Caramel Almond Amaretti

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Fruit Herbal Blend
Almonds, Apple Pieces, Artificial Flavouring, Beet Root Pieces, Cinnamon
Caramel, Cinnamon, Coconut, Creamy, Nuts, Red Apple, Sweet, Almond, Vanilla
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 45 sec 11 oz / 331 ml

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From Teavana

This amazing herbal blend combines sweet cinnamon with rich caramel flavor. Delicious notes of roasted candied almonds are sure to put anyone in a warm mood.

Sweet candied almonds with notes of caramel and cinnamon

Use 1.5 teaspoons of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to just at boiling (208 degrees/98 degrees Celsius) and steep for 5-6 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea leaves. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

Ingredients:Apple pieces, cinnamon, sliced almonds, beetroot pieces, artificial flavoring PRODUCT CONTAINS TREE NUTS

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50 Tasting Notes

318 tasting notes

I went into Teavana looking for the Swiss Vervaine, and I managed to snag the last pound of it that my store had. Success! I’m really sad to see that one go – I can see why it might not have sold well, but it was definitely my go-to sick tea. I wanted to smell the CocoCaramel Sea Salt, because it just sounded so weird, but they were all out of that one for the holidays, so the associate asked if I wanted to smell this one instead. Sure, why not.

It smelled good, so I got 2oz of it and took it home. I finally got around to brewing it – and there’s hibiscus.

I don’t smell it, I don’t really taste it, but in a blend that is so almondy and caramelly, it’s downright bizarre that the drink is pink. On top of that, I had a feeling that this would be best with milk, so now it looks like Pepto-Bismol. If I don’t look at the tea while I drink it, it tastes good. But I just can’t get past the pink liquor. It’s like green ketchup. I can’t do it.

Edit I was lazy and didn’t actually look at the ingredients… Turns out its not The Hib at all. It makes sense. It’s beetroot pieces. Still weirdly pink though.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

It took me years to learn to like salsa verde for the very same reason!


Get a dark mug so you can’t tell?


It certainly sounds interesting, though.


I love Swiss Vervaine and I too was sorry to see it go! I’m glad I stocked up. I’ve made THIS tea several times and it’s not always pink; I guess it depends on what bits of stuff end up in the brew. I really do like it, though. I have taken it to cat shows and now a few friends are hooked on it. There’s a new one for spring, BERRY Almond Amaretti. I’ll try that one too, eventually.

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51 tasting notes

I’d like to thank DAVIDsTEA for creating this blend. Yes this is from Teavana but apparently its the same exact tea as Forever nuts. I’ve never had Forever Nuts and I guess I can say now I have!

Brewed this yesterday in my new cast iron green teapot that my boyfriend got me for our 8th anniversary yesterday, I LOVE it. have to take better pic soon.
The tea is pretty and pink and of course we had to add some almond milk for fun. The smell of the tea is so sweet and I just couldn’t place what it reminded me of. He kept saying cinnamon toast crunch, which has to be my all time favorite cereal, but I wasn’t so sure that the tea smelled like it. Perhaps because it was hot…

Anyway we drank it and it tasted like happiness and it will remind me of our awesome day together. :)

EDIT: So after getting home and sniffing the leftover tea from yesterday, and now that its cooled, it does smell like CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH! I am in love.


That is a pretty tea pot!


:) I love the pour on it! no dripping like my other tea pots.


That pot is gorgeous. Where is it from?


Its from :)

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135 tasting notes

This is TEAlicious!!!!

I do have to disagree with the naming of this. I really don’t taste the caramel here. The main characters are almond and cinnamon.

Like others have said this is very close to DT’s Forever Nuts in both smell and taste. It does taste a little more cinnamon-y to me though. Teavana’s version is just a tad more expensive (like $.00576856 more per gram) – kind of a wash really. :)

I love the pink hue this brews up! And the smell reminds me of passing by a kiosk in the mall selling those sweet, roasted almonds in a paper cone! Mmmmmmmm!

Boiling 8 min or more

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737 tasting notes

someone else said this and it’s true, this is basically Forever Nuts from David’s Tea. which is a very popular tea. too sweet for me to really enjoy, but if offered i will always say yet to a cup.
herbal caramel teas always seem to do okay by be.

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597 tasting notes

Hooray! A tea from Teavana I actually like! But…like others have said, it tastes exactly like Forever Nuts from DAVIDsTEA…only it has more extras for visual appeal, and probably to make the tea heavier by weight.

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448 tasting notes

I had an opportunity to smell this one in-store. The scent strongly resembles Forever Nuts by David’s Tea.

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42 tasting notes

This… is Forever Nuts from David’s Tea. No, actually. Same ingredients, same exact flavor.
So obviously this tea is DELICIOUS, but I’m wondering how they got away with this… lol! Coincidence?
Anyway, like Forever Nuts, steep this tea twice as long as recommended. It’s yummy!

Autumn Hearth

I am told this is actually a blend from Teaopia that Teavana is keeping just for the season. So if there was stealing done, it was done by Teaopia. Not that I am defending Teavana.


Nope, Teaopia didn’t have this tea or anything remotely similar.
Caramel Almond Amaretti is one of Teavana’s 17 new “Global Treasures” teas, which is company wide in the USA as well. The Teaopia teas are only being kept in Canada.

Autumn Hearth

Hmm okay my informant must have misinformed. Can you confirm whether the twelve blends they have included in this set are Teopia teas?

Autumn Hearth

And of course I just now saw your bio ;) Did you stay on for the change over?


Yep I did! I’ve worked at Teaopia for a year before Teavana so I’m pretty familiar with the teas.
To answer your question, the 12 Holidays Set aren’t Teaopia teas either.
Teavana is keeping 20 Teaopia teas on the walls in Canadian stores. Currently they’re in their Teaopia tins on the bottom positions of the tea wall but I’ve heard they’re going to get Teavana tins and be integrated eventually.
Teavana also has 15 teas that are exactly the same as Teaopia teas. (eg. English Breakfast)
The Teaopia teas Teavana is keeping in Canada:
Slim and Slender, Sleep Well, Jiagulan, Mudslide, Creamy Nut Oolong, Love Spell, Spring Morning, Calming, Summer Breeze, Cleansing, Goji Green, Pomegranate Green, Fit Active, Dragonheart, Cactus Fig, Coconut Cream, Fresh Lemon Zest, Caramelissimo, Herbal Chai and Iced Princess.

Autumn Hearth

Thanks ;) My friend Michelle told me that Rob was talking out his behind when he said the Amaretti and gift set were from Teopia. He likes to make it seem he know’s what’s going on and I suppose I made it seem like I did too, so I apologize.

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113 tasting notes

ugh, this beauty! i think this might have been the tea to turn me on to loose leaf. in fact, of all teas i had smelled during one of my first trips to Teavana, i was so enamored of the smell & so mortified that this was (at the time) a seasonal tea (!!!!) that i simply had to get as much of this as i could because when i love something, it is pretty much for life. i was all hopes that it would make a comeback the following holiday season, but as it turns out, it never really went away!

to me, this is the legitimate smell of the holidays. absolutely Christmas-y without being an intrusively pungent cinnamon oil spill. not that i begrudge cinnamon anything as i love the spice, but sometimes it is added to blends in a way that overwhelms them, eclipsing every other flavor. here it is used artfully, in a way that creates this perfectly balanced, friendly and scrumptious caramel almond apple pie. each ingredient is in accord with one another and it is difficult to pull oneself away from inhaling the mixture! if i did a blind sniff of this, i’d imagine a potpourri sachet of cinnamon bark & dried apple imbued with the fragrance of caramel. make no mistake, this is not ‘potpourri sachet’ in an alienating sense, but in the most inviting sense. this is decadent, people.

unfortunately, the brew doesn’t quite live up to the fragrance, which is why i have to deduct 10 points, but i’m still thankful for the wonderful olfactory experience it provides. as they say, olfaction is a big part of taste. and in this case, who could complain?

despite the not-so-nice things that have happened to me at Teavana over the past 2 years, i will say this: their pound tins are time capsules. this tea has kept perfectly since November of 2012! of course, i don’t wish to test my luck and have my precious turn on me, so better to hurry and finish it up! but here’s a thumbs-down: this flavor has either been recently discontinued, or they are reworking the blend to take out all the allergens (read: nuts! NO!!!) as (i have been informed) they are doing with 2 of my other favorites: Cha Yen Thai & Zingiber Ginger Coconut. you know, go figure: just when i find something i really like. i mean really, really like (after trying a few cups) it is swiftly pulled from the shelves. And recently, Caramel Almond Amaretti has done a disappearing act from their website!! Un ceremonious Teavana, unceremonious.

side note: i do believe this tisane would make for a wild sort of chai (prepared stove top), or even kheer (Indian rice pudding). of course, the color might be a shocking magenta, but then you could always tell people dragon fruit is an ingredient ;)

another thing, too: with milk added to this, it looks like Strawberry Quik! ;p fun for kids (and i’m a big one) but also there is a Malaysian drink, of which the name escapes me, that I had long ago back when my Malaysian/Bruneian friends lived in the States (we’re talking 15 years ago!) it is essentially milk mixed with a dark pink flavored syrup. i can’t remember it as having any distinct flavor, except for the fact that it was very sweet! i do remember enjoying it greatly, though.

well, i went ahead and googled ‘Malaysian milk with pink syrup’ and this came up: – the syrup is supposedly flavored with coconut & rosewater. a delicious memory! (and a sad one, too: i miss the times i spent with them! they were quite literally my foray into Malaysian culture, which is fascinating ethnically, culinarily, musically & linguistically! among so many other great qualities.)

as you can see, i’ve really wandered off the beaten path with my thought process.. go home, tasting note: you’re drunk!

Flavors: Caramel, Cinnamon, Nuts


Beautiful review


thank you so much boychik! :D

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976 tasting notes

Who had this idea first, DavidsTea or Teavana? I’m wondering because Caramel Almond Amaretti is very similar to Forever Nuts: right down to the fluorescent red color imparted by beetroot. I gather that the color of this almond-centric hot beverage would otherwise be repulsive? Why else would this color be added to this flavor? Is beetroot the only thing (aside from Red Dye No 5) capable of covering it up?

Unsurprisingly, I don’t like this flavored-water beverage very much either. Almonds are present and accounted for, but I don’t really detect much in the way of caramel or amaretto. I ground up the dried chunks of stuff in a coffee grinder to make sure that the flavors of the natural ingredients would be well represented and not overwhelmed by the artificial flavor. It still tastes weak and reminds me of a holiday version of Vitamin Water.

Has anyone tried infusing this in milk (regular or soy or almond), and boiling it on the stove? Are people adding sweeteners? I don’t know. What’s really missing here is tea. I might try mixing this with some Assam CTC

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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272 tasting notes

Sample from chrimabro (Thanks, Christina!)

This smelled amazing. I was utterly in love at first sniff. Per Christina’s suggestion, I brewed my mug with a teaspoon of sugar. This is DEE-licious. The flavors all mingle together nicely. The almond and cinnamon are definitely the strongest. I can’t even taste caramel, which isn’t a big deal since I love almond and cinnamon.

Reading some of the other notes, I may have to try the Forever Nuts blend from David’s Tea to compare.

A nice dessert tea to unwind at the end of the day.

4 min, 0 sec

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