Autumn Song

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Pu-erh Tea
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Camphor, Citrus Zest, Menthol, Sweat, Fish Broth
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195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 4 oz / 116 ml

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  • “I got this tea in a swap with a Pu-Erh expert, and it was my first dip into the lot, so perhaps I am grading this one a little too harsly. My first notice was the large amount of sticks. I...” Read full tasting note
    sftgfop 149 tasting notes
  • “Well, good morning to YOU, too, pretty tea. First, I would like to say that I put my big girl pants on and broke into this cake yesterday, after hemming and hawing around for several days. It...” Read full tasting note
    Sarsonator 223 tasting notes
  • “OOOOOH YEAH new pu'er from Mandala Tea! Love the name of this tea! Very smooth! Also very interesting notes of lemon curd, fresh mint, bell pepper skin and floral - with a nice creamy body. Later...” Read full tasting note
    awkwardsoul 1045 tasting notes
  • “sooooo i had this one yesterday and sadly i remember nothing in the midst of painting except that i had 8 or so steeps of this and was enjoying it thoroughly. Not great for other ppl as a review,...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4938 tasting notes

From Mandala Tea

The fragrant mountain leaf
extends its song.
My kettle adds the harmony.

It is with great joy that we unveil a most magnificent raw pu’er. Our Autumn Song 100 gram sheng cake was pressed in March of 2014 using meticulously picked and processed mao cha from early October 2013 outside of Da Hu Sai village. Grown without pesticides, this tea tested 100% pure and is from trees that are between one and two centuries old.

The tea gardens on Da Hu Sai are at an elevation of and above 6500 ft (2000 meters). The mao cha used to create these cakes is comprised of 3-to-1 and some 2-to-1 leaf to bud ratio. Long, broad, gorgeous leaves weave together like silver thread in this handsome and tasty cake.

In our experience with both the mao cha and the pu’er, we discovered that this potent and pleasurable tea can take whatever we throw at it water temperature wise and in steeping style. In Da Hu Sai, when younger leaves are used, the villagers will frequently use water temps around 195 F in the beginning of a session while increasing the temperature in later and longer infusions. But there are no rules in tea brewing so we recommend trying this at full-boil from the beginning as well. Just make it your cup of tea.

Soft and slightly citrusy, with hints of vanilla and crisp white tea are evident while super-clean essences of grain and spiciness also make themselves known. No smoke present, just refreshing and sweet sheng pu’er flavor.

Energy wise, this tea sharpens our focus and heightens the senses. Several of our yoga teaching friends and customers adore the way this tea opens up the chakras and gets the qi flowing. Let the Autumn Song be sung through you!

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7 Tasting Notes

149 tasting notes

I got this tea in a swap with a Pu-Erh expert, and it was my first dip into the lot, so perhaps I am grading this one a little too harsly.

My first notice was the large amount of sticks. I actually had to break some up to get them to fit into my cup. (like 3 inches long. I don’t even know how they fit into the bag).

Unfortunately I’m not a fish fan, the only sushi I can do is fully cooked, so the fish broth taste didn’t really work for me. There was a caramel menthol sweetness to it, and a smokey ness.

Reading the blurb on the website, this is a tea I would love to love, but unfortunately I can’t really see myself ordering any more in the future.

Updating my ranking to my new system.

Taste = 65
Price = 52.38
Representation = 75

New score of 64.12

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223 tasting notes

Well, good morning to YOU, too, pretty tea.

First, I would like to say that I put my big girl pants on and broke into this cake yesterday, after hemming and hawing around for several days. It does seem kind of a shame to break up such a lovely and perfect thing as a tea cake, but I got some great advice from my tea friends about starting from the indentation in the back of the cake. This made it easy, and I used extra care, so the cake still looks perfect on the front. It’s all carefully wrapped back up now.


Method: 3.3 g, 3 oz, 198 degrees, 10 sec rinse, 10-15-20 seconds, ru kilk gaiwan & Dr. Who mug

Dry Leaf Aroma: This smells clean and pleasant. A little foresty, but not really earthy. More like trees after a rain.

Brewing Aroma: This has a distinctly apricot smell, like I found in the Heart of the Old Tree 2012, also from Mandala. There’s also a mineral note and a very slight hint of seaweed, but only when I sniff really hard. It’s mainly fruit and fresh tree smells.

Flavor: The 3 steeps indicated above were combined into one mug.

Maybe I will only drink shengs for the rest of my life. I really haven’t had enough of them to say that, but I don’t care. I just love this. There are so many flavors all up in yo face. Being a novice, it’s hard to pick them all out, but I’m having a great time making the attempt.

There’s fruit, then a little bitterness, then a little sweetness, then a little dryness.


200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 g 3 OZ / 88 ML

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a sheng-head



I’m creating a new tea classification called “Magic Mood Teas”. To qualify, the tea must improve my mood or in some way provide a noticeable pleasant physical effect. This one makes the cut. So. Much. Happy.

Cameron B.

Heart of the Old Tree is such an epic name…

And I feel like I would like sheng puerhs, just from the flavor descriptions and such. Someday!


I think you will, Cam! I’m going to hold off on my shous for a little while. I think shengs have been easier for me to start with. So dang good!


shengs are great like that :) definitely magical!


I want to drink them ALL!

Jamie Groth

Garret set up us the bomb!


well Cameron yes, Heart of the Old Tree WAS an epic name. Too bad we ruined it by changing it to Hot Cowboy.


Hahaha Jamie!!!! Too funny!!!!


I just combines steeps 7,8,9 and am settling in with those. I overstepped 8 & 9, but this is still yummy!!!

Lady Gaga arrived, along with the LBCG. Life is good!!!!!

Cam: your tea is packed and ready to send out!!!!!

Cameron B.

Hooray, can’t wait! :D You’re the best.


No, you are :p

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1045 tasting notes

OOOOOH YEAH new pu’er from Mandala Tea! Love the name of this tea!

Very smooth! Also very interesting notes of lemon curd, fresh mint, bell pepper skin and floral – with a nice creamy body. Later on, a dry cheeked astringency appears which might be a little much if you aren’t into dryness or new to pu’er. No smokey notes.

I did a low temp at first, and followed what others did and ramped up the temperature at the 11th infusion.

Mega invigorating too! So much tea drunk going on here!

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl

185 °F / 85 °C 7 g 4 OZ / 125 ML

Far out! What a treat to log in to Steepster and find this post. You are right, super young tea. But… good news is that I’ve had this tea in the hands of several, shall we say, sheng purists and they have all agreed that this is going to age like a champ. Considering the pressing was just done in March, things are coming along pretty nicely with it.

I’ve been sipping the mao cha alot in my tea thermos at yoga classes and it does the trick! Namastea!

Thank you for taking the time to write this up, my friend. One of these days, we shall sip the same tea, on the same day, at the same time, in the same room, from the same pot. It’s true.


I have a sample of this sitting on my countertop, calling my name, asking me to prepare it. Thanks to your review, it is getting moved up in the queue!

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4938 tasting notes

sooooo i had this one yesterday and sadly i remember nothing in the midst of painting except that i had 8 or so steeps of this and was enjoying it thoroughly. Not great for other ppl as a review, but that tells me a bunch hahaha


Bummer, I want to hear more about this one :)


i think i like autummn song better than uh…temple of stairs. but they’re both delicious


I soooo love this tea and it’s only going to deepen. These next couple of months will see big changes as it is still wearing out it’s post-pressing thang. Drinking Temple Stairs right now here in the shop. This, too, will benefit from a couple more years, but quite drinkable now. I’m sipping the mini-tuocha we had pressed of the Temple Stairs blend.

Thanks, Sil! And hello Stephanie!!

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16 tasting notes

Sticking my toe into the water of Sheng. I’m sure my score number is going to change, probably going up. Just want to get a few more under my belt so I can properly rate.

This stuff is pretty good. Took a leap of faith and ordered a whole cake on Garret’s suggestion.

I’m on infusion #11 and still getting this beautiful yellow liquor that has gotten sweeter with every steep.

There’s an underlying bitterness (more on the earlier steeps), kind of like the pith of a lemon. Not overwhelming, but provides that tannic cleanliness like in a good red wine.

Definitely getting some citrus zest too, and very very light menthol. Maybe a very light hint of smoke. Just delicious and very well balanced.

It’s just a zesty, tingly sort of thing. Really smooth. Based on this tea alone, I want to try more sheng. This is the kind of thing I can picture a Shaolin monk drinking by the side of a creek while he’s meditating.

Flavors: Camphor, Citrus Zest, Menthol, Sweat

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

Good to see you are finding the goodness in this very young sheng, my friend! We’ve had some good sessions with it here in the shop, for sure, and are getting good feedback from customers so far – with a few whole tongs already purchased.

I love your visual about the meditating monk. I definitely get that with good tea, as well. Amazing how many poems that I’ve written about that same sort of thing have been inspired by a great tea. Musing and tea. Two good things that go great together!

I am grateful that you wrote up your thoughts on this!


Good stuff, Garret. You’ve got some quality product. Hopefully getting to the Phatty Cake today or tomorrow. Keep you posted.

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43 tasting notes

A bit puzzled at the name of this tea, “Autumn Song 2014,” I am writing this in springtime 2014, it is not autumn yet. It was nice to get a sample of this tea with my order, however the sample I got contained a number of sticks, and the tea had a fishy taste and smell. I only brewed up 2 grams, gave it two rinses to break up the leaves. Given the fishy taste I wouldn’t want to brew any more of it.

Flavors: Fish Broth


HI! Garret from Mandala Tea, here, wishing you well. The tea was named Autumn Song because the leaf is mao cha that was picked and processed in autumn of 2013. The mao cha was steamed and pressed in raw pu’er in March of 2014. When a cake is pressed, the year it is marked with is the year in which it was pressed. This particular leaf was picked as 3 to 1 and 2 to 1 leaf to bud ratio and is comprised of large leaves so what you are seeing as sticks is actually the stem of leaf and bud.

Interesting that you get fishy flavors/aromas in a sheng pu’er. I’ve experienced this with ripened pu’ers but never a raw pu’er. The fishy smell is oft attributed to poor ripening of shu pu’er. Raw pu’er undergoes no fermentation other than what occurs over the years of storage.

Try playing with some of the variables as far as water temp. In the village that this tea is from, some brew it with 195 water beginning with very short steeps (10 to 15 seconds) and slowly increase temp of water as the infusions get longer. Sometimes, tweaking how we brew a tea is all it takes. Enjoy!


I think it is a small sample in a sealed plastic bag, might just be something that happened to this particular sample. I did notice more stems than usual, perhaps the stems held more moisture and contributed to an issue.

I normally buy raw new cakes to give as gifts to younger people than myself. Just was back to your site to order a couple more for presents. Raw cakes as gifts are for me a gift of time, luck and prosperity and maturity. I buy ripe, cooked, roasted and aged for myself because that is what I am. I don’t have the time in years anymore to age tea or save it for long.

Don’t worry, I will be back to Mandala Tea for more, a tea cake is a gift for every occasion.


I’m drinking this one, and while I’m not well versed in pu-erhs, it did seem to have a lot of sticks. I actively had to break them to make them fit into my cup.

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354 tasting notes

i got this generous sample with my recent order from Mandala – thank you so much.
2 days of drinking this wonderful tea. i think its time for review even though its still pumping.
i was extremely cautious because i’m beginning to explore sheng territory. the most remarkable sheng I had was Wild Monk 2012. runner up is 2005 Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Raw. others i tried the bitterness was so overwhelming i just dumped the cup.
195F 5g 150ml gaiwan
rinse, pause, 5/5/5/7/7/10/10 etc.
Leaves are gorgeous long with some silver threads
1st steep clear pale, little spice, some mint lingering
2nd steep was more intense, flavor like green roasted pepper, more spicy tingling the tongue. I felt very warm and sweaty(sorry for details)
3rd steep the color intensified to yellow-green, spicier. Some bitterness came along, but nothing harsh even welcoming to round out the flavors. Incredible sweetness in aftertaste
4,5,6 i had to combine in my Timolino cause I had to run to my son’s kickboxing class. I was happily sipping during this hour
later steeps were very smooth and sweet. as i writing this review i keep sipping, lost a count of steeps.
i’m sure that more experienced sheng lovers would use more leaves and higher temp, longer steeps. I just wanted to play safe. Once i get a cake of it and have more material to experiment I’m sure I’ll try diff parameters.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

Wild! I am drinking the Autumn Song pu’er right now!! Did you get the mao cha or the pu’er??


Puer. its awesome. I only had 4 steeps.


I’m really excited about this tea. Did a session of it this morning and wrote a poem about it following meditation.

The fragrant mountain leaf
extends its song.
My kettle add the harmony.

Glad you are liking this tea, my friend!


I love it. When it will be available?


We have it up on the site as of yesterday. Got a few cakes express shipped so we could begin getting it out to people who have tried the mao cha and want the cake. There is no description up yet… just a couple of pics and the prices. New Wild Monk 2014 is also up. As is the Autumn Song mao cha!!


it’s my kettle adds the harmony. oops. wish we could edit posts here.


I need edit and emoticons
I love wrappers, so cool. I think I will sample Temple Staires tomorrow. Thank you for the samples.


oh great! I had forgotten I sent a sample of the temple stairs to you. It’s young. But… it’s creamy and really changing fast. Besides the loose tea (which you have) there are 10,000 5 gram mini-tuochas being pressed as well as 500 100gram cakes. They were to be pressed last week. It’s gonna be the best dang mini-tuocha ever. :)


I just received a phone call from one of our customers who got a sample of the Autumn Song in the order he received this morning. He ordered a tong of them (7 cakes) during our phone call. He is a picky man when it comes to sheng so I was very happy to hear him be so excited about this new tea!! Yes!


Oh i love mini tuo. A lot. Are wrappers going to be cute or just white? I started collecting them. So today I had 7 steeps and have a feeling it’s still strong. Will continue tomorrow


Just read your review of this tea! Fantastic! I think you are intuitive with the water temp. In the village where this tea comes from, they often start steeping this tea at temps around 195 (especially with younger tea) and increase the water temp as they go on with later infusions. And for others, full-on boil from the get-go is just fine, too. Thanks for writing this up!


Thank you for the opportunity to try this wonderful tea.

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