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White Chocolate Peppermint

Tea type
Food Rooibos Blend
Carob Pieces, Cocoa Nibs, Licorice Root, Natural And Artificial Flavouring, Red Rooibos, Vanilla Pieces, White Chocolate
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
Not available
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Average preparation
205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec 242 oz / 7156 ml

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39 Tasting Notes View all

  • “Thank you *VariaTEA* for this sample! I sorta jumped on it as soon as I opened the package - it just looked so good! And I thought it was pretty good too. It was maybe slightly lacking next to...” Read full tasting note
    cavocorax 1406 tasting notes
  • “Once my bigger discount kicked in I headed for Teavana to buy a gift and this tea for myself. Of course, I had a salesperson who was just fine with giving me a tin without even asking and...” Read full tasting note
    pandamanda 1195 tasting notes
  • “"Now, this is one of our newest teas!" the very enthusiastic saleslady chirped at me, and presumably thrust something under my nose. I was already irritated because unlike at David's, you can't...” Read full tasting note
    keychange 417 tasting notes
  • “I decided to try this as a latte because I really liked DAVIDs White Chocolate Frost as a latte so I figured this was necessary to get a good comparison between the two. I also hoped that making...” Read full tasting note
    rachel12610 1359 tasting notes

From Teavana

Inspired by decadent Holiday treats, this rooibos mingles rich, creamy white chocolate balanced exquisitely with cocoa bits and the flavor of crushed candy cane pieces. Surprise your senses with a gifted cup of this calorie and caffeine free rooibos perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Richly sweet, creamy white chocolate with a delightful peppermint finish

Ingredients:White chocolate pieces (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, dextrose), cocoa kernels, carob pieces, red rooibos, natural and artificial flavor, vanilla pieces, liquorice root. CONTAINS MILK

About Teavana View company

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39 Tasting Notes

1406 tasting notes

Thank you VariaTEA for this sample! I sorta jumped on it as soon as I opened the package – it just looked so good!

And I thought it was pretty good too. It was maybe slightly lacking next to DT’s White Chocolate Frost, but if you let it cool a little the flavours sorta pop out a little and it tastes good.

So good that I almost took advantage of Teavana’s 30% sale. Eeek. I’m terribly impulsive, but I did feel a bit of satisfaction when I closed the browser (for now) and moved on. :P

Anyway, I have one more cup of this left, and I’m certain I’ll enjoy it.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I’m so glad you liked it! It was not for me but I am really happy that you enjoyed it.


Could you taste the licorice in this blend? I’m always hesitant to drink teas that have licorice in them.. not a good flavor for me. I’m curious to see if it’s prominent.


Hmmm.. I didn’t notice, but I wasn’t paying attention to it either. :( Sorry. I’ll see if I notice it next time, but at least it wasn’t as obvious as DAVIDsTEA’s Choconut.


I can taste it just a little in the aftertaste. I’m not sure if it’s because I add sugar, but it comes off more like sweetness. I had no idea licorice was even in this until I was logging the tea and I really don’t like licorice root so that was kind of shocking.


Thanks for the info, you two! Giving this a go right now. :)

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1195 tasting notes

Once my bigger discount kicked in I headed for Teavana to buy a gift and this tea for myself. Of course, I had a salesperson who was just fine with giving me a tin without even asking and overpoured by half an ounce…but then this guy who works there who I actually like is all, uhh did you even show her the 8 oz tin? So instead of spending $17 on 4 oz I spent $24 on 8 oz and got a better looking tin. Jeez. Don’t worry I made it up to her by being super difficult upon checkout. (Not on purpose.)

So I had tasted this there and knew it was sweetened (hahaha never fear I bought my rock sugar at my own job) and obviously being like peppermint bark tea it’s fine by me. I’ve been hit hard by the peppermint chocolate bug…last Wednesday I ate two peppermint brownie cake pops AT WORK but I was there 8 hours so I don’t see a real problem, except for two days later I was eating peppermint bark and buying this. I told my manager about the awesome deal and she’s like why did you buy half a pound of tea at once. PEPPERMINT.

So I was trying to slightly hold off on drinking this but I can’t resist any longer, it has been way too long since my latest peppermint chocolate fix.

I was impressed how it didn’t at all taste like rooibos in store but I’m sure my own sugar tastes don’t match Teavana and at home I get a bit of it with just a couple little rocks but ughhh it actually tastes like white chocolate peppermint bark. I also left the room in the midst of drinking it and came back and it smelled SO GOOD.

I’d love to try this DavidsTea that’s similar but given I paid $3/oz $4.82/oz with shipping on top of that is rather high when I am quite content with this (but curious because cocomint cream was so good). Also yeah having half a pound of this…

I think I need another cup.

Also I can easily overlook the oily surface of this tea given there’s white chocolate pieces and let’s be honest, white chocolate’s pretty much oils…delicious oils.


Yes! Delicious oils! That’s why I was tempted to take advantage of the 30% off and get some myself…


Yeah my 30% off went to 40% off last Friday so it’s hard not to just buy everything up…I went back Monday for two more teas…got like 6 ounces overall and paid $12 between the discount and a Starbucks card reward. And there’s not enough white chocolate peppermint stuff out there.


To be exact because it’s THAT AWESOME I got 4.2 oz of Dragonfruit Devotion and 2 oz of Cacao Mint Black for $12.18


Wow. That’s really awesome! I should activate my Starbucks card… It’s been sitting dormant for about a year now, but I still buy drinks. Doh!

The Cacao Mint sounds interesting, but so far I’ve been happier with the herbals.


Do you find that a lot of the teavana teas have sugar in them? Or is that just me?


Definitely register it! Although if you can wait until after Christmas, do that…I don’t know the full details but they’ll be pushing for people to register the cards they got for Christmas so there might be some good incentive. And the 1 oz of tea at Teavana is good but it was never highlighted that you had to buy another ounce of it.

I know they sweeten everything in the store minus like the monkey picked oolong but a good majority of the teas have something in them that’s already naturally sweet like this one with the licorice or they add something that’s sweet like the white chocolate. The new ones that have come out lately I assume are the product of Starbucks and they’ve all been like that with sweeter ingredients.


Well, I’m already registered – I just haven’t been accumulating points at all. :( So that might not work for me anyway…

And thanks for clarifying. I was wondering. I don’t mind a little bit of sugar, but I AM trying to drink tea as a substitute for binging on sugary foods. :P


Ahh yeah I was having a problem where the one I’m using AND the one that inevitably got me a gold card was not drawing any kind of promotions. Last week I FINALLY got a $1 off food coupon but I never got an email. My other card that I registered to a different account would always get these coupons and probably still does despite the fact it hasn’t had a balance for years. It’s kind of irritating.

It’s probably not that much so you might be okay. I’ll definitely have to try this one without adding anything because it seems like it’d somewhat sweet, but just improved by a little sugar. I know I added maybe 3/4 tsp of rock sugar to that pumpkin spice brulee one and that really changed it, so I wonder if just like a little touch is enough for these two to be just right. Either way with how much you end up with in a teaspoon or two it’s a lot better than the cake pops I can’t stop eating.

Aimee Popovacki

this one is much better than the davids one.. there’s something off about the david’s one.. its kind of too pepperminty, not enough chocolate.. it doesn’t balance so well.

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417 tasting notes

“Now, this is one of our newest teas!” the very enthusiastic saleslady chirped at me, and presumably thrust something under my nose. I was already irritated because unlike at David’s, you can’t actually stick your face right into the canister to have a good whiff, and so I couldn’t really reach out with my hands and have a reference point for when i was supposed to “smell hard” and yeah, annoying.
It did smell delicious though. This was a few weeks ago, so I can’t say it smelled identical to David’s version, but I remember liking the smell so much I requested a cup of it right then and there. Milk and rock sugar, obv.
“What kind of tea is this?” I asked.
Womp womp womp!
“Whoa, back this thing up.” I requested. “Can you really taste the rooibos in here?”
“No, I promise you can’t. Rooibos is some nasty stuff, i agree, and there’s no way you want to be tasting that.”
“Word.” I agreed. But I had my reservations. How can you not taste rooibos? It hits you in the face and is just so…rooibosy.
Honestly, I remember thinking this tea tasted interesting, but I have to admit I likely didn’t give it a proper chance because I created a mental block upon hearing this was rooibos based. That’s just so nasty.
Yup, sticking with my David’s version! White chocolate frost all the way!


I have both the DAVIDs and the Teavana version of this and I 100% agree that DAVIDs is better – glad to see someone feels the same way


I’m glad also!! The david’s version is perfecdt as far as I’m concerned!


Agreed! I tried the DAVIDs one as a latte (AMAZING btw) to-go and I almost turned around to go and buy the tea but I knew I had this on its way so I hoped the two would be the same, especially given that Teavana has the 50g minimum. Needless to say they are not even close and I am stuck with a bunch of White Chocolate Peppermint tea I won’t drink. Plus, I did eventually go and pick up the DAVIDs version so there is a fair bit of White Chocolate mint tea in my house right now.


Hey,, an abundance of white chocolate mint (well, the david’s version) is never a bad thing LOL. And yeah, see I would have tried more of Teavana’s, but there’s no way I would have wanted that much. I must try this as a latte next!


yes you can stick your nose in and sniff. or you can with my guys. inhale only. fair enough. no one wants cough or sneeze on their tea. if i can sniff a fresh sample then i don’t buy. they let me sniff. bludgeon them with no vision + no sniffing = no buying


Oh yeah, I was just hoping for a pg-appropriate inhale—not, like, r-rated panting or epic sneezing. hahahaha! but I must also admit I’m the least germaphobic person on the planet.


then it’s completely appropriate that we’re friends….isn’t that what the hot water kills? sheesh. be candid is my advice. bottom line when it comes to a sale usually speaks volumes….


I have never been able to sniff the tea at Teavana but they do fan the smell at you which I always thought was fine. And I tried this as a latte this morning and it went down the drain. I thought the mint didn’t shine through like it did with the White Chocolate Frost latte – instead it sorta just tasted like hot melted butter and I was not a fan. I hope it bodes better for you.


Oh yeah, no wallflower over here. And I think it’s quite appropriate that we’re friends too!


Yikes! Oh, definitely not going to try the teavana version as a latte…going to try the david’s one! mmm!


I understand the hygenic reason (I guess) behind fanning the tea towards me, but it just seems… pompous? And I feel outclassed like I shouldn’t be at a store where they waft their wares over towards me. OH, and they don’t give you a chance to talk or back off. I was just in last week to see if it was as bad as I remembered, and I only got out of their because Joe came in and interrupted my polite nodding and backing away. :P

But there really is something about having the tins you’ve selected on the counter so you can look at them, read the ingredients, think about them, and then wave someone over when you’re ready.


Yeah Teavana is definitely not the best for customer service. That is why whenever I want their product I order it online.


agreed on all fronts. I just like to be able to make my tea-related decisions in peace.

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1359 tasting notes

I decided to try this as a latte because I really liked DAVIDs White Chocolate Frost as a latte so I figured this was necessary to get a good comparison between the two. I also hoped that making this as a latte would cut down the excess of oils. However, when I started to drink it, it lacked the mint and it seemed like I was just drinking butter. This went down the drain and the rest of it went into the swap box so anyone interested in trying some (even after my rave reviews) feel free to message me!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Heh. I think both are a wash for me. It’s too bad this didn’t work out – I had high hopes for it for you!


I tried this when my Teavana order arrived about a week ago and I was so excited for it but it is just not good. In fact most of the teas I got in that order went straight into my swap box because they were too oily and overly sweet. I have 3 other teas from that order that I have put off trying so far because I am afraid I will be just as disappointed as I have been by this and some of the other ones I got.


I find there are few Teavana blends I really enjoy, and I have to be prudent when ordering from them. Kona Pop! is still a favorite when I want a juicy iced tea, and I’m loving the White Ayurvdic Chai. The rest… actually when they blend an iced matcha for me, they’re pretty good too.


… and that sucks about ordering and having so little that you liked. It sounds like though you’ve had a few good swaps, which is great!


Yeah I have decided I am not ordering any more Teavana because they always disappoint. There are very few I actually like too. I gave the Blueberry Kona Pop which is nice and I like Weight To Go! among a couple others

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941 tasting notes

After a long day geocaching in Central Park (Vancouver), all I could think about was coming home to this tea.

I’ve learned that: it only works cooled for me (warm, not hot), re-steeping it tastes yuck, and the darn film on top (likely from the chocolate) is really hard to scrub out of my Breville. Still, it’s worth it.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

have you tried David’s White Chocolate Frost? I would be interested to know how the two compare. Luckily my Teavana order should be arriving sometime this week and I am definitely excited to try this


The darn DAVID’s by my house (Metrotown) still has their ‘opening soon’ signs all over the storefront, or else I’d have some in my hands right now. It’s one of a handful I’ll be buying as soon as they’re open for business – although I could make another order, I did just get one last week. :$


Oh no! well I hope you get to try some soon. UPS has been holding my Teavana order hostage for a few days doing a million and one warehouse scans otherwise I would have been able to compare the two myself. I tried the David’s one as a latte the other day and thought it was very good and had to stop myself from going back in to buy it since I knew I had this on the way.


Yuck. I hope you get yours, too! We’ll have to compare tasting notes.

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242 tasting notes

I’m going to be starting a new blog project soon, so I’m trying to build up a good collection of winter teas for it. We live closer to a Teavana than anything else, so we decided to brave the salespeople to pick up one of their new winter teas.

The experience reminded me why I avoid malls – it was absolutely packed! – but I did have a bit of fun at the salespeople’s expense. Three of them had actually formed a barricade between the crowded entrance and the rest of the store, and when I asked if something was wrong they scattered like startled birds, their aprons flapping in their wake.

When we finally were able to blaze a path to the counter, the very frazzled young lady (she may have been new, because she seemed very overwhelmed) presented us with this tea and their pumpkin tea – well, there was an apple tea, but as soon as I mentioned my allergy she whipped it away with an amazing speed. No, really. It nearly vanished she moved it away so fast! Like being around a sealed tin was going to send me into anaphylactic shock!

It was actually kind of sweet.

But on to the tea! I chose this one over the pumpkin because I was more curious about it. The white chocolate and peppermint dominates the dry flavor, and once I steeped it I discovered that it holds true in the flavor as well. I’m not picking up the rooibos’ caramel notes at all, but each sip is leaving me with an encompassing peppermint tingle in my mouth. The oily film on top of the tea may play a role in this. So far, that’s the only real drawback to this tea… well, except for the price, but with Teavana that’s pretty much always a given.

All in all, I’m really enjoying this and glad that, this time at least, my damnable curiosity didn’t get me into too much hot water… just enough to steep in!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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464 tasting notes

This tea smells very tasty, I only wish that it didn’t have the licorice because it makes it smell a little funky. Beyond the licorice, I smell sweet peppermint. Mmmm..

Sipping… the first thing I taste is that sweet, tongue-coating licorice. It’s almost enough to make me stop drinking, but it quickly morphs into the sweet peppermint and chocolate flavors. The finish is creamy and sweet. I find that if I sort of gulp down this tea, the licorice goes away a little and out comes the wintery white chocolate and peppermint. Tasty!

Thank you to VariaTEA for sharing some of this tea with me before I went out and bought a bunch. I’m not sure if I like this blend enough to buy some of it, but it’s definitely a nice holiday treat.


This is their one holiday tea I want to try.


I am glad you (sorta) like it!


VariaTEA, I do like it and am so happy to have tried it. THANK YOU! It’s a fun peppermint white chocolate tea version. :)

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438 tasting notes

I have rediscovered this tea in the last few days. I was all over it during the holiday season, then it slipped after I got back from being away. Even though I now know how much of the licorice root I am tasting, it is still a really nice tea. I both it an David’s White Chocolate Frost but, when I am looking for something truly sweet, this tends to be the cup I reach for. I like the chocolate on the rooibos base, it seems to almost enhance the chocolate flavour.

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512 tasting notes

I’m on a mission to de-cupboard the remains of the Teavana Holiday blends before I move. Tonight’s sip-down is White Chocolate Peppermint.

I am not as negatively disposed toward this foody drink as I was the first time I tried it, but I definitely would not seek it out again. Examining the dried blend before brewing, I saw hardly any rooibos, and lots of white chocolate chips and chocolate chips and cocoa nibs. So basically this is a foody beverage more than a rooibos blend. I thought about adding some extra rooibos to give the liquor more body, but then I decided to drink it as it is intended. Well, I did not quite do that, since I used about four times the prescribed dose for my pot—finishing the second half of the 2 ounce envelope. Using that much of these foody blends is the only way I’ve found of avoiding the dreaded “Vitamin Water” or dilute Koolaid effect.

My conclusion: not for me. The peppermint flavor is fine, but I don’t need to sip my way through an oil slick for that experience. Peppermint leaves suit me very well unadorned. Sometimes less is more. The blenders at Teavana obviously disagree.

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149 tasting notes

I much prefer this to david’s white chocolate mint one this winter.. its delicious :)

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