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  • “So I thought that since I got my sampling done from my swap with Stephanie I would finally get back to my Persimmon Tree samples I ordered when they were doing their big promotion...” Read full tasting note
    Mnoelle225 206 tasting notes
  • “Ahh rooibos, my nemesis. We meet again. Weirdly enough, I don’t smell it in the dry leaf. Instead I catch the aroma of chamomille and coconut. Little light on the banana. But I...” Read full tasting note
    moraiwe 616 tasting notes
  • “This is super heavy on the chamomile and the little flowers were stuffed at the top of the sample baggy and I had to decant into something where I could actually get some of the...” Read full tasting note
    jeweledthumb 343 tasting notes
  • “Smells and tastes a bit like bottled pina colada/creamy tropical cocktail mix, and I think the unmistakable rooibos smell contributes to the feeling it’s a mix rather than the ideal fresh...” Read full tasting note
    ifjuly 613 tasting notes

From The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

Our Banana Coconut herbal tea is a smooth and scrumptious herbal blend of rooibos, chamomile and lemongrass with notes of ripe banana, sweet coconut, graham cracker and a hint of caramel. This caffeine-free tropical blend will put a smile on anyone’s face. Try it iced and lightly sweetened for an extra refreshing summer beverage.


Organic Fair Trade Rooibos, Organic Fair Trade Chamomile, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Coconut, Organic Lavender, Banana, Natural Flavors

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16 Tasting Notes

206 tasting notes

So I thought that since I got my sampling done from my swap with Stephanie I would finally get back to my Persimmon Tree samples I ordered when they were doing their big promotion packs. I was very hesitant to try this one seeing as I am not a fan of rooibos tea at all. The dry leave did contain a little of it, but seemed to be mostly chamomile and lemongrass. It smelled interesting, I do not know how to describe it but I did pick up the banana scent. After the steeping was almost through…AH HA there you are rooibos! I smelled it! This made me even more nervous. I tried it unsweetened first and could only pick up chamomile. I can’t complain because there was no rooibos to be found :D (happy girl!) I added a little sugar and I found the banana! a tiny bit of nuttiness comes out too! Sadly no sign of coconut anywhere, and even the lavender that says it is present. I will resteep with both sugar and cream this time and will get back to you! I also will have try this iced as per moraiwe’s suggestion in her tasting note. I would have never thought to make this an iced tea.

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616 tasting notes

Ahh rooibos, my nemesis. We meet again.

Weirdly enough, I don’t smell it in the dry leaf. Instead I catch the aroma of chamomille and coconut. Little light on the banana. But I don’t dislike chamomile, so I figured we’d give this a shot. I started smelling the rooibos at about the three minute mark while steeping, but kept going to the 5 minute mark, fingers crossed.

The result? All that worrying for nothing. The chamomille and floral aspect is pretty overwhelming. Too overwhelming really. I get the slightest hint of banana and coconut with a touch of caramel. But if I’m not really looking for those other flavors, it tastes like a pot of sweetened chamomile with a tiny banana aftertaste.

So, in an attempt to bring out the other flavors and beat back the chamomile with a honey drizzle shaped club, I added some honey. Success. Banana then chamomile. Still loosing a lot of the coconut and caramel to chamomile, but at least I taste banana in my banana tea. It’s a tasty tea no matter what, though and I have a cold steep that I popped in my fridge just under an hour ago to see how that changes things up (hoping for coconut!)

Either way, I didn’t taste rooibos. So in my mind, that is a huge success.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec
BrewTEAlly Sweet

I totally agree with you here! I am by no means a fan of rooibos and I was hesitant to try this, but i was intrigued by the banana and coconut mix, because I love coconut anything. It was definitely a majority chamomile and then banana:) Glad we were on the same page.

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343 tasting notes

This is super heavy on the chamomile and the little flowers were stuffed at the top of the sample baggy and I had to decant into something where I could actually get some of the blend.

This isn’t horrible, but I don’t really get banana or coconut from this. Mostly chamomile, maybe a mild sweetness but I added sweetener. I’m not the biggest fan of chamomile since there was an incident a year or so ago when I had the stomach bug, enough said. This I can manage to get down without reliving that awful experience but it’s not something I’ll be drinking again AND the remains of the packet are now living in my swap box.

2 tsp + sweetener in 16oz steeping mug

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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613 tasting notes

Smells and tastes a bit like bottled pina colada/creamy tropical cocktail mix, and I think the unmistakable rooibos smell contributes to the feeling it’s a mix rather than the ideal fresh ingredients by lending it an overly sweet and vaguely plastic element (I think the lemongrass is contributing too…it’s strange, I adore lemongrass when cooking but have noticed in tea so far I find it makes things smell chemical, plastic, once even vaguely urine-y, ick). It isn’t bad really, and if you like pina coladas (cue music) that have that sort of flavor you might dig this. But personally I don’t love it and there are so many dessert tea possibilities out there that I have loved I don’t think I’ll ever re-up.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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341 tasting notes

Sample from chrimabro – thanks!

The chamomile in this is strong – very very strong. I can’t really taste any other flavors because of it. I can maybe taste a smidge of banana or coconut sometimes but the chamomile is what comes out the strongest. I’m a bit disappointed since I’m not a large chamomile fan. It definitely tastes better with sugar – but I just put in the sugar and didn’t mix it (I didn’t have a spoon. I am feeling lazy.) so all the sugar is at the bottom and the tea is now sickeningly sweet.

I’ll have to resteep this tea with sugar from the very beginning. Hopefully it will improve. But so far, I’m not inclined to buy this.

5 min, 15 sec

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1778 tasting notes

Thanks for including this one in the sale, TheLastDodo! Coconut and banana sounds like an awesome dessert tea to me. It is! I’m definitely tasting hints of banana and coconut. Actual banana. At the top of the sip though, the chamomile has more of a plastic flavor to me than anything that should taste like chamomile which is too bad. Or maybe it’s the lavender or a combination of the two that tastes like plastic. But the rest of the flavors are enjoyable anyway. I could do without the lemongrass in this blend, but I can’t taste much of it anyway. Mostly it’s just sweet banana and the rooibos isn’t overpowering. A good blend!
Steep #1 // 1 1/2 teaspoons // few minutes after boiling // couple minute steep
Steep #2 // just boiled // few minutes

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4833 tasting notes


I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I didn’t expect to like it a bunch given the fact that it’s not just a rooibos blend but a rooibos and chamomile blend. I guess my liking it had less to do with the fact that there’s rooibos and chamomile in the blend and more to do with the flavors of banana, coconut, caramel and a touch of graham.

It’s tasty. It’s sweet and a little bit dessert-y. A nice, caffeine free treat for late at night.

Here’s my full-length article: http://sororiteasisters.com/2014/09/13/banana-coconut-tisane-from-the-persimmon-tree/

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726 tasting notes

I have come in a complete circle with my tea drinking today. Started the day off with decaf teas and pain killers, then got productive and drank a bunch of oolongs, and now I’m back, winding down with more decaf teas before I take pain killers to sleep. xD
This one actually tastes a lot better today than it did with the sample I got a couple weeks ago. I bought a tin of this in their sale last week. Glad I did.
For some reason it tastes a lot better.
It really does taste sweet and like bananas. A soft banana flavor.
I don’t taste much of the chamomile this time too! This is great! Good tea to wind down with. (:

Flavors: banana, Sweet


I actually prefer starting out my day with herbal teas. Caffeine first thing on an empty stomach = nausea and general hungover-like symptoms.

Hope everything is alright since you’re taking painkillers.


Oh that’s interesting. Seems like most people drink like black tea in the morning to wake them upxD

And everything is alright because I have pain killers. :P Otherwise would be feeling horrible all the time D:


Fjellrev, that’s why I put milk in almost all my teas. If I don’t and I haven’t eaten, I feel queasy.


Yeah, caffeine does absolutely nothing for me in terms of being a stimulant. I must digest it differently. Lucky people for having a drug in their life with snaps them awake haha.

I’m glad you’re then doing ok, at least!


OMG, oh yeah, I find that sometimes helps too, although there are times when I do get the nausea even after adding milk. Even coffee lattes in the middle of the day can screw me up. Such a whiny little organ!

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2986 tasting notes

Sipdown (136/143)!

First tea sample from my swap with Cameron B.! This one appealed to me primarily because of the banana in it – I was very interested to see how it would play with a rooibos base or the chamomile.

I have to say, I really didn’t smell or taste the rooibos at all in this; if I couldn’t see the abundance of it, I might not have even known it was there. However, I don’t have nearly as much of a rooibos sensitivity as most people on Steepster seem to have, and I am somewhat sensitive to chamomile so those two things should definitely be taken into consideration.

The chamomile for me was very present and kind of distraction; I felt like it didn’t fully mesh with the banana/coconut, although I think I understand the intent behind including it, and even if I was kinda distracted by it I did feel soothed drinking it, which is a weird and conflicting set of feelings. The coconut was steadily present throughout the whole cup (I’ve had a few coconut teas from this company now, and I’m beginning to form the impression that they do coconut pretty well). The banana fluctuated a little for me depending on the temperature; when it was hotter I didn’t notice it as much but as it cooled down I thought it was more present and powerful, and definitely not as masked by the chamomile. I also want to note that all banana I tasted, no matter how strong, slightly reminded me of a not quite ripe banana. You know, that “green” peel kinda flavour?

On the whole though; this was drinkable and fairly enjoyable if not very bemusing.

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278 tasting notes

Not a review, so skip it if you don’t care about my awesome day :p

I went to Harrisburg’s Pride Fest with my mom, my friends, and a wee little baby. We had a blast. I love the drag queens! There was one lonely protester, and I felt a little sorry for him. Anyways, after that, the crew came back to my place and we watched Mean Girls.

Then that group of friends left and two more friends came over, with two 5 year olds. We decided to go for a swim up at the swim club. That was wonderful! It was later in the day, so there weren’t many people. We went to the longest dinner ever after swimming. The food was good, but everything just took about 1000 years.

I am finally home and am very likely to pass out before Brian even gets home from work. I figured this tea would probably do the trick, since it’s pretty much just chamomile, IMO. I hope you all had a wonderful day!!!


Good food, good times with family and friends, sounds like you had a wonderful time!!!


It was a very lovely, but very long day! I am going to sleep really well tonight!!!!


There is something satisfying about a good nights sleep after a fun busy day. :))


That sounds lovely, glad you had such a good time :-)


The only thing I dislike about drag queens is that they are better at being girly than I am.


It was so much fun. I have a bunch of gay boyfriends, so I used to go to Pride all the time. I haven’t been in a few years though, so this was extra fun.

Marz: for realz. Some of those queens looked so amazing today. My fave was in this huge Elizabethan dress that looked like something out of the Ren Faire!!! It was absolutely amazing!


Thats awesome. I used to work with a guy who used to do a really good Cher and Celine Dionne.

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

Holy cheese doodles, I used to live in the Harrisburg area and will be going back there for my yearly three month visiting of family this late fall. Small world hehe!

Also I am sad that my entire ten years living there I never went to a Pride Day, I always wanted to but it seemed that something always happened and I couldn’t make it.

That sounded like an awesome day :)


Sars, I spent a summer in Carlisle, PA and visited Harrisburg then :). Also, almost all my friends here in Minneapolis are gay so I also have a ton of gay boyfriends. They’re the best! I went to Pride this year and we got free donuts and mimosas, plus there was a ferris wheel. Winning


Wow, I wouldn’t think so many people would be familiar with Harrisburg! I know it’s the capital and all, but it’s tiny compared to Philly and Pitts.

Amanda, you’re visiting for three months? That’s awesome. You probably know more about where to get good tea around here than I do!

Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

Let’s see…I know there is One Good Woman in Camp Hill, and of course Wegmans has a decent supply of teas…still one of my favorite places to get decent and fairly cheap Japanese greens. Other than that, I got most my teas online (frightfully boring) but plan on hunting some more tea places down while I am there.


If you want to meet for a tea party, let me know!!! I’d love to meet and say hi. I swear I’m not an axe murderer or anything.


(She’s a pick pu’erh cake murderer though…watch out!)


Holy crap! I can’t even defend myself against that. I will indeed stab the cakes so we can drink the sheng! Too funny, TTF!!!

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