Sweet Temptation

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Herbal Rooibos Blend
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Boiling 6 min, 45 sec 8 oz / 236 ml

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From Tsaa

This one reminds us of a Toblerone bar – maybe because of its delicious sweetness and delightful chewy bits. Imagine, a tea that tastes like a dessert! Try it once and we’re sure you’ll be back for more.

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16 Tasting Notes

1659 tasting notes

PUDDING!! this tea… it’s heaven. Heaven in a cup. I feel as if I just enhaled a bucket full of mouth watering vanilla pudding! and a fraction of the calories. yeah baby!
Now, I’m not normally a fan of vanilla. In most cases, it’s enough to turn me off a tea! but for whatever reason… in this case, it is amazing. ahhhhhmazing!! The nougat must be laced with a slice of heaven. I tell ya…
Oh and it tastes creamy, oh so very creamy and sweet! without adding anything at all! Nope, I took this one straight up, and it’s still getting this rating from me. My first 100 folks! in 500+ reviews, this is my first perfect score. THAT is how much I love this blend.
This was my to go cup after my meet n swap, but the next time I swing by this shop, I am SO getting a tin. Oh yes, I need five tins! twenty!!!
The other thing that impresses me here is that I was able to leave my bag in and it never got sour or bitter. The guy at the shop mentioned that to me, and at first I was skeptical, but now… well I am a believer!!
Tsaa, how were you around for almost 2 years and I’m just finding you now!?

Dylan Oxford

Clicking on their shipping page does nothing :(


I really must get some of this tea. I’m going to start a tea mafia. I’ll launder enough tea to get this one. You in with me?


Dylan: I know, I saw!! :(
but you email them maybe they can help?
Missy: LOL yes, I am IN!! we should get a code word :P


It’s funny how reviews like this will send us all on a google search (me included). EnablersRUs. Lucky for my budget, rooibos and are aren’t besties. Will await everyone else’s reviews : )


and * I *


Count me in! I’m Bonnie who’s Clyde? (Tea Mafia)


I’m down! Sounds AMAZING!


Cheryl: I hear ya. Rooibos, she’s a tricky one! yes, I am genderizing tea :P
Bonnie: LOL I’ll be Clyde!!!
This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We tea shops.
Azzrian: omg, amazing is not a big enough word!!!


Wow, now a huge fan of vanilla teas, but you have me DROOLING over this one!!

Yogini Undefined

Just spoke to them, and they didn;t know the shipping link wasn`t working, so they`re going to update it. When I spoke to the guy on the phone, he said he thought there was a promo for Canadian customers to have free shipping over $50. I asked him what about US customers but he thought they would have to pay regular shipping fees. He really wasn`t too sure what was going on. He suggested checking out their twitter but I told him it hasn`t been updated since December 26 2011 ;) I didn`t see anything on FB either. I told him to check out Steepster and he said he knew about it ;)


So are you saying this is going to be hard to get? Maybe we need to do a bulk buy and then divi it up amongst ourselves?


I think I need this too. Anyone wants to do a bulk buy, drop me a line — I’ll contribute!


oh wow, this is awesome to come home to!!
So I think we are doing a bulk order? I’m fine with organizing it, though I won’t have much time till after my exam on May 5th.
maybe we should start a discussion in the forum before this gets too complicated lol


That is a good idea!


I must admit, I tried a bit of this tea from Indigobloom ‘s cup and although it was good, I didn’t think it was amazing. BUT it did smell delicious, and I was a) overheating and stressed, b) not in a rooibos mood, and c) I tried it before it had probably even steeped for three minutes. Which admittedly is rather short for a rooibos in the first place!

(Sooooooo that being said, if you pick some up Indigobloom , I’ve love if you hung onto a sample size for me to try out myself :D)

Daniel Scott

Wow, okay, I tried getting the Shipping Information page to come up by typing “shipping_information” at the end of the URL, since all of their pages seem to be easily named like that. It sent me back to the home page! I tried a few other variations too, like just “shipping,” and “shipping_info” and got the same thing. Is that ever buggered!


Kristaleyn: but of course!! you’ll be getting a sample to be sure :P
Daniel: They are a startup… I’m willing to forgive them for now! but if they don’t shape up… I will be sad!
Azzrian: :)


Their search function doesn’t work at all either…

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8166 tasting notes


So maybe from here on out I can remember that IndigoBloom has provided me with a sample of this. I quite enjoy this one – it does remind me a little of a toblerone but more in the way of the nougat than the chocolate. I’d consider picking this up sometime in the future as a dessert tea to have around.


yay for toblerone! :D

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3134 tasting notes

Finally getting to this one, thanks Indigobloom!

The aroma to me is a fairly standard sweet rooibos aroma. I can’t place exactly which tea it reminds me of, but perhaps it’s a creme caramel rooibos, or some truffle one. I really don’t recall. Flavourwise, there’s also a sort of familiarity. I think it’s nougat, that I’m picking up. Not toblerone, as I can’t taste any chocolate here, but kind of a tangy sort of nougat. It seems to be growing on me as I sip more of the tea…

This one’s definitely a different rooibos blend, and quite palatable given the tame version of rooibos found here, but I have to admit that it’s not my favourite, and probably not a blend I’d seek out again. However, I very much appreciate the chance to try it out, so thanks Indigobloom!

ETA: Second infusion is kind of like sweet-ish water. Not bad, but nothing too special.

Boiling 8 min or more

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807 tasting notes

Thank you Indigobloom for making it possible for so many of us to enjoy this delicious tea! It is so yummy! I had it awhile back but was not feeling well so I could not give it a fair review.
It does taste like Toblerone candy which is one of my most favorite chocolates!
Interestingly the more it cooled the yummier it was so I am going to make more tomorrow and let it chill in the fridge and see how I like it!
VERY good hot!


OH! That’s a good idea!


oh yay, I am so glad you like it!! phew! I was a little worried that everyone trusted my taste buds so much haha

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615 tasting notes

Tea #34 from HHTTB2

Mmm, this smells creamy and vanillay once it’s brewed up.

I totally don’t get any semblance of Toblerone here (I think it’s the complete lack of chocolate flavor), but what I do get is flan. Creamy, custardy, slightly caramelly, sweet, delicious flan.

The base is definitely rooibos, and the aftertaste is also definitely rooibos, but it’s a mild tasting version that melds with the flavor. This is so smooth and flavorful!


Nom. Nom.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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1220 tasting notes

Is something wrong with me? I like rooibos. I like chocolate, but I don’t get Toblerone at all. It does taste like vanilla, and it has a bit of creaminess… But it has a major problem. There is so much flavoring oil on the surface that it leaves this horrible feeling on my tongue after each sip.

Not my cup of tea. Makes me sad because I was really excited to get to try this. Thanks anyway, Azzrian! I have enough for another cup so I might try again at some point.


i just learned about the flavoring oil and notice it in some of my teas :(

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692 tasting notes

1.2 tablespoons used for 375 ml of water infused for 8 minutes

Punchy rooibos flavour- reminds me of fruitiness. I’m detecting a milky-like flavour. Sweetness throughout. Thin mouth-feel which does not compliment the flavour profile. Blandness in taste on the sip.

Rating: 65

Thanks to Indigobloom for sharing with me!

Boiling 8 min or more

I had a cup the other day, it seems to have lost quite a bit of the flavour. Boo.

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212 tasting notes

This is a really good desert tea. Rooibos and nougat with a bit of vanilla. The dry leave does have cute little nougat bits to dissolve away while infusing. It’s quite balanced as far as flavoring versus the base. No competition here just a very nice melding of lovely flavor. And the biggest bonus is, it doesn’t really need sweetner! A little doesn’t hurt it but it’s fine naked.

Thanks Indigobloom for making it possible to have this one in my cupboard. You are really quite an awesome!

Boiling 8 min or more

OMG I am SO relieved my instincts about this one were right!! I was getting worried that maybe it was just me who found this one to be so incredibly tasty… ha! yay!!! :)

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604 tasting notes

I’ve had this tea for the longest time and have only about 1/2 a bag left out of the two I received from the lovely Indigobloom! I’ve been trying to save this blend because it’s so hard to get. This tea has the nicest blend of vanilla and sugar with a mild rooibos base. It’s very sweet on its own and soothes any sweet tooth or dessert craving! I definitely get the taste of nougat, but it’s more like the individual components of nougat, not nougat paired with chocolate. There is a twinge of something artificial, but it’s not strong enough to stop me from drinking the cup. It does lower the rating a little bit, though. I can’t really describe it — it just interrupts the overall taste of the tea and doesn’t allow for complete smoothness that the vanilla suggests in the beginning. This is a nice dessert tea and I will be sad when the pouch is gone.

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221 tasting notes

Thanks to Azzrian for this tea:)
Been a while since I’ve had a Wowzer of a tea….I think this would be it. Truthfully, I had started getting alittle weary of rooibos based teas, (Funny little after taste I hadn’t noticed before.) But I do not feel that way with this tea:) I looked up their website, unfortunately it doesn’t seem that they have the option to buy online, so short of driving 4 hours to the shop in Toronto, (Not that I don’t want to! Just lack of moola. But once I get a better paying job, it’ll be lack of time. LOL.) I’ll be SOL once I run out.
Anyways…back to the tea: This is sweet, I can taste the nougat flavoring, this is a perfect ‘in place of dessert’ tea.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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