Jun Chiyabari Second Flush Nepal

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200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 15 sec 7 oz / 197 ml

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  • “Sitting in a warm house while rain is causing some grassy spots to emerge beneath the snow cover. I'm practicing Christmas songs on guitar for church tomorrow, checking Steepster, and sipping a...” Read full tasting note
    ks6 1408 tasting notes
  • “Backlog: Although not technically a Darjeeling, it bears several striking resemblances to a Darjeeling. It still has that crisp, light flavor that Darjeeling is known for, and that sweet,...” Read full tasting note
    LiberTEAS 4624 tasting notes
  • “Thanks, Nicole Martin for this tea! This starts off dark and vegetal, tasting very strongly of creamy green beans and earthy mushrooms. As it cools, it starts to taste fruitier and reminds me...” Read full tasting note
    fuzzy_peachkin 464 tasting notes
  • “*MzPriss' Unflavored Tea Box - Tea #5* I'm sad to inform all future participants of this teabox, that the Jun Chiyabari is sadly already past it's prime... too much traveling, I suppose. I just...” Read full tasting note
    Tea Sipper 1520 tasting notes

From Single Origin Teas

Jun Chiyabari, a neighbor to the famous Darjeeling tea province, offers truly excellent tea. Notes of maple and floral undertones of rose bring a unique touch. One of the smaller tea estates at around 123 acres, and one of the youngest – planted in 2002! – Jun Chiyabari offers a delicious tea that highlights how high altitude growing can bring out delightful flavors if processed correctly.

Produced in hand-rolled batches with an exemplary level of care, the leaves are nicely curled, and provide a prime example of how high quality tea is not limited to the Darjeeling gardens.

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18 Tasting Notes

1408 tasting notes

Sitting in a warm house while rain is causing some grassy spots to emerge beneath the snow cover. I’m practicing Christmas songs on guitar for church tomorrow, checking Steepster, and sipping a very pleasant tea. Feeling blessed.

Terri HarpLady

My xmas gig season is starting to draw to a close. I’ve gotta see if I can find some scottish xmas tunes, for one of the xmas eve services I’m doing.


From a quick search you aren’t going to find any. If my search is correct Christmas Day was a normal working day in Scotland until the 1960s and even into the 1970s in some areas.

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4624 tasting notes


Although not technically a Darjeeling, it bears several striking resemblances to a Darjeeling. It still has that crisp, light flavor that Darjeeling is known for, and that sweet, wine-like quality.

Less muscatel than is typically found in a Darjeeling, though. A hint of lemon toward the finish.

Notes of rose! These surprised me. A sweet, autumnal taste that resembles maple.

A really, really good tea. I think that this was my favorite that I tried from Single Origin Teas thus far.

Here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2013/10/28/jun-chiyabari-second-flush-nepal-black-tea-single-origin-teas/

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464 tasting notes

Thanks, Nicole Martin for this tea!

This starts off dark and vegetal, tasting very strongly of creamy green beans and earthy mushrooms. As it cools, it starts to taste fruitier and reminds me of putting apricots in red wine- still dark and earthy, but with a little bit of citric brightness peaking out.

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1520 tasting notes

MzPriss’ Unflavored Tea Box – Tea #5
I’m sad to inform all future participants of this teabox, that the Jun Chiyabari is sadly already past it’s prime… too much traveling, I suppose. I just wanted to try a little bit to see if it was still the same flavor I remember when Single Origin mailed samples to me, and luckily was the first tea I sampled as soon as the package arrived. The flavor is still muted here, just only but not as much as the sample they sent me when I tried it again months later. This tea is the most sensitive to age that I’ve ever tried. It is the most amazing tea in the world, but it needs to me enjoyed FRESH. It’s like that flower that only blooms one day a year or something. So so sad. I really suggest everyone try a little bit of this tea as fresh as possible. The second cup at boiling was too bitter to drink. I don’t recommend boiling this one!
Steep #1 // 15 min after boiling // 2-3 min
Steep #2 // half mug // just boiled // 3 min


Awwwww :( I LOVED this, but I was the first one that got it

Tea Sipper

Yeah, I kind of guessed this would happen. And I wanted to taste test it just to tell everyone it is usually way better. If I bought it, I’d probably drink it every other day until it was gone. :D


Very unfortunate. I hope the other teas in the box travel well.

Tea Sipper

I didn’t want to ruin the tea for everyone, but it is a HUGE difference that I thought I should mention. Or maybe it’s just the difference in harvests? But I know from cup #1 to #2 of my own sample from Single Origin, it ages very fast.


I doubt that the quality would go down like that because of harvest difference. I’ve noticed that some of higher rated teas I got in swaps didn’t taste all that great after I received them…..

Bummer though! Are you going to remove the rest of this one?

Tea Sipper

Oh, I’m definitely not removing the rest, just wanted others to know it’s much better fresh.. if they read my note of course.

Single Origin Teas

I might try some experiments where I already package the teas into 2 oz bags? This way the tea is only exposed to the air once.

Its already kept in a climate controlled room with air-tight tins so I’m running out of ideas on how to better improve the teas!

I’ve got access to a -80 freezer at my work….hmmm.

Tea Sipper

Thanks for all of the replies to my tasting notes! I think this tea is just the most sensitive tea I’ve ever had. I think the idea of packing them into two ounces would help, but I noticed the packaging that the teas were in are still paper but at least now they have the reclosing top. With this tea, I love it so much when it’s fresh that I would pay for individual serving amounts in their own sealed packaging, kind of like how grocery store teabags are each in their own plastic wrapping? This tea fresh is worth the packaging that way.

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563 tasting notes

A very nice tea. Much like a Darjeeling, but not as thick as I think of second flushes as being. It’s very light and mildly vegetal but with a bit of the dryness of Darjeeling in the background. I’ll have to try again and pay a bit more attention to steeping time. I think I did this about 3 1/2 minutes but it could have been longer. I was also cleaning the cat water fountain and may have gotten a bit distracted… :)

Thanks, James, for putting this in with my sample bag. It’s one I’d drink again. I’ll bet when I share this with my Darjeeling fan coworker, he’ll like it as well.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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422 tasting notes

This tea is a sample that MzPriss passed along. Thank you!

This was the afternoon tea. This was a really good tea. Light, slightly floral, slightly muscatel. I actually thought this was a darjeeling. I hope we meet again Jun Chiyabari.

Single Origin Teas

Its one of my favorite teas too. I think it is a combination of the altitude, temperature, and variations in circadian rhythms that makes it so much like a Darjeeling. But then again style of production really impacts the leaf too, so it might just be that they are using the exact same oxidation/rolling time ratios?

Single Origin Teas

Jun Chiyabari is exploding on the tea scene here in America. They use to be a much smaller producer, but with the artisan movement catching on, alot of the bigger tea companies have started buying up the lots.


I really like this tea, too.


I just saw your notes on this tea. Thank you for the information.

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145 tasting notes

I’m all grumbly/grumpy and am attempting to adjust my mood with tea. Yesterday was a fairly craptacular day, including among other things: my debit card quit working (for some reason it decided it wasn’t “activated” anymore), I thought I left my wallet in my shopping cart, went running back through the parking lot to retrieve it and I broke my baby toe by hitting it on the concrete parking bump thingie. Right now my baby toe is the color of 7 minute steeped Special Dark (which I had a cup of as soon as I woke myself up by getting my broken toe caught in the covers and which hurt like howling HELL). And also? It’s Monday.

So today I get to look forward to: going in late to work because I have to go to my bank and straighten out my debit card and hobbling around on my hurty toe without vicodin because I can’t take vicodin and drive/work and a crappy meeting that I’ve been not looking forward to.

Soooooo that is a lot of grumpiness right there. I’m trying to adjust my attitude. I had my big cup of comforting Special Dark, have now started on a cup of this delicious Jun Chiyabari from our Unflavored TTB and have Golden Fleece and Golden Orchid waiting in the wings.

I really like this tea and need to do a real note on it. I have enough left for one small cup after this and will do an actual note on it then. But right now I’m enjoying the floral, muscaty, lychyeeness of this. I plan on ordering some because this is happy tea. It’s all sparkly and lovely and I’m happy drinking it. It’s different from anything I’ve tasted before and I’m enjoying it very much. Another happy thing is that my dahlias are starting to bloom and they make me smile. Maybe today will get better.


I’m sorry yesterday was so awful. Your list of mood adjusting teas is really awesome though! The Jun Chiyabari is fabulous. I think I said “yes!” out loud when I read your line about it being sparkly.


:) it is all sparkly. And I just finished an extra nice cuppa Golden Orchid – things are looking up


Ok, now i get it! I read your other note before this one, now I understand why you need some mood adjusting teas, poor thing! Really hope today is holding better things for you :-)


Already getting better – thank you :)


I’m glad to hear your day is already getting better. Broken toes are awful. There generally isn’t anything they can do about them, unless you really do a number on it, and feet just take forever to heal. Try to keep it elevated as much as you possibly can. Sending lots of positive and pain free vibes your way.


@Cheri – thank you so much. Toe still hurts but my mood is better :)


Broken anything sucks!

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878 tasting notes

Sweet mercy in the mornin’, this is some good stuff! It’s delicate and lovely with rose and lemon notes giving way to good crusty bread. There’s a sharpness to the finish that is very wine-like, and as the tea cools the muscatel notes come out and blend with the floral and lemon notes in a really beautiful way.

Love, love, love this one.

Bumping my rating up from 99 to 100.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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106 tasting notes

(From the UTTB.)

The leaves are very pretty: tiny, curled little things that are a dusky brown color. Some have an orange tint, others are touched with silver. As soon as the leaves hit they all turn a deep autumnal orange. They’re still dark in tone.

The smell…wow, to describe the smell. Very complex. I kept sniffing while it steeped because I was so surprised by all of the scents I was picking up. At first it was fruity with this tart, astringent undercurrent. Then it was like bell peppers. It was peppery, both like crushed black pepper and bell peppers. Kind of earthy. Then it was sweet and fruity again. Now, it’s sweet and spicy on a backdrop of cinnamon. It smells kind of like bread. There’s also this other quality that I can’t describe…I’m guessing it’s muscatel. It reminds me of olive oil. It’s blowing my mind over here.

I’m sipping now and it’s not going to be any easier for me to describe the taste! There’s so much going on. Here are my impressions, in order: light body, green, fruity, sweet, cream, olive oil, more fruit, silkiness, soft, bread, lingering sweetness. It’s even a little malty. It covers your mouth with softness and a sparkling fruity taste. There’s also a certain earthiness to it. That bell pepper thing I was talking about. It’s got spice and pep. It has the qualities of both a black tea and a white tea! I love it.

Second steep, smells light with a little fruitiness and spice. It has a roastiness about it. It tastes like fruit with the same olive oil/muscatel notes as before. There’s more spice and pepper in this cup. There’s a touch of nutty roastiness too. In the aftertaste there’s something that makes me think of apple skins…the crispness of them, the fruit taste matched by a sort of darker, bitter note. (The tea itself is NOT bitter.) There’s some earthiness with a lingering sweet cream flavor. It’s soft with a guava-like sweetness.

I’ve got to run but I’ll probably be back for a third, or even a fourth steep. This is just too good. No words can describe. None. (:


mmm nepalese tea. if darj is the champagne nepals are ummmm…. the cristal?


the teas from this estate are always good…

Tea Sipper

Single Origin’s Jun Chiyabari strikes again! :D

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