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From Rishi Tea

A variety of citrus rarely found outside of Asia, yuzu is a classic ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Yuzu has a complex citrus flavor and floral aroma that pairs well with our refreshing blend of first flush green tea and matcha. We developed a unique drying process and blending technique that captures the fresh essence of yuzu without the use of added flavors. This entirely natural blend is refreshing and pleasantly sweet with citron flavor and offers an aroma of roses and geraniums.

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The majority of our teas are organic and Fair Trade Certified. In 2009, we won 11 First Place Awards for Best Tea, almost double that of any competitor. Tea is our passion, it’s what we do best. We’re honored to share some of our favorite teas with you.

16 Tasting Notes

84 tasting notes

Ohhhhhh YuzuCha… I needed a Japanese Green. This was the right choice.

I hate to admit it, but I had no idea “yuzu” existed before I experienced this tea. But now I’d really like to see one for myself! I hate having an ingredient in something, that I am unable to acquire and try on it’s own, for the sake of flavour comparison.

Anyways… the tea is lovely. A glorious sencha, and the yuzu adds a flavour that’s… citrusy? I’m not sure citrusy is the right description. It adds a very pleasant sweet yet tangy note to the yummy vegetal profile natural to this sencha.

I enjoy it on it’s own but… it would be WONDERFUL PAIRED WITH A BAKED FISH methinks! :)

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

So…what’s a yuzu?

Little Yellow Teapot

Yuzu! Bless you! (sounded like a sneeze to me…)


@ Jillian, it’s an Asian citrus fruit. Glad I looked it up, I was thinking ouzo. LOL! No ouzo tea.:( Here’s an yuzo oolong you updated info on back in Sept. Looks yummy!


I love the pairing suggestion, do you cook/bake w/ tea as well?

Oh Cha!

Yes!! Lots of cooking and baking with tea… Culinary arts are my hobby :)


Going to Fava Tea Co. today. They have tea hard candy. Maybe that’ll help get rid of my cough.


I’ve always wanted to try the Yuzu Sencha from Rishi but just never wanted to fork over the money for it. Now Wegmans stopped carrying that version of Rishi. Sigh….

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41 tasting notes

So, it took me a few cups to decide, but I’m really kind of digging this tea.

For some reason they don’t really explain on the website, but this is a Ryokucha, which apparently means it is blended with machta powder in addition to green tea leaves. This makes the tea a bit stronger and, um, green-er, preventing the citrusy yuzu from completely overpowering everything else.

The only problem is the packet is rather small (50g) and so the recommended preparation instructions (1 Tbsp tea / cup) mean that I’m almost running out already!

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

A steeped version of yuzu matcha? Yum! I hope 52teas catches that;)


Your entry on this has me convinced that Samovar and Rishi source from some of the same places. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the same teas. I know that Samovar blends the majority of their stuff in house, but sometimes they send me things that come in the original packaging [really only Japanese – matcha, fukamushi sencha, and this one] and clearly those haven’t been messed with. This particular one was labeled yuzu ryokucha, is called yuzu sencha on their website, but looks like ryokucha to me.


Cofftea, in case I wasn’t clear above, this has both matcha and regular sencha leaves in it.

takgoti, I’ve not seen the Samovar stuff, but it’s entirely possible that you’re right. This came in a brown packet (somewhat different-looking and containing less tea than the other teas in my Rishi order) with a Rishi sticker labeled “Yuzucha” on one side and some unbranded sticker labeled “Yuzu Ryokucha 50g net” on the other.


@mlc, Yeah I know, but if it’s like mecha when you decant it, the liquor is not completely translucent- there are small particles floating in it.


@Cofftea Well, ryokucha by definition contains matcha, sencha, and toasted rice so if it were ryokucha then yeah, there should be small particles in it from the matcha that’s in it. In fact, that’s likely to happen with most japanese teas since the leaves are delicate and likely to be broken up either in the processing or in transit [especially depending on the type of sencha]. Just because something’s got some ground up leaf in it doesn’t equate to matcha, though. Fukamushi sencha is more broken up because of the processing so there might be small particles in it – but it isn’t matcha, really. High quality matcha powder is grown differently.

@mlc I had to go grab my packet to look at it and originally thought that the little brown things were rice, but on closer inspection in mine it looks like it’s actually grated yuzu rind. So I guess that our respective vendors were correct in switching this to sencha in their listings. The leaves also look like more of an asamushi sencha [though I can’t confirm this]. Sorry, I’m still new-ish to the Japanese green tea game and I’m kind of nerding out on information. I had to share.


Aha. According to Wikipedia, Ryokucha is just Japanese for “green tea.”


Pweh, no, you’re right. Sorry, I’ve got Samovar on the brain. That’s what their ryokucha is. I don’t think that extends to the general tea world [I think there’s another name for genmaicha with matcha, but I’m not familiar with it] so that’s my bad. The rest of the information should be legit, though. So that explains why Samovar changed their name [to avoid confusion]. I’m not sure why Rishi did, except to say that maybe it’s for specificity sake.

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406 tasting notes

Oh this is interesting – very mild, very well blended. Brewed exactly according to Rishi’s instructions, the sencha is barely noticeable, but the Yuzu (a citrus fruit I’d never tasted before) isn’t overpowering, either. I’m not quite sure how that works. I’m going to wait a little while to try to rate this numerically.

It’s a very light citrus flavor, and very authentic. Like smelling just the outside of a fresh orange, or what I imagine a citrus orchard would taste like. I’m not getting roses or gardenia’s (as they suggest) but there is something floral there.

It is a little bitter, on the first steep, but it’s citrus-rind-bitter not oversteeped-green-bitter. I like the second steep better, I think. I can taste more of the sencha and matcha, though the yuzu is still very much present.

This is very refreshing, between the citrus and the matcha caffeine kick; it might be good iced, though I think I’d be tempted to sweeten it.

1 heaping tsp, 4oz water, 2nd steep 1 minute

165 °F / 73 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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418 tasting notes

I want to thank LiberTEAS for sending me this sample too. I’ve only had one cup and I have to say this was not a favorite. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, but maybe I need to give it another shot (when home and NOT at work). I could really taste the matcha in this particular tea and I am a fan of the matcha. I just wasn’t getting much else as others had mentioned. So I will try it again – won’t rate until I do.


There’s matcha in this one? Yummy!


According to the info on this tea “Yuzu has a complex citrus flavor and floral aroma that pairs well with our refreshing blend of first flush green tea and matcha.”

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4833 tasting notes

Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me a generous portion of this tea. It is so good. So very yummy!

The yuzu is sweet and bright. The sencha and matcha makes for a sweet, almost creamy tasting base that is perfect for the yuzu fruit. This is something I think I could enjoy regularly without growing weary of it. So delicious!

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251 tasting notes

The tea leave have a very vegetal odor to them. Very intense. Like opening a package of very fresh mixed green vegetables. There is a faint citrus odor, but the green tea is definitely the star here.

Brewed the tea is very much a green tea. There is the faintest hint of yuzu. The yuzu flavor is just not strong enough for my tastes. I’ll definitely drink the packet that I have, but I’ll be ordering more of the Lupicia Yuzu. It’s YUZU with sencha where this is RYOCHUCHA with yuzu. I just want more yuzu flavor.

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30 tasting notes

Yuzu: rare outside Asia, citrusy, and in combination with sencha? I’m intrigued enough to buy a few ounces from Rishi and give this tea and yuzu a shot.

To start, the dry leaf scent is attention grabbing. It has a strong, spicy citrus smell. It’s an interesting spiciness that accompanies the citrus. The spiciness is peppery in nature and somewhat ginger-like. The wet leaf scent is a total 180. The wet is a toasty, slightly nutty green with a few citrus notes lingering. The liquor aroma combines the wet and dry for a toasty, mild-citrus blend. This tea brews to a somewhat cloudy, pale-green color.

My first reaction to sipping: refreshing! This is a very friendly combination. Surprisingly friendly. It has a tropical-feel. Hello summer. The yuzu is in excellent balance with the sencha. I can best describe the yuzu as lying somewhere between a sweet lemon and an orange. On continual sips, the yuzu taste even reminds me a bit of pineapple. Along with the yuzu, the sencha is very good and of high quality. The sencha is quite airy with a mild toastiness. There are some floral notes lying beneath the yuzu and sencha, but they are subtle and subdued. This tea is light-hearted. Fresh. Fun.

I have to say, after smelling the dry leaf, I was a little nervous. But having now gone through a pot, I can say this is quite enjoyable. I look forward to trying this tea iced when the warmer weather rolls around. This is one of the more interesting green tea blends. Yuzu yum!

165 °F / 73 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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51 tasting notes

A refreshing green with a distinct citrus flavor that is quite unique. A delightful cup despite my wife insisting it smells/tastes like oregano… It kinda does.

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144 tasting notes

Completely deserving of accolade, this tea has substantial depth . . . really just a delicious, perfectly constructed green tea that is brothy, full bodied and generously graced with pieces of yuzu.

What we have is a concoction that must be tasted to be believed.

170 °F / 76 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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