Lao Cang Sticky Rice Raw Sheng mini tuo cha

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From Royal Tea Bay Co. Ltd.

Lao Cang Sticky Rice Sheng Mini Tea Cake
These mini tuo cha are made from Simao puer mixed with a Yunnan variety of herb called “Nuo Mi Xiang” (Rice-Scented leaf). No man-made flavor, total natural and healthy. The liquor is a yellow green color. The aroma is very fragrant. Laocang Tea factory is the only factory in Yunnan focusing on the Mini tuocha and only using good fresh tea leaves. Each tuo weighs 5 grams.

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8 Tasting Notes

299 tasting notes

I have several different puer mini tuos which I like to keep on hand for convenience. When you don’t want to work on picking apart a larger cake, these are handy to have around. This particular mini is one of my favorites because it never fails to taste sweet and fresh. I’ve been sitting at the dining room table working on a project all afternoon and this little one has been my loyal companion – six steeps so far.

The scent of the dry leaf makes your mouth water – like a sweet flavored rice cake or a nice kettle corn. Steeping produces a clear bright liquor which is pale yellow-green in color. The sip is a delicious nutty rice flavor. Very sweet on the tongue and mouth. By the way, this one works nicely as a meal accompaniment.


Yum! This sounds good. I have tried a few sticky rice tuochas and have never been disappointed. i need to add this to my list.


It’s one I always enjoy. In fact, I’m down to my last two and I’ll need to reorder very soon. Here’s the link:
There’s also a ripe tuo but I prefer the raw for this one.


Good seller on this also. I have gotten a lot from them.


Yes, a good seller. Always done well by me!

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3230 tasting notes

My sip down of the day, this tuocha came from Sil and although the label didn’t say
‘sticky rice’ on it, as soon as I unwrapped it, I could smell it, and even more so after the rinse. My kitchen smelled like sticky rice, making me think of that awesome sticky rice, mango, & coconut milk dessert. I can’t eat most grains, although I confess that I do occasionally eat some rice. It’s a little rough on my digestions, but sometimes I get tired of the cauliflower rice alternative and just want to chew something starchy. Especially when eating curry.

So…the tea…meh. It’s ok, but not something I’d want in my collection. It doesn’t taste bad, but I’m just not really enamored with having my tea taste like rice. Still, a change of pace, and it’s always good to drink something novel from time to time.

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978 tasting notes

I think this is going to confirm that I don’t really like rice scented pu’erh. The last one I tried was a shou – this is sheng. I don’t really like either of them
I do think the sweetness of the rice offsets the bitterness (not that this one is really bitter) of the sheng. This is better in later steeps as the rice flavor dissipates.
Happy to have tried it, happy I didn’t buy a bunch out of curiosity. Thanks so much Sil for the opportunity.


If you do end up with some by accident or something (ha!) I’d totally be glad to take it off your hands. The sweetness really appeals to me.


LOL – floral oolongs and rice pu’erh, I have no problem at all sending them your way. :)


:) I’m learning what I like with oolongs. That random one you sent me was perfect, but the Mandala sample Sil sent me was not so great.


I think you would like colored species from Mandala – it’s crazy floral…


They do not have it on their site! But looking at my records, I think I do not love the alishan mountain oolongs.


Oh! I googled and found it. Yeah, that sounds right up my alley. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get to try more oolongs!


heh well i’m glad you were able to cross things off your list of teas. it’s nice in some ways to be able to do that.

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1774 tasting notes

Thank you Bonny for grabbing these, and to Sil for passing it along . This tea is fantastic. It’s just, really amazing. I steeped it for 2 minutes, and the result is clear, and light, and tastes like rice, and sweetness, and spring.

I also really love that these teas are individually wrapped – they’re so convenient to steep, and I’m considering how easy they’d be to keep around the office. And they’ll stay fresh longer too!

I’m actually quite excited to resteep this a few more times, especially since the tuo cha hasn’t fallen apart much at all! :) Thanks!


Oh, yay! I actually grabbed this off of AliExpress at some point. Really fun tea!


Oh that’s good to know it’s from AliExpress! I’m def considering grabbing more!

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7402 tasting notes

Bonnie sent these my way a while ago and i thought that they would be perfect for today. I’m working from home so i wanted to get around to trying a couple of my puerhs since i have the time. I THINK the ones she sent my way are these ones, and not the other entry but i’m not sure how to confirm. Either way, let me just say. YES! YUM! love these!

It really is like like sweet flavored kettle corn. I will have to look in to more of these since these are really tasty and could be handle for travelling.


Love them. have you tried rice shou ?


nope heh


i think i like shou more. Those fr Tao Tea Leaf are incredible. Lao cang pretty good and so cheap on YS. they sell them on ebay too.


I like them both :)


mmm good to know! i’ll check it out esp since i may cave to a YS order…for that other cake yo guys were drooling over..


which one, Sil? I drool all the time ;) that code i posted yesterday is only for YS puerh. Silly me, i was so happy, wanted to get couple samples


Another vote for rice shou. I’ve had it from Tao, puerhshop and a few places off ebay. All have been heavenly.


I have quite a bit of this tea and it never quite appealed to me. I found the sticky rice flavour too much. If you want more let me know!


will do!


That’s a good one. Apricots all the way. That’s YS puerh so it’s eligible for 12% off


You will like this one.


yeah… a couple reviews from you and a few others and boychiks comments have me decided. I’m getting it lol just need to find a few moments to place an order.


You will not regret. But if you happen to not liking it I will buy it fr you;) don’t want to tempt you and give more suggestions fr YS


hah i already think my cart is going to be up there.. just wish the dollar was stronger :(

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2010 tasting notes
DigniTea sent me one of these tiny guys to sample. thank you so much! I’m on the lookout for rice scented pu-erh and I wanted to try this one today to see if I like the raw version. I love rice scented pu-erh. I thought if I had to banish one type of tea from my life it would be raw pu-erh, but this is certainly convincing me otherwise.

Steep #1 // rinse // 10 min after boiling // 1 min steep
Yes, I will always love the ripened pu-erh more than the raw, but this one works too. I love the dark flavor of the ripe pu-erh, and the sweet rice flavor just seems like it would go better with ripe. But maybe the flavor is able to shine better on the lighter raw leaves. The flavor here is so buttery. I’ve never had sticky rice, but to me the flavor screams kettle corn… which I’ve only had one time and loved. But the cup is mostly sweet, a hint of spicy with the aftertaste. I’m accustomed to raw teas being very tree-like, but it’s possible I was steeping them too long. Maybe even 30 seconds would have been enough like some oolongs.

Steep #2 // 8 min after boiling // 70 seconds
Oh boy, and here is where the bitterness starts. The rice flavor is still very apparent, but the bitter kind of ruins it. Maybe that’s why I like the ripened pu-erh better, it isn’t as sensitive.

Steep #3 // 10 min after boiling // 50 seconds
Still bitter, but so is the rice flavor. I liked the first cup though. I think the first cup was perfect, but this should really be steeped for maybe 30-40 seconds after the first steep. I think I’d rather stick with the ripened until I get better at not ruining the raw pu-erh. I still love the rice flavor. I’m ordering some of the ripened from…


I had a bit of trouble with this tea too. The sticky rice scent was way overpowering and I think there was some bitterness in the later steeps. I would suggest trying shorter steeps but I see you’ve only had one to try. I have quite a few of them on hand if you ever want to try it again.


thank you so much for the offer, but I think I’ll stick with the ripened from now on. :D


I look forward to seeing your review on the sticky rice ripe pu-er. Maybe it will go better with the ripe. But don’t give up on the raw! Mandala is the best starting place for raw. All their teas were fabulous.


Neat! I didn’t know they did the sticky rice thing to sheng as well as shu. Sounds good.

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553 tasting notes

These little cakes are great for convenience . This time kept the steep time only 10 sec with near boiling water. It was barely enough time for the leaves to break apart in the cake (even though I had poured hot water over it previously and discarded). I’m glad I kept it short. The sticky rice flavouring was very sweet in the first infusion. It didn’t get bitter though and was smooth with a slight astringent taste. Along with the sticky rice I get the earthiness of the pu’er which comes across as a mushroom taste.
2nd infusion – 12 sec. Ahhh, this one is better. The sticky rice flavouring has toned down a lot . It is nicely balanced now.

205 °F / 96 °C

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1416 tasting notes

TeaSipper had some sticky rice puerh a while back, and I was so curious as to how that works, especially since I need to avoid all grains, that I wanted to try it. Because, for those in the know, sticky rice tea is actually an herb-based flavoring, instead of actual sticky rice. Cool!

As I’m reviewing this however, I discovered I ordered the sheng (raw) puerh instead of the shu puerh that TeaSipper tried. Bah! My bad. I’m usually not a huge fan of sheng, but I’ll still try it.

Honestly, this just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now, it smells SO strongly of sticky rice I did a triple-take… it really is identical to the real thing. Steeped, the smell stays about the same, and it lingers in my mouth and nostrils. It’s incredibly pleasant. The flavor however… I like the first seconds of the sip, it’s a very smooth puerh with little astringency. Then, within about 10 seconds, it gets bitter. Bitter beer face is what I’ll call it, and while it’s not… .bad… it’s just not something I want to try again. Perhaps I steeped it incorrectly, I’m unsure.

Yes, recommend for the flavor (if you like sticky rice). No for the rest, or at least until I can figure out what I did wrong.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 45 sec 5 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

Ah! I’m sorry you ordered the raw and not the ripened. I have a raw toucha to try yet, but I imagine the ripened is better. :/ I’m glad to hear it is accurate sticky rice though, because I’ve never actually tried it.


I have not had this one, but before you give up on it try again and hold your steep to about 30 seconds. My personal opinion long steeps and raw puerh can and often do lead to bitter beer face – love the term.

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