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Floral, Sour, Berries, Cream, Peach, Apple, Caramel, Jasmine, Pear
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From RiverTea

This tea reigns from the moisture rich Fujian Province in China where white teas are harvested in early spring to give them the white peach fuzz appearance and soft mouthfeel. This white tea’s melodiously delicate flavor is embellished with the pungent tartness of Mulberry to give you a luxurious fruit confection. The health benefits of the white mulberry tea are as equally divine as its flavor, it is chock full of antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system against illness. It also packs a surprising amount of calcium.

Ingredients: White tea, Mulberries, Papaya bits, Apple bits, Flavourings, Marigold blossoms, Jasmine blossoms, Cornflower blossoms.

70°C/158°F 2 tsp 2-4 minutes

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43 Tasting Notes

1774 tasting notes

YES! My order came in today, and instead of leaving it at the office, I brought all of it home, aside from the 3 little samples. I need to try them immediately, especially after swooning over the packaging and smelling all the bags.

I’m happy Roswell Strange reviewed this one earlier because their comments helped point it out. I don’t normally buy white teas, but I DO buy white teas with mulberries in them. Let’s just say I’m a big fan of Gold Rush, but I could never justify the price to have it often enough.

Now this makes it not an issue. This tea is much cheaper, and it’s quite nice. It tastes like a white tea, without being heavily flavoured. I can definitely taste the mulberries, and a bit of sweet fruits which I guess are the papaya and apple. It’s just very smooth and amazing.

I don’t know. I’m not doing this tea justice in my description, but I really love mulberries, and the juiciness of this tea. I’m on my second steep and I’ve only noticed a slight loss in flavour.

I brewed this in my 16 oz mug for 3 min at 160F for the first steep, and 4 min for the second. I used about 3 heaping teaspoons because of the bigger cup.

155 °F / 68 °C 3 min, 30 sec
Roswell Strange

Yayyyy! I’m glad you love it, because it’s my favourite of what I recieved, except for maybe Tea of Kings. Those two might be tied… I’d have bought more in my order like I did for Pret a Portea or Tea of Kings, except I already had 50g… SO YUMMY! And fresh, right! It tastes very fresh to me. Like… Spring. The perfect, idealistic spring.


It really is a tasty mulberry tea. I am glad Roswell Strange pointed it out as something I might like and sent me some so I could try it.

Roswell Strange

I am realizing, perhaps pathetically, just in this moment how much of a RiverTea fan girl I am, already. They just make me really, really excited. Such great customer service, tea, pricing… I could probably be a spokesperson for them, if I had any real “credit” or whatever outside of Steepster. :p


Don’t worry, Roswell Strange, I get it. I am the same way with Nina’s.

Roswell Strange

I can get occasionally get the same way too with Tea Desire. I mean, there are many tea companies I love greatly for various reasons – but I feel like Tea Desire and RiverTea are my “top two” if you will (for various reasons), and there’s this conflicting feeling of wanting to share them with everyone, and wanting them to be mine. I’m sure you know what I mean ;) Companies you feel a special connection with, for whatever reason.


Haha. I definitely get it.


Nice! I’m curious to read what you think about their flavourings overall, if they add too much sweetener to them, etc.


I totally have to add this to my shopping list. :)


So far I didn’t notice too much flavouring, (it seemed well blended without being overwhelming) but I’ll try to do a better job in my notes! :P

And I don’t think it had sweetener in it, unless it was snuck under the ‘flavouring’ heading…


Oh pish posh, you did a most excellent job describing the flavouring. Sounds quite natural to me. I just hope they won’t be too David’s Tea- or Teavana-like in the sweetener category.


@Fjellrev, I had this cup yesterday and did not really notice an abundance of sweetener. It was a sweet cup (not cloyingly so) but I attributed that to the fruits.


my tea still hasn’t shown up…so jealous… sigh haha

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3095 tasting notes

So I ordered 50g more of this tasty treat yesterday, so I felt absolutely not guilt in making a large mug today to help use up the last bit of the older stuff that I still have around in the house!

Generously leafed, this was rich and fruity with a decadent caramel/mulberry and papaya flavour with notes of apple, jasmine, and cream as well. As always, a marvelous and splendid cup! So glad I restocked! This is probably my favourite RiverTea blend (although there are many I love) and it feels extra special knowing that I was the first customer to try it when the company picked it out for me after I won their pre-launch contest.

And yes, I’m totally bragging.

Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Cream, Jasmine, Pear

4 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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2379 tasting notes


Don’t you hate when you are about to click on a tea and the drop down list just changes? It took me like three tries to finally get to this page but I did it so yay!

Anyways, this is a tasty, tasty white. Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing. It really comes off as though I am feasting on some delicious berries. It is sweet, but with just the right amount of berry tartness. The white base is the perfect match to highlight the mulberries and the flowers add almost a butterscotch note to the whole cup. I am sad all the leaf was gone with just one (very large) cup. You shall be missed Mulberry White, until we meet again.

155 °F / 68 °C 2 min, 15 sec
Roswell Strange

Mmm… Now I wanna make this. I’m already prepping some Boatsman, though :(


I was going to make boatsman but by the time I got to prepping the water had cooled so I took advantage and went for the white tea instead.


waaaaaaaant my teas!

Roswell Strange

Haha – I have the advantage! Though, I want mine too :( I need more Pret a Portea for at night. I’ve also figured out that one travels well, too… I think I’ve asked you this before, but which did you get Sil?


uh….assam beast of the east, tropical dream and orange path + samples of a couple others :)

Roswell Strange

I love the name of Assam Beast of the East. Not sure why, but it’s fun to say – just like “Boatsman”.


no tea tonight sigh maybe tomorrow..which will end up being Wednesday since it’ll likely get stuck in mail jail…. bah!


This was the one I had to try first! I’m so happy I heard about it before I finalized my cart, or I would have had to create a second follow quickly after.

I still might need to. I’m so impressed so far.

And I’m trying Beast of the East tomorrow – I liked the name as well.


Awww. Poor Sil.
And everyone else still waiting.


Save a bit for meeeeeeee cavo!

Roswell Strange

Did you like it!? I think it’s fabulous! Right now, I’m most impatient about Sweet Helen, I think… And getting more Tea of Kings/Pret a Portea, but I still have a few cups left of each.


I have resisted an order so that I could try the teas that I was sent. Both were really tasty so it is oh so tempting but I am trying very hard to be good and not order more. Perhaps I should set a number and if I reach it, I can order more tea.


VariaTEA…don’t tell anyone that number or they’ll send you teas when you’re ALLLMOST there just to drive you bonkers with love :)

Roswell Strange

By the next time we swap, I should have received my RiverTea order, so maybe I can throw somethings in for you if they sound interesting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Tea of Kings.


Haha. Is that what they do to you, Sil? :P


And Roswell Strange, you know me so well…that was one I was looking at buying when I built my cart. I just realized I have built a lot of carts lately. haha. I guess I do have some self-control.

Roswell Strange

(May or may not be building another cart right now) I really like it. Best lychee black I’ve ever had, personally. I’d have sent you some in the last swap, but I’m down to about 2 cups – and I was being greedy.


VariaTEA – I always threaten to do it to Sil. It’s fun to make her squirm.

And Sil – done! (Well, noted at least. Lemme know if you want others, although I probably won’t see you at the tea fest)

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6583 tasting notes

i understand why a lot of ppl really like this one. it’s funny to me hat RiverTea seems to be hitting the sweet spot with me, with teas that aren’t typically things i enjoy (greens, whites etc..) and missing more often when it comes to the black teas and puerhs. Well, maybe not missing, but not being as awesome as the others. This is a creamy, dreamy sort of delicious tea. Not even sure what the heck mulberries taste like but this is an enjoyable cup of yum! I’ll have to look at picking some up when I place my next RiverTea order. Thanks for sharing this one with me Cavocorax! Love it!


Woohoo! I’m really happy you enjoyed this one!
I just ordered 50g more of this as I am down to 4 cups or so already. :)
And that’s funny that you’re enjoying unusual teas from them.


yeah… i think i’ll pick some of this up with my next order… it was pretty tasty!


This is the one tea that I keep going to RiverTea and looking to buy. This and Dolce Vita sounds good. If I get under 100 I might place an order next month.


VariaTEA – I just ordered Dolce Vita if you want to wait a few weeks and I can send you samples of each! No need to swap. :)


I tried mulberry white though and know I like it. I am intrigued as to how dolce vita tastes though so I will watch for your tasting notes.


Ok! Well I ordered 50g, so if you decide you’d like a cup or two I can stick it in a little envelope and send it your way. :D


I shall keep that in mind. Perhaps I will wait to see your thoughts though :)

Roswell Strange

I’m also sending you some more RiverTea stuff as well. More Mulberry White, Tea of Kings, and some fruit blends.

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1293 tasting notes

Another white tea sample to try today. I’m not often in the mood for a white tea but today I find it appealing, perfect excuse to clear some of my sample stash.

The raw blend had a sweet fruity scent, very exotic and fresh.

Once steeped the tea is pale yellow in colour and has a sweet but delicate berry scent, much nicer and softer than it’s raw form. It’s like a fine nectar in scent, perfect balance.

Wow. It’s very creamy with the right amount of sweetness (for me) and the fruit carries on lingering throughout the after taste. The berry is definitely the strongest fruit flavour but I can also taste the papaya, also peach like. It reminds me of something but I can’t remember what, could be the mango kulfi I used to buy but I can’t be certain. It does has the right creaminess to be compared to ice cream. Plus for being not a huge fan of white tea I can’t taste any in this at all, yet I appreciate that it still contains it.

Such a delicious tea, no harshness or chemical flavours, nothing out of place. I can’t fault it, and it is something I would buy in the future. Every sip leaves my mouth wanting more, been a long time since I’ve had a blend have this effect on me. Bravo River Tea.

Flavors: Berries, Cream, Peach

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 0 sec 8 g 20 OZ / 600 ML
Roswell Strange

Yes! This blend deserves all the love!


It really does :)

Plus I think I worked out what it reminds me of, I used to buy some chewy sweets that were a mixture of berries. I can’t remember the brand but it’s those, they were also very creamy …just as I remember. So delicious!


Yes… I love this one!


Taken me hours but I remember. It tastes like the berry Maoam sweets. Took me a long time to process it but my brain got there eventually.

Tried this iced too, saved enough for one cup, it’s still delicious. Even creamier and sweeter I think than it was before. The white tea is more noticeable too.

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298 tasting notes

When I was growing up, my best friend had a mulberry tree in her backyard. I have such happy memories of summer days of picking those tart, juicy berries until our fingers and mouths were stained purple with juice! So I had high hopes that this tea would capture that flavor. To my disappointment, this sample didn’t taste like mulberries at all. To me, it had more of a floral scent and flavor with a slightly sour aftertaste. Not something I would drink again.

Flavors: Floral, Sour

160 °F / 71 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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127 tasting notes

Thank you, Marzipan, for sending this my way! This is delicious!

The scent of the dry leaf was so amazing. Very rich and intoxicating with its fruity scent. I definitely taste the papaya. It’s the dominant flavor, but the berry is present too. It does remind me ever so slightly of cantaloupe & cream in taste, which is really strange because it doesn’t smell ANYTHING like that.

So yeah, delicious. Might have to add this to my wishlist!


I’m glad you like it, I know a lot of people say this is one of their favorite white teas.


Dang, I haven’t tried mine yet!

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1961 tasting notes

Thank you, Roswell Strange! This is from the SSTTB, but it was a sample added just for me. :)

This is really nice. I really like the papaya in it. Quite different from Gold Rush. Not nearly as sweet, for one thing. Also, no coconut.

This tea is sweet and creamy. Definitely something I’ll pick up if I order from River Tea.

First I’ll do a couple re-steeps, then I need to cold steep and see how it works that way!

160 °F / 71 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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26 tasting notes

It’s not often that I find a tea that on the first sip has me thinking ‘oh my gosh, I need to get more this tea immediately!" Its even less often that I find a tea that’s every bit as delicious on the second steep as it on the first.

I tend to only drink white and greens in the summer. There’s just something about Blacks, chais, and oolongs that I can not stand the moment the thermostat hits 70 degrees and up.
I thinks its the acrid, coppery taste they leave behind. Or too many summers drinking my Momma’s overstepped Lipton Southern Sweet Tea. Who knows.

I’ve had this tea for less than a week and I’m already in a mild panic of how I’m going to stretch it out long enough for me to buy a 100gs because I drink at least two pots of it a day. Funnily enough I’m the only person in our house that actually enjoys it. More for me!

Taste: I have no idea what mulberries actually taste like, so I can’t say from experience if the taste is artificial or not. There is a candy-ish quality to it, especially in the dry leaf smell. I as worried the tea itself would taste cotton candy.

I will note that I enjoyed this tea to its full extent after the third time I made it because I hd finally steep it properly. Water temperature really is everything, I’m starting to understand that. The first time I steeped this tea it was with boiling water directly over the leaves. Not an awful outcome, but there was a slight bitterness to the white tea that I didn’t mind all that much. Stupidly, I had dumped the leaves immediately after instead of doing a second steep. I was also worried that the fruit would overpower that actual tea, thankfully it didn’t. The actual tea base is good quality, not weak at all.

Second Steep: Slightly watered down, yet darker than the first steep. The fruity taste takes a backseat to the more floral notes. I’m not someone who enjoys floral teas but for some reason the floral and fruity notes blend harmoniously in this tea – something I noticed with the Tuscan Sun as well. A little more vegetal and little less creamy. The actual tea comes out a little weak but still a very satisfying cup.

Scent: The SMELL! My word, you could smell this tea from the kitchen! Creamy, fruity and sweet with a satisfying vegetal scent of the actual white tea. The smell is even stronger as it steeps, and lingers even after the second steep. Heavenly.

Color: Clear Pale gold on the first steep (a little surprising. I’d assumed Mulberries meant a darker colored liquid) Darker gold/amber on the second steep.


Sounds awesome! I love mulberries!

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810 tasting notes

Ok, I’m in a really weird frame of mind right now. I just finished watching “Oldboy” (the original one from Korea, not the US remake), and Jesus Christ, that movie is effed up. I mean, I knew the plot because of Wikipedia, but still…..oy. I wasn’t expecting…..I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t that.

So I sipped a pot of this while watching it. It was good, but this tea isn’t quite hitting all of the right buttons for me. I was expecting a tea that was really bright and juicy, something with a nice pop to it, but this one has a darker, smoother flavour. I want to call it “smoky” but that’s not really the right word – just the most fitting one I can think of right now. Maybe “caramelized” is a better fit. I could definitely smell and taste the apple and probably the papaya, but I’ve never had fresh mulberries so I’m not sure how to pick that flavour out.

This is definitely a good tea replacement for dessert, but maybe my head’s just on the wrong way because of that damned movie.

160 °F / 71 °C 3 min, 30 sec 6 tsp 24 OZ / 709 ML

I wanted to love this company so much, I love their website and their packaging…unfortunately, I liked none of their blends, except for some of the straight teas I got, but even so, nothing out of the ordinary.


To be fair, white teas in general are pretty hit-and-miss for me. I just went with this one because it’s gotten such good reviews on here. So far my favourite blend of theirs is Crazy Mint.

Terri HarpLady

I didn’t feel inspired to order from their menu, but Sil & Cavo have sent me a bunch of samples, including this one. Maybe this weekend I’ll finally get around to trying them…

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