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From Lupicia

Black tea with fresh Japanese cherry flavor. Its sour-sweet aroma is taste-catching and its cute topping with the image of red ripened cherries is also eye-catching.

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69 Tasting Notes

1760 tasting notes

The last bit of this tea. *is sad * Damn you Lupicia for not shipping your teas to Canada! *shakes fist * I would totally buy this tea if I was given the opportunity – some of these American companies are really limiting themselves by refusing to accomodate international customers.

On an unrelated note, those things that I thought looked like peppercorn actually are red peppercorns (I went and ate one – ewww). And yet I’m not getting a peppery taste from this tea at all. Strange. ;)

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

hmmmm…what about running a tea relay through the US the same wasy people in the US run relay through canada for online gambling money?


Next time I make an order from Lupicia, I shall contact you so I can smuggle some tea cross the borders for you ;)


LOL you make it sound so terribly covert Ricky – should I be waiting at the border in my black balaclava? ;P


It would be boring if I just went. Hey, Jillian, next time I decide to order from Lupicia, I’ll send you a PM. I’ll order it and ship it your way that way you can try some delicious Lupicia tea.

Now that was boring. I fell asleep typing it.

You need to bring a briefcase ;) Unmarked bills please.



Ricky, Should she come ALONE too?? Hehe


secret agent tea, secret agent tea, sneaking across the border…..something, it could be fun!


Definitely! It’d be too dangerous if she brought someone along. Plus how else would I be able to trick her! Woaps! I wasn’t suppose to tell her that! Uhohhhh


you really cant get it in canada? Thats so weird because i can get it here in Australia.


Unfortunately, no! I, too, wanted to buy it, but it won’t ship to Canada.

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911 tasting notes

Very much a fresh cherry smell, even has that hint of tartness to it that fresh cherries do. Usually cherry flavored things make me think of cough syrup so it’s nice to find a cherry flavored something that doesn’t even hint of that type of cherry.

The taste isn’t as tart as the smell, but it’s got a little tingle to it. Very fresh and fruity tasting. Not overpowering or fake though it is probably one of the stronger flavored Lupicia teas I’ve had. I’m not using any sugar or milk but honestly, it doesn’t need any and sugar might detract from the fresh sourness it has – again, not overly sour, just a little twinge that makes me think of fresh cherries. A very good tea from spring, I would think.

Also, we have about eight inches of snow on the ground. It’s sorta nuts. And I’m expected into work this afternoon. Not sure if that’s going to happen. Yikes.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Drive safely! Are you far enough north that your city has at least a little bit of snow removal equipment? I have a friend headed that direction this weekend in a U-Haul. Ick!


We have sand trucks and that’s pretty much it. I’m thinking I’ll be going in for an hour or two tomorrow instead because yeah, turns out we have 10 inches on the ground. It’s gonna take a bit before it melts enough where I feel safe driving!


Yikes! 10 inches with only sand trucks is ridiculous. It snows for much too long in MN and even with plows and people that drive in it everyday, there’s still a ton of cars in the ditch. Be careful! As a side note, it’s nice to know that there’s cherry tea without the dreaded taste of cough syrup. I’ll have to keep this one in mind!


DOOD. What is up with the weather?! The snowpocalypse is coming! The snowpocalypse is coming!

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470 tasting notes

I debated between this tea and the Sakurambo Vert for quite a while. I know the Vert is probably a better tea objectively, but I already have some cherry greens but no cherry blacks so I thought I’d take a swing at this one. Also, it looks so pretty with those cute little red balls! I’m not exactly sure what they are, but they look nice.

The weird thing about this blend is the little needles in the blend. They look like pine needles, but they can’t be, right? Well, I ate one (as I often do when there’s a mystery ingredient!), and… yup, pine needles. Or something that tastes exactly like a pine needle. I was a little worried at this point, but let it sit in the fridge for about 5 hours—I did a fast cold brew with this one, mostly because the smell was SO strong I wasn’t sure how it would fare after an overnight steep.

Well, as I feared, this tastes like pine needles. It has that tanginess I associate with them, and it’s kind of odd. It’s not overwhelmingly pine-y, but it’s still an undercurrent that ran throughout the whole cup. The cherry was there too, on the tarter side than most blends. It reminds me of the cherry tree down the street from me: my neighbor has a whole bunch of fruit trees, and as kids we’d get overly excited and start eating them before they were ripe. The cherries would be quite tart, with only a hint of sweetness. This is kind of like that, but while it brings back pleasant memories it’s not at all what I was expecting. I think I need to try this one hot, as cold it’s just a little strange.


I love how this tea reminds you of a cherry tree :) Curious to see what you think of it hot too.
I actually just looked it up and it says it has rosemary and doesn’t mention pine needles. Maybe it’s just rosemary?


I actually thought it might be rosemary but it didn’t taste at all like it. Then again, I tried one of the red berries and it also tasted like pine… it’s probably some aspect of the flavoring that seeped in? It probably is rosemary, thought that seems as weird as pine needles to put in a cherry tea!

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296 tasting notes

Thank tea fairy Sil! :)

I tried to savour this, this morning seeing as it was a sample, but it was so good it went down a little quicker than I expected.

You know how some teas are perfect, & not a thing about them should be changed? Yes? well this is that tea for me…. mmmm the cherry flavour, but it’s not regular cherry it’s choke cherry, which I used to pick with my dad, grandma, uncles & cousins when we would go ATVing in the bush.
And the added hint of the pine takes this over the edge & reminds me of my childhood. So perfect!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it. If i try the loose leaf version (this) and don’t like it, i’ll send you the rest :)


Here’s to hoping you don’t like it lol…. sorry

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807 tasting notes

Can’t believe I had not reviewed this one before! I also didn’t even have it in my cupboard! When did I get so lax on that? I have had this tea for a long time.
I love this tea.
It has the sweet / sour cherry flavor with the minty coolness behind it that is subtle yet present enough to give that cooling sensation in the mouth.
A great morning wake up tea!
The cherry flavor lingers nicely and leaves a delicate sweetness on the lips.
Its a romantic tea. What I mean by that is I could see this being a tea to serve at a valentine’s day tea party, or in a beautiful garden setting, a “ladies tea” if you will. Not to be sexist lol.
Its has a floral element to it as well.
I know this tea gets a lot of mixed reviews but I just adore it.
Its excellent as it cools too!
This is a stash keeper!


Almost got this with my last Lupicia order, but decided not to. It’ll probably be a while before I make one again since $60 is the free shipping minimum.


That is the problem with Lupicia soooo many wonderful teas to try!!!
I try not to go to their site unless I am READY to spend quite a bit of cash!

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6770 tasting notes

Thanks to Azzrian I was able to try a bit more of this as I type. It’s been around a year or two since I have had a cup of this.

The aroma is pleasant. The flavor is better than I remember…perhaps they reworked this blend! It’s a little cherry-esque but a little sweet-pine, too…or maybe rosemary?

I’m upping the rating on this…it’s quite nice this time around…hits the spot.

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2786 tasting notes

sipdown! yeah I’m finally done with this one and am not too sad to see it go. I would love to find a good cherry tea if there is one out there that is not tart and smelly like this one. Hit me up with your recommendations if you have any.


I’ve tried this one and I agree that it’s not great. But they have a Sakura Vert and Sakura Noir that’s the real-deal, sakura/cherry leaf versus the cherry “bean” – more of an authentic flavor and more subtle. Not sure why there’s such a gap between those and the Sakurambo – it’s all Lupicia, but so different.


Ok, thanks for the helpful hint… i’ll look for the Sakura!

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558 tasting notes

I was a little shy to try this tea, as I’ve only ever thought of green teas and cherries. But alas, Ricky sent a sample of this my way, so try it I did.

The tea has a great strong aroma of freshly bitten cherries and strong tea. I think I may have steeped a little long at 3 minutes, or used a bit too much leaf, as it was one potent cherry chestnut colored brew.

The taste is very fresh, these cherries are definitely different than any I have had before. I don’t really enjoy the flavor as much as I enjoyed the scent. Very fresh almost floral/grassy notes overtook the cup.

I tried adding honey to see if it brought out any additional flavor, or toned down the floral note, but nothing improved. I’m sorry to say I threw out this cup. I may try the last few teaspoons as an iced brew, to see how that goes. Cold brewing may bring out a better taste.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 15 sec

I have this on my Lupicia’s want list. I have never had Lupicia or cherry sencha so I am so JEALOUS that you got to try it! :)


oh it’s black tea! Hmmm I don’t think i’d like that combo.

Meghann M

I have the green Sakurambo on my to try list with Lupica. I think it would do much better with a green tea base. Not quite blending right with the black tea base, but have the iced tea brewing in the fridge so I’ll report back on that later tonight.


Haha, I agree with you here as well! These aren’t ordinary cherries, apparently they are some bitter / sweet Japanese cherries.


I don’t like bitter, sweet yes bitter NO! :)

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6492 tasting notes

I received this as a sample when I was in the store in San Francisco. I was glad because it was one of the teas I had wanted to try. This is the bagged version, but I assume the loose version would be similar. The scent from this one is really strong. It smells like sour cherry. When steeped, this tastes like a subdued version of how the smell would taste…if that makes sense. Id be interested in trying the green tea version to see how it compares. While this won’t be an order for me ever, because of the taste, I wouldn’t turn down a cup if offered

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862 tasting notes

This was another of the teas I got in my lucky bag – there will probably be quite a few Lupicia tasting notes from me over the next few days!

I received this in bagged form and was really excited about it because it was one of the teas I most wanted to try. The scent of the leaf once I tore open the package reminded me very much of how grenadine tastes, if that makes any sense. It was syrupy sweet smelling cherry, with some hints at tartness. I had to kind of hold the bag away from me otherwise the scent was overwhelming and hurt my head. The same thing happens when I get a strong scent of bergamot. I guess I’m just really sensitive to smells?

Anyway (thankfully!), like with the Earl Grey last night, the taste of the tea was not as strong as it’s fragrance. I’m drinking this with no additives, and am getting a sort of authentic, but mostly candied cherry taste quickly followed by black tea, before a sweet cherry note swoops in again in the aftertaste. The cherry flavoring also seems to have a vaguely spiced undertone – cinnamony/peppery or something. Interesting, for sure.

I am not as in love with this as I wanted to be, but I am glad I got to try it. Plus the tea bags are quite handy, so I will likely be taking them whenever portability is a must. :)

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

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