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  • “All I can say is, wooooooooooooooow! I really enjoyed this tonight. We went to the Asian buffet and got take out. I had made two steeps of this before we left the house and poured it in my...” Read full tasting note
  • “I agree with the other reviews – this is good. What I really want to mention is this is the best example of why I love to use a clear glass vessel when I steep. The leaf is so interesting. It looks...” Read full tasting note
  • “Spring 2016 Dry leaf has the scent of sweet and salty dry-roasted green peas which carries over into the wet leaf and brewed tea. Leaf is moss green and fluffy. Brewed tea color is yellow. Taste...” Read full tasting note
  • “It’s been a cold few days. Pups are very clingy heat leeches lately. :) THere’s nothing like a hot cup of tea on a cold day. It just warms you from the belly out. This is a particularly nice...” Read full tasting note

From Teavivre

Origin: Lushan Mountain (庐山) in Jiangxi Porvince, China

Ingredients: Pure tea leaves

Taste: brisk and refreshing, heavy sweet flavor with light roasted chestnut fragrance. Has sweet aftertaste and long-lasting brisk fragrance in your mouth

Health Benefits: Just like all green teas, our Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea has high levels of antioxidants that reputedly help reduce the incidence of cancer, promote good skin tone and help reduce the affects of aging. Also containing vitamin C, fluoride and calcium, TeaVivre’s TaiPing HouKui also promotes healthy teeth and bones.

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72 Tasting Notes

921 tasting notes

Today is tournament day! I am fighting PHR and honestly I have no idea if I can win, see PHR are really good at killing things…and the Scourge (in particular me) is really good at dying. I hold the record for the lowest kill to death ratio, meaning I am really good at dying, which is funny because it doesn’t mean I am bad at winning. Depending on the scenario, I might be very well suited to win, because my big advantage over the PHR is speed, they are super slow and I am the queen of speed!

It is spring, meaning it is time to revel in the spring harvested green teas! This week will be all about greens, specifically a set of five green teas from Teavivre! Today’s green tea of choice is Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea, a curly and very green leafed tea from Jiangxi Province in China. This particular tea was plucked April 10, 2015, which, if I remember my calender correctly, means it was harvested between Qing Ming and Gu Yu, making it awesomely fresh. The aroma of the tea (which is also known as Clouds and Mist Tea) is a blend of nutty and vegetal, it has a bit of spinach, some toasted sesame, a distinct yet mild roasted peanut note, a sharp note of artichoke, and a finish of raw asparagus. It smells super green, and very fresh, like a pile of vegetables right out of a garden…and like someone is roasting nuts in the kitchen.

Into my tall plum blossom gaiwan the leaves go, to have their dance with the water. After steeping the aroma becomes really intense, pretty much all the nutty notes have vanished, replaced with a mountain of vegetal notes. It starts with a very strong cooked asparagus, a nice note of cooked spinach, a bit of broccoli, and a finish of bell pepper. It kinda smells like food and honestly makes me more than a little hungry for stir fried vegetables. The liquid is fairly mild on the first steep, with notes of sauteed vegetables (primarily bell pepper and asparagus) and finish of gentle nuttiness.

First steeping, and wow, this tea is not mild, it packs quite the vegetal punch! It starts out sweet and nutty, like roasted peanuts and a hint of honey. Then boom, sharp asparagus, slightly bitter yet leafy kale, crisp bok choy and bell peppers, and a surprisingly sweet finish, kind of like the sweetness of carrots without the taste of carrots.

The aroma of the second steeping is sweet and vegetal, there are notes honey and peanuts, followed by asparagus, spinach, and a bit of bell pepper. The taste, well, remember last steep how the aroma made me hungry for stir fried vegetables, well the taste kinda satiated that craving. It is a blend of stir fried (in sesame oil if we are being really fancy) bell peppers, asparagus, bok choy, and a touch of broccoli. If this sounds delicious to you, then let me tell you, it is. I am a sucker for really vegetal green teas (yes, yes, I am sucker for teas in general, but shush) and this one takes the cake. The aftertaste is a touch of pepper and then a bit later a bloom of honey.

Third steeping time! The aroma is more sweet than vegetal this time around, with notes of honey and toasted sesame overpowering the more gentle notes of bell pepper. Ok, so here is where it gets weird, this steep has one of the best tasting notes ever, it tastes like capers but without the pickle aspect, it is really quite awesome and unique. Mix this in with gentle black pepper, bell pepper, and a touch of bok choy and you have a green end to a very green tea.

For blog and photos:


Ok so what were you doing that you were up against PHR? Got my curiosity going :)


Dropzone Commander! Sadly I lost my game taking me out of the tournament cries I just was not equipped to take them on :(

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1104 tasting notes

I really like the roasted chestnut flavor of this tea. There is also a sweet note at the end of the sip while the tea is fairly warm, but as the tea cooled the sweet flavor disappeared, and a bitter note took its place. I’m not sure if the water I used was too warm, or if my two and a half minute steep was too long. I have some of my sample left, so I’ll give this another try with slightly cooler water. If I could keep the chestnut flavor and sweetness throughout the cup this would be an easy favorite green of mine.

I’m withholding my rating until I give this another try.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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63 tasting notes

Cute little curly leaves. They’ve dark green color, bit of greyness. Really strong, sweet and fresh aroma, also there is strong roasted nutty aroma. I enjoy this oily fresh aroma always. Only sad thing is this seems to give only three steepings according to the Brewing guide, which is quite few compared to others.
Wet leaves have also really strong aroma. It’s sweet, nutty and fresh. They seem to be small leaf particles and buds . Tea has golden yellow color and smells really good. It has that lovely oily fresh green tea flavour. Roasted chesnut, nuttiness (althought I don’t know how chesnut tastes). It also has some vegetal notes with sweetness. Getting only couple steepings is a minus, but this is really good tea overall.

Flavors: Chestnut, Nutty, Roasted Nuts, Sweet

185 °F / 85 °C 0 min, 15 sec 3 OZ / 100 ML

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4843 tasting notes


I love the chestnut flavor (and aroma) of this tea. Sweet and delicious. It has a pleasant toasty flavor to it, reminiscent of the flavor of a freshly roasted chestnut. A delightful creaminess in both taste and texture.

This is less vegetal and more nutty. Usually, I expect a vegetal tone to a green tea, but I like that there’s more nutty flavors than vegetative. If you’re one who tends to shy away from a green tea because of the strong vegetal overtones, this would be an excellent tea to try.

Lovely taste, restorative, a beautiful tea! Read more here:

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1629 tasting notes

Thank you ANGEL for these generous samples! I have never tried this before, so I was excited to try it today. Opening the silver packet, I saw small, dark green, powdery spiral leaves. It smelled so delicious and green and fresh! WOW! It was even nutty smelling, kind of like a darker oolong.

Upon steeping, I steeped for 45 seconds and saw that the liquid was a light-medium yellow. It smelled great and seaweed-like. YUM! It tasted excellent. There was a good amount of character to the taste. Mildly nutty, dark, green, fresh, and vegetal. I love it. There is no bitterness to it at all, which is a huge plus. Overall a great tea! I will have to add this to my staple greens.

180 °F / 82 °C 0 min, 45 sec

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326 tasting notes

Tea provided by Teavivre for review

Smelling the dry leaf to get a sense of what to expect, I picked up on a sweet, grassy, fragrance with a hint of melon.

The Initial sip was nice but not too flavorful aside from a hint of musky (?) green tea flavor. Until the sweet and grassy notes appeared during the aftertaste. A nice vegetal buttery flavor lingers during the aftertaste as well. Finishing off my first steep, the initial steeps always seem nice; no bitterness, bad flavor, clear liquor. But much of the flavor I like takes time to develop in my mouth.

Second steep brought more flavor to my initial sips. The sweet, grassy, vegetal characteristics come together and their fragrance from the tea cup is enjoyable.

Third steep had a refined, well balanced blend of the previous flavours. Everything I excepted from the after taste was present during the initial sipping. It was a bit dry, but otherwise nothing negative stood out.

I haven’t tried Lu Shan Wu before but I like it. It’s fairly easy for me to steep (sometimes I have to experiment to get a good cup, and this wasn’t fussy), and the tea has a nice balance between being flavorful but not in an overly obnoxious way. It’s more relaxing than refreshing, and has a heavier body than what I might expect.

Tea steeps: rise, 25s, 45s, 55s

180 °F / 82 °C 1 tsp 3 OZ / 85 ML

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475 tasting notes

Deliciously fresh smelling green tea with a sweet and somewhat grassy flavour.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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289 tasting notes

I just received another lovely package of samples from Teavivre, and decided to try this one first. I do not think I’ve ever had this varietal before, so I’m looking forward to it!

First thoughts on opening the package – it’s super fresh smelling, and leaves are small and curly.
First sip- this tastes like Laoshan green! Very soy beany and buttery. This tea has a favorite note for me- sesame seed oil. This tea is delicious! I followed Teavivre’s recommendation of 3 minutes, and I think that may be too long. It was a little bitter towards the end.
The second steep of 4 minutes is very different from the first. Not nearly a s sweet, with a great deal of nuttiness. I prefer the first steep. I will try it with a shorter steep next time.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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829 tasting notes

Bean-like in scent and flavour of the brewed tea. Spinach note. Mineral tones.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp

I’m drinking this right now too. : )


Sip sisters! :)

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1737 tasting notes

It’s hard to believe, but only six months ago, I had never even heard of Lu Shan Yun Wu. Thanks to Teavivre, I made the happy acquaintance of this tea, and now we shall be together for an entire 100 gram bag. I was craving this tea yesterday, and again today! My epiphany of yesterday (it was not possible to write tasting notes because of server problems) was that if Long Jing and Mao Feng mated, their progeny would be adorable little Lu Shan Yun Wu coils!

Seriously, this tea offers the best of both worlds: buttery and silken and chestnutty, but also green and fresh. I let today’s two-glass tetsubin oversteep a bit and determined that a longer steep moves the liquor closer to Mao Feng, while a shorter steep yields a very faint and gentle brew. So glad that I gave this tea a second try a while back, when I had understeeped and underleafed.

The more high-quality, loose-leaf tea I drink, the more I become convinced that brewing parameters are key to the outcome! Provided, of course, that the product is good, which this one certainly is. The dried tea is not only fragrant and fresh but also beautiful to behold.

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 30 sec 5 g 18 OZ / 532 ML

Sounds delicious! Right up my alley.


Ubacat: it’s very good. It did take me a while to figure it out, but now this is a serious lunchtime contender. It’s hard to believe now, looking back, that the only green tea I drank consistently in the past was sencha!

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