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754 Tasting Notes

19 tasting notes

Just some random ramblings and updates. I’m super sorry that I haven’t been on here for a while. Been super busy with school and semester exams. Then on Tuesday, I had a tonsillectomy and a sinus surgery, so I’m sort of not drinking tea right now. I’ll be awol for several more weeks.


Rest up! :)

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274 tasting notes

I went for an early spring hike today! It felt so good to re-charge and to reconnect with the beauty of nature. I’m sorry (not sorry) to sound cheesy, but I was feeling all crusted and stale from the drain of city life. I need to do some earthing to connect myself to the big blue planet around me. Just hearing the absence of sound for a couple of hours made me feel so much better. Nothing but the wind through the trees. No cars, no airplanes, no people. A rare bird song every now and again, but mostly silence and the sound of my feet. It was still a little snowy here and there, but nothing too bad that the trail became too slushy. I was pretty lucky to make it back to my car before it began snowing. ahh, pure bliss.
So the tea that I brought with me was my homemade version of Celestial Seasoning’s Morning Thunder. I used to love that stuff. It was ideal for my hike today. It was smoky, and robust, and really seriously warming.
I used:
.5g of Tippy’s Lumberjack + 3g Capital Tea LTD’s Meleng Estate Assam + 2g Roasted Yerba Mate. I threw in a couple of cinnamon chips as well. It turned out to be pretty much perfect.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec 5 g 16 OZ / 473 ML
leaf in hot water

sounds so good!

Liquid Proust

I have also found roasted/pan fried teas mix quite well with black teas


I would go sans Lumberjack next time, and perhaps use a Ceylon with deeper honey notes or a keemun. It was a great trial run though!

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127 tasting notes

Empty Stomach + Matcha + Young Sheng = Party time

Forgot to mention I started the day with matcha empty stomach followed my young sheng…. needless to say I felt like puking. When I say felt like puking I don’t mean “oh em gee that girls instagram is gross, puke” I mean you are 6-7 shots deep on cheap plastic handle vodka and your friends say one more ! with results in your mouth uncontrollable mouth watering to lubricate the reverse of traffic out of your esophagus tandem with the involuntary crunches like an impromptu 6 min abs video.

Now Im sure many of you are saying duh empty stomach matcha alone should equal you on your knees praying to the porcelain gods but I was always the Macho man, back to back young raw bulang on empty stomach and low fat diet, routinely start my day off with matcha if I needed to be up and alert for extended hours, etc. But my limit seems to be the masochistic combination of empty+ matcha+ young sheng

Apologizes if any of this is lowbrow but it is more for my reference than anything and if I could make some of these private I would


This review had me laughing so hard I choked on my tea! I enjoy anecdotes on tea notes, it keeps things interesting.

Jiāng Luo

thanks glad to hear I didn’t offend anyone Ive been holding this stuff back but matcha removes much of my social filters and inhibitions

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402 tasting notes
Terri HarpLady

Although I enjoy the aroma, it’s a seriously invasion plant, on a mission to take over my yard!

Liquid Proust

I can come harvest it all away :)

Terri HarpLady

How far are you from st louis? LOL

Liquid Proust

It depends on how much is there… na, I’m pretty far :/


I tried harvesting honeysuckle flowers and drying them for tea. All I got was a cup of bitter without any of the wonderful smell. Any one know how to do this correctly?

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219 tasting notes

Butiki Educational TTB

Kenya White #2

The day is winding down to an end, and my stress is still through the roof. I picked this to calm me before bed time. I have never had a Kenyan White before and was very interested. I am hoping the magic properties of African tea will mystically relax me, haha. The dry leaf is similar to Bai Hao Yin Zhen except its more twiggy. They resemble small silver pins and sticks. They are a brilliant white and gray color. I brewed these in my tea press. The aroma is of wet hay and summer dew. The aroma from my cup is like a wheat field after a rainstorm. The flavor was very unique. It was a syrupy hay. It tasted like green hay and with a sweet after-tone of sugar cookies. This was nice before bed. I really liked this tea, and it was very interesting.

Flavors: Grass, Hay, Powdered sugar

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

Yay Random Steepings! Seems like the most popular selection on Steepster these days.


Hahah if they had a company and actual title I would post them there. This seems to be the place to post unnamed teas….

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22 tasting notes

This tea is from Lulu, a generous random sample that was sent out for what seems to be an upstart online business. It is a sun moon lake black tea from taiwan.

The leaves are LONG, thin, and spindly, and of course, black. They smell like honey, with a hint of straw. Quite nice, but this is def a tea that you would want to measure by weight, not by a tsp, just because of how difficult it is to get them in the spoon.

Not having any type of food scale, i just guessed about how much i should use, about 3 quite empty tsp lol, and 10 oz of water at 190 for 4 min.

the liquor was a nice, dark red with a brown tinge. It tasted quite light, possibly due to me not using enough leaf, possibly because thats just how the tea is. either way, it was still nice. It had the nice malty flavor of a black, with faint hints of chocolate. i have heard mentioned that this type of tea has a kind of cinnamon taste, and while it diddnt come though for me, there was SOMETHING there, almost spicy like, but not really. so in hindsight, i might not have used enough leaf. But this tea was still quite nice.

Over all, to me, this tea reminded me alot of golden monkey, only maybe replacing golden monkeys straw like flavor with a hint of spice. Im quite pleased with this tea, but i think i prefer golden monkey slightly more.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Malt

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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136 tasting notes

Grandpa brew all the things!

It’s been a ridiculously busy few weeks and March doesn’t look like it’ll be fun at all. I’m out of the country for about two weeks for a class and have so many things to turn in/submit when I get back. I’m computerless in the meantime, since my laptop’s been out of commission for months (I do all of my writing on my desktop). I doubt I’ll be able to properly type out papers on my phone, haha.

Anyway, I’ve been grandpa brewing the hell out of anything that I can get my hands on in the morning over these last few weeks. Quick note of things brewed in my 12-oz Thermos Tea Tumbler, all water temps at 195F. Leaf quantities all ‘eyeballed’ but definitely on the lower end of everything, since the leaves just sit in the tumbler all day. I lug a 40 oz thermos around in my bag alongside the tea tumbler and top off the water when it gets low (half or 2/3rds gone).

Verdant’s Laoshan Roasted Oolong – use very, very small quantities of it. Roasty, chocolaty, with a cocoa bitterness that becomes more of an overwhelming burnt chocolate when too much leaf is used. Lasted for a full day— it got uncomfortably bitter for me the morning of the second day so I dumped it and went for fresh leaves.

White2Tea’s 2014 Bulang Lao Cha Tou – really sweet (molasses or brown sugar type sweetness with a touch of powderiness that reminds me of Special Dark), about 4-7 rinsed nuggets will do for an entire day. Got a sample of it from the tea club a week or two ago and immediately ordered another 100g that just came in this weekend, and now I wish I’d gotten even more just because of how convenient it is. This lasted for a day, but I probably could have pushed it to two days with hotter water on the second day.

Mandala’s Not-So-Mini-Tuos – dropped one in the mug, gave it a quick rinse, and off I went. Really bold/hearty and earthy, and the first mugful or two were really strong for me. Halving the mini tuocha might be a good idea next time. This lasted me for two days.

Mandala’s Pu Wen coin – I really loved this one grandpa style. It’s tied with W2T’s Chocolate Mini Shu and Bulang Laochatou in terms of tastiness/convenience when busy. Unfortunately, it’s the priciest of the three so I’m trying to save the ones I’ve got. Lasted two days.

Mandala’s Rou Gui – fruity and sort of cinnamon-y, mildly roasty and ‘bright’. A pinch or two of leaves lasted for about a day— the flavour started weakening near the end, so I don’t think it could have gone for two full days.

195 °F / 90 °C

Hey I resemble that grandpa remark!

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152 tasting notes

Trying out my newly seasoned yixing, which I fear I’m already madly in love with. ;)

So far I’ve brewed:
Ailaoshan Black (Whispering Pines)
Tanyang Gongfu (Nannuoshan)
Heaven’s Trash (Butiki)
Qi Hong Xiang Luo (Nannuoshan)

I cannot get over how delicious everything that I brew in this vessel turns out to be. They are all very very good teas but the yixing imparts a lush, juicy, fullness that I can’t describe. It enhances the natural flavors of the tea and also adds to them. There is a lot of honey because I seasoned it with a combination of Honey Black (Green Terrace), Coonoor Nilgiri (Single Origin), and Laoshan Black (Verdant). Many of the teas I’ve brewed contain elements of grain, malt, stone fruit, cocoa, caramel, and honey…Essentially a combination of all of my favorite flavors. Every cup I’ve brewed has been perfect. I wish I still had thicker, maltier, more chocolatey teas around, but I sipped many of them down in an effort to downsize my cupboard. It will have to wait until my shipments begin arriving. Until then, I’ll be sitting in the corner, clutching my new teapot and making crazy eyes at anyone who gets too close.


I love my yixing too, want another one so bad!

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90 tasting notes

Okay, since I don’t feel like making a custom tea for this blend that I’m working on just yet, I will put it under this ingenious tag.
I have been drawing out my supply of Vanilla Mint Mate since Teaopia closed down two years ago. This is an old tea for me, but a really classic wake-up tea that I genuinely miss in my cupboard. It’s great for those mornings that I really need a caffeine hit, but don’t want anything as strongly flavored as a black tea. I attempted to replace it with The Killers Vanilla, but that tea is just so chocolate-y to me (something about the addition of lavender), and I detest chocolate! The original tea had a definitive, but mild green mate flavor on the sip with a heavy dose of cooling on the swallow, but maintained a pleasant level of sweetness and creaminess from the vanilla all the way through. I have one cup left of the original, so I’m hoping to compare it with several options of my finished blend.
Fast forward to my first online order of tea from Upton last year. I got a giant bag of green mate and an even bigger bag of the most cooling peppermint I could find. Dinosara spoiled me with a bundle of Madagascar vanilla beans to complete my project. Well, I’ve finally gotten around to experimenting. I figured my tea log was the best place to record the endeavor for posterity. My goal today was to determine the ideal mint/mate ratio, into which I will toss a vanilla bean and let it age.
To make each sample comparable, I made sure the brewing was exactly the same (side note: who knew I had three tea balls floating around my house?!) for each mix. I will now review them separately:
1/2 mint/mate mix: I really can taste the earthy greenness of the mate, tempered just slightly by the mint. The cooling really shows up on/after the swallow. The cooling is just not quite what I want it to be, but it taste the most similar to the original.
1/1 mint/mate mix: The cooling is at the right amount now, but the flavor is much too peppermint. The mate is there, but the bad influence of the mint overpowers on the sip when I really want it confined to the swallow. This blend really loses the warm and fuzzy smokiness of the mate. It was a tough call, but I think this is too much mint.
2/1 mint/mate mix: This is basically like a pure mint tea. The sod-like under flavor of pure mint shines through the overpowering cooling of the tongue. Definitely not the winner.
For now, I will most likely proceed with variable amounts of vanilla bean in the blend with the most mate, but perhaps I will bump up the mint just slightly in that mix and try it first.

185 °F / 85 °C 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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523 tasting notes

Well, I found this amazing little café in one of the buildings on campus. It’s about 2/3 of the way between two of my classes on Friday, so I know where I’ll be going every week. Their tea is great, too (loose leaf? on my campus?!). Sadly, I have no idea what brand it is. The shop itself is an offshoot of Lavazza but their tea looks nothing like what I had. What a mystery! Maybe I’ll ask if I ever catch them at a slow time.

On to the tea: this jasmine green is really good in a subtle way. The jasmine flavor sneaks up on you. It’s a little bit fruity at first, then sweet, with a beautiful floral aftertaste. The green flavor is a steadying presence in the background but never overwhelms; the whole cup is subtle. Utterly delicious (and even better with a lemon bear claw)!


lemon bear claw… drool


Interesting. There are Lavazza’s in Europe (I just saw one last night in Belgium), and I noticed each one is a bit different. Maybe the suppliers change based on location?

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