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  • “hum, when did blueberry become my default comfort tea? it wasn’t a conscious decision, but the day has been long, the sleep has been little and i am grateful to yyz and her swap package for...” Read full tasting note
    JustJames 390 tasting notes
  • “Tea of the afternoon….. And Day #13 of 24….. This one comes to me from Uniquity. Thank you! (I do really like this one!) Blueberry black tea goodness. The tea base...” Read full tasting note
    SimplyJenW 985 tasting notes
  • “I don’t know why I rated this so low before. Maybe I over-steeped it? Nevertheless, today this is a lovely warm cuppa blueberries to get me ready for work. I find the smell and taste to be...” Read full tasting note
    Uniquity 709 tasting notes
  • “I’m not usually a fan of drinking blueberry teas first thing in the morning, but this one has enough of a breakfast blend base (at least to me) that I actually don’t mind doing just...” Read full tasting note
    raven22 329 tasting notes

From The Tea Brewery


A unique and very popular premium black tea blend tasting of fresh hand-picked wild blueberries.

Ingredients: Black tea, dried blueberries, cornflower petals, blackberry leaves, natural flavouring.

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8 Tasting Notes

390 tasting notes

hum, when did blueberry become my default comfort tea? it wasn’t a conscious decision, but the day has been long, the sleep has been little and i am grateful to yyz and her swap package for this tasty sample!

by the by… what contractor builds walls without a vapour barrier? by the by part II: if you get a text from a tenant about a ‘little’ mold in a closet… break out the blueberry tea. the long day is going to segue into several more.

this tea is not candy or jam. it is soft, fresh blueberries with beautiful sky swirled flowers falling in my cup. the tea itself has a warm element, almost woody and somewhere in there i detect a note of green… as though the odd stem or leaf had been left with the blueberries. the green makes me smile further.

i think is my favourite part of swaps…. trying teas i never would have otherwise, being sent things that my friends think i may enjoy that i really, really do. i wonder if swapping teas counts as a hobby.

i dislike contractors…. at least the ones that cut corners.

thank you for my lovely cup of calm, yyz….

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I’m glad it helped improve your day! As to the contactor issue you’d be surprised! I remember watching too separate contractors build a group of Townhomes within a block of each other and the difference in the quality between the construction and materials was night and day. Sad, because neither were exactly budget homes. Hope that the issue is localised and not rediculously expensive to deal with!


I count swapping tea as a hobby – but that’s just me….


i think i really need to count it as a hobby… i find it far too much fun not to. and it makes me happy….. i wonder if i could somehow incorporate tea into a tattoo? hmmmm.


I’ve been looking at tea tattoos as well – most of the pics online are too “girly” flowery teapots for me – thinking about gaiwan with Chinese art or something like that (I’m just not sure anyone else would understand what it is). Placement is part of my problem – feel like I’m running out of skin….


Swapping tea makes me happy as well – tons of fun :))


far as i’m concerned i don’t care if other people understand what i put on my skin… the people that know me will get it. the girlie is tricky, i agree. there are things that are beautiful, but if i wear them i might seem odd… then again i never said i wasn’t odd!

i think the blooming teas are beautiful as they expand, as they carry/are carried by the tiny air bubbles…

you make another good point… where oh where would i put it? lol.


I like the last one too, but I’m not sure how it would translate into a tattoo – the pic looks good because of the dark background. Depending on your skin tone, but I’m not sure it would stand out as well. I like the green dragon 2nd one-
Things to ponder – but now that I’m not buying tea, I could use that money for a new tattoo….


i’m part smurph i’m so pale, lol. the only colour i avoid is yellow because it makes me look jaundiced. a good tattoo artist takes any idea you bring them and caters it to fit your shape and space though….

dexter… you did NOT just turn this into a tattoo enable forum did you? because i’m not buying tea for awhile either. i cannot believe you just went there, lol.

I like this but I think it would be more appropriate for Awkward Soul


LOL – Oh I’ve been thinking about tattoo rather than tea for a month now…. LOL I’m not telling YOU what to do, was just thinking out loud…
I haven’t gotten any new ink in almost 2 years…I’m suffering from withdrawal big time….


very nice! i have 2000 years of cybernetic history in a 7 inch cuff around my ankle and up my leg that i want things always to link somewhat to (theoretical bypass to repair my nervous system)… sortof a theme for me =0). cybernetics, wires, gears, patches and screws.


oh no… i have another tattoo that says ‘you can’t make me’ (long story)…. but you can suggest with great efficacy!! it’s been awhile for me too.

sigh. great things start with ‘t’. lol.
i’ve been itchy for the buzzing pen.


I agree that they are personal and should somehow represent something about you. I like your idea of cybernetic re nervous system. That’s awesome. I also agree that others don’t have to like/understand your tattoos – as long as you like them then it’s all good.


I thought you had stopped buying tea re tuition, groceries, etc….
Ummmmm LOL you can’t eat a new tattoo…. I shouldn’t be encouraging this – but I don’t get to talk tattoos very often. :))


i have imposed a moratorium. i have a ton of tea. truly. and i have a student loan and i am applying for a scholarship this next week.

similar to my taste in tea, my taste in tattoos is expensive (also expansive). i love to talk about them… the next one will probably coincide with a major mile marker (ie a degree). this one would fit right in. what do you think…. 3000$? lol.


As much as I can appreciate how awesome that is, it’s not something I would get. I don’t think the tattoo would be 3000.00 but the travel expense to find an artist who could pull that off might be. LOL
Expensive – yep expansive yep – go big or go home. That’s my running out of big chunks of skin problem….
Good luck with the scholarship – hope that comes through for you. :))


all i can do is try…. as far as i know i have the grades. i have demographics going my way too. disabled permanently, check. mature student, check. straight A’s, check.

it won’t be happening for awhile, lol. but i can dream and/or live vicariously through you!

for me machinery fixes it all. my nervous system is so corrupt that basic things can be exhaustive! if i were partially mechanical the problem would be diminished. or so i have reasoned in my brain =0). and seeing as that is a rather remote conclusion, i am happy to have it represented artistically.


I love that tattoo. Most bio-mechanical pieces that I’ve seen are straight black and grey. I love the added color – looks like real circuit boards – love how the torn skin has some redness around it. That is a fabulous piece…..


OK that’s it, you’ve convinced me. I’m going to pick/commit a piece of skin and start searching for an artist who can/will pull off my Roman/Philosophy vision.


do i get to see photos? i want to see photos! lol. my cuff is very 3 dimensional with lots of colour. the artist spent 5-6 hours replicating an actual sized circuit board. ha! i even have an on/off button…. i think my wife wished there were a ‘mute’? ;0)


It’s still in my head – I can’t draw, at the mercy of an artist to capture my vision. I want to do something representing Ancient Rome and the contradiction of the different sides of that society. They were way ahead of their time as far as status of women, social services, democracy etc and yet they were brutal, cruel, slave owners and warriors.
Picture Roman soldier sitting in the “Thinkers” pose with a Roman senator reading to him from a tablet – garden setting olive trees, grape vines etc. That’s my vision…..


LOL doesn’t the “off” button also work as “mute” – or does she want you to function but in “mute” mode… ;))

Terri HarpLady

Ok…I love you guys!
It’s been 2 years since my last tat, & if I didn’t spend so much money on tea (or sold more CDs) , I’d be getting a new one for my birthday in a few weeks.
I loved the green dragon. Tony has his entire right chest, shoulder, upper arm, & upper back as a Tibetan dragon, in shades of black & gray & I love the detail of it. The other shoulder etc is a hummingbird surrounded by tropical flowers…kind of like a Hawaiian shirt, very colorful. Mine are smaller, but symbolic of the place my head was at when I received them:
- a fairy that sits on my left shoulder to whisper in my ear & remind me of who I really am once in awhile. Got that one 20 years ago.
- a personal symbol I once drew during meditation, that ended up on the inside of my left arm, that serves to remind me that all answers to my questions lie within. That was about 15 years ago.
- a butterfly on the back of my right hand by my thumb & pointer finger. Freedom of self expression, letting go of inhibitions, especially in the area of playing Jazz. That was my birthday tat a few years ago.
I love tats & dream about them, drawing them on myself to try them out. I have a special affinity for spiders (& they like me too…the ultimate creators), but I have yet to find the spider tats I want. I think a spider stalking a butterfly or becoming one, would be the ultimate symbol for creative freedom, which has been my musical quest. I also have had several visions for back pieces, but never the funds. Ok….I’ve rambled enough.


A spider becoming a butterfly … wow, that is both intriguing and unique. If I saw someone with that I would have to stop and talk about it. What a cool idea :D


this is a great thread! so inspiring! beautiful ideas. i thought of getting a new tattoo too, and tea is a big possibility.


so we all love tea and many of us have tattoos… many of us are artists, many of us are students…. so many connections. what a brilliant thing.

oh and dexter… yes, i think ‘functional’ but ‘muted’ is precisely what she would have wanted, lol! i’m not a terribly quiet individual. i’m guessing that comes across and doesn’t surprise anyone on steepster. =0)


i love tattoos…on other ppl lol

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985 tasting notes

Tea of the afternoon…..

And Day #13 of 24….. This one comes to me from Uniquity. Thank you! (I do really like this one!)

Blueberry black tea goodness. The tea base is pleasant, and the taste of warm blueberries is bringing back the memories of this blueberry crisp I made over the summer after taking my kids to a U-pick blueberry place. It was heavenly!

Usual mug method.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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709 tasting notes

I don’t know why I rated this so low before. Maybe I over-steeped it? Nevertheless, today this is a lovely warm cuppa blueberries to get me ready for work. I find the smell and taste to be authentic and seems to be pretty good quality black tea. I don’t know why I don’t reach for this more often, but maybe because it’s a mild sort of tea that doesn’t assert itself into my daily picks. It’s hidden behind the bolder teas!

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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329 tasting notes

I’m not usually a fan of drinking blueberry teas first thing in the morning, but this one has enough of a breakfast blend base (at least to me) that I actually don’t mind doing just that. And I enjoy the fact that this is from a smaller company than what I usually buy from. This is my last bag of tea from here, so the next time I’m in Nova Scotia, I’ll clearly have to get a refill.

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642 tasting notes

Wow. I didn’t expect much from this for whatever reason, but it ended up surprising me as being one of the most delicious and realistic tasting blueberry black teas I’ve ever tried.

The fact that it’s from a Nova Scotian tea company is a major plus because though I’ve been in NB for 19 years now, I spent 8 important years of my childhood in NS and still have relatives there, so it will always feel like home to me.

My friend sent me this sample but I’d consider buying some one day!


I love the name of this tea

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Yeah, it’s nice :)


That’s where my grandparents met!

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437 tasting notes

In mid summer, while I worked in the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve tracking Black Bears, we would reach a point where half the bears would dissapear from their home ranges as they left in search of food. That population is basically dependant on the success of the blueberry crop for survival. Once they started to leave their home ranges we would spend part of the day tracking/searching for our wandering bears, and part of the day sampling blueberry plots among other duties. After which we had tons of berries to freeze, eat and turn into many baked goods. At the study site we had two species of blueberries; Vaccinium angustafolium, which had smaller tarter berries and smooth leaved shorter plants, and V. Myrtilloides which had furry leaved taller plants and big sweet berries that tasted a little like blueberry bubble gum. This tea reminds me of the latter, with a rich sweet syrupy scent and flavour that reminds me a little of a blueberry pancake breakfast drank with a hearty rich tea.

This tea does a really nice job of balancing the flavours between the base tea and the flavouring. The scent and the taste are of those large bubble gun tinged blueberries I picked in the field up near Chapleau, with a nice sweet slightly syrupy notes, all over a malty and slightly biscuit noted base that has a slightly tart fruit reference. The sweetness of the flavouring is tempered by both the tannins in the tea and the blackberry leaf. The base tea is only slightly astringent, but has enough texture and tannins to give it a nice density in the mouth. Despite the flavouring and scent being quite distinct they do not overpower the base and the tea does not require sweetners for the flavouring to pop. Well done Tea Brewery At the moment this is my favourite blueberry tea in my cupboard.


You have a cool job. Bears are awesome!


So was that job as awesome as it sounds? ’Cause it sounds pretty great (as does the tea!).


Such a cute story, I can understand why this tea triggered such memories :-)


It was a very cool job! We lived at a field camp on the lake with a population between 4 and 20. The study’s focus was population survivorship and fecundity. In the spring we spent the morning checking our lines of live traps for bears, whom we would weigh measure, take fat pinches and blood samples if they were a recapture. New bears would be tagged and more in depth measurements and samples were taken. Females were always coloured, males not so often, as they tended to through the collars. We had early GPS collars that were huge as well as normal radio collars. We tracked the bears in the afternoon and sometimes well into the evening until there was a change of government that changed my bosses good will for ‘extras’. We also did botanical monitoring and staging. In our free time we went rock climbing of fire tower climbing, hiking, biking and canoeing and occasionally wolf howling. It was a fascinating job bears are fascinating to observe behaviorally,have an interesting social organisation and a really interesting physiology. It is definitely among my favourite job experiences. Ironically I think I experienced greater culture shock coming back from that job than from some of my overseas experiences.


Just wow…


What TheTeaFairy said!

Christina / BooksandTea

That sounds like the coolest job ever.



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