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From The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

This scrumptious fusion of organic green loose-leaf tea, organic raspberries and essence of pomegranate brings a tart and tangy rush to the palate.

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23 Tasting Notes

470 tasting notes

Today I have not been lucky with tea. First I spilled my cold brewed EGC all over the floor, then I had a mishap with this one! The top seems to be kind of loose, and it exploded EVERYWHERE when I tried to move it. Thankfully, it exploded over the floor I’d literally just cleaned because I spilled iced tea… so at least I was able to salvage all of the leaves. However, they didn’t all fit. Somehow they fit before the explosion, but not after? Anyway, I wasn’t planning on making any of this today but I had a heaping teaspoon of extra leaves with no place to go so I made it hot over ice.

It’s a way I haven’t used to make iced tea in a long time, and I’m so used to cold brewing that I found myself pretty sensitive to the bitterness here. Granted, it’s very very mild and is probably because I spazzed out and the water was too hot, so I won’t count that against the tea. It’s just funny how smooth cold brews are compared to the over-ice method! This is a mildly tart, fruity tea. The raspberry is definitely front and center, though I don’t know if I would really identify the other fruit as pomegranate if I didn’t know it was there. To me, pomegranate is rich and silky while this is bright and fruity. Not exactly a negative, but I did expect more, well, punch and tartness.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Dang rough day! Hope it gets easier!


I followed up this mishap by choking on a piece of pizza while watching Project Runway haha. Definitely not my best day ever!

Scott B

I think their tins are packed a little too tight and are a little too narrow.


They’re stuffed pretty full which makes me a bit nervous about opening them until I’ve used up a few cups, but the top on this one was extra loose. I had to tape it down since it popped off twice after the first incident!

Scott B

I appreciate lots of tea-but what good is it if it gets spilled?

Regarding the lids-I had one or two get dented in shipping-maybe that’s why you have a real loose one?


I just checked and indeed, the tin is dented quite a bit which I think is making the top too wide. :/ I do like their teas but I wish they were packaged a tad better.

Scott B

Yeah, I realize the tea is in tins, but they are brutalized in shipping, so some protective packaging is needed.

I have heard (but not sure if this is true) that when a tin gets dented, it’s no longer airtight and you lose a lot of the benefit of having your tea in a tin.


That’s a little worrisome, perhaps I’ll transfer it to a different container then!

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1230 tasting notes


I found out I have bronchitis. Ewww. I woke up not feeling any better despite my amazing husband driving out in the middle of the night to buy me cough syrup so I’d stop coughing. I’m happy to suffer, really, unless he was tired of being kept up all night again from my coughing. Of course, the syrup helps a little, but I still feel awful and chest clogged.

With that said, more teas! Especially ones like this that I can doctor with honey and lemon. Green Pomegranate? Very good iced with lemon slices and honey. Like wow, the pomegranate comes out nicely. It’s not tart. Very fresh. The green tea is nice here too – this is way better than hot as hot it’s pretty light and the fruit is low key.

Annnd this is the last of my sample. My eyeing Persimmon Tree for another order in the future, but gah at the shipping costs! They aren’t even far from me and $7 is a little steep for a small order.


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135 tasting notes

This came my way via a survey I took for The Persimmon Tree Tea Co. as a thank you gift. (Love their smallest tins – too cute!) To take a saying that my husband likes to use: If it’s free, its for me!

This rounds out the 3 teas I tried cold brewing. To be fair, I have yet to try this as a hot brew so I’m not sure if it will taste different when made the traditional way.

First off, I followed the usual 1.5 tsp of leaf per 8 oz cup and brewed this for over 24 hours – longer than I meant to keep the leaves in.

This has a much more pronounced green tea flavor than I was expecting! It’s mostly green tea with a hint of tart pomegranate. The other cold brews I had (neither of which were from The Persimmon Tree) were more fruit-forward with a hint of tea base flavor.

Finding this out now does make me a tad nervous to try the hot brew on this one, but it doesn’t deter me from doing it either. I’ll try that at a later time.

Iced 8 min or more

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4846 tasting notes

I’m loving the aroma that is wafting up out of my tea mug at the moment. I can smell the pomegranate and raspberry and it smells wonderful.

And it tastes nice too. The flavors are light. The green tea is fresh and has a moderate vegetative taste – not exactly what I would classify as mild because it is much more pronounced, but it isn’t strong either. Somewhere happily in between. It has a very fresh, crisp sort of taste to it. Light and refreshing.

The pomegranate and raspberry flavor are also light, but I think it’s good in the case of this tea, because if these flavors were stronger I think they’d overwhelm the green tea. I like that the green tea is in balance with the other flavors.

Overall a light, sweet, tart cuppa that is quite enjoyable.

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2185 tasting notes

TTB-A sample, yet another with only a bit yet, and I fear yet another contaminated one based on the scent of the dry leaf. It’s like those teas with only a cup left don’t have enough of their own power to fight off the scents from all the other teas in the box!

I do taste pomegranate and raspberry (sort of unexpected in a tea called just pomegranate, but whatever) in the main part of the sip, but they are joined by a host of other indistinct oddness. It’s getting quite bitter as it cools, but that’s definitely not the result of contamination. Ah well, moving on.

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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336 tasting notes

I’m slowly trying to get into green teas, starting with flavored ones more. This one was cold brewed. I enjoyed the taste of the tea, but the pomegranate was more of a general tart fruit flavor. It wouldn’t make me think pomegranate if not for the name. I’ll see how the flavor is hot sometime.

Iced 8 min or more

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186 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for a sample of this.

This isn’t a bad fruity tea, but it gets astringent quickly. It’s not
as exciting as the Green Caramel that I tried a little while ago, but it’s not bad. The tea smells very nice. I just prefer other flavored greens over this one.

Perhaps cold brewing might make this tea pop a little bit more? Although I am seeing other steepsters complain about bitterness on this tea, too.

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91 tasting notes

I received a generous sample of this tea from the company for review and I must admit I’m a bit wary to begin with. It’s not that the tea looks or smells poorly in any way, just that the pomegranate aroma is quite sweet. Lately, I’ve been more drawn toward more naturally flavored teas, so I wanted to wait a little until I was more liable to enjoy the tea for what it is.

Upon opening the tin, the aroma was quite sweet and fruity. Though it is not in a sugary way that you sometimes get with flavored teas. So it’s definitely a good start! The appearance of the dry leaves is quite appealing. With little dried bits of pomegranate in the mix, it gives me hope for a very nice, natural flavor. I’ve noticed with some other pomegranate flavored teas that the aroma is more powerful than the actual flavor, so everything so far indicates something I should enjoy.

As suspected, once brewed, the sweet flavors are absolutely muted to a mellowness that is absolutely pleasant. The green tea taste is perhaps muted more than I would prefer, but I definitely am enjoying this tea more than I anticipated when I first popped open the tin.

To come down to it, this is a tea I will happily enjoy on a relaxing morning when I am looking for a light pick-me-up. My next experiment with this tea will be to make it iced and see how that goes. I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it even more like that!

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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6770 tasting notes

Everything about this ‘sings’…“pleasant”. It smells lovely, looks pretty, and tastes great! It’s a lighter brown in color post infusion and the flavor is wonderful.

The Raspberries and Pom are tastefully done and paired nicely with the gentle green tea tastes. I’m so thankful this does NOT have hibiscus in it! Woot! Awesome!

There is a hint of tang but an invited one…not over staying it’s welcome – I like that.

I paired the end of this cup with a new product called Matcha Fruit Energizer from Jamba. It had Pineapple, Almonds, Cranberries, Cranberries, Thompson Raisins, Yogurt Matcha or Matcha Yogurt Raisins, and Cherries. Very Very good stuff! Great snack!

And it went well with this tea! :)

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1220 tasting notes

Had this last night, since I couldn’t think of anything else to say about the tea I last logged, I gave up on writing about this one at the time.

This is alright, it’s not as fruity as you’d be lead to believe by the name. I think pomegranate must be actually very difficult to duplicate in tea. This is just a bit tart, not really like a pomegranate, but more like berries.

Didn’t have any issues with bitterness, there’s enough for one more cup and I might give it a short cold brew and see how it is.

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