JavaVana Mate

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Black Yerba maté Blend
Assam Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Natural And Artificial Flavouring, Roasted Yerba Mate, Vanilla Pieces
Burnt Sugar, Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha, Vanilla, Grain, Toasty, Milk, Cherry, Dirt, Sugar, Sweet, Bitter, Dark Chocolate, Creamy, Malt, Cocoa
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From Teavana

Still love coffee? This special mate tea is just for you. It is a fearless blend of mate, bold Assam black tea, cocoa and vanilla for a deliciously coffee-like flavor with a hint of mocha. It will exhilarate your mind and stimulate your body.

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101 Tasting Notes

3185 tasting notes

Today has been a Mate sort of day. I decided to try a sample sent to me from JustJames but since that had no steeping instructions on it and no steepster page (at least not one I could quickly find on my phone) for me to consult, I decided to find another mate with instructions that I could steep at the same time. Enter JavaVana Mate courtesy of MissB.

The dry leaf to me smelled very strongly of coffee. I am by no means a coffee drinker and also not a huge Teavana fan so I really did not expect much from this tea. However, when steeped the strong coffee smell went away, leaving behind an amazingly chocolate-y mocha scent to my surprise. Even more surprising, was the deliciously cocoa flavor of my first sip. More than just cocoa though, there is an awesome dash of vanilla intermingled in the taste. I do pick up on coffee but only at the end of the sip and though that is not a favorite taste, I don’t mind it in this cup. Shockingly, I am actually REALLY enjoying this tea. Thank you MissB for sharing this with me – it is something I would not have bought otherwise and I would have missed out.

On a sort of irrelevant note, I picked up some Truvia today after reading about it time and time again in your (MissB’s) tasting notes. I was planning to use some in this tea but it really does not need any sweetner. However, when I do get around to using it, I will let you know how it goes. I am hoping for the best but usually do not like artificial sweetners. Hopefully this will be different as I have heard many good things about it.

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Oh, yay! I’m so glad you liked this. I too would have missed purchasing this if a staffer hadn’t said, “You really need to try this.” I actually like it when staff say that (if I trust them) because they’re the ones working with the product every day. As for Truvia, I can only use 1/2 a packet per cup of tea or else it’s too sweet for me. I hope you like it!


The woman who helped me in Teavana was very nice but rather pushy. I did take some of her suggestions but something that bothered me was she kept trying to push my mom to buy tea despite my mother saying she is not a tea drinker multiple times. In fact, she tried to get my mom to pick up some of this tea because she told her it was a good transition from coffee to tea (a transition my mom had been clear she did not want to make). So given that I don’t drink coffee, I never had an interest in this tea until you put it up for swap and I thought I would give it a taste. Clearly I am glad I did so thanks again for sharing.

Also, I usually don’t ever sweeten my tea because aside from enjoying lattes, I mostly like to drink tea plain. Unless I am sick, in which case I add honey. But I picked up Truvia for the few teas that I think would be enhanced with a bit of sweetner. I will definitely take your recommendation and stick to 1/2 a packet for those teas. Mostly I am wary of the aftertaste. I won’t touch diet pop because I just cannot stand the taste of aspartame and the aftertaste it leaves. Blech.


I tried the new monk fruit sweetener which is very sweet but does not have the aspertame aftertaste. You might want to try it. Splenda doesn’t bother me but the truvia tastes bitter in hot beverages and aspertame is bitter and has an aftertaste. I’ve noticed that using Spring water cuts down on bitterness in everything. It’s worth having a filter bottle for tea.


I will have to check that out. Most of the time I avoid sweetners all together just because I usually enjoy teas plain (or as a latte, of course). Unfortunately, I have found certain some teas fall flat and many people recommend sugar to bring out flavors so I figured I would give Truvia a try. So far I know I really don’t like aspartame or Splenda so hopefully this goes batter.


I personally couldn’t stand Truvia, but I don’t mind the taste of aspartame so maybe it will be better for you!

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371 tasting notes

Ugg I forgot that when I fill in on the mornings that day 1 is not bad. Day 2 you drag like you are pulling 2 small children around your legs. I woke up at 2 and then at 3 this morning before my alarm went off. I think it was one of those situations where I should have just stayed up, since I woke up naturally before my alarm. C’est La Vie. These morning I know that I need a little boost. Mate is the answer. Don’t really need a question here. Still one of my favorites and I actually think it’s because the aroma reminds me of a black and mild. I added a little English breakfast. However I think I put a little too much in there. Just a tinge bitter. That might be because of the double Assam factor between the two teas as well. When I got to the station diluted a little bit and it mellowed out. I might be a long day.

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985 tasting notes

One from the sample bin for my morning tea. This comes courtesy of Ottawa Tea. Thank you for your generosity! I do like getting samples from Teavana. Maybe one day I will find one that is good enough for me venture into their store. (I am not a fan of mall shopping, and really am not looking forward to a hard sell atmosphere, or even the possibility of one.)

This is pretty good, though. Definitely a coffee drinker’s tea. It is a smooth blend of Assam and Mate…two things that I usually don’t like on their own. I get a little of the cocoa, and vanilla, but I am also getting a touch of cinnamon. If I ever do go, I will probably pick some of this up.

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863 tasting notes

Just one last test and I am DONE for the semester.

I’m almost out of this tisane. It is quite palatable with sugar, but I prefer 52 teas chocomate to this so I’m thinking I won’t be rebuying it when I run out. (Well, that and I’d preferably like to spend money at shops other than Teavana, if I can help it).

Anyway, back to studying!

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The DJBooth

This one actually does have assam in it with the Mate. Definitely one of my favorites.


You’re right – I always forget about the assam for some reason; probably because I can never taste it since it’s so overwhelmingly COFFEE! to me. And it’s definitely one of the better blends from Teavana, IMHO.

The DJBooth

Agreed their roasted Mates are some of the best there are. However I’m thinking I might have to try the chocomate now from 52 Teas.

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1779 tasting notes

I like this, but I’m surprised at how strong the mate is, or how much it’s affecting me. It’s probably due in part to not sleeping enough last night (baby was up late and then I played Sim City til 3:30AM to wind down and lost track of time. Whoops). So I’m a little head-spinny after drinking this but I’m enjoying it!

I’ll just be careful with it.


I used to LOVE Sim City – haven’t played it in forever….


civ 5!! civ 5!


I come and go with Sim City and Minecraft, especially if J starts playing and we share worlds.

I really like Civ5, but lately I haven’t been challenging myself with it. I just build and worry about culture and not getting into a war. And I play on easy. :/

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193 tasting notes

The smell of this tea is awesome… think chocolate mocha!!!! YUMMY… it tastes like a mocha with a touch of vanilla. I really enjoyed a cup of this and it gave me ALOT of energy to get my housework done (ok, some of it done ;)

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615 tasting notes

Tea #15 from Another Traveling Tea Box

Where was this when I was weaning off coffee?!

I feel like the description of this as a Mate is a bit misleading, as the mate only plays a roasty background note to the black tea. But aside from that, this is creamy, chocolatey and strong.

It brews up a rich brown, not as opaque as coffee, but quite dark and smells a lot like a mocha. The taste is vanilla and cocoa first, with tea, and a pervasive toastiness provided from the mate. The aftertaste is sweet an it’s where I get the most Mate flavor.

Fiance really like the Matevana, but this is so so so much better. I don’t think this one is going any further.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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541 tasting notes

Alas! This is the very last of my sample. This was given to me by DJ Booth. :) I’ve somehow made it through my first week back to school. Somehow I cranked out my first collection of papers, in one day and it had to be 6 pages! O.O I also just received my three books needed for my “Buddhism Through the Arts” course. Now I can start reading them! I’m SO excited!
I ended up really enjoying this tea! I actually prefer using a little bit of extra leaves for this tea. My current mood seemed to also require a banana. So this is kind of a banana/chocolate night for me! For me this is smelling much more like coffee than some of the other times that I brewed it.
This is a great tea for people looking for a warm cup of coffee substitute; as per advertising! I’ve noticed though that I never receive the caffeine jolt from mate/tea in general that I’ve experienced with coffee drinking. So in that arena I think some people would be disappointed.

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514 tasting notes

Seriously, where have you been all my life JavaVana. Just the name itself is fun.

Soo good. Especially since I use to be a crazy coffee drinker, this is the perfect blend for me. Everything mixes perfectly together.

Thanks Meghann for this one also. You have just made my day!


If you like this one, try Teavana’s MateVana and My Morning Mate. Those two are also really good.

The DJBooth

Love this one too!!


YES this is awesome in the AM when you need a kick (in the butt)! :)


I love this one too and it makes a great tea latte!!!!!

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880 tasting notes

So I decided to start doing yoga again this morning and wanted a tea to go with it. I was torn between having coffee or having tea today so I thought I would compromise. I always like the flavor of this tea. The mocha flavor is spot on this morning and quite comforting.

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