s hammering it down, so it seems apt. Metaphorically hammering, mind: started my new job a few weeks ago, and MAN, is it not what I was told I’d be doing when I accepted the post. I’ve never been in a situation where a job, or anything for that matter, has left me feeling so continually angry. This, combined with my not being able to lift my right arm due to apparently having injured it quite badly while working on Saturday, and my not actually knowing what my work schedule is even meant to be this week – and I was promised full-time – is wearing me down horribly. I can’t stay. I also can’t afford any period of unemployment, as it looks like I’ll be paying rent on two properties as ownership of my former flat is changing hands right before I’d planned to vacate it, meaning I have to wait to talk to the new owners to give notice, and… ugh. Definitely can’t afford paying on two flats, let alone one. None of this is okay.

This tea is a tonic for my increasingly frayed nerves. I can see why it’s so well-loved! I’m met with a lovely nutty butteriness that’s got definite biscuit notes to it, without being overwhelmingly sweet. It’s such a comfort, and I’m so glad to have had the chance to try it out!

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec

Sorry, that your job has not lived up to first impressions, feel for you and sympathize with the situation of having to pay for two places at once. Hopefully when things settle down you can find something less stressful. Hope your arm heals quickly.


Sorry to hear about all of this, please take care of your arm and see a doctor!


That’s so sad…I was so happy for you a few weeks ago. Hope things get resolved, in the mean time, take care of yourself.

Sami Kelsh

Thanks, gang. Apparently, first order of business when I’m moved into my SWEET new digs here in Oxford is to get registered with a GP, so if my ouchies don’t subside, I’ll have somebody to talk to about them. In the meantime, reeeeeeeeeeeally hoping the shop manager of the bakery will take my health and safety concerns more seriously than the person I’ve been working with. Otherwise, I’m not willing to stay.

In the meantime, tea. hugs everybody

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589 tasting notes

I found this one to be very similar to the Cinnamon Cookie Puer, only no cinnamon, and not quite as rich. Not in a bad way, mind you. It was a little sweeter in place of the cinnamon, and the coffee note was more subdued. This one does smell more like an almond cookie. I like both teas about equal.

It is really tasty! It makes a great breakfast tea for me. I’m eternally grateful to Dexter for sending this to me with a bunch of other Lupicia teas to try. So far, so good!


Lupicia teas are really addicting. Glad you are enjoying the few I sent you. :))


I am! Thank you so much!

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46 tasting notes

A subtle yet noticeable cookie flavour complements the tea base without overwhelming. I enjoyed this straight before adding milk, which seemed to water it down a little. I had brewed it according to the packet instructions i.e 2 and a half minutes so perhaps if I use milk next time, I’ll add an extra minute to steeping time. Becomes slightly more flavourful when cooled down but can dry out my mouth a little for some reason. Nonetheless I’d still reach for this tea to quell any cookie cravings

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 15 OZ / 450 ML

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1256 tasting notes

From the queue, written April 2nd 2014

This is one that Anna has shared with me, and therefore I’m a little wary of it. You see, it’s been highly loved on Steepster in general and it’s the sort of thing I would normally be interested in. Particularly after I had sniffed it, because it smells quite dough-y and fudge. But the thing is Anna and I have widely different preferences in flavoured black, even though we like same kind of flavours. We like a different sort of balance, though, I think. This means that Anna is guaranteed to dislike about 95% of my favourites and vice versa. Well, that’s not true, really. I think I like her favourites rather better than she likes mine. Hence, somewhat sceptical Ang is somewhat sceptical.

Anyway, the aroma is fairly close to freshly baked cookies, but there’s a sort of slightly toasted note to it as well that feels a bit off. As if the cookies got just 30 seconds too much in the oven. Or a few degrees too much. Hm. Okay.

Flavourwise… There is definitely a sort of baked goods feel to it, but I’m not sure I think it’s a cookie. Here that toasted note is very strong. Very strong. It’s not cookie for me, it’s burnt cookie, and I have to say burnt cookie is not really a flavour that I would be seeking out on purpose.

Hm. Anna, I’m sorry to say it, but I think we’ve got another proof of our flavoured black oppositeness here… This annoys me a little because it’s something I should have enjoyed more.

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