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Floral, Honeydew, Melon, Mint, Smooth, Sweet, Vegetal, Cantaloupe, Green, Green Melons
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190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 15 sec 11 oz / 317 ml

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  • “Lupicia, seriously; how do you even do this? Who flavours these teas? Are they wizards? In the bag, this has that very Lupicia-esque _filthy_ ripe-fruit oolong smell to it that I love so much...” Read full tasting note
    annapocalyptic 300 tasting notes
  • “Ah, another example of Lupicia's delicious flavored green oolongs. This is intensely melon-y; perhaps too intense for some folks, but if you like super ripe cantaloup and green oolongs, this one is...” Read full tasting note
    dinosara 1989 tasting notes
  • “I'm craving fruit, but there is no fruit at home! So I broke into this melon oolong. Melons are so lackluster this time of year. Thank goodness we have tea to tide us over till summer. This...” Read full tasting note
    Mercuryhime 518 tasting notes
  • “I sure am drinking a lot of tea tonight. This is my second cold steep of the day and I already have another one in the fridge, plus I had matcha this afternoon. I've already planned out my evening...” Read full tasting note
    Alphakitty 470 tasting notes

From Lupicia

Juicy and sweet melon is infused to high quality Taiwanese Oolong tea. Can be recommended for iced tea, as well.

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63 Tasting Notes

948 tasting notes

The last day of August. Unbelievable.
Well, I’m ready for September. Tights and sweaters and the proper tea drinking temps! I am ready. I’ve been dreaming about squash.
However, I will savor the summer teas in my cupboard, and so, for that, I’m drinking this lovely cup of melon goodness.
How come melon candy is not a thing in the U.S.? I would think it would be a natural combination.


Well, I’ve seen watermelon candy but yeah that’s different… :)


I get some candies at my local asian grocery store that taste EXACTLY like this. PS- YES BRING ON THE WINTER SQUASH! :)

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232 tasting notes

Yesterday before dropping my friend off at the airport I went to Lupicia. The first legit tea store I’ve been to other than Teavana! I was so ridiculously excited! For some reason I thought it was going to be a lot bigger, and have nicer workers, but it was pretty small and the girl working there wasn’t friendly at all. Not very helpful either when I asked her about some teas. xD But that’s okay, I still enjoyed being there. I like that you don’t have to ask to smell certain teas. It’s nice to just do it yourself. Though people say they don’t have all the teas out to smell. But that’s okay, they definitely had a lot.
Wow, I’m rambling….sorry about that. I’m just excited. But one more thing-this Lupicia is one exit away from my dr so that means I can go after/before dr appointments in the future! Woo! I’m so excited! Now I will have something to make up for all my horrible appointments! :O
Anyway, onto the tea. I have always liked melon flavored things. Can’t remember if I’ve had much of an actual melon, but I have always liked it in other things. This tea smelled so fresh and juicy. I couldn’t resist buying it at the store.
While it steeped I could pick out the oolong base. It’s not a roasty oolong, but more floral. An excellent combo with the melon.
As for flavor I could taste a perfect combo of the floral oolong base, the juicy melon, and delicious cantaloup.
Which is a bit odd since I have never really liked eating cantaloups. But I suppose that the melon and oolong are enough to outweigh the cantaloup.
This has definitely made it’s mark in being one of the best fruity teas I’ve ever tried!
Love it! If you ever get something from Lupicia definitely get this one!

Flavors: Cantaloupe, Floral, Melon, Sweet

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

It’s more honey dew to me. I love honey dews. You are so lucky living close to Lupicia!


I’m not sure I could pick out the difference between melon and honey dew. I’ve not had much of those two flavors. xD But I’d love to try their Golden Honeydew tea. Wish they had it in LA! And yeah, glad it’s somewhat close. Like 50 minutes away but hey! Better than only Teavana!


So lucky!!

Cameron B.

Yum, what else did you get? :D


Got a few bags of Cookie (which it totally amazing), Melon Oolong, Momo Oolong Super Grade, and Nilgiri Bop because it was 50% off and why not xD
They threw in two samples, but I would have to go digging for them. I think there was a jasmine and another type of Green Tea, but not totally sure.

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14 tasting notes

Absolutely perfect for times when you want something flavored and sweet but not artificial. It just tastes like sweet honeydew and a nice green oolong perfectly balanced. I love that you can taste the tea base, and that both flavors complement one another so well. I usually let it cool a little before drinking it, as I find that the melon flavor stands out more once it’s cooled down.

Flavors: Honeydew, Melon

Boiling 1 min, 15 sec

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502 tasting notes

I got my Lupicia order finally, had ordered it in May and had it shipped to my relatives in the States knowing they’d be visiting in July and would bring it to me. Along with orders from like 4 other companies but that’s neither here nor there :)

Anyway, I decided to make this the first one I tried out of the bunch.
I mean like, man, this tea is amazing.

I don’t understand how it is possible to make a tea taste so much like genuine melon. It doesn’t even taste fake. Just fresh and delicious. Fruity, soooo fruity.

Amazing. So good. I don’t even have the words. It’s the juiciest fruitiness tea I’ve ever had.

If this is Lupicia, count me in!


stay away from their blacks msot of the time and you won’t be disappointed…yes this is coming from me lol


Wow! Good to know then :)


Isn’t this GOOD? :)

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382 tasting notes

3G 5 oz 190F 2 min
It’s delicious . Smells like cantaloupe / honeydew. True taste. Very nice on a hot day . Resteep was very good as well. No sugar for me but I think it would make it even more delicious. I think I’m going to enjoy it this summer;)

Flavors: Cantaloupe, Honeydew


Sounds summery!

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1496 tasting notes

First tea of the day. So amazing. I really need to get some more. (1 tsp in 12 oz, over ice to make 1 L. Steeped twice. So delish.)

So yeah. Today was interesting. Slept 4 hours last night because I was warm and uncomfortable. Went to work. None of my stuff came in because Friday was a US holiday, so you can imagine how much actual work got done. I tried. I organized and prepped and etc. But there’s nothing to report.

And then a friend called and asked if I would mind fostering some toads. Yeah. So after a huge mess of tanks breaking and having to go buy crickets (because I cannot with the meal worms UGH) and dropping all the rocks and everything… I am now the proud foster parent of 4 fire-bellied toads. Yep.

That took forever. But now I’m home, sipping on this iced, thinking of a shower before bed, just to cool down and get comfy.

Bonus is my cat really likes Toad TV.

Flavors: Floral, Green, Melon

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Thank you for sharing it, Sil! I’m converted. I will not doubt the melon teas any longer.


haha yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)


That’s crazy! TOADS!




Woohoo, toads! Those guys are cute. But, I have a large number of reptile and amphibian pets. :D


My friend has loads of snakes, and didn’t want to have to deal with the toads too. So I have them. :)

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272 tasting notes

This is again from TheTeaFairy who generously shared this with me from her first Lupicia order. I put it off until I was in the right mood for it. Had it first last week but forgot to write.

It is very flavourful. Tastes like cantaloupe to me but you also get the oolong base, it is not covered up. I used a pinch of sugar to bring out the melon a bit more. The color is pale yellow and clear. It is indeed tasty, I can see why it is so popular. It’s almost like candy. BUT you have to like green oolong because you can taste it quite a bit. Reminds me of the banana oolong from DAVIDs in that there is oolong alongside the fruit and sometimes you have just a bit too much oolong.

If this was anything other than melon I might not like it but the flavour here works for me. Had it cold both times to finish off the sample. Thank you, TheTeaFairy !


I love this one!

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734 tasting notes

This is yet another Lupicia tea that TheTeaFairy so generously shared with me. I know this is a fan favorite, and I like this, but I don’t love it. There are other blends I like a lot better.
This is really good HOT, but once it starts to cool the floral notes in the oolong take over and mask the melon flavor. Just when I thought I was starting to become friends with green oolong, something like this happens. Bad green oolong!!! Love the melon, don’t like the base (I have melon white, will have to try that one soon…)


Ah! The Dexter I know is back, lol! The greener oolong base is one of the reason I liked it so much, but I do prefer the white, and there’s no fuzzy green melon gummies in the white blend.


lol “fuzzy green melon gummies” – not sure I noticed that, was too distracted by the oolong. Will try the white soon and see how I do with that one….


i don’t have trouble with this one…and i do like the melon white as well! they’re very similar in flavouring (obv)..i just like the oolongy green + flavour a little better…but here’s hoping the white one is great for you!

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59 tasting notes

It’s sunny and very spring like outside, so a fruity, lighter tea seemed perfect… and OH, it was!
The leaf smells of melon candy; so sweet and knock your socks off melon.
I’m used to teas really grabbing you with their leaf, but once that hot water hits them, all that crazy scent gets thrown back behind the tea base…
Not the case here.
Once brewed, the fragrance is still just as strong as the leaf….oh, sweet melon goodness! More cantaloupe than honeydew, in my opinion.

Tasting, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Full on melon with such a complimentary base…. Lupicia, you are insane!
I don’t add sugar to my tea, but I’m almost tempted with this, thinking it would be insanely good…but, it’s so tasty right now, I don’t want to mess with it. :)
I’ve steeped 3 times, and it’s still just as delicious as the first cup.

This was in my box from ifjuly, another tea from her that I feel incredibly lucky to get to try! She spoiled me rotten with this box, I tell you! :)

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571 tasting notes

I bought this yesterday after being swayed by a steepster review. I love oolong, and I know Lupicia is pretty good with flavoring, so I had to try it. This tea smells just like honeydew when it’s steeped up. Mmmmmmmm!!! The taste is somewhere between honeydew and cantaloupe. The oolong itself is like one of those really light, floral green oolongs, which to tell you the truth gets a little overpowered by the melon flavor. I think I would have preferred an oolong that had a bit of an earthier, more grounded note to even this tea out, but I still enjoyed it. I think this will be awesome iced. I’m definitely going to give that a shot! :)


Yum! The reviews are really swaying me too, but I was put off slightly by the fact it was an oolong. I enjoy oolongs, but not really enough to go out of my way to get them.


courtney….i like this one. a bunch. if that helps lol


It helps me, I was debating adding it to the Lupicia order that I’m going to make my American relatives smuggle across the border for me

(Not really smuggle, since it’s legal and all)


if you hate it..i will take it bwahahaha


Sil oolongs aren’t generally your thing, right? I’m even more intrigued.

Haha whatshesaid, smuggle. When are your relatives visiting?


In July :)

Not sure exactly when, but I’ve already put a Harney order in to get sent to them, trying to space it out a bit vs paying all at once. Next is American Tea Room, SteapShoppe and the big Lupicia order! Debating on Adagio for Tardis and a Sherlock tea, but not sure it’s worth such a large quantity in case I’m not a fan


Courtney- I think you’d like his one, since there is very little oolong flavor…it’s very much a straight up melon tea.

whatshesaid – that sounds like an awesome amount of tea to look forward to. Nice that your relatives don’t mind receiving and bringing it all to you, but I suppose that’s what family is for, right? Haha!


Courtney….I don’t really like green oolongs, roasty ones are better unless they have that one particular taste I don’t care for.

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