Very Raspberry

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Candy, Berries, Lemon Zest
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From Teajo Teas

Very Raspberry

This is not your ordinary Raspberry tea! We combine natural raspberry flavor with whole leaf black tea to create a fruity, flavorful blend that tastes amazing over ice!

Tea Origin India
Tea Type Black
Leaf Grade TGFOP (Medium whole leaf)
Blend Type Single Estate
Caffeine Level (scale of 0 – 10, Coffee = 10) 3

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6 Tasting Notes

1041 tasting notes

I received this sample from teajo teas. Thank you!

If you like raspberry you will like this tea. Teajo does a wonderful job creating fruit flavored teas that actually taste like the fruit they’re supposed to taste like. This tea doesn’t taste like raspberry syrup or raspberry Kool Aid or raspberry candy. It taste like raspberry. And tea. I don’t know what tea base Teajo uses, but it’s good!

I drank one cup of this plain and one cup with sugar. Both cups were enjoyable. I liked the tartness of the tea when it’s plain, but a little sugar really brings out the fruit flavor.

My daughter will be home from school in a few minutes, and I’m looking forward to sharing this tea with her. It seems like something that would be right up her alley. :)

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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154 tasting notes

Taken without Milk and sugar this tea is just very strong and tart. It almost makes me think if the sour patch kid candies had a diabetic “replacement” (really what beats sour patch kids?) this would be it. Except there is no sweet finish cause well… you’re diabetic.

I am NOT a diabetic so I shoved 2 tsp of sugar in the pot (twice as much as I normally would dare) and shook till dissolved. Yes, I shook a tea pot. Fruit black teas bring out the anger in me cause I don’t understand why anyone would bother making these combinations. Tea is lovely. Juice might be the healthiest thing available… ever. Why would you skimp on either? Anyways, the tea is bearable with sugar.
Still slightly tart the raspberry and standing solidly against the black tea and holding its own. Likewise the black tea is sucker punching the raspberry back… but this is all happening in my mouth… which is minutely uncomfortable.

Then I added milk to subdue both sides of the epic tea vs. fruit battle and finally I find this drinkable. The flavors are still fighting in dominance … aka it’s not clear cut in the starting and finishing flavors they really just come in flavor waves until they blend into a sour tea aftertaste.

I can’t find anything “wrong” with this tea. The leaves look nice… aka TGFOP. It smells and tastes like real things. Not all artificially added and poopy.
But… I obviously dislike fruit teas… so consider that I drink at least 3 cups of this and wrote this to be positive.
For people who like fruit in their tea.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Sour Patch Kids rule. I like to eat them until your tongue starts to feel a little raw from all that sour sugar stuff they coat them in and then eat ten more.

I have a lot of problems picking out the black tea as a singular note in black-fruit blends [similar to what I think you’re describing here]. If the overall flavor’s appealing to me I’ll drink it anyway, but I can see how it would be frustrating. Part of me feels like they typically don’t use high quality leaves in them for that exact reason. However, if this was a TGFOP that’s a bit of a shame.

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58 tasting notes

Not to bad…

I took 1tsp and steeped it for about 3 minutes like the package said. It took a little while until the raspberry flavoring came through. I was hoping for a little more raspberry flavoring (VERY Raspberry is it not called?) but I’ll pry try steeping it for a bit longer or using more leaves b/c I can totally see myself digging this kind of tea since not alot of companies use Assam as the maing black tea they use in flavored teas. It’s got the usual Assam bold, rich, and smooth characteristics that make it great hot or iced.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

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512 tasting notes


“a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”

Sometimes you taste something or hear something or see something that just takes you back to past times and brings long lost memories and feelings that were never really forgotten but just hidden away deep inside and maybe neglected a bit.
That’s called Nostalgia, We all know what nostalgia is because I’m sure we’ve all expeirenced it at some point in our lives. Nostalgia can be a good thing sometimes and may be healthy for our minds.
“Reliving past memories may provide comfort and contribute to mental health. One notable recent medical study has looked at the physiological effects thinking about past ‘good’ memories can have. They found that thinking about the past ‘fondly’ actually increased perceptions of physical warmth”

I’m at the dialysis clinic with Lance today and I brought this tea along to taste and make a little review on here for it, easy peasy right? It was supposed to be easy peasy but Nostalgia happened.

The taste of this tea is not the best but it’s not bad by any means, in fact it’s pretty good just not in the way I was expecting. I was expecting a Very Rasberry taste and it’s actually more of a Raspberry Candy type of taste. It is kinda tart and the tea itself is a bit bold for a fruity blend. I added a bit of sugar to try and bring the sweet fruity taste of raspberries out a little morebut instead it went even more candylike to me.
It actually reminded me very much of the way a Raspberry Tootsie Pop used to taste when I was a child, So much so that nostalgia kicked in and I went back in time to a much better place than sitting here in the dialysis clinic.

I was taken back to Halloweens 3 decades ago, my sister and I sitting in the floor of my moms house in the living room dressed up as werewolves and princesses or whatever cool costume that we wanted that year becuase Mom always made sure we would dressed up as anything we wanted to be. Every year different costume but always the same ole candy that we looked forward to every year, I remember the Raspberry Tootsie Pops being one of those favorite candies that I pesonally looked forward to seeing in my halloween bag.
I remember my sister and I eating these thing and swapping candies that we didn’t like with each other for something that we did like. I remember this now because the memories were provoked by the candylike taste of this tea. I would try to gather up all the raspberry tootise pop that my sister had and I would offer her like 4 of my Grape pops for like 6 or 7 of her Raspberry pops which wasn’t fair but as a child it seemed fair to me lol
I remember Mom stepping in and teaching us to share and be fair and would make sure that I did my sister right and made a fair trade with her and everybody was happy and content.
Mom was great even tho we went trick or treating She still would make up little goodie bags for us herself with some of the favorite candies that she knew we each loved with raspberry tootsie pops always sticking out the top of my baggie(man i still remember what those baggies looked like she must had a lot of them and used them every year lol). Mom would check all of our candies and pick out what she wanted and “trade” with us for it by giving us our baggies and She’d stick in a video with some Halloween cartoons and we’d sit and watch and eat candy and sing along “trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat for halloween!!” Oh the good ole days.

I miss my Mom so much she was very good to us and always made us the best halloweens, raspberry tootsie were always part of all of that(along with other goodies) While I say the nostalgia was about the Halloween memories maybe it’s even more so that it made me think of my Mom along with that, My memories seem to dwell on Mom.

Anyways this Tea reminds me of Raspberry Tootsie pops and provoked some good memories of halloween and my Mom and by doing so it kinda gave some of that time with her back to me for a little while, I really appreciate that :)

Flavors: Candy


Thanks, love the review, especially the nostalgia part! Yes, all our fruit blends are bold because of the Assam. It’s our signature profile, which is perfect if you prefer really full-bodied tea.


wow that’s a long review! It’s very hard for me to do a long one my self. anyhow red tootsie pop eh? CANDY HEAVEN! :D I get nostalgia for videogames i played as a kid ;)

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568 tasting notes

I’m getting the idea that raspberry is not an easy flavour to capture. I’ve enjoyed the chocolate/coconut raspberry flavours that are blatantly dessert teas, but the plain old raspberry teas tend to taste more like Swedish Berries than anything else. This one still falls into that category for me, although it tries hard not too.

There’s a tart citrus zap that’s convincing, followed by the raspberry flavour, which eventually descends into the category of sweetened jam. It’s the aftertaste and aroma that leaves me with gummies.. although it also feels like I have those raspberry hairs stuck in my throat. Mixed signals.

Oh, well. This tea mostly sticks to the raspberries of my mind, and if it becomes overly sweet I can’t pretend I don’t like jam and candy too.

Flavors: Berries, Lemon Zest


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