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From Lupicia

Lupicia #5511.

Black tea scented with caramel, honey and fruits. Refined sweetness.

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24 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

Yum, this is decent not in a travel mug as well, although I think it will be shoved into that box to be finished off, as there are others teas I’d prefer to drink hot. I think the tea pretty much fits the description – it’s a slightly fruity, caramelly black. Easy and enjoyable to drink straight, and at a 3 minute infusion, pretty much free from astringency. Definitely don’t regret having received this one in the 2012 Happy Bag!

ETA: Second infusion pretty tasty! Something about this tea really works for me. Bumping the rating a bit.

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2185 tasting notes

I recently got a sample of this tea thanks to ToiToi! I brewed up a pot this morning and I definitely enjoyed it.

Caramel, honey and fruits makes it a bit like Tower of London, and it definitely reminds me a bit of that, but with slightly more fruit and less caramel/honey. Those are still very present, but the fruit is so super strong that it becomes the predominant note. I would say primarily red fruits… Berries, cherries, but with more sweetness and less tartness than usual in red fruits blends. It’s pretty candy-ish, which I can see how that would be off-putting to some people, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and will happily drink the rest of my sample up.

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1779 tasting notes

Another sample from Sil!

I’m not sure what to say about this as I’m drinking it and wishing I had other teas at the office to drink instead. And it’s not this tea’s fault – I just saw that A&D have free shipping to Canada for Father’s Day and it reminds me I need to get the bf something for Sunday, and that I’d really really like to be drinking some Tiger Assam. And maybe my Tiger Assam tin could use a companion? Except it shouldn’t. :| I’m just looking at the website longingly just to tortue myself. (I’m supposed to be on a hiatus because I went a little overboard, and I don’t even know what the other A&D teas taste like but I sorta want the tins! Can you see how I went overboard before? Ha!)

This tea seems sorta mellow – it’s barely fruity and barely caramel-y and these additions don’t overwhelm the base which is also mild. It’s pleasant but I need something stronger right now.

(It’s not you it’s me)

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

i totally want to order another can…


:| Meet you in the hiatus thread?
Hopefully this is a sale they will keep offering – maybe we can jump aboard then? I just realized that I’ll need to save up for Black Friday FAR in advance too…


my ultimate goal is getting to 150 by black friday. So that i can order 50 teas and not feel bad.


That would be pretty good! I’m more worried about the money when it comes to all my tea buying, so my goal is to have $150-200 set aside for all the sales and then I won’t feel guilty!


…think of all the tea 200$ could buy if we do shared orders…


I think you might have just made my head explode!


Hahahaha. Yesterday my partner said to me: “if you manage to do this one thing every month, I will tie you and buy you all the tea you want. Every month” . I gave her a look that said “you’re crazy, you have no idea what you just promised!” But yeah, $200 on shared teas is flipping awesome. I could be persuaded,


Except she didn’t say “tie”, she said “take”. Sorry, the S&M thread is on a different forum :)



And yes – we will have ALL the purchasing power! :O


boxing day sales are awesome…at least they were last year. And i have my tea mule who could likely be persuaded to carry copious amounts of tea across the border for us for a small cut of the tea for her time/work effort lol


Oh yeah – I have no problem cutting your tea mule in if she’s doing the hard part!

I forgot about the Boxing Day sales too – all I remember was everyone freaking out about Black Friday.


Did you cave yet on the A&D sale yet, Sil? :P Not knowing if I want Russian Caravan or Double Knit blend is the biggest thing stopping me. ;p


haha i passed on a few boxing day sale last year, expecting there to be christmas sales. yeah. not so much.

I have not yet caved on the A&D – i am trying really hard to stick to my no purchases until July. Also, since this is the second time in a couple months that they’ve done this, i will hold out hope that they will have another one.
Neither of the two are overly smokey IMO, but i like the double knit blend followed by the russian caravan….if i recall my tasting notes properly lol both are excellent though!


Yeah that seems really reasonable! Maybe for July 4th? Do US company’s have patriotic tea sales? Because I’d take advantage of that (hello July5th bday!)

I think I was leaning that way based purely on the labels and the description! :P It’s already June 10th though and I didn’t buy tea! I’m pretty happy about that!


I’m guessing there will be a few Independence Day sales. If not, there’s always another time!

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1230 tasting notes

This tea smells amazing and mouth watering – the fruityness appears to be a fruit salady mix. The black base is okay and the smokey caramel is pretty back burner.

Sweetened, this tea is much better – the caramel and fruit comes out more. Cooled, even better. I’d try this as an iced tea!

My full picture review here

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

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8166 tasting notes

Figured i really need to try more of the teas in my cupboard that I haven’t tried yet. Soooo, since i’m on a rlol with sipdowns today i’m taking a break to try some of the new ones and see what i think of them. Also…i’ve had waaaaay too much tea today lol like i do every time i work from home. But testing tonight so i’m up until at least midnight anyway so what the hell.

I didn’t realise that this one had fruit in it as well as the caramel and honey. I really seem to prefer my caramel without the fruit unless we’re talking about damman or mariage freres. In this case, it’s not too bad. The flavouring just seems a little weak. I’ll have to try this a again and see if adding a wee bit of sweetener helps in the greater scheme of things.

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1220 tasting notes

Thanks ToiToi for this sample!

I ended up kind of forgetting this and drinking it cold for the most part. It smells amazing dry, and it turns into a pretty sweet tea.

I didn’t get too much caramel, although it was there. It was mostly this candy-sweet fruit taste with the black tea. Once it had cooled it toned things down a lot, it was more drinkable this way, which was quite surprising.

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390 tasting notes

right off the bat i’m going to say that i’m a bit off today: it was infusion day which segued into physio and all this linked by stop and go traveling through gong show traffic. REALLY… vancouver island is small enough… i have a very hard time believing that we have enough people to turn a freeway into parking lot! in any case, infusion day often leaves me a bit fuzzy with it all blurring together.

the dry tea is choppy, but not equivalent to pieces as big as in a verdant teas blend. i smell apples, but don’t see any. the only bits i see aside from black tea are gold coloured petals. it smells very sweet.

followed the instructions on steeping (what a strange day… i am being very well behaved!)… got a very dark tea from a short steep time, but the smell is still inviting.

overall, not bad. it’s not unforgettable but then outside of the really brilliant companies most aren’t—they’re different versions of something that any number of other vendors have by the same name just with a slightly different spin to it.

my only criticism would be that after a 3 minute steep i had a significant amount of bitterness from the tea! that’s the biggest drag down in terms of marks.

thank you cavocorax for this sample…. i will also thank sil as sil’s name is also listed on the sample bag! lol.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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3255 tasting notes

I’m finally getting my tastebuds back.
I may never eat grapefruit again…
I made a nice big pot of this to enjoy in the bubble bath. It was very pleasant. Early on I tasted sweet juicy apple. I don’t know if there’s actually apple in there, lol, but that’s what I tasted, along with a gentle black tea & caramel.
This is a sipdown from the Super sampler Sil sent me. Thanks again!

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99 tasting notes

I am the first to review this tea. Whoa.

But anyway, the dry leaves of this smell like yummy, yummy noms. Fresh fruit salad, to be more specific.

Brewed, the scent of caramel comes across a bit more, but still mainly fruity.

I have to say that the description led me to believe this would be along the lines of Kusmi’s St Petersburg, which is also fruits and caramel (though that has bergamot and this does not). But this really doesn’t smell anything like that. This smells more like caramel apple. Hoooomg. The yumminess of a caramel apple!

My conclusion upon tasting it is that more people should be drinking this tea. For serious. It is delectable and fruity and sweet, but not caramel-appley as the scent would imply. The tea in this isn’t too obvious, but it isn’t completely lost, either. It definitely blends well with the flavors, and everything is in a wonderful, delicious balance. It isn’t too fruity, and it isn’t too caramely, it’s just fresh and yummy with a slight sweetness, and it feels right to be enjoying this on a glorious spring day like today. This would probably be good iced, too!

I may be the first Steepsterite to say, “This is yummy; you should buy it!” But hopefully I won’t be the last!

This is the last of the 6 teas I ordered, and I’m so happy with all of them that I wish there were more! But I still have two samples left to taste. Mwahaha! >:D

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

My list is getting a mile long after reading these great reviews!! Caramel apple!

the quiet life

It only smells like caramel apple. It doesn’t taste like it. But it’s still YUM! :D

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432 tasting notes

I really wanted to like this one. I tasted the honey and caramel essence but I didn’t feel as if they played as well together as I would have liked. With that said it isn’t terrible but I guess it just didn’t live up to what I imagined it would taste like in my imagination. I will definitely finish the package but I don’t have any plans to purchase more.

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