Lady Devotea

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Black Fruit Blend
Bergamot, Black Tea, Lavender Flowers, Orange Peel
Bergamot, Floral, Lavender, Orange
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From The Devotea

Lady Devotea combines a nice black Indian base with bergamot oil, orange peel and lavender.

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12 Tasting Notes

1700 tasting notes

Not having the original packaging, I wasn’t sure how to steep this as it has both white and black teas in it. A quick web search and off we go with boiling water and a 3 minute steep. My quick search led me to Lord Devotea’s blog. If you aren’t already reading it, you should. A lot of wit and occasional insight :D So anyway, I learned they grow their own oranges and lavender. Back to this tea. The aroma is much as expected from the list of ingredients but on lighter side. The taste made me reread the ingredients. My first thought was light cinnamon and light pepperiness. That is what my brain translated from my first big swig. Going back and sipping slowly I first encounter natural bergamot morphing quickly into orange. Late in the sip it changes to light lavender. I mention light because I find lavender to usually be overwhelming. It fits very nicely here. The more the cup cools the more I taste the base especially in the aftertaste. This truly is well balanced and quite different from anything I have had before. There is enough depth for those who want it and there is simple relaxation for those who need it. I did add sweetener because that is how I roll.

Terri HarpLady

I love lavender in my garden, my bath, my pillow, but generally not in food or tea. My experiment with Herbs de Province yielded a meal that was almost unpalatable for me. Likewise with most uses in tea, however, this one was not undrinkable, & I’ve grown to enjoy orange more. I agree that the bergamot & lavender were light enough to get by. Of course, in my case I don’t think I actually drank a cup of it. I made a cup for Tony, who loves such things, & took a few sips. He really enjoyed this one, as I recall. And like you, K, he rolls with a little sugar (german rock or honey)

Robert Godden

Lovely! And thanks for the bit about the blog. I’m about to do seven posts in seven days from Thursday. All of them very silly!


Robert Godden as much as I enjoy your humor, I also must applaud you on the serious East Indies piece. The history of tea interests me – even the dark side that people often don’t want to think about.

Robert Godden

Thank you, K. S. I agree with you 100%. We need to be aware.

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612 tasting notes

Took with me to do errands post-V Day haze yesterday morning (we slept in—oh so glorious!—after Friday’s fun of drinking really good chai, napping, exchanging presents which excited me greatly ‘cause R gave me two UPress books on Buffy, one on gender natch and the other on the notion of chosen families, very thoughtful as a lot of my best undergrad work was on adoption theory, having a blast at the cat vid party laughing our tails off and making cat art including our own origami grumpy cats and business cat night lights and Warhol cat portraits, talking over figure skating footage and martini and manhattans, chowing down on nachos and watching silly TV, plus the usual makin’ out…woke up and cuddled, then spontaneously went to Elwood’s Shack for smoked slider and steelhead trout taco lunch before our usual running around, and the weather was the kindest it’s been in over a month, sunny with blue skies, in the 60s). Today we head to the Dali exhibit, find some hanging rods for all the tenugui art I want to hang in the living room tea nook, finish Elementary, and eat king cake. It’s been a great weekend, even if we did skip out of last night’s board game marathon at our friends’.

I am usually a bit skeptical of Lady Greys as I like the “masculine” type of bergamot, not the floral aspect but the soapy-clean one, and I often find Lady Greys too brightly fruity or floral in the ways I don’t care for. But this one intrigued me because I love lavender and hoped it’d lend a soapy cleanness like the bergamot I love. It surprised me. It is very “feminine”—R said it was nice and soft—and even looks the part, brewing up a pretty clear gold instead of brown—but it isn’t too brightly fruity sweet for my tastes. There’s a mysterious edge of creaminess, like a delicate Cream Earl Grey, and the lavender and bergamot is definitely present but never overpoweringly heady, instead light to fit the body and other aspects of the tea. It’s just right, very well balanced. I would drink it again! My favorite non-floral-heady-explosion blend so far. Would be excellent in the springtime.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Awww, sounds like you had so much fun :-)

Robert Godden

You are spot-on with the idea that this is our “Lady Grey” equivalent. I read somewhere that Lady Grey is actually one of the few tea names that is trademarked, so when we were asked by a high tea restaurant for something to fill that gap, we created this.
Glad you liked it. It is worth re-trying with a nice cake. That’s what it was made for!
We put lavender and oranges in it purely because we had both in our garden: In Australia you still get Lady Devotea made exclusively with our own oranges and lavender, although we now buy lavender for other blends because we can’t grow enough.
In order to get a full taste without just adding less bergamot and making that seem underwhelming, we blend a very light tea into our basic black tea and bergamot blend. It’s a balancing act made trickier by the fact that despite blending it, I have never tasted it: I am allergic to both oranges and bergamot, This one was created entirely by nose!


I did thanks, TheTeaFairy! Definitely one of the best VDays I’ve had in some time…I’m sure it helped it landed on a Friday this year, ha. We’re old. :b

Robert, I bet it’d be great with some cake. Can definitely see that. And color me very impressed you managed to blend it so artfully by scent alone. Wow! I have nothing but admiration for the skill involved in blending teas well, and I must say everything in the sampler pack I’ve tried so far has been very impressive in terms of balance. I usually don’t care much for Lady Grey style tea, but this one was especially nice.

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3254 tasting notes

I’ve said in the past that I’m not a big fan of bergamot in my tea, & even less of a fan of lavender (except in my garden, pillow, & bubble bath). Occasionally there are exceptions, & this might be one of them. I steeped a cup for Tony, since he adores these kinds of teas. He loves it! :)
I took a few sips, & admittedly, it is very nicely done! Although it’s not something I’d drink regularly myself, I have to admit that an occasional sip from Tony’s cup might be nice from time to time. The bergamot takes a real back seat here, with the orange being upfront & juicy. The lavender was included, but very judiciously, so that (I can’t believe I’m saying this Sil) it enhances the orange just right.
Tony & I both agree that the base is a little weak, but perhaps I undertea-ed it a little.
Then again, she is a lady.
Of course, some people would say I’m a lady too, but I’m probably not as refined as she was. ;)


this is me…looking at your funny…. with disbelief.

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714 tasting notes

Lady’s Night in –
2 parts Lady Devotea iced and strong,
1 part Absolute Citrus,
1 part simple syrup (i made mine with honey)


Sounds refreshing.

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828 tasting notes

Another sample, and one that I’m very sorry to be done with. Excellent cup of tea. Like Earl Grey, but fruitier. Excellent summer cup.

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4 tasting notes

The new formulation uses whole oranges rather than peel, and it gives it a fruitier, sweeter taste, which melds beautifully with the dry taste of lavender. A really gorgeous Lady Grey, one of my everyday go-to teas, delicate and flavorsome both at once.

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2216 tasting notes


A really nice earl grey! It was more floral because of the lavender, but the orange helped balance that out a bit. Nice and sweet, and took cream really well. Just what I look for in an earl grey.

Definitely a tea I’d consider picking up if I were to do an order. Unfortunately, I have limited myself so I probably won’t keep it. (Besides, there’s Paris in the box! My favourite EG of all.)

Flavors: Bergamot, Floral, Lavender, Orange

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML
Robert Godden

Glad you enjoyed it!

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1779 tasting notes

More sipdowns! (238)

I’m happy Sil sent me this because I was curious how I would like the lavender with bergamot, but I really truly do. It’s a nice fruity black with the lavender adding that special pop to it. It’s quite relaxing.



It’s not one I’d crave all the time. I’m generally not into lavender.

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8155 tasting notes

well, might as well continue with the trend of teas i don’t think i’ll like before i have a final couple of cups tonight that i do like. Let me tell you…drinking things alongside the cocktail i made for myself tonight (gingerale; rye; pama) is the way to do it! lol

Soooo the lady has lavender! OH GOODIE blarg AND Blergamot…two awesome flavours in one beautiful tea! not.
….or….maybe? Hmmm… i’m thinking that just maybe the devotea doesn’t understand flowers the way that other companies do. I’m not really getting a whole lot of lavender (maybe it’s all in the cup i saved for cavocorax bwahahahaha) so this is coming across as more of a subtle blergy, orangey tea…with a splash of what might be floral on the side.

final verdict? yeah i still don’t wanna drink this…but it’s MUCH less offensive to me than i thought it would be. I have to say that the devotea has quite a nice black base….this is what i’ve learned so far haha


Yay for less offensive than anticipated?

Terri HarpLady

I brewed one cup of this & shared it with Tony, and although it wasn’t my cup of tea, Tony loved it! To each their own, eh?

Robert Godden

It’s hard to know how to cope with this review! It’s our number 2 selling tea world-wide, but I don’t drink it myself (allergies). I guess it’s not aimed at people who don’t like florals or bergamot, so I think we’ll see “far less offensive that I thought it would be” as very positive!


haha with me, that’s a good thing Robert :) I hate blergamot but in the grand scheme of things, this was a “good” cup or at least i can see that it would be if i enjoyed blergamot :) (hence no rating since it’s not a cup for me but others would like it!)


heh, i think this is a success – two things you dislike and you didn’t spit it out, i’ll take it!

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