ZhengHe GongFu Black Tea - Jin Ping Village

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  • “YYZ had this a few days and it was a nudge to pull this out and have it again this week. I've been trying to drink up older teas, and this doesn't quite fall into that category since i picked it...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4939 tasting notes
  • “This is a really nice Fujian tea that had a great mix of bright fruit and sweet cocoa notes. It is very similar in flavour to a tea I love and may not be able to replace, so I am grateful to...” Read full tasting note
    yyz 374 tasting notes
  • “first off, i believe i updated the tea info correctly for this excellent blend... it took some digging on tao tea leaf's site, but if it's wrong feel free to lecture, lol. the description for...” Read full tasting note
    JustJames 379 tasting notes
  • “A lovely sample from Dexter3657. I didn't read anything about this tea before I steeped it, I just went with the directions included on the sample packet. :) Sil apparently says it tastes like...” Read full tasting note
    OMGsrsly 1471 tasting notes

From Tao Tea Leaf

This is our most popular black tea and is one of Fujian province’s famous black teas. JinPing is the oldest and best village for ZhengHe GongFu black tea. This is also one of the oldest black teas in the world. One of the earliest teas to be exported to foreign countries. This tea is picked in the early spring harvest. A rich brew with tasting notes of sweet potato and nuts.

Region: JinPing Village, ZhengHe, Fujian Province

Steeping Guide:

Teaware: Glass or ceramic Gaiwan

Amount: 3g /1½ teaspoons

Temperature: 100°c (212°F)

Steeping Time: 1 to 2 minutes for the first two steeps and 3 to 5 minutes for the third and fourth.

*These steeping directions are for a traditional Gong Fu style tea, if you are brewing this tea in a regular cup we recommend steeping for 2 – 3 minutes. This tea can also been steeped 4 times

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14 Tasting Notes

4939 tasting notes

YYZ had this a few days and it was a nudge to pull this out and have it again this week. I’ve been trying to drink up older teas, and this doesn’t quite fall into that category since i picked it up in September. it DOES, however, fall into the category of delicious, delicious teas that i love. so there.

Terri HarpLady

That works for me!

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374 tasting notes

This is a really nice Fujian tea that had a great mix of bright fruit and sweet cocoa notes. It is very similar in flavour to a tea I love and may not be able to replace, so I am grateful to Dexter3657 for this sample as I’ve been curious about it for some time.

Below are my observations. I steeped it 5 times.

This tea brewed into a medium amber brown.

Scent longan, cocoa, honey, malt. Both bright and rich smelling.

1.5 TSP/200 ml/95°C/1 min

Nice balance of bright citrusy longan, honey,with cocoa in the finish. Slight hint of dark bread crust, cherry and spice.
1 min scent similar to above but stronger sweet cocoa note.
Long an, stronger cocoa with honey underrneath

1:30. Longan honey, cocoa in back again but still quite present.
2:10 longan dominant other flavours present underneath. Becomes sweeter as it cools

4 min slightly tart sweet potato with cocoa honey note

Altogether this is really a nice tea that I will purchase in the future. Thanks!


I changed the picture and description of this tea as this is the only King Pin on their website and it is described as a staple at the tea shop.


Beautiful notes in there!


Thanks! I meant jing pin;)


Glad you liked it. This is my favorite black tea, and I share it quite often – I don’t think others love it as much as I do – but it’s nice to read other’s reviews. :))


Sounds very nice!


Love this one!


oooh, longan! I love zhenghes and have enjoyed everything I’ve tried from TTL, so onto the list it goes!


ifjuly did I not send you any of this? I can if you would like to try it. :))


you did, and I’m a total doof! I went to add it to my wishlist and saw it was already in my cupboard! hahaha my bad.


(more shameful “your stash is out of control” symptoms…)


i bought this one after dexter shared it with me..love it as well!

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379 tasting notes

first off, i believe i updated the tea info correctly for this excellent blend… it took some digging on tao tea leaf’s site, but if it’s wrong feel free to lecture, lol.

the description for this tea is bang on… it’s a sweet souchong, for which i am hugely grateful. a number of us have been discussing allergies on here tonight and one of my many is smoke. incense, cigarettes, the oven being cleaned. i think as a result i dislike/can’t tolerate smoke in tea. to my delight this one was just the right mix of sweet and smoke.

thank you so much scribbles for this great little baggie of surprise. i am enjoying it as we speak! lovely with cream and sugar (i do smoke creamed, lol)… i will try it all by it’s lonesome another day. today i crave my standard comforts. it has been another looooong medical day.

scribbles, is tao tea leaf giving you an extra discount or a stipend at all? because i will buy this one in future. xoxo

steep 2: less sweet but no increase in smoke. takes on a marine tone, but not unpleasantly so… like a sweet mild version of seaweed. there is also an echo of puerh in it… again, very gently. just a hint.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Next time I go to Tao, I’ll pick some up for you.


I think you said somewhere that the image uploads don’t work when editing teas? I’ve found that if you update it, save it, and then JUST upload the picture (and upload – don’t link it), it’ll work. I just did it for this one: http://steepster.com/teas/zen-tea/38921-shui-hsien-organic-oolong


thank you cavocorax, i’ll do that next time!

scribbles my dearest, do not spend Your tea budget on Me. you are lovely, but i can buy my own tea, LOL.

there is something winging its way to you by the way =0P


Too much!! :)


hah! too bad! xo

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1471 tasting notes

A lovely sample from Dexter3657.

I didn’t read anything about this tea before I steeped it, I just went with the directions included on the sample packet. :) Sil apparently says it tastes like LB, and I’ll agree. The flavours are not to my taste at all. Not really smoky, more roasty and dark with a tiny bit of smoke. Plain it was better once it cooled, but it was generally much nicer with maple syrup. I guess I’m really not into teas with this flavour profile (yet).

The rest of the sample will go to my brother… maybe he’ll like it better!

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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612 tasting notes

This was good but doesn’t give me the immediate pleasure-pang satisfaction it seems to for most. Part of it is that inescapable sweet potato thing so many popular Chinese black teas have that I’m just bored to tears by personally. And I don’t know, for some reason that note always signals a wateriness to my brain even when I don’t think it’s actually there, hard to explain and I don’t know why. It was certainly not bad but all the wonderful notes others are mentioning I don’t get at all, just sweet starch and a little smoke. It seems I can only appreciate/detect longan when it’s waaaay overpoweringly flavored like in Lupicia’s Earl Grey Grand Classic. I’m such a subtaster. I did this gongfu but I think next time I will try it Western style and overleaf a bit.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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520 tasting notes

This is not very smoky which is good because I am not a Lapsang fan. When it cools down the smoke becomes more present. But when hot, this is sweet and thick and hay-ey. Reminds me a bit of the Black Pearl from Mountain Tea Co. Also a bit of Laoshan Black but the main difference is that I don’t like Laoshan Black and I really, really like this.

Thanks so much, Sil!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

woohoo! i found you your very own LB grin

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729 tasting notes

I often say that this is my favorite black tea. But is it really? This is the first black that really blew me away, but since then I’ve tried lots more great black teas. Is this really the best black that I’ve tried or am I just emotionally attached to it?
I have been drinking it at work for the last couple of days. HHHhhhhmmmm – yep I love it. Awesome, fantastic, perfect. This is everything that I LOVE about black tea. Emotional or not – I’m still calling this my favorite and need to get more of it in my cupboard.


Was waiting for a special occasion to drink my sample, but reading this made me decide that my special occasion will be tomorrow morning :-)


I hope you like it – it is possible that I’m just nuts, but I loved it then, I’ve drank it awhile ago, I still love it now.


This one is pretty darn good…just wish it was a. Little less pricy….but I stock up every sale lol

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9 tasting notes

I feel bad.. I had this one sitting under my monitor and forgot to pack it up when I sent the box off, sorry to anyone looking forward to trying it :(

On to the tea though, it’s a really nice black that I could see myself drinking again for sure. I’m on my second steeping and the flavour is really nice. It leaves a lingering sweetness on my palate that leaves me wanting to drink more and more.

Looking forward to seeing how this tea holds up to a few more steeps :)

Edit: Not really sure how to explain this but the tea leaves such a nice smokey bittersweet taste, I’ve never really experienced anything quite like it from a tea I’m really loving this

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401 tasting notes

«This is my #1 favourite black tea» Dexter3657 wrote on this sample she so generously shared with me.

I won’t let this influence my note, but it’s always nice to know you’re drinking someone’s favourite tea :-)

Oh…it’s a nom-nom-nom tea. Sweet and malty, it’s what I call a comfortable tea. I’m sure it’s the type that does’t require much care in the brewing method and always comes out delish, no matter how bad you’ve treated it. I’m having it in the glass Gongfu pot. I forgot how long my first brew was, and it did not affect the taste. No astringency whatsoever.

It’s a Fujian and it wears that beautiful golden robe.

Yes, it’s fruity and nutty, with hints of baked potatoes. But it also has a saltiness and spiciness to it, almost brothy and savoury.

I like it cause it’s different and brings a different dimension to some other similar teas I have tried.

Thank you so much Dexter3657 for sharing one of your favourite with me :-)

Non tea related content:

It’s bird season, and as you know, I’m a fan, I feed them all over the yard. Since this morning, I have identified 17 different spicies. In a few weeks, I’ll have over 40 different species coming and going in the many feeders I fill with love every week…

I thought I’d mention them cause they are beautiful and really gave me joy today.
As I’m writing this, I’m watching a male Rose Breasted Grosbeak, just stunning!


That’s great about birds, thank you for sharing! Would you recommend any book for identifying birds?


You are welcome Kat_Maria!
I hardly use any books now, I converted to the iPad app iBird Pro, the best tool ever. You get so much more info, and you can hear the sound they make, that’s a big helper with species that are very similar to one another like Sparrows.

The book I would recommend is the one I used for years, North American Guide by Donald & Lillian Stokes. Very complete guide an easy to use with real illustrations of males, females and immatures. They sell it on Amazon:


Happy sighting :-)


The book looks really interesting! Thank you! I am more interested in a simple, physical book rather than an app or a website because the place where I see most unique birds is where I don’t get Internet access. This app sounds great, though!


Lol, yes, the fact that I live by the forest makes it easier for me. You can’t go wrong with the book. I still carry my book when I go on vacation or on lakes and rivers.

(but just so you know, the app doest require an internet connexion, it’s like an encyclopedia download, once it’s done it’s always available on your device, just the updates require a connexion, thought I should mention it :-))

Happy that you enjoyed this!!! Happy bird watching too – tea in the back yard watching the birds sounds like a really nice way to spend an afternoon to me.


This sounds great. I’m always a fan of teas that gracefully take abuse! (Would love to enjoy watching your feeders, too.)


Thanks Dexter, it was a lovely rainy day :-)

Gmathis, I abuse my tea constantly!

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