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Pleine Lune

Tea type
Black Fruit Blend
Not available
Chestnut, Honey, Nutmeg, Nuts, Stewed Fruits
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Average preparation
200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec 11 oz / 315 ml

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  • “A birthday week tea rerun (trearun?). I figured this would pair well both with the chocolate cake and the almond cake in case someone else wanted tea. It was so nice to get to see everyone in the...” Read full tasting note
    clareborn 258 tasting notes
  • “Happy Christmas! Today is Christmas with my eldest daughter because she will be in Ireland for Christmas, so we let her open her presents and have her stocking and we are just spending some time...” Read full tasting note
    ashmanra 1769 tasting notes
  • “assuaging my lack of weekend with this lovely tea.... in my other class, studying psychoanalysis, they asked us if 'i have at least one relaxed, easy evening a week to do what i want and go to bed...” Read full tasting note
    JustJames 342 tasting notes
  • “mmmm... I received this one in a swap with *Ysaurella* I am really enjoying this one. I'm not sure if it's the sample that i received but i'm not getting as much of the cherry notes as others. I...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4040 tasting notes

From Mariage Frères

The splendour of a ‘Full Moon’.

Inspired by that heavenly body and the realm of dreams, this poetic blend combines fragrances evoking the feast of the full moon: fruits, rare spices, and the sweet taste of honey.

A true moonbeam.

Amount of tea leaves: 2.5g
Best water temperature: 95 °C
Infusion time: 3-5 min

About Mariage Frères View company

Company description not available.

47 Tasting Notes

426 tasting notes

Going to have to try this one again. For now, though I don’t notice any spices or honey. Smells of cinnamon when steeping, though. And there is a kind of bubble gum sweet smell to the dry leaves.

This is again, a very mild black tea (to my palate anyway) and it is nicely fruity and sweet. Nothing jarring or bitter about this. Mellow and smooth. Given my tastes in tea and my (admittedly limited) previous experiences with Mariage Freres I did use more than a teaspoon for this cup.

I’m very glad I got to try this. Thanks, Ysaurella!

EDIT: I tried this again out here on vacation. I definitely get notes of cinnamon, vanilla and what tastes to me like almond. A very complex and interesting tea! This steep I used boiling water but still steeped for about 5 minutes.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I’m happy you liked it Nicole.Did you get the vanilla flavour and almond flavour ?


I might notice some vanilla. I’ll have to try again and see. I think this may be too complex for my limited palate to pick out everything. :)


you need to find your right steeping time once you’ll find it Pleine Lune is really a nice cup.


awww I am happy you get these flavours. I steep Pleine Lune as well 5 minutes and use a ts and a half for a big mug.The water I use is generally 90°C not boiling, I should try boiling one day.


I did use about 2 ts for a cup and that definitely helped. :)

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933 tasting notes

Clue No. 3 “Full Moon” to those of you who are Francophobes.

If the title of this note means nothing to you, and you’re interested in learning about my little game, please read my tasting note at:


for an explanation of the game, and my note at


for the second clue.

Now, on to the tea!

I am coming to realize that I have a weak spot, a very big weak spot indeed, for cornflowers in tea. They’re just so blue and lovely, in among the leaves. They go well with every color, but for some reason I find them particularly fetching in black tea. This has them, as well as some brown textures which I’m guessing are almond pieces and maybe some vanilla bean pieces as well. An aesthetically pleasing dry mix. It smells strongly of sweet almonds, leaning toward Amaretto rather than the nuts themselves. There’s another strong sweet smell as well, which I can’t really identify as vanilla because of the strength of the almond fragrance, but which, it stands to reason, is what I’m smelling.

It brews to a slightly cloudy chestnut color that smells much nuttier than liqueur-like. Almonds and vanilla. Yeah, I get that. Also get something that reminds me very vaguely of cinnamon and maybe even anise.

The taste is quite nice. I haven’t had a lot of almond teas so I don’t have a lot to compare this to, and the other one that comes to mind also had chocolate in it which is a definite thumb on the scale. But I’m enjoying it, and I am finding myself thinking of what it would taste like with just a tad of milk, or sweetened up just a bit. Or maybe even with some salt to bring out the nut, as LiberTEAS has suggested with other teas in the past. Almond is the predominant flavor here, and it is pretty true to the nut itself. The aftertaste is amazingly like what you get after having cracked open an almond and chewed its inner meat into oblivion. The tea supports this well, but is definitely second violin.

I’m loving Mariage Freres for the most part. They have the perfume of the dry leaves down like no one else for flavored blacks. Mariage me, freres!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I think that I’m either gonna kick myself when someone figures this out, or I’m not gonna have a clue. :P


I’m a little worried that it may be too obscure. But I’ll do what I can to leave a bread crumb trail that may at least make for good search engine fodder in the end :-).


Did those zany Germans turn Twilight into an opera? ;)

I’ve tried the search engine (starting with clue #2) and so far nuffink. I think at this point I’m really hoping that I at least know something about your obscure geek answer ;)


The Moon by Carl Orff ?


The Beast Within (the Sierra game)?


Ooooooh, Rabs, you’re good. Yes, it was Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within. I don’t even have to give clue four!! (Bowing before the Queen of Geekdom)

Meghann M

Lol at the germans making a twillight opera. That’s where my thoughts were headed when I put the three tasting notes together. Congrats rabs to getting the answer before the 4th note!


Congrats Rabs! yea i was thinking twilight opera in german and it was a weird thought


Mwahahaha! It’s sorta sad how very pleased I am to have gotten it :D

I had Sierra on my mind and thought I’d google it since I was a big Sierra fan back in the day. I never did get to play the Gabriel Knight games (my parents thought that they were too mature for me at the time). I almost went with Phantasmagoria.


Congrats Rabs! Have to admit i wasn’t even close in my guesses…


Wow! Grats Rabs! Yeah, I never would have gotten this one (I am bad at point and click adventures)


Thank you all! I really loved the Kings Quest and Space Quest games. I thought that they were the most amazing things ever. When the second Kings Quest came out, and the flags on top of the castle “waved” in the air I thought that video graphics couldn’t get more advanced ;)

Oh, and no, my parents wouldn’t let me get Phantasmagoria either :P I can’t blame them on that one, though.


And for those who haven’t the foggiest what I’m talking about: here’s a nice montage of almost all the ways that you could die in Kings Quest 1. And yes, I pretty much died every single way possible ::shakes fist at the rock crushing::


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172 tasting notes

My inner girly girl needed her fix today, I’m watching one my favourite feel good movie, Pretty Woman!

I know, I know… It’s considered lame by the intellectual community, and you might think it’s old, superficial and unoriginal. But I don’t care, I love it! Hey, I totally endorse my lameness. Julia Robert’s wits and moods bring me joy, that’s all I have to say. ( Plus Richard Gere is easy on the eyes, that’s also noteworthy)

I’m at the classic scene when she goes back (with a hundred fancy shopping bags in her hands) to see that snob sales lady on Rodeo Drive. She hits her with that killer line «You work on commission right? Big mistake, big…HUGE!!!!» ( As I’m watching her, I can’t help wonderering how it would feel like to have this many bags filled with tea instead of clothes, what kind of fancy tea do they sell on Rodeo Drive??? lol)

It made me want to have a pretty and girly tea. A few months ago, I swapped some tea with lovely Ysaurella. She allowed me to try the famous French teas for the first time and I was so grateful for that. I tasted them all, but not showing up on Steepster very often, I ended up reviewing only a few of them. Luckily, I had enough for more than one serving of each, so it’s not too late.

I chose Pleine Lune cause it’s her favourite tea and the smell is just so beautiful.

I had written a little note on the pouch to steep longer next time, so I did. And it was better for me this time around.

It’s such a nice comforting tea. Surprisingly, it’s very mellow and smooth. I say surprisingly, cause when I read the description, I thought it was going to be spicy and bold, but it’s quite the opposite.

Although the almond essence is easily identifiable, it doesn’t take over the black base, which I’m assuming is ceylon here (it’s not specified). I hate when almond flavoured teas taste like this overpowering fake almond extract used in baking).

The background is slightly fruity and spicy. I wouldn’t qualify it as a dessert tea, cause it’s not overly sweet either, it just renders a subtle honey sweetness that feels very natural, which is a very good thing.

This is such a pretty and special blend, perfect companion to watch my movie.

I understand why Ysaurella likes it so much, it was an honour to have the chance to try it again and give it a decent review :-)


i remember that movie…. i bought it for my mom the first year i had money at christmas. i don’t know hoe many times we watched that movie…. she didn’t like the other one i bought her (arnold schwartenegger’s total recall) though she was mostly polite enough not to say anything. i remember the scene you’re talking about too, lol.

if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t have a hoard of this blend held in a glass, airtight vault….. i would never have heard of it. =0)

bags of clothes? meh. bags of tea….. wow.


Ha! I also remember the original Total Recall! (my brother was very fond of the 3 breasted woman, do you remember her?? lol!)
Oh, you have a tea airtight vault too???
Now, I have to keep it real with you James and disagree on the bags of clothes «meh»… Bags of clothes are always as welcomed as bags of teas…(I do have a preference of drinking my tea with clothes on, lol, but that’s just me!)


i do remember her!!!!! can’t believe i’m admitting it here, but hey!

bags of cool boots… like NPS or fluevogs, okay, clothes…. no bags of clothes. clothes necessary with tea? not if the heat is on and as long as there are no mosquitoes about. ;0P

Terri HarpLady

This is such a lovely tea!


ho I didn’t even see that note before ! I’m happy you liked this one, of course especially this one :)
Clearly a so comforting sweet winter tea…to share with Julia or Richard…well regarding Arnold I cannot imagine him with a flowery bone china cup…no I can’t :)

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26 tasting notes

It took me a while to review Pleine Lune because it’s my favourite tea. I can’t get enough of it. Some bestsellers I’m flabbergasted are even appreciated but this deserves all the praise and then some.
And I already know I can’t do it any justice but let’s try and convey ALL THE FEELINGS.

It’s a beautiful tea to look at (cornflower in tea really is my weakness), smell and drink. It reminds me rather foolishly of an impressionist painting – it’s a striking landscape full of colourful pieces which, when put together, magically become greater than the sum of their parts. There are no harsh lines in Pleine Lune, the blending is perfection so that you don’t know when one flavour ends and another begins.
I would describe it as an almond flowery tea, and this is one of the few teas that tastes exactly as good and strong at it smells, which is complex (it’s an unusual combination), grown-up (the flowers, surely) and nostalgic (I blame the sweet almond oil my mother used to wash my hair with when I was a wee child).

Pleine Lune, to me, is what tea is about. You can’t get this sort of fantastic aroma of such different food categories as nuts and flowers from any other beverage. And the comfort that comes attached to a mug full of hot Pleine Lune with just a drop of milk and honey is unparalleled.

I credit this for getting me through the year. I know that whatever happens during the day, I’ll at least be able to truly enjoy something in it. I always allow guests to choose which tea they’d like to drink from my stash when I offer hot beverages and everyone’s always picked Pleine Lune; and for some reason every time someone smells it for the first time, it always reminds them of a memory long forgotten. Pleine Lune, it seems, is a lot of people’s madeleine.

I love this so much.


gorgeous review!


I only found 2 people who don’t like Pleine Lune ! They generally dislike almonds. That’s the reason.
Like you Ruby Scarlett Woo Pleine Lune is really my favourite tea. When I feel sad it is a good solace too.

Ruby Woo Scarlett

Thank you both for your comments.
Ysaurella, I agree with you, Pleine Lune is a great comfort. It’s just a great all-rounder really, it balances my mood :D

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1088 tasting notes

This one of the teas that I bought from BrewTEAlly Sweet! Thank you so much for the lovely package! I went with this one first since it seems not spicy enough to be stored with my spicy teas, but it lists “spice” as an ingredient, so I didn’t want it around my non-spicy teas. The ingredients list is a little vague. After a 3-4 minute steep a few minutes after boiling, the black tea is lighter in color. The flavors are subtle! Definitely almond/marzipan… there is something a bit sour, maybe cherry and then it seems there is some sort of “spice” flavoring… but since I don’t think it actual spices, it’s also subtle. Subtle deliciousness. Nice to try!

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67 tasting notes

The tea has a very special and unforgettable aroma when it comes to its dry leaves especially. What I get from the leaves are strong and sweet cinnamon(with clove) ,something similar to orange peel /orange blossom together with some notes of honey. Very yummy ,with detectable almond overtone and not bitter at all when I sniff it.

Brewed hot for about 3 minutes,I find that although all scents blend in perfectly,the liquor is smooth yet very strong ,with the kind of bitterness that I can’t handle alone very well.So last night,I finally gave up my ritual of not adding sweeteners ,and dropped a teaspoon of lavender honey to it. Hurray!It transformed to almond milk! Still with elegant floral and light black tea taste lingering on my palate ,but it’s so much alike with almond milk! The tea is so satisfying with honey,and it even offers the creaminess of almond milk itself~!

Interestingly,I ’ve been wearing Noix de Tubereuse by Miller Harris since yesterday afternoon,whose middle notes remind me of this tea constantly ,with both cleanness(iris and a little fresh soil ) 、sharpness (spicy sweet)、violet-y notes(which I love so much) and creaminess of nuts( tuberose smells somehow like coconut in my point of view).No wonder the two smell so much alike~

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2272 tasting notes

It’s nutty and flowery. Not quite sure what to make of it. I only had a 1tsp sample that came from overseas in a swap. There’s a bit of a bitter edge to it, but I may have oversteeped since the color was somewhat light (chestnut brown) so I went all the way to 5 min. Smelt very sweet, like caramel/vanilla and honey, but only the flowery taste seemed to come through. Added a bit of sugar and almond milk. Wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

The dried blue flowers (probably mallow flowers) in both this and Teavana’s Earl Grey Creme seem to really put me off. They are so perfume-y that in the EG they turned my stomach and gave me a headache. There’s less in this cup, but enough to annoy me. No more mallow for me. Too bad it is often added but not mentioned as an ingredient in the tea description! (ex. Teavana)


Mallow supposedly has a lot of positive medicinal uses however. I just don’t like it :( http://www.phytochemicals.info/plants/mallow.php

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19 tasting notes

One of my friends got a test sample of this one, and I really liked it. So last time I was in London, I pulled myself together and got to Oxford Street to buy it as a birthday present to myself. Anyway… I really liked this tea, and it’s perfect hot and cold. The scent of almond is strong when you smell on the tea and the almond flavour is very strong when you drink it as well. If you like almond this one is perfect. I tasted Pleine Lune with Pan au Chocolate and the combination is perfect.
If you like almond this is the one for you.

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 45 sec

Pleine lune et un pain au chocolat c’est le paradis !


Yeah! It really is. I loved the combination a lot!

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111 tasting notes

It was my second brew of this tea generously sent by Ysaurella; the first one being a few weeks ago. It had not been love at the first sip. So I deliberately waited until I was in good condition and good mood to give it another real chance.
When preparing my pot, I was amazed at how lovely this tea is: sprinkled with blue and yellow flowers, with bits and pieces of almond, some pieces of what has to be cinnamon. It indeed is one of loveliest MF blends I’ve seen.
The brew remains crystal clear and is lightly fragrant. What is surprising is that the taste comes out as much stronger as I expected from the smell. And the main flavor I get, which I have trouble forgetting to try to identify the others is most definitely clove. All the rest, cinnamon, almonds, seems perfectly blended together, but a few two many buds have managed to get their way to my teapot, for my taste.
Once again I understand how this tea can be a favorite for many, but unfortunately not for me.
Thanks anyway Ysaurella; this will definitely help me avoid a purchase that I should have liked, as everything in the description seemed fine, but which would have disappointed me.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

I generally brew it longer than you did – around 5 mn – It may change the main flavours tasting, but you probably already have tried several steeping times.


I’m honestly not so sure how long I brewed it ;(
I came back to my teapot later when it was cool and amazingly the one flavor that popped at this moment was cinnamon, the clove seemed all gone. I’ll try to be more thorough in the measuring of the steeping time the next and last time…

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59 tasting notes

Cteresa warned me that this tea wasn’t a love-at-first-sight experience, but had to grow on her over a certain amount of time. Taking that into consideration, I’ve been trying this tea for some days now (Cteresa, thanks for the very generous sample). I even went so far to take this tea with me to work.

Despite my efforts this tea hasn’t grown on me. I don’t have the advanced palette some of you clearly do have (gosh, the number of different flavors you pick up on!). To my taste the sweet (vanilla, almond?) and cinnamon dominate the entire experience too much. It’s certainly not a bad tea, but just not my thing… I’m apparently just not a fan of the nutty-cinnamon-floral combo.

Nevertheless, thanks Cteresa!! As I’m quite taken with MF, I would have ordered this sooner or later and you’ve saved me the disappointment.


I am glad it was useful! A tip, if you still got something to experiment – I usually like my teas all plain, but this one can be really special with some honey and milk.


Good idea. I’ll give it a try…. Still have a little bit left…

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