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  • “Yes, I drank tea today. Yes, I am lazy, but I was also busy all day, so in an effort to not post lame reviews about teas I drank hours ago, & have reviewed plenty of times, I am once again going...” Read full tasting note
    Terri HarpLady 2859 tasting notes
  • “pssst....i had a bit of tea today. but it was family time with extended family in town for a day and my parents up for the weekend. more to come tomorrow afternoon once everyone is gone. Miss you...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4710 tasting notes
  • “So Ceylon Star asked what kind of tea to mix up on facebook, and I immediately went into the kitchen and threw this desserty concoction together: 1/2 tsp Bossa Nova (oolong) from Zen Tea 1/2 tsp...” Read full tasting note
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  • “Since I'm in the neighborhood, I stopped by press tea and had the Wild Himalayan Black Tea. Last time I had it with cream and I felt I couldn't properly gauge how the pressed tea compared to a...” Read full tasting note
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It’s been a good tea day so far! I mailed out my tea swap packages to Cavocorax, Roswell Strange, and Carol Who this morning!

I had two great teas, which I will log later (White Rhino by Butiki, and Caramel Almond Amaretti by Teavana)

AND I am going out with a friend tonight for Japanese and the restaurant serves Matcha-based cocktails!!! I am excited!!!

carol who

Great! O boy, oh boy! More tea! A matcha based cocktail sounds interesting… give us a report back on that one. :)


I would also like to hear about matcha-based cocktails! Intriguing!


They had Matcha Lattes, Matcharitas, Matchatinis, and a Matchajito. I tried the Matcharita. It was pretty good. I don’t know that I would get it again, but it was fairly tasty! I looked on Pinterest and there are TONS of recipes for Matcha based cocktails if you are interested. :)

Roswell Strange

Swap box went out to you today; I had time to finish packaging it up this morning so I sent it along with what I was sending to VariaTEA. Hopefully it gets to you soon!

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It is raining. That is all.

Ha ha.

OK, I did come here to actually type something distantly related to tea. So I went to a local frozen yogurt place because I got a coupon in the mail for 10% off. They also advertised bubble tea, so I thought I would give it a try.

I ordered a lychee bubble tea. It was ok. Not the greatest. In hindsight, lychee may not have been the best flavour to order at a chain yogurt shop who is trying to get customers through coupons. It was quite perfumey and artificial. The pearls are quite low quality and the texture is weird. But it is still drinkable.

I never quite understood bubble tea. It is not really tea at all. So I did some research, by research I mean I typed it into google then clicked on the Wikipedia page. It appears that bubble tea did originally have tea in it. But it seems through commercialization that it is now some sort of milk product with flavouring added. There are also several kinds of bubble tea. I shouldn’t complain, I did get this at a yogurt shop.

Of other interesting note, there is a little comic on my bubble tea that points out the bubbles are actually the foam on the top of the “milk product liquid” and the tapioca/gelatin balls are the pearls. But on the wiki page it says the pearls are the bubbles, so who knows.

I also got yogurt and I would say my experience with that was very poor, but that is for a different review site.

Terri HarpLady

I had to laugh at this post. Years ago a friend of mine was all enameled with bubble tea. She knew I was a tea fanatic, so when an actual bubble tea shop opened in St Louis, she couldn’t wait to take me there. After putting it off forever, I finally went & I hated it, LOL. I don’t understand why anybody would want to put tapioca pearls in their tea? WTF?? Why???

Terri HarpLady

Enameled = enamored, lol

Terri HarpLady

Her response was something like, “it’s fun!”
Really? I don’t get it :/


I don’t mind bubble tea if it is done correctly. To me it is not really tea but more of like a novelty drink. But sadly in the last few years I feel like it has been a trend that many restaurants/stores are jumping on and they are putting out an inferior product. I think the pearls are neat but it makes me gag when I suck one up threw the straw and it is launched into the back of my throat. Ha ha.


A new bubble tea place opened up near our favorite haunts, and I find I love their smoothies with added pearls, but their milk teas always taste like cleaner fluid and I have a suspicion that the base is some sort of jasmine tea. The first time, I thought they made a mistake, but the second time, I decided I wasn’t going to waste my money on the milk teas anymore. Ick!


I like getting fruity green teas, or teas blended with fresh fruits. The fresh fruits or juices are really key, IMO.

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There are just so many teas to try in the travelling box that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. However, I decided to make an iced tea mix recommended by jewelledthumb when she added her teas to the box. So I mixed the following 3 teas together in my iced tea pitcher:

- Wild Strawberry by Adagio
- Citron Green by Adagio
- Lemongrass by Adagio

I let them steep and cool down with 1L of hot water, and am adding ice as necessary when I pour it out.

The liquid is a beautiful shade of pink, and I have to admit that the dried Wild Strawberry mix smelled so scrumptious that I had to seriously restrain myself from taking it all and thus preventing the rest of the people in the round try some. But I prevailed against my id!

This tea is a tad bitter (I probably steeped too long), but I can definitely taste the lemon and the green tea, and the general fruitiness imparted by the strawberry. My husband said he liked it, so that’s definitely a win in my book.


That’s an interesting combination. Sounds tasty.


(Making a mental note of this combo; I think I can concoct a replica with stuff I have on hand :)


If you decide to try it again, I usually brew the lemongrass and the strawberry hot, let it cool a bit, and only use the citron green during the cold brew process so the green tea doesn’t get bitter (in the fridge – usually overnight). I’d be happy to send you some for your own stash if you don’t want to take more from the box. Husbands liking tea is very exciting. Mine refuses to drink any, even ones that practically smell/taste like candy!

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I don’t know if I’m using this random steepings entry correctly, but i had a random sample of tea from a tea shop that has since closed, and I have no idea what it was.


She wrote this on the bag: “tie kwan yin – lilac”
Kinda tasted just the verdant tieguanyin I just had, but maybe this was a wee bit more floral. I think I could taste some lilac in there…tasted the way lilacs smell, anyway.

Which is about all I need to do with lilacs… Smell them :)

It was good, just a bit light for my tastes, I prefer a creamier milky oolong to a flowery one. Or a roastier one!
It’s gone, now!

Terri HarpLady

I am the creator of the “Random Steepings” entry page, so as far as I’m concerned, there is no wrong way to use it :)


Oh good to know, thanks :)

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888 tasting notes

I don’t feel like writing separate reviews for the three teas I’ve had already today, so I’ll just summarize here: I’m basically drinking all the spring teas I have lol. A temp near 10 degrees melting away all of yesterday’s snow demands spring teas. Today I’ve had:

Jasmine bouquet – Verdant – an excellent tea, possibly my favorite white tea blend yet
Jingshan Earl Green – Verdant – refreshing and bright to match the sunshine
Sundried jingshan green – keeping with the jingshan theme, I’m having a gaiwan session with this fresh green tea right now

Its sunny and I feel motivated. I had a wonderful visit with a great friend yesterday and this morning, I don’t see her nearly enough since she moved cities, and it was wonderful to catch up. Then I vacuumed up the living room and most of the main floor and am now waiting for mom to come by before we head out to my parents place for easter. I should get packing soon lol. Anyways, wonderful tea on this lovely long weekend!

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119 tasting notes

Rant:Ugh, I can not wait for this freaken week and semester to end. I spent the night in the art build finishing my final 2d art project. Started around 10 pm and finally went to sleep around 4:40 on a bench in the building; my class starts at 8:30. At least it seems like people liked it.

That being said, I have com to the conclusion that when you are running on 2.5 hours of sleep food tastes 30% than normal; though McDonald’s would still suck. I am not even going to go into the laborious details on how crappy my time at UCF has been here, but I am so glad I am never coming back and will be able to get a better education at my old school; it is now offering my degree.


I have been getting a lot of my lunches at this pita place on campus. They let you get a combo with small side salads and a choice of drink; obliviously went for the tea. I don’t know what temp their hot water contain maintains at, but I have never gotten a bad cup of tea for any of the bags I have tried; and I tried a lot of brands. Today I mixed Twinings Darjeeling and a bag of Twinings pomegranate-raspberry I think is what it was called. The clean floral taste of the Darjeeling blends well with the fruity flavors, the latter of which is the dominate flavor.

mmhhhh, food.

If you have a chance to try that combo, go for it.

3 min, 0 sec

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420 tasting notes

I went to the coolest place for dinner today. Chefs from awesome restaurants in the area all contribute a sandwich recipe, and they are all offered at this cafe. Anyway, seeing as it is a weeknight, I decided to order the mint peach iced tea over an alcoholic beverage. It was a bit too minty for my taste, but it was a nice sweet tea. Plus, it was refreshing on this very warm evening. Just thought I’d share :)


That sounds very cool!

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223 tasting notes

I cheated on my tea tonight and had a homemade old fashioned chocolate soda.


I love chocolate soda. Haven’t had one in forever. My grandmother introduced me to them :) Still my favorite. I’ll take one over a milkshake any day.


how do you make it? i might make it for kids if i have everything on hand.


It’s chocolate syrup, soda water, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
You take the chocolate syrup and mix it with either some of the soda water or the whipped cream in the bottom of the cup (to loosen it up). Then scoops of ice cream on top of that, then pour in the soda water and mix it around so the chocolate spreads throughout it (if you don’t loosen the chocolate first this is really difficult). Whipped cream on top if you like it. My daughter makes hers without whipped cream in the bottom but I like the creaminess it adds to it. Then serve with a straw and a spoon.


I usually get mine double chocolate- Chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla!!!

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1012 tasting notes

No idea where to categorize this tea or feel there’s a need to start a new tea entry on Steepster for it.

Anyways, drinking a pomelo herbal tea I found in Honolulu, just off a small shop in the mall. No labels on the tea, ti even came out “bulk bin” style. Expensiiiive! Looks like little cubes of melon, pineapple and other citrus. No apple (interestingly, herbals do like loading on apple for filler). I used 4t for a tumbler of iced tea, steeped for 8 minutes. The flavor is interesting. A little zesty and melony. Kinda grapefruity, but not like a pomelo really. It’s good, could be better.
Darn this tea was expensive, and heavy.

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249 tasting notes

I have never had a bubble tea before. I was on an architectural tour in Chicago. We stopped at the French Marketfor a bit. Of course, I zoomed in on the shop selling tea. They had too many choices of loose leaf to make a decision quickly so instead I chose to try a bubble tea. I got a margarita bubble tea. Totally yummy, loved the tapioca bubbles but… where is the tea? Maybe there is a variety that is more tea-ish, but I didn’t taste tea at all. Altogether a lovely drink but I don’t understand the use of the word tea. Maybe they were originally less a flavored drink, more tea.


Where in Chicago is the French market? I’ll be there next week.

carol who

Canal St. between Randolph and Washington. It’s not very big but it is worth exploring. I’m not too sure why it is the “French” market as it seems to have a lot of other foods. The French pastries did look very good. Have fun in Chicago!


Was there one of the stalls with a great selection to buy, or was it just to drink there?

carol who

There was a stall with a selection of teas. Some looked good. It was too crowded to get much service or smell any teas. I would have liked to check them out more but I was in a tour group so I only had a few minutes. The prices were around $5 an ounce, plus or minus a couple dollars. Signage isn’t great so it was hard to see the prices. It looked interesting. They also had hot and iced teas, matchas,as well as bubble teas.

carol who

Wow! Computers are so cool! I was trying to think how to describe the location but a map is soooo much better. We came in the south entrance and it took a while to find it because you don’t have an overview. Now you will be able to spot it easily!


I love bubble tea! I agree, though, that at most places, it just tastes like sugar or whatever flavoring they add. Really good places will let you adjust the amount of sugar and use real tea, so the base tea flavors can really come out.


They have a website too. Bellotea.com

carol who

Thanks! It would be helpful to check these out before I go back so I’ll be a more informed consumer.

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