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  • “Yes, I drank tea today. Yes, I am lazy, but I was also busy all day, so in an effort to not post lame reviews about teas I drank hours ago, & have reviewed plenty of times, I am once again going...” Read full tasting note
    Terri HarpLady 3091 tasting notes
  • “pssst....i had a bit of tea today. but it was family time with extended family in town for a day and my parents up for the weekend. more to come tomorrow afternoon once everyone is gone. Miss you...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 5592 tasting notes
  • “So Ceylon Star asked what kind of tea to mix up on facebook, and I immediately went into the kitchen and threw this desserty concoction together: 1/2 tsp Bossa Nova (oolong) from Zen Tea 1/2 tsp...” Read full tasting note
    OMGsrsly 1696 tasting notes
  • “Since I'm in the neighborhood, I stopped by press tea and had the Wild Himalayan Black Tea. Last time I had it with cream and I felt I couldn't properly gauge how the pressed tea compared to a...” Read full tasting note
    fuzzy_peachkin 464 tasting notes

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T&C TTB 21/23

Numi Pettit flower: there was a picture guide to help tell them apart but none of them had the shape I was looking for but two had the color combination I was looking for.
After adding the water it was fun to watch it bloom to find a little reddish flower thing in the middle. After comparing the bloomed flower with the choices, I think I picked Dragon Lily. After reading what Dragon Lily tasted like “sweet apricot” I think I can taste apricot but I mostly smell and taste over cooked vegetables. Not sure what I picked but it was fun to try.

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233 tasting notes

I did a little alchemy with some teas I had on hand that I thought would blend nicely—the unknown green tea I’ve spent a few notes on figuring out, an unknown white tea that was quite subtle with a light stonefruit note, and a few buds of Yabao from Whispering Pines. It turns out that the Yabao dominates, even though I only put two buds in this cup. The tea has that very fresh, light pine quality, with a bit of juicy vegetal sweetness. The green tea adds a very faint bitterness to the background, actually a good thing in this case. Overall it was fairly interesting, more full-bodied than Yabao by itself, with the fruitiness of the other teas somewhat tempered.

I also tried a sample that was Whittard English Rose Black Tea, but it was unlike the ones listed on Steepster—it specifically was stated to contain no petals. The tea was not marketed on the main Whittard site but sold by an authorized distributor overseas. This was a mellow black tea with a light floral note, but it did not smell or taste sharply of rose. There was also a touch of fresh apple in the aroma. It was a pretty enjoyable, gentle blend that was not overly perfumed, something I appreciate.

In conclusion…I need to get more teas soon.

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297 tasting notes

Chocolate Energy Tea
Tea Man

Black tea, yerba mate, chocolate extract

Still working on polishing this off at work. The more I drink it the more I enjoy it though. I think I need to make sure I keep a chocolate tea at work. It’s soothing.

I did find the French press in the top back of the pantry, and pulled it down, intending to bring it to work today… set it on the kitchen island and promptly forgot all about it until I went to make tea at work this morning. Whoops.


I love using the French press for tea, it’s so easy and the leaves can breathe!


I will probably give it a washup and a trial run tomorrow as I work from home then, so it will be easier to judge how I like using it from there.

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188 tasting notes

First, I love how the tasting note of this one say Flowers, Stonefruits, Honey, Lemon Zest, Plants, Asparagus, Mineral, Potato, Orange Zest… Yet I get none of that in my blend :)

Spring is finally here and I’m enjoying with that the possibilities of new iced tea flavors. Late this week I went to an old favorite though… the iced tea I grew up on and have always loved in the summertime. My mom used to make this and it would disappear so fast we wondered where it could have gone.

I have a 3 qt iced tea maker I picked up at a garage sale a few years ago. I didn’t know how much I would use one, so a cheapy worked for me. I use 7-8 teabags, usually orange pekoe I believe although the box I have right now just says black tea, and decaf because I tend to drink this all day and wonder why can’t sleep if I use regular. I’m not terribly picky about the brand because the base isn’t the star of the show.. although I may change my mind now that I’ve been introduced to better tea choices. Then I add a generous handful of spearmint sprigs, rinsed and then squeezed to release oils, to the steeping basket as well. 3/4 of a cup of sugar to the pitcher w/some ice and we’re good to go. I sometimes add a pinch of baking soda if I remember because it’s said to help the flavor, but I often forget.. I haven’t noticed much difference myself. After it’s done steeping, I fill the pitcher the rest of the way with water and let it chill in the fridge, if it even makes it there.

I’ve been carrying this around in my Tervis the last half of this week… Yeah for running into a factory outlet while on a road trip :). and Yeah for the memories this tea brings of mom making it in time for when dad would come in from working in the fields.

I’m looking forward to introducing more flavors and varieties to our summer tea choices but know this will always be a staple .. especially when friends & family are over, they always love it. Thinking I will hunt down some peppermint and chocolate mint plants for my garden this year so I can experiment with those as well… maybe even some verbena ?

carol who

I love my Tervis tumblers. There is a factory outlet near where my mother lives in Florida. I can never resist checking them out! I always seem to come home with another tumbler I just can’t resist.


Each person in my family has one and we’ve enjoyed them so far. Nice and convenient with the lids and insulated walls.

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1788 tasting notes

I’ll borrow this heading for a lovely cuppa I enjoyed last evening: despite my bumbling and splotchy skill as a gardener, our potted mint plants are doing beautifully. Last night I had my first steeping from the applemint plant. Ten fresh leaves, crushed, a good eight minutes in the cup. The mint was gentle, not sharp. Don’t know that I was specifically getting apple, but there was some soft fruitiness in the background. Quite pleasant.


Ooh, that sounds lovely. I had some tea a few nights ago that was just black bagged tea with fresh mint, and the mint made it taste wonderful. What exactly is applemint, though?


I’ve not heard of applemint.. does it smell of fruit? Fresh mint is always great!

Terri HarpLady

My mints are all up & thriving, along with some cilantro that self-seeded. I’m thinking I need to make a vietnamese salad for lunch tomorrow.


Yum.. Fresh garden salsa w/home grown cilantro.. Where is summer ?


K S sent a sample of homegrown chocolate mint (which really had some cocoa taste going in the background) last summer. That prompted a visit to local nursery to discover how many mint varieties there are. We tried three: applemint, orange mint, and chocolate mint. Tried a steep of the orange last night, and it was more true to its name. We also saw a pineapple mint.

Terri HarpLady

I have a few mints here, & although I’m not always a big fan of mint in my tea, I do enjoy them in my salad, & nothing says ‘refreshing’ more than a few sprigs of mint in a glass of cold water!


I would’ve never thought of mint in a salad, but we’ll give it a try—maybe with a little spinach and strawberry vinaigrette…?

Terri HarpLady

I usually feature it in a vietnamese style salad, with shredded asian cabbage, grated carrot, thinly sliced radishes, cilantro, green onions, & a dressing of fish sauce )or soy sauce, rice vinegar, lime juice, ginger, garlic, rice vinegar, a little maple, & toasted sesame oil. I think that’s everything! Toasted cashews make a nice addition to the salad. Traditionally it has chicken on it, but you can put anything on it. Goi Ga is the actual salad’s name. I had it at Mai Lee restaurant here in st. louis once, then found a recipe & have been eating it ever since. Although I haven’t had it for awhile.

Terri HarpLady

And here’s a recipe!
I’ve never tried this recipe, but it looks about right.
Also, I don’t really care much for chicken. When I was a vegan I ate this with smoked tofu, or crispy fried tofu triangles, or tempe, or extra nuts. Otherwise, you can put any form of protein on it.


Thanks! Sounds like a “make it once and eat it all week at work” recipe. I’ve been needing to get a small bottle of fish sauce—it keeps cropping up in things I want to try.

Terri HarpLady

I adore fish sauce, LOL. I recommend red boat brand, but if you can’t get red boat, Thai kitchen is pretty good too.
Regarding the salad, I’ve been known to make a very big pile of it, along with a large batch of the dressing in a jar, & just grab a handful for lunch (and maybe again for dinner), using different toppings as fits my mood. I pretty much lived off that salad during the last 3 months of my son Leif’s pregnancy (and he still weighed over 10#).

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268 tasting notes

Hey Steepster, it’s been a while! I’ve missed y’all! Is Steepster back to normal? I hope so!

My parents came for a visit for five days, so there wasn’t as much time for tea drinking and practically none for reviewing. The next day, I left for the east coast and just got back tonight. I need more vacation to recover, although I had a fabulous time!

While the parents were in town, I introduced my mom to GO, which she loved of course. I made her some of my David’s Teas as well as she’s not really into tea and prefers the flavored to unflavored. She particularly enjoyed chocolate rocket and I sent her home with a box of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride since she declared that she couldn’t be bothered with loose leaf. And she helped me organize all my teas and they’re now in labeled boxes on a nifty tea cart, which I think is adorable.

The day my parents left, I got home from work late but wanted to sit down and enjoy one tea damnit. I picked the Jabberwocky, which for some unfathomable reason I’ve been ignoring. Mmmm, bready, buttery, caramel-y, chocolately goodness with a fresh breeze finish. That tea is fantastic!

The next day I had to arrive at work super early to leave by noon to catch my plane to Maryland. I road tripped with the BF up the east coast to Boston and spent most of the time there, which was AWESOME! I love Boston so much and I want to move there STAT.
I did indulge in a little tea tourism there, stopping by Tealuxe (thanks to a stellar recommendation from christeana1) and David’s Tea, because I’ve never been to an actual location before.

At Tealuxe, I had my first bubble tea and the ever-patient BF was quite pleased to introduce me to a type of tea I hadn’t had before. I had the Caramel Creme Brulee black tea and the BF got the Strawberry sencha green (both as bubble teas). The caramel creme brulee was pleasant and the flavor was subtly done, not too in your face at all. I have to say that I mainly got caramel and was missed that burnt sugar taste, but I liked it and the bubbles were fun. The strawberry sencha green bubble tea tasted just like strawberry milk, like the employee told me it would. Props to Tealuxe for having friendly, knowledgeable employees and a super cute store that reminded me of Ollivander’s wand shop in the best way! I picked up some Darjeeling Silver Tips that I’m excited to try.


The main goal at David’s Tea was to sign up for the frequent steeper program, which was accomplished. I tried a couple of the new fall teas while I was there, maple sugar and sweet apple cider. Both were tasty and pretty much what you’d expect. I did enjoy the apple element to the maple sugar and the BF liked it too. He just sat in a corner and was like “Go talk about tea with people, I’ll be over here” lol. So I did. Again, the employees were very knowledgeable and friendly even though the store was pretty busy. One wanted to know how I found out about David’s and I told him about Steepster, which he said he probably needed to join! Their new multicolor leaf mug and raccoon mug are super cute, but I managed to resist. It was easier to resist because the BF did buy me an absolutely beautiful (if I do say so myself) new mug at the Museum of Fine Art gift shop like the day before:
Also, the MFA had a whole teapot exhibit! Squeeee!!
Anyway, back to David’s Tea. Their new dandelion teapot and cups are ADORABLE and I want them, but didn’t buy them. No room for lots of teaware :(. I did pick up some oolong though, their pouchong and tie kwan yin. I haven’t really tried any of their plain oolongs yet, so I’m looking forward to that. Their store was also quite cute:

We had dim sum today before I left and I really liked the oolong so I inquired what tea it was. The waiter looked in the pot and said “oolong”, to which I replied “I know, but what kind of oolong?”. He looked it the pot again and said some string of gibberish that may or may not have been actual words, finished by “this oolong”. Um, thanks? LOL

I’m back home now and hanging with one of my favorite teas, yunnan silver needle by whispering pines. Just what I need to relax with before I have to go back to work (boo hiss).


That review was so entertaining, thanks for sharing!
And yo, gibberish oolong? That’s one I’ve never tried, LOL!!!


Thanks TTF :). LOL, too bad about the gibberish oolong. It was quite pleasant and probably economical too.


i wish my hubby was so patient;) Glad you had fun ;-)


boychik, he is ever so patient. It’s one of the things that’s great about him! And thanks, I had a blast!

hippiechick 42

Love this review!


Im so glad you enjoyed boston! I loved reading this review!


Thanks, hippiechick and christeana!


Well damn! I wish I’d know you were in town. We could have arranged a tea party. Sounds like you got your fill of tea while you were here though. When’s the next time you’re coming through?


Hey Hillel! This trip was crazy because the BF was in the middle of moving to Boston and we didn’t have any of his stuff yet so we were basically camping in his empty apartment (with no way to make tea!). That’s why I didn’t try to set anything up. I don’t have my next trip planned yet, but I’ll probably be visiting every month or two. We should totally have a tea party! I think Sherapop and Christeana1 are also in/near Boston.

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644 tasting notes

It was warm out today, so my selections were reflective of that…

Cantaloupe and Cream…Butiki (2 steeps before work; didn’t start til 2:30)
Big Apple…David’s Tea (cold brewed and drunk later at work)
Swampwater…David’s Tea (iced and brought to work)

Wah! I really want Swampwater to come back. I have a little of this left, and I have a little Big Apple left, though I can hopefully get more before it is gone. I have to say I like Big Apple better hot rather than cold steeped, but good both ways. As for Cantaloupe and Cream…as always, it is PERFECT.

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52 tasting notes

It’s been a good tea day so far! I mailed out my tea swap packages to Cavocorax, Roswell Strange, and Carol Who this morning!

I had two great teas, which I will log later (White Rhino by Butiki, and Caramel Almond Amaretti by Teavana)

AND I am going out with a friend tonight for Japanese and the restaurant serves Matcha-based cocktails!!! I am excited!!!

carol who

Great! O boy, oh boy! More tea! A matcha based cocktail sounds interesting… give us a report back on that one. :)


I would also like to hear about matcha-based cocktails! Intriguing!


They had Matcha Lattes, Matcharitas, Matchatinis, and a Matchajito. I tried the Matcharita. It was pretty good. I don’t know that I would get it again, but it was fairly tasty! I looked on Pinterest and there are TONS of recipes for Matcha based cocktails if you are interested. :)

Roswell Strange

Swap box went out to you today; I had time to finish packaging it up this morning so I sent it along with what I was sending to VariaTEA. Hopefully it gets to you soon!

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819 tasting notes

It is raining. That is all.

Ha ha.

OK, I did come here to actually type something distantly related to tea. So I went to a local frozen yogurt place because I got a coupon in the mail for 10% off. They also advertised bubble tea, so I thought I would give it a try.

I ordered a lychee bubble tea. It was ok. Not the greatest. In hindsight, lychee may not have been the best flavour to order at a chain yogurt shop who is trying to get customers through coupons. It was quite perfumey and artificial. The pearls are quite low quality and the texture is weird. But it is still drinkable.

I never quite understood bubble tea. It is not really tea at all. So I did some research, by research I mean I typed it into google then clicked on the Wikipedia page. It appears that bubble tea did originally have tea in it. But it seems through commercialization that it is now some sort of milk product with flavouring added. There are also several kinds of bubble tea. I shouldn’t complain, I did get this at a yogurt shop.

Of other interesting note, there is a little comic on my bubble tea that points out the bubbles are actually the foam on the top of the “milk product liquid” and the tapioca/gelatin balls are the pearls. But on the wiki page it says the pearls are the bubbles, so who knows.

I also got yogurt and I would say my experience with that was very poor, but that is for a different review site.

Terri HarpLady

I had to laugh at this post. Years ago a friend of mine was all enameled with bubble tea. She knew I was a tea fanatic, so when an actual bubble tea shop opened in St Louis, she couldn’t wait to take me there. After putting it off forever, I finally went & I hated it, LOL. I don’t understand why anybody would want to put tapioca pearls in their tea? WTF?? Why???

Terri HarpLady

Enameled = enamored, lol

Terri HarpLady

Her response was something like, “it’s fun!”
Really? I don’t get it :/


I don’t mind bubble tea if it is done correctly. To me it is not really tea but more of like a novelty drink. But sadly in the last few years I feel like it has been a trend that many restaurants/stores are jumping on and they are putting out an inferior product. I think the pearls are neat but it makes me gag when I suck one up threw the straw and it is launched into the back of my throat. Ha ha.


A new bubble tea place opened up near our favorite haunts, and I find I love their smoothies with added pearls, but their milk teas always taste like cleaner fluid and I have a suspicion that the base is some sort of jasmine tea. The first time, I thought they made a mistake, but the second time, I decided I wasn’t going to waste my money on the milk teas anymore. Ick!


I like getting fruity green teas, or teas blended with fresh fruits. The fresh fruits or juices are really key, IMO.

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596 tasting notes


There are just so many teas to try in the travelling box that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. However, I decided to make an iced tea mix recommended by jewelledthumb when she added her teas to the box. So I mixed the following 3 teas together in my iced tea pitcher:

- Wild Strawberry by Adagio
- Citron Green by Adagio
- Lemongrass by Adagio

I let them steep and cool down with 1L of hot water, and am adding ice as necessary when I pour it out.

The liquid is a beautiful shade of pink, and I have to admit that the dried Wild Strawberry mix smelled so scrumptious that I had to seriously restrain myself from taking it all and thus preventing the rest of the people in the round try some. But I prevailed against my id!

This tea is a tad bitter (I probably steeped too long), but I can definitely taste the lemon and the green tea, and the general fruitiness imparted by the strawberry. My husband said he liked it, so that’s definitely a win in my book.


That’s an interesting combination. Sounds tasty.


(Making a mental note of this combo; I think I can concoct a replica with stuff I have on hand :)


If you decide to try it again, I usually brew the lemongrass and the strawberry hot, let it cool a bit, and only use the citron green during the cold brew process so the green tea doesn’t get bitter (in the fridge – usually overnight). I’d be happy to send you some for your own stash if you don’t want to take more from the box. Husbands liking tea is very exciting. Mine refuses to drink any, even ones that practically smell/taste like candy!

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