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  • “Yes, I drank tea today. Yes, I am lazy, but I was also busy all day, so in an effort to not post lame reviews about teas I drank hours ago, & have reviewed plenty of times, I am once again going...” Read full tasting note
    Terri HarpLady 2859 tasting notes
  • “pssst....i had a bit of tea today. but it was family time with extended family in town for a day and my parents up for the weekend. more to come tomorrow afternoon once everyone is gone. Miss you...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4704 tasting notes
  • “So Ceylon Star asked what kind of tea to mix up on facebook, and I immediately went into the kitchen and threw this desserty concoction together: 1/2 tsp Bossa Nova (oolong) from Zen Tea 1/2 tsp...” Read full tasting note
    OMGsrsly 1373 tasting notes
  • “Since I'm in the neighborhood, I stopped by press tea and had the Wild Himalayan Black Tea. Last time I had it with cream and I felt I couldn't properly gauge how the pressed tea compared to a...” Read full tasting note
    fuzzy_peachkin 464 tasting notes

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I found the best way to sip down on the teas that I have been avoiding for that reason or another – I take them to our cabin where my husband and I spend most of the year’s weekends when the weather allows.

The weather KIND OF allowed us this weekend to venture staying for one night, so I grabbed a few tins of tea that needs finishing off badly.

I managed to finish Della Terra’s Christmas Tradition ;) I am close to downing Adagio’s Chorange Pu Erh and Earl Grey Lavender. I also made a little dent in Yunomi’s Sencha of the Summer Sun and Della Terra’s Cinnamon Bun.

So, yeah, that’s how sipping down gets done – by giving myself very limited choices ;D


I do that when I go to Florida. I take teas I want to sipdown and then one or two teas I really like


awesome sounding weekend!


Haha, it was pretty intense :D


I’m thinking about following this strategy with perfume when I move: maybe putting my bottles in storage and spritzing through a bunch of samples and decants and minis until they are all gone!

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757 tasting notes

Time for the side-by-side comparison of the vanilla black teas I currently have in my possession.

Up for the challenge are Bayswater Vanilla Cream, Nina’s Paris Je t’aime, and Tea Desire Velvety Vanilla.

I thought the first two would be the most similar, but smelling the dry leaf back-to-back, I’ve discovered that Bayswater’s has a smoky undertone that I never noticed before. Must be the base. But both have a vanilla caramel vibe. Je t’aime is heavier on the caramel. Velvety Vanilla, on the other hand, is like a watered down vanilla.

Of the three, Je t’aime is the smoothest. I can even detect fruity undertones whereas the other two have none of that whatsoever. Je t’aime’s base is the smoothest. Velvety Vanilla is astringent, to be expected from the Ceylon and Darjeeling, and Vanilla Cream is heavier, smokier, and thicker.

It’s amazing how you view teas in a different light when you compare them to others. Now that I’ve compared them side-by-side, I can definitely see that Nina’s reigns supreme. It’s softer, like a caramel cloud, and the base doesn’t wreak havoc on the whole flavour profile. I’m not even sure which one would get the silver medal. From memory, Vanilla Cream takes cream better, probably due to its heavier base.

So, now that I’ve cleared up that, in my opinion, Je t’aime gets the gold medal here, I guess in this case, the price really does reflect quality. But of course, remember, that isn’t always the case due to premium pricing/price-quality signaling! Still not sure I’d repurchase any of the three, as I’m still looking for a vanilla tea that is heavier on the vanilla, and closer to vanilla bean.

And as a side note, thanks again to VariaTEA for the sample of Je t’aime! It was sipped down during this experiment, and I’m so happy I was able to try it.


I love doing comparisons. It’s so informative sometimes.


I am glad you enjoyed it and had a fun time experimenting.

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72 tasting notes

1 tsp Lapsang Souchong (Silk Road)
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
hearty splash of homemade strawberry syrup

I’m not sure what to think of this. It’s not horrible, but it’s not exactly tasty either? The spice of the pepper flakes goes great with the smoky lapsang, and the strawberry both heightens the fire and dulls the burn (how is that even possible?!), but strawberry with smoke? It’s like bacon dipped in strawberry jam at breakfast, only not, because bacon dipped in jam is amazeballs, but lapsang with strawberry? not so much. The strawberry’s sweetness makes the smoke stick too much, which is weird because I mix lapsang and maple syrup allll the time and it doesn’t do that? Hmm.

I can easily finish this cup, but I’m not sure I’d do the combo again. red pepper + lapsang + maple? totally! strawberry’s just….odd..


I’m sorry that I steered you wrong with my suggestion of strawberry syrup. You never know unless you try though so now you got to have a unique taste experience (even if it is not the most pleasant :P)


Ceylon Star, have you tried strawberry-hazelnut puerh yet? I think I need to start a list for you.

Bear With Me

no I haven’t OMGsrsly, but it sounds pretty fabulous! haha

Bear With Me

might need to try mixing something up when i’m done this cup (I’m too wired to sleep anyway, so caffeine is moot)


Tomorrow when I get home from work I’m going to work on parcelling out tea samples for everyone.


OMGsrsly, is your plan to send all your tea away to others to get your cupboard under control?



I’ll need to stop by a dollar store and get more baggies, too. Hmm… I see some erranding before work, then work, then home to deal tea. :D

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645 tasting notes

From the Here’s Hoping Traveling Tea Box #2

I’m guessing this is from Kimlovestea. If I’m wrong let me know!

One of the bags in the tea box is labeled Kim’s Homemade Chai. I immediately put it in the pile of teas I wanted to try because I love the idea of homemade chai. Adding all the spices you love, using a heavy hand with some and a light touch with other… just the thought of it makes me smile. I have promised myself that we if ever finish our kitchen renovation (ugh.) that I will spend some time in my kitchen perfecting my own homemade chai. Until then I’m happy to sample lots of different chais including Kim’s.

The first thing I like about this tea is that the base tea is strong and really tasty. It has a kick, and I’m glad I chose this for my morning tea. It’s not a cinnamon heavy chai. I do get some heat at the back of my throat making me think there is ginger in the mix. Nice. I added some honey and milk to my cup, and now I’m just enjoying. It’s a robust, sweet, spicy chai that is hitting all the right notes this morning.

Well done Kim!!!


Always fun when a kitchen-counter blending experiment turns out wonderfully well—makes me feel, well, competent!


Same here. Now I just need kitchen counters! :)

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904 tasting notes

Off topic, but I bought a Dolce Gusto machine yesterday, primarily for my parents who drink a lot of coffee. The machine they were using is just abysmal, it drips, it takes ages to warm up, it makes frankly crap coffee when it finally gets its ass in gear. We have a pod machine at work, and I’ve seen the standard of coffee that it produces, so I was pretty sure this was the right thing for them.

I think I was right, given that they spent most of this morning practically dancing around it. Decent coffee, at last! It was a real revelation, I think. I’ll never be a coffee person, and my parents will never be tea people. That’s just one of our differences. It makes me happy that I’ve made them happy, though. Now they can enjoy their coffee as much as I enjoy my tea, and that’s a great feeling. I’m being over sentimental, I know, but I had to share :)


Out of curiosity I did some googling: wow! That looks like a super-futuristic space-age coffee machine! Are the refills expensive for the pods?


They’re about £3.60 for 16, which is 22.5p a cup. I guess that’s kind of expensive when you consider how many cups a bag of coffee beans would make for a similar price, but the consistency is far better. Compared to Starbucks, or the like, though, it’s really cheap. I suppose it depends how you look at things.

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1630 tasting notes

Laoshan Black /Verdant & Herbal Infusions Orange Cream Lapacho

I heard LB was great wit HI’s Cacao but I was out so I thought I’d try lapacho. The TL:DR is that it SMELT amazing but tasted barky. I just don’t like lapacho I guess. If you did, you might like this mix?


LOL that’s funny. I really just want it to have vanilla..then i’d be back to loving it.


I’m happy to see the LB Cacao mix is catching on haha.


yeah but i need a better supplier! haha thinking of maybe trying tisano…


If HI didn’t make Strawberry Cream Cacao I would exclusively switch over to Tisano in a heartbeat.

I could see this combo being a bit strange due to the base, for sure.


I was hoping for a chocolate orange tea because OMG that would be great. I just never get enough chocolate orange! If I like lapacho more, it might have worked great!


Oh god, YES! A cacao orange tea needs to be made. Maybe we’d finally get our liquidated Terry’s chocolate orange.


Cacao Orange omg. A replacement for L’Automne.


Mmmmm…. I just want more L’Automne!

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1684 tasting notes

It’s been a good evening of (very cheated) sipdowns! I’ll explain:

I think I take advantage of my local DAVIDsTEA employees just a little bit. Tomorrow I’m going to the store to replenish some favourites and pick up a couple samples and I figured that I might as well bring the employees some samples too! I refuse to admit that that’s a weird thing: you cannot tell me otherwise! I’m just sharing tea with other tea enthusiasts…

This is totally not the first time I’ve done this.

So here’s my “care package” for the awesome employees at my local branch:

- Pumpkin Pie Matcha, Red Leaf Tea
- Cola Matcha, Red Leaf Tea
- A Rabbit’s Garden (“Sipdown”), Della Terra
- Weeping Angel (“Sipdown”), 52Teas
- Pret a Portea, RiverTea
- Good Morning Sunshine, Butiki

All of these teas are somewhat older (but not ancient) blends that I’ve grown tired of but I’m hoping the DT employees will get something out of and enjoy! I certainly wouldn’t pawn off anything “bad” on them! The two sorta kinda sipdowns in there are things I’ve reviewed in length before and that I felt didn’t really require a proper send off (a “last tasting” and accompanying tasting note). I’m just going to remove them from my cupboard and kind of be done with it…

Oh! And question for you Steepsterites! Tomorrow when I go into DT I’m looking to get a “Tea Pop” to go – but I don’t want just any tea pop, I’d like to get the “most unadvised” (or rather, the “worst”) blend you could get as a tea pop. Something really, really weird. Right now I’m leaning towards Lapsang Souchong Star or Bollywood Chai! However I definitely want to hear everyone else’s thoughts/ideas before I go tomorrow!


Hi. Since I are newb, can you tell me what a “sipdown” is?


Also, what is a tea pop?

I envy you people who have actual tea stores nearby. >_<
There is a Teavana in the Galleria 50 miles from me… I never go there >_<

Roswell Strange

Basically a “sipdown” is when you finish off (typically by drinking, which is why mine are cheated here) a quantity of tea in your cupboard, and then subsequently remove it from your cupboard. Normally I include numbers as well (ex. 160/166). The first would be my “new” number of teas in the cupboard and the second would be the teas in my cupboard as well as the teaware logged in my steepster cupboard.

A tea pop is tea turned into a soda pop. Some people, such as myself, make them at home in a variety of ways. Normally I do matcha soda where I mix flavoured matcha and sugar into club soda. During the summer DAVIDsTEA will turn any of their blends into a soda pop the same way they sell “To Go” hot tea, iced tea, and lattes. There are actually two DT’s in my city. No Teavana anywhere near me, though.


If it’s not too late for suggestions, Lapsang tea pop sounds amazing(ly unadvised), I’d be very curious to hear about it!


Thanks for educating me :D haha. That sounds awesome. No DavidsTea anywhere that I’m familiar with. I wish I lived somewhere cool.

So Sipdown is basically finishing off tea and removing it from Steepster cupboard because you’re not going to get it again? Or because you didn’t like it… right?

Roswell Strange

I did end up getting Lapsang Souchong; it was the one I had in mind anyway but also the one the sales associate suggested. Tasting note later tonight :)


Oh this should be interesting.

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