Dragon Lychee Pearls

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Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 10 oz / 295 ml

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  • “This tea is lovely with good fruity lychee notes that persist through many steepings over cocoa, butter, honey and malt. It has immediately gone on my wish list! The pearls are about the size of...” Read full tasting note
    yyz 378 tasting notes
  • “I must have forgotten to write about this in past tastings even though I just finished a bag. And not a sample bag either! I love these and I will miss them. I haven't had a lot of lychee teas but...” Read full tasting note
    Littleelle 272 tasting notes
  • “grabbed this with the father's day discount..... soooooooooo worth it! proper review will have to come later.... essay calling!!!! (48 hours from now i'm free for 5!) that didn't used to be a big...” Read full tasting note
    JustJames 379 tasting notes
  • “Good morning Steepster! When I woke up earlier, I had a lychee craving. I happen to have some in the fridge. And I happen to have these delicious lychee pearls, so why not create a lychee feast?...” Read full tasting note
    TheTeaFairy 404 tasting notes

From Tealux

Well rounded, sweet, mellow and flavorsome, our Lychee tea is an exotic and enticing taste sensation!

Ripe, fruity and aromatic, Lychee is delicious either served hot, or chilled and served over ice with a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon.

Ingredients: Chinese Black Tea, Lychee Essence

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5 Tasting Notes

378 tasting notes

This tea is lovely with good fruity lychee notes that persist through many steepings over cocoa, butter, honey and malt. It has immediately gone on my wish list!

The pearls are about the size of a medium large natural pearl on a pearl necklace. The dark leaves are fairly tightly wound and are very fragrant. I used 7 of them in 150 ml of boiling water.

Once brewed the lychee is strong in scent, very fruity, slightly raisiny and a bit perfumy. The tea underneath smells of cocoa and a bready malt note and butter.

1.2 min: The flavour is soft and creamy, the lychee is very fruity with a hint of dried raisiny fruit among the lychee, there is a good note of honey, and cocoa and butter in the base. The flavours blend well together. The colour is ranging towards oak.

2 min. The tea has a more balanced blend between the fruit and base tea scents. The cocoa is stronger and the lychee smells rich and voluptuous.
The balance is well met between the originally listed flavours as well, with the lychee remaining strong, the honey intensifying and the cocoa and butter notes remaining uunderneath, but are strengthened. A grainy malt note is also becoming apparent.

3 min honey, lychee, cocoa, malt, butter
Lychee is slightly perfumy, cocoa,butter, mmalt, mineral note , opens up to lychee honey and cocoa.

5 min: lychee and honey dominate scent. The base has thinned out and the flavour is of lychee, honey, cream and malt. This steep is a little more tart than the others.

If you enjoy lychee this tea is well worth trying. Thanks JustJames for the sample!


I really like this one.


Sounds tasty.


It really is and the Lychee really lasts throughout the steeping.

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272 tasting notes

I must have forgotten to write about this in past tastings even though I just finished a bag. And not a sample bag either! I love these and I will miss them. I haven’t had a lot of lychee teas but this is a great one. With or without sugar, although I prefer with. I don’t like that I’m running out of a lot of favourites all at the same time because it means I must place a lot of different orders. Hard to do when one tries to adhere to a budget or allow only one order per month. Ha! How’s that for discipline?!?

These pearls are so good though. Great flavour, good base. A tea that makes you think about it even when you’re not with it. The pearls are also very cute to look at. Tiny, black aromatic marbles, not too small either. Perfect size! I don’t like stuff that looks like mouse droppings :)


LOL, having seen far too many mouse droppings in my day, I can’t say I’ve seen tea that reminds me of them. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad!


Big mouse? :) I know, really,I haven’t either. But some pearls are really small. Not these!


I think pearl teas are cute too :)

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379 tasting notes

grabbed this with the father’s day discount….. soooooooooo worth it! proper review will have to come later…. essay calling!!!! (48 hours from now i’m free for 5!) that didn’t used to be a big number….. somehow that changed?


Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I’m glad someone else finally tasted this tea, it is sooooo gooood!


i loved it! so awesome!!!!! teafairy? you’re magic…… can’t you do something abut my essay? (=0) puh-leez?


Haha! Well unfortunately, my powers don’t reach to BC yet, I would have to be a much wiser and older fairy for that… But I can wish you good Fairy luck, it has been know to work…sometimes ;-)


you are a very kind fairy…. i’m tired. i don’t feel like writing 1200 words of sociology. i don’t wanna. i could be persuaded to write about tea…. =0) maybe. in exchange for a lovely cup. lol


But you must :-O
Oh, I’m sure you’d wish you had more than 1200 words if you’d be writing about tea!! I know I could write countless words about it :-)


gender, race, sexuality, inequality, parity, inequity and sexual identity. oof. no original thinking. all regurgitation from the text. i just don’t want to. i’m tired, lol. and obviously- i’m whining!


Me think you need to regurgitate some tea instead of existential words, just stop and have a nice cup :-) :-) :-)


Sounds good!

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404 tasting notes

Good morning Steepster!

When I woke up earlier, I had a lychee craving. I happen to have some in the fridge. And I happen to have these delicious lychee pearls, so why not create a lychee feast?

This tea is very unusual. I personally don’t know any other lychee Dragon Pearls.

They are big and fragrant, but not soapy. The taste is so juicy, just like plump lychee. I get this lovely chocolaty smooth and malty Yunnan taste which makes this lychee tea so different than all others out there. I get none of that heavy perfumed lychee after taste you get in most black lychee flavoured teas.

It’s like drinking chocolate lychees. Not that I ever had any, but I’m sure there must exist some chocolate lychees somewhere. After having this tea, I can totally see their sweet floral taste work perfectly well with dark slightly bitter chocolate.

(And I just realized I wrote the word lychee way to many times in this review)

I other news, today I’m seasoning another one of my Yixing clay pots. Fun times!


I LOVE lychees. I wish I had some in my fridge right now. I haven’t had any lychee tea yet, but I did recently acquire some Lychee Oolong from Butiki I need to try. I’m going to season a Special Dark pot and I think maybe do my other pot for shous that are not SD today and when my purple pot comes, have it for my straight blacks. The SD pot will be that new Mandala one with the bamboo design.


Chocolate lychee sounds really good!


MzPriss, Butuki is my favourite lychee tea ever! That oolong she’s using is spectacular on its own…and yay! You seem to have a good plan fir your pots :-)

Ck, I guess having this tea is the closest I can get to chocolate lychees for now!


I don’t think you wrote “lychee” too much – it’s a word I love to SAY leeeeeecheeee


Lol, it’s one of those words that will have me make funny noises too ;-)


Lycheeeeeeeeeeeee! Yum!

Which pot are you seasoning, TTF?

Also, good morning, my lovelies!!!!! I am making Alia for breakfast in my new black tea pot wheeeeeeee!!!!


I just finished some Snaily. I think I’m going to give the Dragon Balls another chance and try them the Stephanie way to see if I like them better


Mmmmm, will most certainly catch a cup of Aila soon as well! Let me how it turns out in your newly seasoned pot!!

I will season my green oolong pot. It’s much larger than my other pots, that’s why I chose it for oolongs.


Which ones MzPriss?


The Teavivre ones


We call those dragon poop.


It’s deeeeeeelish in the new pot, but was there a doubt that Alia would be good? :p


I’m trying to learn to love this dragon poop – but I’m not there yet. And of course there was no doubt the Alia would be good :D


OK the dragon poop is tasting a little fruity to me at the moment – I’m getting zero chocolate and zero malt. Maybe zero chocolate because I’m eating toast with chocolate almond butter?


Sars – does it taste different to you in the pot? And if so, how?


Well HoneyBelle, I’m not sure. I got enough for two cups from Cam, and I tried the first round in the new pot, yesterday. I liked them! I am really starting to think that there’s something to this whole thing about the clay influence. It was very smooth. I definitely found malt and cocoa.

Mmmmmmmmm choco almond butter!


The choco almond butter is new obsession. I was in my little hippie co-op grocery and you know those machines they have that are full of peanuts or almonds and you grind your own nut butter? They had one with chunks of roasted almonds and dark chocolate chunks. OMG – blissful. I’m having it on my Canadian Squirrely Bread – it’s full of nuts and seeds and is so good toasted. It’s in the frozen section at the co-op.


Squirrelly bread??? OMG. I want a hippie co-op.

Speaking of squirrels and Canada… Have you ever been and seen those huge black squirrels they have? The first time I was there, I saw one near the water out if the corner of my eye and couldn’t tell if it was a squirrel or a beaver. So I decided it must be a hybrid: The elusive Canadian Squeaver.

TTF: do they have these in your area?


I have never been to Canada. Yet.


Well when you go… Beware the Squeaver!!!!!


LOL I will be on the lookout


Haha! Sorry I was off the computer for a bit…dragon poop. And Squeavers!!!

Lol, yes, we have huge squirrels! And I have a thing for them. I even name them. This is the most special one. Mr. White. Very rare. Been around for the last four years.




this is especially awesome, Foxy, b/c the unofficial mascot of my mom’s town (Palmyra, PA) is an albino squirrel. They call him whitey and it’s quite the honor to see him frolicking in your yard. I see you’ve met his cousin. :p


Haha! So awesome :-)

hippiechick 42

What does lychee taste like?


Very hard to describe hippiechick. It’s very sweet and juicy, a bit like grapes can be, but a lot more perfumed.

Terri HarpLady

Dragon Lychee Pearls…this sounds amazing!
I have to agree, Butiki’s lychee oolong is the best lychee tea I’ve had so far.




It makes me think of the Anthony Bourdain episode in the bayou where they ate “sqweazel”.


(just for the record – considering some of you think I eat eat weird – or least unheard of things – squeever and sqweazel are not on the menu in my house)

hippiechick 42

Thanks teafairy, for the description. :)


Dex you can cover anything in yumyum sauce and make it good. :)


Squeavers are no laughing matter! They’re bloodthirsty beasts! They’ll bite your ankles off!!!! :p

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