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From Tea Desire

Taste: Just like a cookie. Delicious with cream or milk.

Ingredients: Black tea, pieces of dates, cocoa peels, chocolate bits, vanilla, natural flavour.

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17 Tasting Notes

4420 tasting notes

Hey, would you look at that – I’m over 100 followers now!

Anyway, I’m totally indulging my love of flavoured blacks today! There are at least three more I’m hoping to get in by the end of the day, some new and some old. This is one of the ones I’ve tried before – but since I was in a chocolate mood I grabbed this one over some of my other chocolate/some other flavour like mint or fruit mixes.

Today I added milk after recalling a few reviews that said it was tasty that way. With the milk, this steeped up to be a very smooth chocolate tea today, akin to a semi watered down cup of hot chocolate. Even though I’m not explicitly tasting the dates in this cup, I’m sure they’re part of what’s adding to the cookie/fudge feeling I’m getting. I also taste a bit more vanilla than usual, perhaps the milk is bringing it out.

It’s a “lick up every last drop” kind of cup.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Ugh I want to drink tea too :( I made a glass this morning and then had to run out to class and leave it sitting on the counter. Soon…soon me and my beloved tea will reconnect and then I have a whole weekend (Yay for no Friday classes!) to enjoy it :)


Wow…sorry for that whininess…I sweat that isn’t why I wanted to post. I wanted to say CONGRATS ON OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!!! Exciting stuff :)


Also I had this from VariaTEA but didn’t log it bc Steepster was throwing a tantrum. I wish I could have gotten more flavour from it, but with your review in mind I’ll blame that on my cold (as I should) and try it again.


I found it to taste very similar to the fugdgey oreo cookie but only the cookie part. I didn’t get any of the oreo center.




Congrats on over 100 followers! That’s a fun milestone :)

Roswell Strange

I actually hate Oreos, which is why it took so long for me to cave in and try this. What finally made me cave in was my favourite Tea Desire Sales Associate saying that the date taste was really strong, and I like dates so I finally got it ;P I don’t taste Oreos (thankfully) but I do often get Pastry/Date taste, and it has a nice fudgey chocolate – so works for me ^^

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1433 tasting notes

It’s the name of the tea that got me buying this one, and I had high hopes when it arrived that it would become a new staple in my house.

I should note that this, my first order from Tea Desire, arrived a DAY after I ordered it, along with free shipping. Also had a handwritten note inside thanking me for my business, along with my name spelled properly. Always a plus!

Dry, this actually does smell vaguely of an oreo cookie. Sweet, cakey. Steeped, it just smells like black tea. I was a bit surprised by that, and really stuck my nose in there to see if I was missing something. Nope, just tea.

I’m sipping right now as it cools, and while a bit hot for me to get a good feel for it, I’m surprised at how much this does taste like an oreo cookie further into the sip. Initially it’s definitely a black tea, which then dissolves into a creamy feel, along with notes of chocolate, cake and a deep, rich yet faint sweetness, likely from the dates. All that’s missing is a hint of vanilla, although with this sore throat maybe it’s there and I’m just missing it.

Going to wait for it to cool down a bit and try some more.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I love when you find a new tea company that has awesome customer service. I also love hearing from others about their experiences. This makes me want to support them….


They actually have a shop (kind of) near me, and one in Saskatoon, too. I’ll have to make the trek out and see what their shops are like, because it really was a wonderful experience. Well packaged, too. The only complaint I have is that the bags were generic, so the only way to tell what it was was the sticker on the back, and it just lists the name and ingredients, and zero about the tea itself. There’s also only generic steeping instructions based on the kind of tea it is.

Still, I’ll definitely re-order from them again. I mean, next day shipping for free?! Crazy. Amazing. Okay, I did have to spend $50, however that was the easy part.


I’m glad you enjoyed them! I didn’t get much of a chance to try Tea Desire when I was in Vancouver, because the stores ending up closing. I wonder if that was due to the competition with DAVIDsTEA and Teavana?

I went to the one in Vernon and it’s usually nice but the lady working there was just TOO friendly and wouldn’t back off and give me any space, so I left. I might have to try an online order, someday, but I’ll keep an eye on your reviews!


Oh, there were some in Van? Darn it. The only one nearby is in Abbotsford, which is a bit of a trek.

I’m going to attempt to sip all of these new teas before I leave for San Jose Thursday… we’ll see how far I get.

Roswell Strange

I live in Saskatoon where they have a store located (I actually work in the mall it’s in, so I get a discount there), and their in person customer service is AMAZING too. After just two times of going, they had learned my name and were able to remember what I had purchased both times. I go there a lot now, and it’s just amazing how well they get to know each of their customers. Seriously, they might know my flavour interests better than I do, and they’re able to really recommend good new teas for me based on past purchases.

Roswell Strange

Tea wise, I find they really excel with their white, mate, and herbal blends. Their flavoured greens have been pretty hit and miss with me (some I adore, others leave me disappointed), and I’ve yet to find a black tea I actually like. Most of them, sadly (since black tea is my favourite) are incredibly flavourless. I have a lot of reviews of their teas though, since they are local to me and I have very, VERY easy access.


I’m definitely envious, Roswell Strange! I’ve got a lot of tea on it’s way, however once I’ve enjoyed a whack of it, I think that Tea Desire will be a monthly online purchase for me.

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998 tasting notes

It is cold and windy and snowing here tonight. My plan for the evening was to curl up on the couch and sample some more of the teas MissB so generously sent me.
This was on top of the pile, and well, ummmmmm, I’m now working on my fourth cup and haven’t made it any further into the stack.
I really quite like this, I’ve been drinking it all evening and am quite sure this sample is going to get finished off tonight.
Why do I get caught up with the names though…? This is a nice chocolate tea, but I’m not getting any cookie, and not much creamy. A splash of milk solves the creamy problem, but cookie – sorry I’m missing that.
Oh well, I’m just going to be happy with this desserty tea, and thank MissB for sending it to me.




Would you say it’s worth trying? I gave up on trying to get to a store and am contemplating an online order, and was considering this one.

Roswell Strange

Indendiare, were there any other blends you were considering? I have a quite a few different Tea Desire blends since I have a local store – so if you wanted to sample some things we could work out a swap (I don’t however have this particular blend).


I’ve been planning on making an order to restock on a bunch of my favourites anyway, so ordering wasn’t going to be a hassle. It’s just so annoying how whenever I go back to Edmonton to visit, their store would close down and be in the midst of opening a new one at a different location!

Roswell Strange


Roswell Strange

Yeah, that would be a pain. I really love Tea Desire: their Champagne Cassis and Banana Tea “Chocolate Cream” are my favourite blends, by far (and in my top 5 favourites overall). I also really like Buddha Bamboo, Mate Mint, Raspberry Oolong, Chai Apricot, Asia Cocktail, and Victoria Mint (I keep all of those ones restocked). To be honest, their blacks have all been misses for me (part of why I’ve yet to try this one, the other part being that I hate Oreos) – and their greens hit or misses.


I think all teas are personal preference. This is a decent chocolate tea and I think it would be worth trying.


I really like Champagne Cassis too, but haven’t tried the banana one yet. Must be a newer one. I luckily found a few of the flavoured blacks that I like, such as Walnut Truffle and Cinnamon Star (and their Irish Cream is pretty good, although I got sick of it after a while). It’s more their greens that are misses for me, but I love their White Angel. But Dexter is right, they’re definitely a personal preference. I think I’ll give this one a go when I order.


I really enjoyed this one too, although I think the name is off as well. It’s just a really nice chocolate tea. White Angel is phenomenally good (I will forevermore have it in my house), and Chocolate Truffle is another favorite. Chocolate Chai… is growing on me. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it, Dexter!


I was looking at Tea Desires website and this caught my eye. I am glad to know it is good even if it doesn’t taste like an oreo. I was also looking at Chocolate Loops, Chocolate Truffle, and Cinnamon Star – obviously I had chocolate on the mind when checking out the site haha.


Chocolate Loops is mostly loops, just FYI. I have some Cinnamon Star… I should just open this envelope I have sitting here for you VariaTEA and add these into it for you to try out.


haha as wonderful as that would be, you really do not need to send me a sample of every tea I show interest in. You are really too kind.

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390 tasting notes

i’m tired. it’s late. i should be sleeping….. i REALLY should be sleeping, instead i am going to enjoy one last moment for myself before the sun rises on another gong show tomorrow…..

i have no idea how this tea accomplishes oreo, but it does. i actually feel the need to confess that i have always been an oreo brat….. everyone knows the only reason the chocolate cookies are there is to hold the yummy icing in place.

i would unscrew the two cookies, scrape the icing off of each with my teeth, then chuck the cookies. you could argue that it was wasteful, but i would argue that in fact it was a reliable method of sustainable caloric intake =0) i could eat more icing while eating fewer cookies, see? perfect sense!

that said, i was always in trouble over it though….. well, mostly just when i stuck them back together and put them back in the bag. it’s kindof amazing i don’t have a back condition from the amount i got spanked as a kid, lol!!!

this tea is white icing all the way…. no chocolate cookie. but that’s okay because i’d have to pick out the chocolate bits and mail them back to MissB. hee hee hee…..

NOW sleeping is not optional.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
BrewTEAlly Sweet

Oh my gawd! Oreo brat right here (raises hand)!!!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

I need this tea in my life!


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i’m not alone!

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358 tasting notes

I had to take a little break from all of the wonderful teas that VariaTEA sent me because I had some icky virus/laryngitis that I couldn’t taste anything. I did, however, drink tons of tea during that time because it literally made my throat feel so much better. Tea to the Rescue!!

It’s finals time and I have a boring day of studying ahead of me. What better way to prepare than with a cup of liquid oreos?! The dry leaves smell like chocolate and vanilla. The flavor is mostly a rich, creamy vanilla like the center of an oreo cookie with just a little chocolate. I was afraid that milk would overwhelm this one, but it really brought out more of the cookie flavor. Thank you, VariaTEA for this one! I saved the rest for my fiancee, he will LOVE this!

-Dry blend has small black tea leaves with pieces of dried dates and pieces of cocoa peels.
-Dry leaves smell lightly of a chocolate cookie. Tea liquor aroma is of rich vanilla with a hint of chocolate.
-Tea liquor is a clear medium yellow brown color.
-Light cocoa flavor with a chocolate finish. Chocolate and vanilla aftertaste.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Very good tea. Creamy chocolate and vanilla flavor. Reminiscent of a double-stuffed oreo cookie.


Glad you enjoyed this one and that you are starting to feel better. Hope your fiance likes it too :)

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3181 tasting notes

MissB sent me a sample of this tea and as I sit waiting for the tea to cool, first thing I notice is that it actually does smell like an Oreo Cookie. Definitely a good start. Unfortunately, the taste is a bit watered down in comparison to the smell. There is a slight chocolate cookie taste but no oreo cream center, although I suppose that can be solved with some milk. A pleasant enough cup just not oreo cookie. Thank you MissB for sending me a sample to try!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Yea, it’s mis-named. I still really enjoy the tea, I just wish it was called something different.


This is awesome with a splash of milk – it cures everything…. :))

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740 tasting notes

Used my whole sample of this one from MissB tonight, since it was just over a teaspoon (more like a heaping teaspoon) and I was making a mug of this.

The dates are an unusual addition, and really, the dates are mostly what I taste in this tea. While I love dates, and this is a yummy date tea, it is not really terribly oreo, though I imagine the dates are there to enhance the chocolate cookie part of the tea. That’s my thinking anyway.

It’s a decent tea for how it tastes, rather than what it is supposed to taste like. I did have this with only sugar, and then I added milk, and I like it better with milk.

I probably would not buy this one on my own, but I do like it and am glad to have tried it.

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1723 tasting notes

A sample from Miss B. I can’t believe I’m still working through the box of samples she sent me, but I am. There seems to be no end to it! This one was lurking right at the bottom, or else I’d probably have got to it a lot sooner. I also feel like my cold has cleared up enough that I can try new things again, except for a niggly slightly-sore throat that I think is going to be around for a week or so yet.

I used a generous 1 tsp of leaf for this cup, and gave it around 4 minutes in boiling water. When I returned to the kitchen, it had filled the whole room with the scent of chocolate cake. Looks like I’m going to be popular at work today! I added a splash of milk.

The first sip tells me that the taste more than lives up to the scent. It’s very chocolatey straight away, with vanilla/cream notes in the mid-sip and a deliciously cookie/fudge finish. I’m guessing it’s the dates that are responsible for that – they’re rich and slightly sticky, and I can sort-of pick them out in the aftertaste. I love dates, though, so I’ve no problem with that.

Taken as a whole, this tea does remind me of oreo cookies. The initial sip is a lot more like chocolate cake than anything else, but it comes together remarkably well and by the end of the sip it’s definitely “biscuit” rather than “cake”. I appreciate that it doesn’t taste watered down in the way that some chocolate teas can – it’s not like hot chocolate with too much water added, and that’s always a bonus.

I actually have some cookies to eat with this one – not oreo because I’m on the gluten free these days and I can’t have those anymore. They are triple chocolate, though, and rather delicious, so I’m going to sit and eat those with my cookie tea and pretend I’m not at work for a while. It’s a plan.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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1564 tasting notes

Sample courtesy of the lovely MissB! I’ve been meaning to try this out out but kept passing on it because in the store, it didn’t even smell like much of anything, so it’s great to get this.

I’m not sure how old this batch is, but the dry leaf didn’t smell like much, and unfortunately, didn’t taste like much either. I just got a vague sweetness behind the typical Tea Desire black base, but it doesn’t hint at a cookie-like flavour in any way. I added some light cream and it felt like I was drinking a weak cup of black tea.

I would still try this again in the future. Maybe I’ll be lucky and they’ll be offering it as a free tea of the day next time I make a trip.

Liquid Proust

This sounds fun!


I’m sure it’s more interesting when it’s fresh!

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642 tasting notes

Sample from MissB, actually faintly reminiscent of an Oreo!
A watered down Oreo, obviously.

I added some cream to give it that creamy filling note.

Pretty good!

Thanks for sending some along :)

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