Jardin Sauvage

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Rooibos Tea
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Citrus, Mango, Fruity, Lime, Sweet, Nutty
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195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 15 sec 5 g 7 oz / 216 ml

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  • “I was pretty sad when I went into the Westfield Mall recently and discovered the Lupicia store was closed! But then when I went to Lupicia’s website recently they say they are relocating to...” Read full tasting note
    amyoh2 2703 tasting notes
  • “It is sooooo hot today! We were out running errands for awhile and took a nice walk, but it is really hot. Came home to chores, and needed something refreshing. I have not yet gotten into making...” Read full tasting note
    Tealizzy 714 tasting notes
  • “This is the tea that made me realize that there was more out there in the world of rooibos than typical red rooibos. There was green rooibos and it was pretty darn good! Fruity fruity fruity! ...” Read full tasting note
    aug3zimm 911 tasting notes
  • “Sipdown #3 (87) Awww goodbye mango :( This is probably my second favourite rooibos tea I’ve ever had. Honey dew is forsure first, and this one is second. It’s just the perfect sweet and...” Read full tasting note
    jump62359 637 tasting notes

From Lupicia

A non-fermented (oxidized) rooibos tea. Green rooibos is flavored with sweet mangos and citrus fruits.

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51 Tasting Notes

19 tasting notes

This is hands down my favorite tea ever. Sweet but not overpowering, the liqueur is beautiful and the smell is divine! I sincerely wish I had a never-ending supply of Jardin Sauvage- an impulse buy at the Lupicia store in San Francisco had me hooked, and I’ve been craving it ever since! It’s perfect if you like sweet teas, but if you’re not big on sweetness in your tea you might be less enthusiastic than I…

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421 tasting notes

Green roobios mango and citrus fruits. You can see the green roobios and the other fruits. It mainly smells like a a tropical tea. I enjoyed the smell. And steeped it up. The taste had a twang to it that I did not like though.

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150 tasting notes

I was first interested in this just by the smell. It’s definitely what I think of when I think “tropical fruits.” Way more so than Lupicia’s normal tropical fruits flavors. At a five minute steep, it brews up an orange-red color, and tastes almost exactly like candied or dried mangos. I found it already sweet and fruity without any additions. The rooibos only got woody if I let it sit for too long or used too much.

I drank this warm, but for kicks, tried it iced and found it equally delicious, but a tad bit less sweet.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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565 tasting notes

This is one of the best rooibos teas I have ever drank. Got this with my happy bag purchase, ten teabags. I will buy this the next time I order from Lupicia in a couple of months. The taste of the mango is stronger than that of the citrus. The flavors in this tea just work right. It has just the right amount of savory and the right amount of sweet. It has a very mild rooibos flavor to it. You barely remember you are drinking a rooibos.

I brewed two teabags with approx 14 oz of boiling water for 5 min.

Flavors: Citrus, Mango


Do you like rooibos?


The answer to that is, sometimes. One of my favorite rooibos is Cederberg Harvest Green Rooibos from Simpson and Vail. I often find they are too potent tasting for me but have liked quite a few.

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972 tasting notes

This sample came from greenteafairy. I was pretty excited to try it after loving Lupicia’s Golden Honeydew (also a fruit-flavored green rooibos). There are a couple of teensy pieces of candied fruit mixed in with the rooibos, I assume it’s mango. Dry scent is sweet yet tangy fruit.

Once it’s steeped, this tea smells very tangy and mango-ish. I can also smell citrus, which adds even more tang. Yummy, this one is actually sweeter than I thought it would be given the aroma – I’m not getting a whole lot of tang. It’s very sweet and fruity with lots of mango/peach flavor. The citrus is there a teensy bit, and it seems like lime to me? It’s a bit odd to taste lime with no tartness whatsoever, but I like the dimension it adds. Overall, yum!

Flavors: Fruity, Lime, Mango, Sweet

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

This is good when it’s cold brewed too :)

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1317 tasting notes

Queued post, written May 25th 2014. This was supposed to have been posted yesterday but I kept getting the kettle page when trying to pull up the tea. Seems like I’ve chosen a good time to take a little step back from Steepster, kettle pages having been rampant lately. Reading Steepster is something I would like to do regularly, but started to feel rather like a chore that I must do combined with a general feeling of detachment. So I’ve stopped. I’m still posting and still writing and still drinking. I’m just not going to be reading much for a while.

Another one from the EU TTB 2. The problem with these French names is I have to look them up to see what they are. To a French speaking person it may be blindingly obvious from the name, but not to me. Therefore I must have looked this up when I had the box and decided it was interesting. Afterwards, however, it often takes me a fairly long time to get around to them because by then I’ve forgotten what they are. (In general, I don’t actually much like those blend names where it doesn’t say anything about what’s in it regardless of language. I don’t even like it in Danish. I’m sure it’s all fanciful and poetic and what not, but I still don’t know what’s in it.)

Following the raspberry hibiscus mint fiasco, however, I figured any was as good as another, so I just pulled something out of the box. This is what I ‘won’.

Unlike the other, this smells lovely. It’s all sweet and caramel-y, perhaps even a bit nutty. After steeping it smells quite nutty and a bit honeyed as well. When I look at the blend, there’s something in it that looks like rooibos, only not red. People always say that green rooibos tastes vastly different, so that might be it.

I’m going to look up what this is.

It is indeed a green rooibos! With mango and citrus. …what? Knowing that it’s there, I can find both. A touch of lemon in the flavour and a smidge of mango in the aftertaste. But before I knew it I wasn’t even anywhere close to identifying either of those two things. It’s quite subtle to begin with. As the cup cools, though, both become more clear.

This is oodles better than the raspberry mint concoction.


I’ve been getting the kettle page a lot too. It’s a bit frustrating, and probably just as well that I do not have a lot to post lately.


Yeah, it was part of what led me to ask myself ‘is this really worth it?’ So I went elsewhere. Have actually done some useful things in the garden today. I’m not a mad keen gardener and I get bored fairly quickly, but I’ve discovered to my vast surprise that there are some small things that I can do.


This is really refreshing iced! Even my non-tea drinking husband likes it that way. ;)

Thomas Edward(Toad)

I read that as Sausage at first lol


LOL! I will always think of it as sausage tea now. :D


Sausage Garden tea, mmmm … :)


I now have a deep wish to own a sausage tree! :9 I can just see it in my head now. It would grow right next to my money tree.


Yes, I need both of those. I could plant them next to my bacon tree and my ham bush.


Oooh, a bacon tree! How exotic. :)

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58 tasting notes

Given that it is summer, I absolutely had to have this iced. Jardin Sauvage was a great tea. I enjoyed the mild rooibos flavor which sat delicately behind the bolder fruity flavors the tea had to offer. The flavor is tropical, with mangoes and various citrus notes. I would recommend drinking it iced and I hardly think it needs sweetener.


I am enamoured with this one!


Yeah, this was the first Lupicia tea I tried. I was just in SF and picked up their sampler box, if the rest of the teas are the same blend quality as this one I will be absolutely thrilled.


I knew I was in real trouble the first Lupicia tea I drank!! I particularly love their oolongs and greens, just so spot on with the flavours…

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613 tasting notes

Got this as a sample somewhere along the way. I’m having it hot, un sweetened and steeped at 4 minutes at boiling. I’m finding I like green rooibos much more than red. I’m getting a cirtusy aftertaste. Tangerine? It smells a bit like those effervescent vitamin tabs. I’m really not getting any mango here tho. I might wait for this cup to cool and try it again later.

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302 tasting notes

I’m pretty sure I haven’t written a note for this yet, because it’s so confusing. I tried it cold when I was in the US in the fall and it was so ragingly delicious I just had to get it. And then I tried it hot and it was just vile, which made me lose my momentum a little. I sent some samples out to ask tea frens how they felt about it and cteresa has written a couple of helpful reviews; here is one of them: http://steepster.com/cteresa/posts/233978

One of the main reasons I’ve postponed this review, is that it’s so hard for me to pinpoint the flavours. I definitely get a citrus, but sweet, like a really ripe orange. Then there’s an additional layer of sweetness – the supposed mango, I assume, but it’s not entirely mango-like for me. Then again, I’m at a loss figuring out what it really is, and I’m beginning to regret starting this tasting note.

Finally, there’s a beautiful aftertaste of really good ice tea, a very natural flavour that lets you taste both the tea (strangely, as this is a green rooibos and shouldn’t taste like that at all) and the added fruit. There’s even a hint of smooth vanilla that rounds the whole thing off ever so nicely.

To sum it up, I really, really love this iced, but it’s near undrinkable for me hot. I have no idea how to rate that – I mean, I will go through this tin like it’s nothing, but it’s against my principles to highly rate one-trick teas. Aaaah!

I will ponder. Consider this rating temporary.

[From my Lupicia spree at Westfield Valley Fair in Santa Clara, October 2013.]

Iced 8 min or more

Oh, sorry it doesn’t want to show you what it’s capable of when hot…What can I say, I love it both ways!!


I don´t know why but got peach from this. I admit I am totally wrong, but the mango and something else just made me think of peach crazily. This was really lovely iced, and something about the fruits and green rooibos really worked. So much that when I just chanced upon something similar to this (green rooibos but with peach) I grabbed it and think will do it a lot this summer.


Oooh, have you reviewed that one yet?


got to catch up, maybe tomorrow – I added it to the database though, which is a start.

It´s a cheaper version, and the peach is a little bit artificial, but it´s still nice and the 100 grams I got is not going to last the whole summer in my house!


I look forward to reading!

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434 tasting notes

I can’t give any love to red Rooibos, not even a tiny mini tea hug… but the green version gets all my affection.

Its nutty and naturally sweet taste pair so well with fruity blends.

There isn’t that many green rooibos blends out there, but I found three at Lupicia and they are all succulent. Nothing artificial, all natural goodness, full of antioxidants.

This one is juicy mangos and citrus. So fresh and so quenching.

Uncomplicated, but so effective this evening.

I only got a small supply, but this will be reordered in a much larger quantity.

So lovely.

Flavors: Citrus, Mango, Nutty


Green is soooo much better. I even prefer red honeybush to red rooibos.


You had this warm or cold? I LOVE IT cold!


Amariel, the only thing I hate as much as red rooibos is hibiscus!

Anna, I’m a cold brew freak, so yes I have tried it, it’s so delicious :-) But really, it’s the kind of tea that is so forgiving, you can forget about it and it will taste good no matter what, even if you leave it steep for 10 minutes cause you got caught up in the “making of” David Beckham’s underwear commercial. That was also yummy. In a different kind a way…


Hahaha, you’re adorable.


OMG, I hate hate hate hibiscus. That said, I can’t taste it in Ruby Pie, so I’m ok with it in blends done well, but so few are. My other hate is everything licorice, which includes fennel and anise, and sometimes cinnamon (though it depends on the kind, but some kinds have that same licorice like taste for some strange reason).


Wow, Amariel, we really have exactly the same flavour hangups.

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