Yun Wu Cloud Mist Green Apple Tea

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175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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  • “Not really a tasting note, per se, but I just notice that all the info on this tea has been deleted. It used to be "Green Apple Tea". Even though it's no longer available on their website, I...” Read full tasting note
    forkyfork 166 tasting notes
  • “Okay, I tried. I really tried. I tried every which way I know how to get some flavour other than "veggie juice" out of this blend. I just cannot taste anything else, unfortunately. In addition,...” Read full tasting note
    bleepnik 117 tasting notes
  • “When I sip, I taste mostly the tea. The apple flavor is only light notes that highlight the flavor of the green tea. There is also a light hint of raisin and maybe cinnamon (though neither of these...” Read full tasting note
    ks6 1446 tasting notes
  • “Holeeeee caramel! this is tasty. I'm not getting any apple but I wasn't expecting much so no surprise. The caramel is kinda burnt, caramelized even. But it's quite good as I like that note....” Read full tasting note
    indigobloom 1361 tasting notes

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9 Tasting Notes

166 tasting notes

Not really a tasting note, per se, but I just notice that all the info on this tea has been deleted. It used to be “Green Apple Tea”.

Even though it’s no longer available on their website, I wish they wouldn’t have completely deleted all the information. It’s good to have it as a reference :(


Yeah that’s annoying, but the tea looks good. :)

Hugo Tea Company

I like this if only because it’s called “No Longer Available”


Ok ! I was finding the name of the tea really weird but fun !


I think someone should change the name back (and maybe put “No Longer Available” prominently in the description). Obviously some people still have and drink and enjoy the “green apple tea” even if it is no longer for sale. I think it’s great when tea co’s keep their Steepster info up to date, but in this case it seems a bit overzealous and counterproductive. It’s nice to see all of a company’s offerings and reviews on Steepster. I’d go to the company’s website if I want to know what’s currently in stock.


It was there for a taste testing period I think and the tea was reworked into a different tea blend.


I would put the description in there, but I don’t remember it and it’s not on their website anymore. Ahh well..

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117 tasting notes

Okay, I tried. I really tried. I tried every which way I know how to get some flavour other than “veggie juice” out of this blend. I just cannot taste anything else, unfortunately. In addition, after the tea cooled a bit, it got really, really bitter and astringent. Also, in spite of my infuser’s fine mesh, there was quite a bit of sediment in my teacup.

The nice thing about big companies like Teavana and Adagio is that they don’t participate on Steepster, they don’t go the extra mile to establish a rapport with customers and use wonderful incentives to drum up business and introduce themselves to us. Consequently, I have no qualms at all about calling it like I see it and being critical of a blend I don’t like.

It’s different with the little guys. These little companies are either just getting started or intentionally staying small and catering to a niche within the tea market. They make such a huge effort to procure our business, our trust, and our loyalty. They participate in random discussions, give us the benefit of their expertise, and are responsive to our feedback. They become our friends.

Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome. But it also means that I feel obligated to like their teas, especially if I get them as free samples. I feel guilty when things don’t work out, even though well-intentioned criticism can be more helpful than a glowing review. So here we are, my first free sample that I didn’t love, and I’m feeling terribly guilty about it. Sorry, sTEAp Shoppe, better luck next time.

Tea amount: 2 tsp
Water amount: 8oz./~237mL
Additives: 1 tsp Demerara sugar
Dry mouth factor: 3/10 hot, 7/10 after cooling

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I know how you feel Nik


Nik, I think the point of the reviewing is so that this company can be great. Without the feedback they won’t know how real tea lovers who drink LOTS of tea feel about their tea. They now have the opportunity to fine tune and lets see what happens. I’ve seen some other companies (recently whispering pines made some adjustments to a few tea’s) and it works out! COOL! I LOVE this process!


Thanks, DaisyChubb. :D Bonnie: Agreed. And Janet did say that she was looking into ways they can naturally bring out more flavour in the tea (although I don’t remember whether she said that specifically about the Green Apple or sTEAp’s flavoured teas in general).


You sure gave the attempt with this one your all.


Nik, MASSIVE pat on the back from me to you for having the guts (and decency) to be honest! For the reason you mentioned, it seems some people (in general, none specific in particular) will prefer to try and sugar coat things instead rather than admitting something wasn’t to their tastes. Thank you.


Aww, thanks, Angrboda, I appreciate that. =)

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1446 tasting notes

When I sip, I taste mostly the tea. The apple flavor is only light notes that highlight the flavor of the green tea. There is also a light hint of raisin and maybe cinnamon (though neither of these are actual ingredients). I like this. It is a pleasant basic drink, with a nice green aftertaste.

I am not a big flavored tea drinker these days. When I do have flavored tea – even my beloved Earl Grey – I want to taste the tea. Even from that perspective this is a little light on the apple flavor. I think those who are expecting hearty GREEN APPLE flavor will be disappointed. I am concerned sTEAp may have missed their target audience.

I don’t mean this to come off as a negative review. I actually enjoyed the cup. It was recommended during the virtual tasting that the flavors pop by adding a bit of cinnamon. Also use your favorite sweetener. I picked a couple pieces of fruit out of the leaf and tasted them – very apple pie. If you are looking for a very lightly flavored green tea, this is a good one.

Sample provided by sTEAp Shoppe. Thanks!


With the flavour complexity you got from this sample, I swear there’s something wrong with my palate. =)


In backyard astronomy some faint fuzzies are so dim you can only observe them by not looking directly at them (it has to do with the design of the eye). This technique is known as averted vision. We call it averted imagination. The same technique may just apply to sipping tea ;)


I never tasted any apple or cinnamon but only green tea too. Wow.


I just made a batch of Cinnamon Dolce Syrup. Bet that would go well with this tea.


I looked up the recipe. Sounds like a sweet addicts delight. What do you use it for?


A while back I enjoyed and went over board with this apple tea by Princess Noori, it was heady and heavenly to me and I am not one for flavored tea either. When having tea, I simply want tea but when having something that is to have been flavored then that is what I am expecting. So the Princess Noori Apple Flavoured Tea was idea.

As you have indicated you are not much on flavored tea, so you might not like this one.

I comment because I have had both type of tea where the flavoring at times is absent and yet it is indicated on the box as being present, virtually perhaps.

Happy teas, good review and thank you. Not that you need input from me.


Seule771 I enjoy the input. It took me years to find out unaltered tea could be so amazing. I have nothing against flavored. Occasionally I love a tea with BIG flavor. Apple is not one of those, but maybe it is because I have never had the right one. Thanks for commenting.


K S : I make a home made version of the Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider! Easy and yummy! And of course, way cheaper than going to SBucks!

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1361 tasting notes

Holeeeee caramel! this is tasty. I’m not getting any apple but I wasn’t expecting much so no surprise.
The caramel is kinda burnt, caramelized even. But it’s quite good as I like that note. Hopefully the second infusion will reveal more.
Thanks so much for the sample Azzrian!! This is the best caramel green I’ve had yet :)


Sounds like a good Fall day tea!


it is Bonnie, you called it! :D


I think you meant to leave the review under Caramel apple tea which has bits of caramelized organic sugar in it? It was not posted so we posted it up on steepster. If this is wrong sorry for the confusion.


oh, you are probably right!! it was a sample sent to me by the gracious Azzrian but there wasn’t a review under her name so I just assumed…

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21 tasting notes

I was very excited to try this Green Apple Tea from sTEAp Shoppe. As past of their Virtual Tea Tasting that was held yesterday(9/23). I received four samples and this was my last one. I personally love green apples yet I wasn’t sure how a tea with apples would taste which made me all the more intrigued to experience this.

I steeped this Green Apple Tea at approximately 175 degrees approximately. I steeped it for approximately three to four minutes. The tea liquor was a light to medium yellow color. My first sip was a vegetal taste very much associate with green teas,which I enjoy. It also tasted grassy. I had a challenging time finding the taste of green apples,if anything it was a very subtle presence then I expected. If you are expecting an “in your face taste of green apples tea blend” this isn’t it. As the tea cooled down, the taste became more astringent.
I enjoyed having another tea experience, as each one is very special and unique. I try to learn from each and every one. I continue to learn and surprise myself to find out which flavors I love and enjoy. It’s like life…It’s always full of moments of unexpectedness, and everything in between.

I would like to once again thank sTEAp Shoppe for giving the opportunity to participate in their Virtual Tea Tasting. I hope that I will have another opportunity to participate in the future.


Me too no apples but the green tea was good enough and there was a lot of good product you can tell.

Erika M.

I agree with Bonnie. I enjoyed the green tea too!

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124 tasting notes

I like this tea. I like it because it completely shocked me.
Green apple, huh? I was expecting something sour or bitter (I’m not a huge green apple fan). This is neither of those things.
What it is is a surprisingly smooth green tea. The apple peeks out, mingling its astringency with that of the green tea. I don’t taste the other dried berries so much as… perceive them, I guess. They are on the periphery offering a tiny bit of sweetness and a tiny zing. I smell them more than taste them. I really love the mix of apple, cranberry, and green tea. It’s nothing I would have put together myself but it really works.
This tea is just plain interesting. I keep thinking that it’s just a basic sipping tea and I keep finding myself enjoying the aftertaste (that’s where the berry flavors come through) and the interplay of the flavors.
ETA – Thanks, STEAp Shop for the sample! This is for the Virtual Tea Tasting 9/23/12

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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