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From The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

An exotic blend of white peony loose leaf tea, guava, strawberries, marigolds and a touch of ginger completes our White Guava tea. This tea brews a light color and has a beautiful, rich scent with a tropical flavor. As with all of our white teas, White Guava tea prepares nicely hot and iced.

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53 Tasting Notes

1136 tasting notes

Drinking a big pot of this while I crochet my current pattern idea while watching Korean cooking shows on youbtube. Uggg, I hope it turns out, it’s a bit of a gamble as it’s a felting project and I’ve never done a felting pattern before.

Very nice, strawberry, guava, hint of ginger over white tea. The ginger is very gentle here.


I’ve had this one a while, but been a bit wary to try it. Glad you thought it nice- I may give it a shot tomorrow when I make my afternoon tea!

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1212 tasting notes

I had this iced earlier. I finally went through nearly all my tea, there’s still a ton with no place. But I went to Lowes tonight and loaded up on organizing stuff (but mainly for my lip balm stuff) so maybe that’ll be better!

I’ve also started plans for my patio garden this year. I’m starting pretty much everything from seeds, except strawberries (unless I can find a container blueberry plant around here, all the ones online can’t be shipped to Georgia). So far I have arugula, mixed greens, spearmint, rosemary, basil, jalapenos, dwarf snapdragons, a variety of poppies called California twisted (they look so neat – http://www.burpee.com/images/product/prod000344/prod000344_lg.jpg), and dill. Then I am thinking baby carrots for containers!, beets, eggplant or tomatoes, cucumbers, and lavender.

I saw that to make the most of space, plant lettuces around the perimeter of a pot and then plant something else in the middle later! So is what I am going to try.

Anyway, I haven’t had this tea in awhile. I completely mixed up what I was doing but managed to save this tea. I really should try it hot one day, but I really think this is only the second time I’ve had this one.

It wasn’t as flavorful as last time but that’s because I completely forgot I only should have put 4 oz of water in the jar. Instead I filled it, so I doubled the tea but I probably should have made it 2.5×. Oh well. Still tasted like guava overall.


tell me about your organizing stuff from lowes! maybe it’s stuff I need too!


They had these shoebox-ish style plastic containers with rainbow stripes, so I got one of those which may or may not be for tea yet, I’d keep that in my pantry if it is for tea because it’s not light tight at all. There were some nice baskets/boxes too. I was looking for something I can stick mail/papers in on the counter around my kitchen because it always gets clogged up with stuff, and there were some maybe 12" long baskets that are maybe 4" wide, so one of those will be perfect on the edge, and it was a set of 3. So the other two I’m going to put on top of the drawer cart full of tea I have, and maybe put tins in there so there aren’t all these tins on the counters.


I obviously need to go to lowes!! Like today!
Also it feels WAY too early for me to start thinking about my garden! But I am excited for the growing season indeed.


I think next month is lettuce planting time! Also I really just didn’t want to stand around while my boyfriend was getting whatever he needed, so staring down vegetable seeds seemed good. Next thing I knew I had like 8 packets of seeds.


Wow, what an ambitious gardner you are! Wish I had more gardening skills myself…I always end up killing half of my creations :-(


Yay gardening! I love the planning just as much as the growing :) Right now I am overwintering shallots, but will be starting the lettuce soon! I usually start my seeds in March and plant out in May.


I just realized the rosemary and snapdragon seeds say to start them inside. I was trying to avoid that, because I didn’t think I really have space but I guess why not!
I’ve got an amaryllis about to bloom that started from a bulb so I think I won’t kill everything inside. Hopefully.

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2972 tasting notes

Finally trying my tea from The Persimmon Tree! I got this one in a free 1 oz. promo they had. Hoping it’s delicious!

The dry tea smelled a bit like guava, if I recall correctly, but not as strongly as I would have liked. The flavour is also rather mild… BUT it does actually taste like guava! I just read Azzrian’s note below and see that there’s apparently ginger in here?? I’d believe it, and it’s at the perfect level too. Strawberry? Hmmm, can’t really pick that up. I’ll have to try this again when I’m in less of a rush, and can review it before it sits cold for a couple hours. Seems quite promising though!

ETA: Second infusion was even better, if I recall correctly! Threw out the leaves after that though, as they had been sitting too long. Many more future attempts await :)

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec

sounds like an interesting mix of flavor profiles. I assume the flavor is not as strong because it’s a white tea? Or is it too light even for a white tea? In all cases, sounds like it would have a unique and quite an exotic flavor to it.


It very well could have been that I didn’t use enough tea, too! I was quite distracted while brewing things up this evening :) What I did taste was pretty good though. I imagine the flavour won’t ever be super strong because it is a white tea – you are right on that front – and it may be that the flavour I got is all it has. Worth a try though!

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807 tasting notes

Excellent Iced! Cold steeped in fridge – perfect summer tea!
Excellent guava flavor no artificial taste and the perfect amount of ginger! Very light on strawberry – could be stronger but it does peek through.
A VERY good white tea base to boot!

Invader Zim

Except for the ginger this sounds yummy.


haha I second that Invader Zim. Although, if it’s hot brewed I don’t mind the ginger. But for iced it’s not my cup of tea.


I am a bit the opposite actually. And I can’t handle too much ginger but this is actually quite nice. :)


Very creative picture of the tea.


I have found it difficult to save photos from their site. Its a flash site or something like that so I have to resort to google searching it. I noticed most of the photos are just the tea.

Scott B

Guava sounds great, but I have to agree that the ginger with it is a cause for concern.


I love ginger, may need to try it!

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470 tasting notes

Whenever I get a new tea I make whoever is with me sniff it. “Go on, stick your nose in!” I guess I’m trying to convert them with peer pressure. Soon I’m going to be out dealing tea on the street corner! Anyway, when my mom sniffed this one (since she was the person nearest to me when I opened the tin) she made this horrible face. I knew it was a winner then—she HATES guava, and the smell of it is quite strong here and distinctly “guava!” I, on the other hand, love guava. Pretty much any weirdly shaped or colored fruit and I get along really well, even durian. Man, someone should make a durian tea. Or a dragonfruit tea… there’s a prickly pear blend that caught my eye recently, maybe that will be next up on the list of odd fruit teas to try.

I didn’t get a sample of this the first time I ordered from them, since I didn’t know if guava, strawberry and ginger was something I really wanted to try. But I got a coupon for a free ounce, so why not? I love that even the small amounts of tea there are in cute little tins, they’re such an adorable size! And man, does this smell good, like a tropical paradise in a tin. I cold brewed it (shocking, I know!) for the usual 12 hours and the smell after was so good, I went through the whole cup in about 15 minutes when I usually try to get them to last a few hours. Ah well!

The guava is what I taste first and it’s very, well, guava-y. It’s got that signature “thickness” that I expect in guava, along with a punch of sweetness. The strawberry plays well with it, the more common taste balancing the uniqueness of guava perfectly. The berry notes are gentle here, but brought to the forefront a bit by the ginger. Man, the ginger! It’s so perfect! A little tiny pinch of spice and bite at the end keeps this from being a run of the mill fruity blend, and it manages to make everything else pop. I don’t know if I’d go “oh, that’s ginger!” if I didn’t know it was in there, but it works some kind of magic. I love the white base as well, it balances everything else out and acts as a great canvas for this unique flavor combo. I’m quite glad I have a tin of this instead of just a sample, but I think I’ll be running through it quickly!

Will Work For Tea

Agreed! I love their one ounce tin — too cute! This is a pretty great tea as well, which reminds me, I still need to write a review…


I love guava too. I do the same thing…push that nose in the tin!!!

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl

Durian tea! I’m all over that! It be custardy (and smell funny) but be totally yummy!


I would be all over a durian tea! Or jackfruit…mmmm

Dylan Oxford

Ewwww, yuck, durian? Blech!

Scott B

I haven’t decided how I feel about this yet. There is not a lot of ginger in this tea, but I’m not sure that even with that small amount that this tea works for me.

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1570 tasting notes

Started my tea day with this one again today. On the second cup the fruit flavors withdraw a bit allowing the white tea to stand out. Really digging this cup.

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6770 tasting notes

Alphakitty thanks for this one!

I do like this!

The Guava goes with the white tea base beautifully! It’s just the right amount of Guava! Nice, light, delicate YET fruity, and near tropical! The strawberry notes are lovely, too!


Yay, glad you like it!

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272 tasting notes

I got a tin of this with their free offer. It was definitely packed as full as it could possibly go! This smells so good. It reminds me of Hawaiian Sun juice. It comes in cans like soda and has flavors like Passion-Guava and Strawberry Lilikoi. They’re everywhere in Hawaii, and sometimes in Asain stores here on the mainland. I haven’t had a Hawaiian Sun in forever so I was really excited about this.

I tried it both hot and cold. The flavors seemed to be about the same either way, and both ways were very good. Despite the strong smell, the guava flavor isn’t IN YOUR FACE. It’s a very light flavor. It doesn’t taste weak or thin. It’s light while still being very good.


This is good stuff! Hawaiian Sun Juice sounds amazing!


It is! If you get a chance, you should definitely try it!

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521 tasting notes

Lovely guava flavor with an unobtrusive white base. I taste the ginger a bit but the strawberry not really at all. It might have to do with the cold brewing.
Guava is one of those fruits that I’ve seen and smelled at the market but never eaten fresh. I have no idea what to do with one. The flavor of this tea is a lot like the smell of the fresh fruit though so I would say the flavoring is quite natural.

Thank you Azzrian. This is very tasty.


Love Guava


This is one of my favs from Persimmon Tree! And Mandarin Silk! You MUST try a fresh guava sometime SOON! OMG YUM!!!


OMG guavas are so delicious! I like the little yellow ones that taste, to me, like strawberry banana. Mmmmmm!

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603 tasting notes

Why is everything sold out on the DAVIDsTEA website??! GOD!!!!! *huff. It’s so inconvenient. I guess no advent calendar or Pumpkin Chai or Love Tea #7 OR Mom’s Apple Pie for me! Ugh. :(

Oh well, on to the first tea from my recent swap with Indigobloom!! I have about 30 teas from swaps anyway, so I really shouldn’t be ordering new tea. It’s getting late so I believe a white tea is in order. This is my first tea from The Persimmon Tree, and it sounds good. I wear a guava-flavored lip gloss every day. ;)

This tea has spot ON guava flavor! The white tea provides a nice floral, sweet, nutty base that complements the guava fruit perfectly. I love this!!! Only a tiny bit of astringency sneaks its way into the end of the cup as it cools. It’s really very nice, balanced and even keel. It’s hard for me not to gulp it down! Thanks for sharing Indigobloom!! I’m really enjoying this on a somewhat boring, tiresome day.

Well, this night is turning around. I just found out that a movie I worked on about 2 years ago was finally released! Looks like it may have gone straight to video, and they changed the name. So, that’s why I haven’t been able to find anything about it. But in case anyone is interested, it’s called “A Little Bit of Heaven” starring Kate Hudson. I did the visual effects in all the heaven sequences, mainly rotoscoping, blue screen keys, and mark removal. It’s available on Netflix watch instantly. :D

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Ooooo! Will look for it on Netflix! :)


The whole DT website revamp thing is a hot mess.


I don’t have netflix… or else I’d hook that up asap!!
glad you liked it! not sure where my note on this went. I know I had one!

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