Rich Berry Pie Matcha

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From Red Leaf Tea

All popular berries are known for their rich, sweet or tart taste depending on who is enjoying them at any moment in time. Berry pies are mouth-watering and enhancing their rich sweetness by adding a hint of Matcha gives them their much needed balancing effect and well rounded feel in the palate. Rich Berry Pie Matcha is a versatile treat that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This is because, this delightful treat with its eye-catching assorted coloring and bold taste can quickly attract a large group of loyal followers who are ready to take their enjoyment to the next level. With Rich Berry Pie Matcha in an assortment of refreshments, people are bound to remember that rainbow taste in their palates long after.

Rich Berry Pie Matcha can also be a very enjoyable treat for senior citizens who are normally accustomed to very bland tasting uninteresting foods. Adding this unforgettable treat to their regular diets gives them those treasured moments of pure enjoyment as they live through their golden years. This wonderful snack is also perfect for all seasons of the year. In warmer weather, a Rich Berry Pie Matcha treat with leave its takers feeling invigorated and deliciously alive. In colder times, especially winter when people tend to be housebound, this delightful treat can easily become the highlight in the seemingly endlessly snowy days.

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11 Tasting Notes

1032 tasting notes

Afternoon pick me up! I’m almost out of this one…only a couple of tsps left! I really enjoyed this flavor though and think I would pick it up again. Not at all artificial tasting. Rich pie-like flavor! Today’s hot latte included 3/4 tsp matcha and 3/4 tsp white sugar whisked in 8oz warm milk. GOOD STUFF. Plotting a matcha order as soon as I have enough money :)

Flavors: Berries

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How did the sugar work out? Matchaccino like?


It was just perfect for me. Just as much flavor as matchaccino but only about half the sweetness! I think about 2 tsp of sugar would be equivalent to the matchaccino sweetness level :)


Excellent! It sounds tasty. I think the less sugar version actually sounds great.

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470 tasting notes

Ah, flavored matcha. You’d think after the roughly 5 thousand flavors I’ve tried (okay, not really, but over 20 for sure!) I’d be worn out and ready to settle down with my current selection of favorites (maple, butterscotch, caramel popcorn, pumpkin pie, and macadamia nut). But no, my tastebuds still seek out adventure and exploration! And since pie is one of my favorite things I snapped up the two new pie-themed flavors the instant they went on sale. Apple Pie was fantastic and I was hoping for the same deliciousness from Rich Berry Pie.

In the bag this smells like… cinnamon? Super heavy duty spices! Which is weird, I don’t think they are mentioned in the description. But pies often have cinnamon or nutmeg added, so I suppose it’s not unusual: I am just used to spice-free berry pie.

I think this would probably be best as a latte but I went with the shake-it-in-a-water-bottle method for my first go-round… mostly because I’d already consumed two lattes that day. Matcha overload! I did add a splash of milk for that creamy quality.

Mm, this really does taste like pie! I think the pie-like qualities of buttery, flakey crust aren’t quite as prominent as they were in Apple Pie but this matcha is also more complex. There’s the multilayered berry flavor (I get mainly raspberry and blueberry) along with the cinnamon and nutmeg. I think perhaps Spiced Berry Pie might be a more accurate description for this one, but either way I am totally loving it! I think it would be especially good mixed with the cheesecake or caramel matcha for that extra rich element. You can get some here:


I wish it had mentioned cinnamon and nutmeg in the description or I would not have gotten it, since I hate those spices. Glad I’m not the only one to taste that, I thought I was going crazy.


Where have you gone, Alphakitty?! :( Was thinking about you today, and see that you’ve been gone for a fair while. Hope everything is ok!

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2473 tasting notes

I have major ‘sick brain’ going on right now. I’ve just had a one-sided conversation with Tre where I basically mocked him for having a second shower in one day. I was talking through the bathroom door while I believed he was showering on the other side. Except, I literally just realized he’s not even home and the sound of running water I was perceiving was him showering was, well, the washing machine.


I made this into matcha soda last night; I had this shining moment of clarity upon getting home from work after drinking the dregs of a bottle of Buckley’s where, for an hour or so, I didn’t feel sick. I took that time to drink something a little more fun that the repetitive sick teas I’ve been drowning myself in this week.

As a soda, this was surprisingly good! The berry was clear, and it worked because, well, most carbonated fruit drinks just seem to work. At least the ratio of good fruit flavoured “pop” compared with bad fruit flavoured “pop” leans heavily towards good, anyway. I still don’t really taste any one berry flavour more than another, though I did keep coming back to raspberries/blackberries last night but I believe that’s less of a flavour thing and more of a “me wanting that flavour to be present” thing.

I’m kind of head over heels for the “crust” aspect of this matcha though; the buttery, pastry like cinnamon flavour captured in this one is spot on and really ties the “pie” altogether – though it was definitely weird tasting it carbonated. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever had carbonated cinnamon/spice before and I think the answer is no, I haven’t – but it did work for me, so I may just have to try another cinnamon/spice heavy tea soda when I’m feeling better again.

So thank you again stephanie for the sample! This is only the second way I’ve prepped this one, but I’m already having a lot of fun playing with it. I have it in my head that this would go great with banana matcha, so I think that’s what’s next up to try!

EDIT: Today’s word of the day is dextrous. Dextrous means: 1. Skillful or adroit in the use of the hands or body. 2. having mental adroitness or skill; clever.

Fun fact; my spellchecker disagrees with my calendar because, according to spellcheck, ‘dextrous’ isn’t actually a word.


:( I really hope you start feeling better. And Google says “dexterous” which might just be a US vs Canadian spelling thing.


Aww, I hope your health improves soon!

carol who

I love the mocking him in the shower/washing machine story!! :-D Feel better soon!


Feel better, Ros!

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702 tasting notes

What an interesting flavour. The scent and flavour profile is simultaneously intriguing me and making me feel ill. I have a weird relationship with berries. I love them individually, but any sort of berry mixture never goes over well. The cinnamon here seems to create the pie effect, at least in my cold shaken milk, and I think that’s what is allowing this flavour to work for me. I’ve also never had a berry pie, so perhaps this is what it’s supposed to taste like? Perhaps a warm latte would work better?


Blueberry cinnamon pie would be amazing right about now. :) Honestly, I think flavours and spices depend on the taste of the person making it. Like, we never put cinnamon in our strawberry or rhubarb pies, but according to the internet, that’s a thing.


I know what you mean. I could do any berry with cinnamon I think. But more than one berry and I just can’t. It makes my stomach turn. But gah, blueberry cinnamon pie sounds amazing. I’ve also only had strawberry rhubarb together in a pie, never separate haha!


Yeah, and apparently strawberry-rhubarb pie is a thing too! I’ve never had it. :)

Roswell Strange

Strawberry Pie is pretty decent ;)

Roswell Strange

**Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


Oh bummer :/ I am sorry it makes you feel ill…


That’s okay! They can’t all be winners. I’m glad I tried it for sure.


Well, if you decide you wanna trade, just let me know :)

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