Golden Honey Dew

Tea type
Rooibos Tea
Green Rooibos, Honeydew, Marigold Flowers
Honeydew, Melon, Sweet, Cantaloupe, Candy, Green Melons, Honey, Honey Dew
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Loose Leaf, Sachet
Caffeine Free
Not available
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Average preparation
200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 45 sec 5 g 10 oz / 304 ml

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  • “I sent a sachet of this over to *MissB* and *NayLynn* and it seems as though they both drank it today! Dude. I only had about 2 sachets to last me two weeks and really wasn't enough. This is my...” Read full tasting note
    jump62359 614 tasting notes
  • “this is seriously one of the best rooibos teas i've ever had. i thought i was done with rooibos all together. but here is green lupicia rooibos proving me wrong. if you have a chance to try this...” Read full tasting note
    shmiracles 744 tasting notes
  • “Where has this Rooibos tea been my entire tea-drinking life? THIS TEA IS AMAZINGLY GOOD. Maybe I only like green rooibos? I love the fruity melon flavor, the scent, the light mouth feel. Just...” Read full tasting note
    Ellyn 230 tasting notes
  • “I never thought of honeydew melons as being particularly Californian, so I was surprised when I saw "Golden Honey Dew" as one of the exclusive, California-only blends at my local Lupicia store. ...” Read full tasting note
    fashion_piranha 122 tasting notes

From Lupicia

Caffeine-free green rooibos tea is scented with Californian honeydew melon.

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95 Tasting Notes

642 tasting notes

Opted to do a cold brew on this, and it came out good, but a little mild/weak so it could have stood to steep longer. In the end, I had about half of it cold and then heated the rest but it got rainy and cool outside.

It’s very honeydew melon, and the green rooibos base makes it easier for me to tolerate. I think I will have this one hot next time. I think it is good, but not magical, as some have, but maybe it would have been better refreshing if I’d had it iced when it was actually hot out. Thanks for the sample, Courtney!

Flavors: Melon

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183 tasting notes

From the Teeny Tiny TTB.

The honeydew flavor is strong and very much resembles actual honeydew, but you can tell that it does smell and taste candy-like and artificial, especially when the liquor has barely cooled off after the brewing (tip – wait another few minutes so that the temperature is just above warm). The base tea – green rooibos – is a good a choice since it seems to be a tea that would cooperate with honeydew the best. I couldn’t taste the rooibos, but that seems like the objective considering a fruit like honeydew, which is delicate. I drank this slowly so that when I came to the last few sips the liquor was cool, and it still tasted nice. I bet this one would be very good for cold-brewing.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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419 tasting notes

A short while ago I have converted my sister in law to tea. I slowly introduced her to some of my stash, and after trying some, she felt confident enough to make her first visit to Davidstea and start a collection of her own.

She came to visit me yesterday and it was so much fun to watch her going through all my inventory. It’s always been there for her to look at but she never cared before, so it’s interesting that now, it seems to be the only thing that captures her attention in my house!

I told her to look around and choose whatever she wanted. 30 minutes later (yes, it took a while!) She decided on this one. I had just received my Lupicia order and hadn’t tried it myself so I accompanied her.

She could not get over how good it smelled. Lupicia does melon like no others.

This is a green rooibos, the only type I not only tolerate but actually like a lot. The thing is green rooibos blends are hard to find! I’m so happy that Lupicia offers a few.

This is very effective and uncomplicated. Fresh green rooibos and sweet juicy honey dew. It is packed with flavour and tastes exactly like its fragrance suggests it will.

I have tried three Lupicia melon teas so far and they are all fantastically delicious.

My sister in law was in awe at every sip, it was fun to watch :-)

We tried many more during the evening and I am afraid that because of me, she’s well on her way to becoming a severe tea addict!

Oh well, she told me she completely stopped drinking booze week days since she started drinking tea, so that’s something to be proud of :-)




I love the story. As long as she is not going to tell you that Teavana’s teas are the best( like my friend did). You know what, my grandmas nurse got hooked on rice puer . Guess who introduced her to it?


Awesome indeed Sil ;-)

Haha, Boychik, I doubt it, she is already broadening her horizons, she placed a Harney & Sons order and is now looking at Lupicia! But she,s still scared of straight tea, lets give her time…
Hilarious that you converted the nurse!!!


Today she asked me if I’m going to place another order withYS because she is running out of puerh! I swear


Haha! That makes you her “pu-pusher” !


You are hilarious ;)

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294 tasting notes

This is one of the teas that Ost sent me in my surprise birthday package. I got to try this once months ago (thanks to jump62359), and I’m so excited to try it again, since my tastes have changed so much since then.

I (of course) iced it. Juicy and mouthwatering and oh so refreshing. This is such a treat, and one I’m happy to say that I still like! Thanks Ost!

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164 tasting notes

I was in the area after work today and I was like ’I’M GOING TO LUPICIA, THERE IS NO WAY THEY AREN’T OPEN RIGHT NOW, I NEED TO GO!‘. Haha, I’ve had bad luck with getting to the store when they’re open and not super crowded.

I wanted to try this one because jump62359 really really loves it. The sales assistant told me that it’s one of their most popular ones, and is frequently sold out. I smelt it and was kinda iffy. The SA was kind enough to brew this one up for me.

It is honeydew. The flavoring kind of, OK really, overwhelms the rooibos, which can be a good thing depending on who you’re asking. I’m not a fan a rooibos, so that was good for me!

If you’ve ever had the little green melon hard candies you can find at asian supermarkets, THAT is what this tea smells/tastes of. It is really good, I can imagine it’s better iced.

Personally for me though… It was a little too sweet. It was like drinking candy and I was feeling more tea-y today so it didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t take this home with me. It was nice being able to try it before I bought it though. I could have bought it blind, but I’m glad I didn’t. I got the Napa Blanc instead, and OOH does that smell yummy. I’m soo excited to try it.

If anyone ever wants any though, I live in the SF bay area and can ship it to you if Lupicia ever takes it off their website. I assume they’ll always have the SF blends available in this area, provided they’re in stock. Surprisingly they had the Hawaii blends in-store too, but those didn’t shout out to me at first sniff either.

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319 tasting notes

I admit, I wanted to try this due to all of the hype here. This was my first Lupicia tea, first green rooibos, and first melon tea. I went into the cup a bit skeptical that I would become a Golden Honeydewite. Thank you Dustin for the sample!

I was wrong. This was amazing. With every drink I kept thinking, how do they do that?

A few years ago we had some family visit from Denmark, and we bought a huge watermelon and ate it out on the deck. There was no watermelon before or after that compared to this melon. It has been years and we still talk about it. It is the melon that all others must measure up to. You know how you were in college and you partook in certain things and the food you ate was THE BEST FOOD EVER? (Not that I ever did, smirk), that’s the caliber of watermelon.

The watermelon tangent is just to say, if that had been the best honeydew ever, the one that has no match, this is the tea made from that melon. It’s like melon crack.


Oh my gosh I need to try this yesterday!


I took a leap of faith a few days ago and ordered 100g of it, can’t wait! Reading your review, I don’t think I took a big risk, I’m sure I will love it as well :-)

I loved your story, it reminds me of my aunt, she used to grow small watermelons in the summer. Before serving them, she’d put them in the freezer for a while, cut them in half and we would eat our half with a spoon, sitting in the sun on the grass, watermelon between our legs, the best!


I love how tea can evoke such strong memories and associations. A way to live things twice.


I keep telling myself no more, I need to work on drinking down what I have. The joke’s on me!

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1708 tasting notes

Thanks VariaTEA (188)
So, I’m an idiot. I’m completely exhausted and drank two cups of this tonight and didn’t realize that it was green rooibos. (Uhh… I can haz caffiene?) :P It’s freaking tasty though, and now I can get this AND Melon Oolong because they are actually quite different and good for different times of the day.

ETA: I’m actually REALLY a big idiot because this isn’t the tea I drank. :P Can you believe that? I drank the Ripe Mango Oolong from Kat_Maria and it was delicious and I loved it, and I KNEW that it had big leaves, so why did I think it was a green rooibos?

Anyway… move along… nothing to see here!


Is this one available?


you have to get it IN san Fran i believe… but it’s so damn good.


Why would they do that to us?


Why would they do that to us?! Gasp. I’m planning on visiting LA, not San Fran. Le sigh.

Sil give me an excuse to go back to san fran?




I think it’s a California-only blend, although I could be wrong. I’m going to grab a whack when I’m there in a few months, and am happy to send some along to anyone else who wants some.


YES. Such an awesome enabler.


It’s a San Franciscan blend, so you can only get it in their three locations in SF.
I live in SoCal for uni BUT home is in the suburbs around SF so I can easily ask my parents to run into the City and purchase a couple packages of this tea :)

If anyone wants, I’m totally up for sending a wee 4-5g sample of this tea since it is my absolute favourite tea in the entire world :)

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85 tasting notes

I love this tea. I drink it iced with no sugar. It is refreshing and can be used any time of the day, because it is caffeine free. I drove to San Francisco just to buy this tea. It is a Bay Area exclusive and is only offered online once in awhile.

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149 tasting notes

From TTTTB: Yummy! If I ever make it to one of their shops, I will have to stock up! Jump62359 Thank you for including this for all of us to taste. Also, your labels are wonderful!!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Hehe I was bored one day and decided to actually put some effort into packing my teas and BAM that happened. I literally started squealing to my roommates because I was really happy with how cute they turned out ahha.

But tea labels aside, I’m so happy that you got the chance to try this tea! It’s my all time favourite tea and I’m happy that it’s fairly not so easy for me to get to. This tea is only available in their San Francisco stores and I’m at Uni in SoCal so it’s like 7hours away from me now :/ But I have family like 30minutes away from SF so with a bit of sweet talking, I can convince them to run into the city and grab me a package or two hehe :)


Do you have any program you use for the labels or is it just skill with word?

Yes, I (somewhat sadly) placed in back in the TTTTB. Something that yummy needs to be shared! Thanks again for allowing us to sample it!


Nope! It’s just plain old Microsoft Word. I play around with photoshop a lot so I have a ton of random fonts I’ve used for random projects, and that font I used was my favourite :)

I most definitely would have given everyone a sachet, but the TTB was waaay small! If I ever have the chance to go back to the city, I’ll definitely buy tons more of this tea just to send them out to people :)

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5583 tasting notes

ZOMG YES PLEASE! Seriously. someone go buy me 3 tins of this please. thanks.

This one was sent to me by the lovely jump62359 and i have been smelling it in my house since i opened the package yesterday. I have eked out every last bit of delicious steepings of this one because it’s good. like really good. like oh hey there melon…get in my mouth. woah, guess that could be taken the wrong way snicker but really? as a caffeine free option that tastes like DELICIOUS…i am all in…totally on board. need more. like yesterday.


See! Isn’t it delicious?!


yessssssssssss….my precious….


It resteeps well too! Sucks that you can’t get it unless you are in San Fran. My dad is in the right state but alas, not the right city, otherwise I would be makign him go get me more of this.


Oh gosh. I promise, next time I’m in the city, I’ll just buy buttloads of this tea and send it to all of you!


Their melon flavouring seems spot on cause I just had melon oolong and I also want my 3 tins ;-)


This one is wishlisted for me…


I resteeped the crap out of hit his one hahaha and still have enough for another sil cup heh


Everyone email the company and demand they sell it online.

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