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From Red Leaf Tea

of Lucuma, Matcha lends its velvety appeal. The resulting Lucuma Matcha makes an unforgettable beverage that can be taken with meals or in between meals as a delectable treat. Lucuma Matcha can also be taken for its myriad of health benefits such as;

Adding to the carbohydrate intake in the diet especially in areas where carbohydrates are not easily obtainable.
Boosting the natural fiber in the digestive system that allows for frequent and healthy bowel movements hence keeping digestive disorders like constipation at bay.
Aiding in increasing the vitamin levels of the body by adding phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.
Increasing the body’s storage of essential nutrients such as iron, beta carotene and niacin. These assist the immunity system and aid in improving the physical stamina.
Reducing skin inflammations caused by trauma and ageing
Healing of wounds by promoting closure and also allowing for faster regeneration of lost tissue.

Although Lucuma Matcha is naturally sweet, it does not pose any adverse effects on the levels of insulin in the blood. This makes it an excellent treat for diabetics and many other people with who have a persistent sweet tooth. Furthermore, unlike other sweet treats it does not add empty calories into the system.

Did you know? Lucuma is the most popular ice cream flavor in the Andes.

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7 Tasting Notes

1906 tasting notes

Another sample from CrowKettle! Robust.

I needed a pick-me-up due to an early morning vet visit (I got up before 7! That time of the morning just should not exist..), and subsequent nap. Since all the matcha is making my kitchen smell amazing, I figured I should probably try to drink it all up first, before all my other teas smell like it too.

This one is odd. I’ve never had Lucuma, but the matcha smelled like fruit and, well, matcha. I think I’d have to compare a plain matcha to this one, as I just can’t really pick out the flavour. It’s not bad by any means, more like I don’t know what I’m looking for, and so I’m feeling a little lost, flavour-wise!

As always, this is a nice matcha. I made it as a latte with 2 tbsp water, 8 oz almond milk, 1/2 tsp sugar. Yum! If I have enough brains in the morning, I’ll make the rest of this up in a travel mug for a pre-math caffeine boost.


interesting sounding at least!


I’ve never even heard of Lucuma. xD Looks like a cross between a melon and a peach judging by that little picture.


Yeah, it’s odd. It’s a little fruity, a little green, a little earthy… Interesting, but not a flavour I think I’d purchase. :) Still, super neat to try it. I’m loving the Red Leaf matchas. (From Wiki: “The lucuma has particularly dry flesh which possesses a unique flavor of maple and sweet potato.” I don’t know that I get that, but ok.)


I’ve also never had, or even heard of, lucuma (I don’t know what possessed me to order this one). It’s different though. :)


Soo I’m pretty sure I’m over tired and full of tea…but the only thing that keeps popping into my head when I see this is..

Lacuuunnaa matcha-cha….what a wonderful day….lacuuna matcha-cha…it means no worries, for the rest of your days….

Uh yeah…don’t mind me..


Except I canT type and that should be lacuuMMa


Hahaha :P


well i’m glad someone saw that and laughed :)


Oh, I laughed when I got the email, I just didn’t log in on my phone and respond. :D I’m drinking this again right now, and I still don’t get maple and sweet potato. Oh well!


Sil, that was an internet highlight yesterday :)


woah, let’s not get carried away there crowkettle…SURELY there is something out there on the internet :)


There are cats out there on the internet! I know that for sure.. :)


they do yoga..

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1768 tasting notes

No idea what Lucuma is, but I guess it’s a fruit from the picture! :P #detectiveskills

I actually really like this. Maybe it’s because it has the stronger flavouring, or maybe because I finally got the right consistency, but whatever – I like it! It tastes like matcha, and it’s a bit sweet, and it blends well with my milk. All good things. I guess there’s something else in there – possibly fruity, but I’m just happy enough with this that I don’t need to investigate further. I just drank 6 oz and I sorta want to go make 6 oz more!

Thank you CrowKettle!

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807 tasting notes

Lucuma Matcha

Buy it here:

So this matcha is very earthy smelling in the dry form. When I opened the bag there was really nothing remarkable about the smell other than sort of an earthy aroma mixed in with the matcha aroma. I shrugged and was like “okay” lol I just didn’t know what to think. I have never heard of Lucuma let alone had Lucuma before so what do I know!?!

I did however want to expand my horizons and the health benefits of Lucuma really interested me as well. Especially helping with skin inflammations and as an immune system booster!

So I prepared the matcha of course and took a sip. It just tasted like matcha but of course a Red Leaf Tea quality matcha which equals GOOD STUFF!

I added my ice and milk – as in my typical latte preparation of course, but this time did not yet add the splash of vanilla creamer. Took a sip – still the same – wonderful matcha flavor, but nothing else.

So then I added my splash of vanilla low fat creamer, hummm now this is an interesting turn of events. I taste a light fruitiness here! Is it my imagination perhaps? Is it wishful thinking? Is it that somehow magically the creamer brought out the fruity flavor? Maybe it is a mental thing since this is now the way I usually enjoy my matcha – I have myself fooled into thinking things always taste better this way? I don’t know. I am willing to admit if that is the case but maybe had I just added some sugar (there is sugar in the creamer I am sure – its not sugar free and even if it were it would have some kind of sweetener in it in the place of sugar right?). So I am thinking … this must be a fruit that is complimented and made more predominant with the addition of some kind of sugar, not the creamer at all!

So next time I have this I will leave the creamer out and add some sugar which ironically I had considered doing before adding my creamer but I just didn’t want THAT much sugar in my matcha. Still for the sake of science next time I will!

So then, how does this matcha TASTE? Well, its matcha tasting, with this light juicy like flavor similar to a melon. The fruit looks like an avocado to me. I looked up the Lucuma Fruit and found that it is supposed to have a flavor similar to a sweet potato and maple and you know what I do get that! Its light mind you and even at the Robust flavor I selected I still feel the matcha flavor itself is the predominant flavor here. It is richer as a matcha though and I think that is due to the Lucuma! Still I get this melon flavor too. It truly is interesting and nothing about it tastes bad at all. I just don’t really have my mind wrapped around it yet HOWEVER if you are adventurous and want to try something out of the box this is a good one to select for sure!

My Matcha was composed of the following:

Size : Small
Matcha Quality: Starter (Basic Grade)
Flavor: Robust
Storage: Add Small Metal Tin Container (Holds up to 45g)

Again here is where to pick up some of your own!!


Lol. Glad I’m not the only only one who has never heard of it. Sounds very interesting though!!

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560 tasting notes

This is robust flavoring and I still don’t quite know what “this” is. I think I picked it out for the funny name. It’s jammy and sweet, but not in a fruity way, and it’s slightly buttery. I can see where the “sweet potato” reference comes in. Despite my best whisking efforts this matcha tends to come out clumpy or grainy… I’ve whisked like a champ tonight and I’ve lost count on how many matcha lattes I’ve made myself. Maybe over ten. Not excessive at all. At least it makes the kitchen smell sweet and it helps to make Archer more watchable studying for my last final more enjoyable.

This may not be a keeper but it was, and still is, a neat experience!


Haha hell yeah, Archer! Still haven’t caught up with the last season. When is your last exam? I have mine on Thursday and have been slacking a bit. The overwhelming amount of definitions and info = instant defeat.

Kudos for trying this out. I would have been too chicken to ever get it.


I’m only at the beginning of third season but I probably shouldn’t catch up tonight. My exam is tomorrow evening and I’ve also slacked off.

If everyone is curious, next time we meet I’ll bring samples of my weirder matcha flavours. I have this, mangosteen, hemp, and queen jelly. I would normally be too chicken as well to get flavours like that but I had a ‘first time purchase’ 50% off code from Sil.


I haven’t tried the hemp or jelly ones yet… I ran out of almond milk and haven’t managed to get to Costco to get more!

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4831 tasting notes


Prior to tasting this tea I can’t recall having ever tasted Lucuma. It’s sweet and like the description suggests – maple-y. It makes a sweet, creamy matcha.

My specs for this Matcha were classic grade with a distinctive level of favoring. The Lucuma has a very mild flavor to it though, that you could bump this up to robust and I’d probably be satisfied with it.

Here’s my full-length review:

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