Héritage Gourmand - Mousse au Chocolat

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Chocolate, Cream
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From Mariage Frères

The heritage of “sweet treats”—gourmandises—is more than a mere childhood memory.
The evocative flavours of those creamy, fruity, wonderfully smooth and mouth-filling delights can still inhabit our lives. Rediscover the warmth of childhood treats through a succulent yet mischievous new composition—a fountain of youth concocted from black tea flavoured as mousse au chocolat.
It has been lovingly wrapped in a colourful, paper-covered canister with decorative silver motifs harking back to the blissful days of yore.

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32 Tasting Notes

4939 tasting notes

shmiracles! I will have your little tea babies for this one :) i think there IS magic in this box after all.

So part of the reason i REALLY wanted to try this tea is that there’s an ongoing joke in my family about mousse au chocolat. My grandmere? She was from belgium and back in the day was one of the few woman in her day to train at le cordon bleu. It was there that she learned to make mousse au chocolat. As the story goes, she taught my dad to cook and shared with him the family recipe for mousse au chocolat. My entire life i have heard about my grandmere and her famous mousse au chocolat. Which my dad promised me when i was about 7, he would teach me to make…which he has never made in his life for us…which he still has not taught me how to make. And folks? i LOOOOOVVVEEEEE real mousse au chocolat…not to be confused with “chocolate mousse,” that they often serve in restaurants here in canada…which never seems as delicious as it ought to be…as the mousse au chocolat that i’ve had in france.

So when i found out about this tea via shmiracles, i had to try it AND coicidentally my parents were in Paris at the time. So my dad got an email from me: If you can manage it, i’d love for you to pick up this tea while you’re in Paris. I figure it’s the least you can do since you refuse to share grandmere’s recipe with me. :) All in fun of course. So now they’re back…and i suspect they found it somewhere in Paris, since i clearly challenged my father, but i won’t know until i see them again.

So for now, i’m content with this sample from Shmiracles…which is downright amazing! I lost track of steeping it..but this is delicious. It’s not sweet, it’s more like a rich dark chocolate mousse. i think with a bit of milk and sugar, this would turn into an amazing cup of chocolate goodness, but i love this the way it is. Dark and sinfully delicious.

Edit: resteep of this in the morning is also delicious!

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Terri HarpLady

I want some!


If shmiracles isn’t sending you some and my parents DID manage to find some, i will for sure share with you.




Man that sounds good!


i’m so glad i got to share this tea with you! i’m gonna totally savor the portion i have left xo


Sounds awesome. Except no, I need to focus on drinking what I have. Haha.


That sounds amazing! :-)


Oh this one sounds tempting indeed – and I have been coveting these tins, so an excellent souvenir from France indeed!

Any chance you can get the mousse au chocolat recipe? If it´s the official recipe from the Cordon Bleu school, it must be known! Good luck with it.


cteresa, i’m hoping to see it someday :)


And just noticed, Héritage Gourmand is absolutely perfect to describe your family´s history with the chocolate mousse!


The MF Héritage Gourmand teas sound pretty amazing. If only the MF site worked on my computer, I’d be in tea ordering heaven. It’s probably a good thing for my bank account that it keeps freezing on me, although I’d love to try some of them one day. Yum! That’s all I have to say.


i wish shipping/duties etc for france to canada weren’t so ridiculous lol


haha Sil I JUST added this tea & the macaron one to my chart & got as far as the payment to see how much it would be. With conversion $99.
UGH I want these.


i think someone had mentioned there are charges added on when they arrive here too. So the only reason i have any MF teas is because my parents or friends have gone to Paris (or through swaps) I DID find a place online that you can order from but it’s a limited selection and obviously doesn’t have any of these special ones. I can share that when i’m home later if you like.

Terri HarpLady

$99 for 2 teas?


Yeah, the other downside is I’ve heard rumors that the tea MF sends to distributors for North America is sort of their…leftovers, like, the surplus selection. Explains why the choice is so limited at the places that do carry it over here. Alas.


Yup Terri, the teas are $25 euros each & $25 euros for shipping.
Sil I did find one site, but this one & the macaron are the only ones I’m interested in.


I like Mariage Frères very much, they are so very reliable to me though they price things at precisely the top end of how much I would ever consider paying for something. I have never ordered from their site though, because I can find their teas locally, including (luckily) a few of their teas by the weight which is so much more affordable. I pay from 7 to 11 euros per 100 grams for their teas by the weight. The regular black and gold tins are usually from 16 to 19 euros though I lucked out on a half price promotion once and got a stock.Their shipping costs usually start at 25-30 euros though they seem almost flat rate, whether you order 200 grams or 2 kilos, it makes little difference to price.

Heritage Gourmand or the yearly Sakuras, or the new Lily of the Valley or the colored cannisters for destinations (Maharajs) or the totally droolworthy glass apotechary style cannisters for teas to do iced (40 euros! 40 euros) are a different thing from their regular tea and priced much more than their loose leaf teas- I think they are geared for tin collectors (they know me very well, b**tards) or as gifts, so they are very expensive IMO, 25 euros and more for a tin of 100 grams of tea. I have so far resisted.

And if you are likely to be tempted, never ever ever check their teapots and teaware. I am ignoring it all, and pretending never ever seen it.

But weird as it is, how expensive their collector tins and teaware and fancy stuff like jellies and all; the loose leaf by the weight regular teas are priced OK indeed – or better said they are priced high-endish for the sort of tea they are, but are usually top quality for the kind of tea they are and worth it IMO.


Oh don’t even get me started on their teaware. So beautiful


Agreed. My jaw dropped the first time I looked at their teaware. First in awe of the beauty, then the price tags, ha.

Terri HarpLady

I’ve never looked at the tea wares, & now I probably never will!
Tony & I have talked about taking a trip to Spain & France. I’ll just have to wait & buy their teas then…whenever that happens…

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1963 tasting notes

Sipdown, 167.

When I started this note I was angry at having not gotten my car back from the mechanic even though he promised it to me today, but I just got a call and it’s done. This is especially important because I am driving it to DC tomorrow!

Anyway, this tea was made to soothe me… This time I made it strong with milk and sugar and it is deeeelish. So so chocolatey, and more mousse-like now. An indulgence, but a slightly less indulgent than actual chocolate mousse.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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739 tasting notes

late night. a rare occasion that i’m alone at home. watching Merlin and drinking a Mousse au Chocolat latte in my brand new tea cup.
and here are the strawberries we picked from the garden!
so many!

wow there are huge chunks of chocolate in this tea. mega decadent!
and dark. a dark decadent tea. it’ll be easy to drink this one up.
and i bet it will be AMAZING as a latte. like it should be outlawed or something.
dramatic effect.

(further notes redacted)


This sounds devine!


mmmmmmmmmmm, sounds crazy GOOD!!!


shmiracles – hoard the rest of this. my parents were in paris and couldn’t find it anywhere lol


oh no don’t say that! that is awful! and you’ll give me no choice but to obsess about ordering them all online. today. arg.


haha my mom got it in her head that that was the one tea she had to get me…so her and dad were calling around to stores etc while they were there. It might be re-stocked i suppose but they had difficulty finding it…still not sure if they managed it since they’re keeping the tea they bought me a surprise heh


oh hah maybe they’re trying to fake you out! like they got the tea and are trying to bum you out for the big reveal.


oh that’s possible, but it’s likely they still ran into issues trying to find it. heh

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2955 tasting notes

A tasty treat from Sil!


gee, what kind of a tasting note is that? ;)

Terri HarpLady

I know I should offer more description, but all I can say is this: One of my students has a french au pair nanny who brings her to her lessons. I might ask her to pick up some of this when she goes home for a visit. We’ve had some nice conversaions about tea, & what a wonderful company mariage Freres is.


I figured she was saving her. Words for nanothingingmajiggy


I’m just used to more words here from Terri, granted they are usually more about gardening and music than about the tea. . but hey it’s something! I just like to give her a hard time :)

Terri HarpLady

Ughghgh I’m so behind on my NaNoWriMo project. I hate to think it, but I might not finish by the 30th this year…I’m just above 12000 words. There is still a bunch of music to prepare for upcoming concerts, including one tomorrow! Oh well, thus is life…


shelley – agreed..it was either that or she REALLY hated the tea and didn’t want me to know since it’s one of my favourite chocolate teas ever…

Terri HarpLady

LOL, I loved it. Did you read the part about getting the nanny to try to get some when she’s in france? LOL


yes but THAT wasn’t in the tasting note


alright you two, get along :p


always… as much as a pain in the ass little sister can with her big bossy older sister grin


Hey!! I’m the oldest sister and I’m my littlest sister’s favorite! (^o^)
ok, I’ll shut up now. But I expect more entertaining notes from Terri in the future!

Terri HarpLady

I’ll do my best! LOL!
Sil, I think you’re the same age as my oldest daughter, so theoretically, I could be your mother!
But I like being sisters better!
Shelley, I’m also the oldest sister. One of my sisters is on Steepster, MsWhatsit. The youngest sister is not, but I think eventually she might be.


The sister of whom I spoke is on here too, but not active. she drinks tea b/c I drink tea and she joined steepster b/c Im on Steepster (sweet little 15y/o protégé she is) but I coudln’t get her motivated to keep a tea log. She has a single tasting note. But she reads mine sometimes. she is ‘mountainfountain’ with an avatar of her super creepily cute cat ( the archetypal cat of so-cute-its-scary).


Terri…i have one pain in the ass mother…don’t need a second one giggling I have no siblings!

Terri HarpLady

That’s good, cuz being a mom sometimes gets a little old. Especially with 3 of my adult children living here with me.
I’m much happier being a sister!! So we will continue on as Tea Sibblings, LOL.


haha love you lady! hug

Terri HarpLady

Back at ya!

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1199 tasting notes

I had a cup of this last night while I started working on my French again (Je suis une femme! That’s about all I learned. Oh and the repeated use of Les robes et la pomme sont rouges. Got old. Quickly.)

This one is good though not as awesome as the macaron one. It was chocolatey but subtle about it. The black tea blends in really well with the chocolate flavor, which almost borders more on the taste of cacao nibs or cocoa powder rather than like milk chocolate. I really wanted to add a little milk and sugar but got distracted, so definitely next time to make it a bit more like mousse. It’s definitely really, really rich and decadent.

Thank you shmiracles for this awesome tea!

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480 tasting notes

Another decadently exotic sample from Shmiracles.

I was pretty excited about this one. the leaves look and smell good enough to eat! The brewed cup isn’t quite so decadent (for me, anyway). It’s got a sort of tart or liquor-like flavor about it. The chocolate is there, but I’m not too fond of liquor flavor with occasional exceptions. I was hoping for more of a creamy backdrop for the chocolate.

But this really is all for the best. I still fear the day when I am tempted to spend more on shipping than on the tea in order to get it from afar!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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1932 tasting notes

A few months back, my roommate made real Mousse au Chocolat. Not the kind that is made with milk chocolate and served with whipped cream. She made REAL Mousse au Chocolat that was rich and decadent and full of dark, dark chocolate. This tastes exactly like that. Exactly. Though it also has a liqueur type quality to it that is very nice. Delicious! Thank you Sil for the opportunity to try this tea!!


Woohoo! God you licked it, though you may be regretting it lol


Ugh auto correct. Liked

Cameron B.

Oh my goodness, I want to try Mariage Freres so badly. But those prices! Ughhhh. The Gourmand collection is particularly tempting… :P


Cameron – I haven’t been that impressed with the Mariage Freres teas I’ve tried so far if that’s any consolation to you….. :)

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354 tasting notes

This tea was kinda disappointment . I probably didn’t brew it right. 195F 5 min produced slightly chocolate flavored water. I just couldn’t figure out parameters fr my Steepster fellows. I had such high hopes. Oh well…
I have 1 tsp left to experiment.
Thank you so much CharlotteZero for sending me many amazing samples. I don’t see your notes lately, but I hope you will come back. Miss you <3


This reminds me I need more Chocolate Eclair from Fauchon. Hurry up Vente Privee! ;)


Chocolate Eclair is delish. Maybe they will have it for Labor Day?


Stephanie, I got some Fauchon one Peach and one Pear in Marshall’s . Will send you when I will get back home


I need to visit Marshall’s more often… You know, just in case.


And boychik I have a couple of new things you might like to try :)


It’s 9.99 a tin. Not bad. I tried them and I liked them. Not perfume , fruity, not extremely bold, but true to taste. Kinda naturally tasting

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451 tasting notes

I must say that I’m feeling a lot better this morning. I felt a lot better yesterday afternoon, actually. I obviously can’t get into too much detail, but suffice it to say that the entire world seems like such a different place when you are disabled and actually have the tools to do your work accessibly. i was in a right panic yesterday morning, and was on the verge of a most unsightly meltdown (those are necessary sometimes, actually), but managed to resolve the situation without feeling like running away to some sort of Victorian novel fantasy island. But when isn’t that in the works? haha.

I’d read such amazing reviews on this tea, and charlotte0 was so thoughtful to include it in the package she sent me. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant, simply because I think I largely fall into the “if i want to be drinking chocolate, I’ll have hot chocolate with all the fixings!” category. But I also know that MF knows what they’re doing, so I took a chance. Brewed it up for about four minutes, threw in some milk and sugar, and set to work enjoying it. And my my, this is a most delicious cup of tea. The chocolate blends so perfectly with the base. By that I mean that you know how with some teas, you’re like “oh hello flavour. Oh, hello there, base!”? but with this, I knew I was drinking a chocolate flavoured tea, but the base was just there, all unobtrusive and coy, and not being like “ooooh! guess what base I am! guess guess! where am I from? what do I do? who do I know??!! come on! heelloooooo!!”. And the chocolate tasted as though it was of the highest quality and I felt quite spoiled indeed.

Thank you, charlotte 0. This is going straight on my shopping list for my eventual mf haul!


Glad you are feeling better! And this tea sounds great :D


Thanks! yes, it feels as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And this tea is all shades of fantastic!


A victorian novel fantasy island sounds like my sort of place. Glad things are going better.


We should all go there! and thanks. I feel loads better.


Ooo… Victorian novel fantasy island. Sounds lovely today. :) Glad things are going better for you!


Yes to the island! and thank you. Thanks so much!


I totally get what you mean when you’re not sure what the base tea is, and trying to figure it out. Glad that this tea was smooth and comforting!


I’m so glad to hear that you finally got things fixed at work so you can work. :) and this tea sounds heavenly.


This tea is ideal!


sounds amazing!! what a tea.. how about a tea island?


The tea is amazing! and a tea island would be even better. No problems allowed. Not even under the guise of “learning” or “personal growth” or “maturing”. Just. No. Problems.

Sami Kelsh

Tea island sounds magical. I want to go to there too.

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502 tasting notes

Oh mon dieu. C’etait un the tres delicieux.

My French is slightly (lots) rusty despite living in a bilingual province. Also it loses all meaning without the very important accents which my iPad will not include.

I got this one last year from Shmiracles and I have to say that even though I stopped drinking tea when I lost interest as an ironic pregnant woman, once in a while I would peek in my stash of samples and get excited when I saw this one (and some others she sent direct from France). I’ve been working on getting my tea mojo back and tonight I decided it was finally time to crack this one open.

I was watching Face Off (the awesome tv show, not the cheesily awesome Travolta/Cage movie of the same name) with my husband when I made the call.

So I opened the package and sniffed it and ohhhh mannnnnn….chocolate! I’ve never had a REAL chocolate mousse before, like a good French one… In fact, I googled a recipe to see how hard it would be to make, based on the smell of this I know I’d love it. Here’s a Julia Child recipe I found, in case you were curious:


So the taste was also very very good. No doubt about the chocolate. And though I’ve never had the “REAL” good stuff, I swear this actually smelled like chocolate mousse rather than just generic chocolate tea number 47.

I was wondering if, like Wedding Imperial, it would get super strong really quickly, but it didn’t, I actually ended up steeping it longer because I wasn’t satisfied with the color. Maybe I didn’t use enough leaves but obviously I’m trying to make it last because I’m not sure I will ever be able to afford ordering this directly from France to stock it for myself!

So, if I had one complaint, I guess that it would be I would have liked it to be a bit more full bodied, like wedding imperial. A tea like that can be resteeped X amount of times because you get a strong tea out of a short infusion. I suppose some people find that’s a negative, a picky black base, but with expensive teas at least you get your money’s worth!

Basically, if you’re looking for a dessert tea, this is it. I don’t always want a dessert tea these days, I guess because I’d rather eat actual dessert with a plainer black tea as an accompaniment, but drinking this would be a better option for the waistline for sure :)

I should add that as usual(lately), I added a splash of milk to my cup. It watered it down a bit but also probably helped bring out the creaminess.

I will try to resteep the leftovers tomorrow to see how it goes.

All in all I am grateful to Shmiracles for allowing me to try this, even though it took me a year to get around to it!

Flavors: Chocolate, Cream

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I’m still struggling to get a good cup out of Wedding Imperial. It is a tricky tea!


Yes, it is, but potent!

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