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From Verdant Tea (Special)

Tea of the Month Club Reserve – February 2013

We first tried this tea as a gift from Wang Yanxin. One of our good friends had given us his finest jasmine, priced beyond most people’s reach to buy even an ounce. We excitedly showed this hand-crafted jasmine from Huangshan to Wang Yanxin. Competitive as she is, she said that her friend made a better jasmine. In a blind taste test, she was right. Her friend in Huangshan is truly reviving the craft of hand tied tea, traditionally scenting the leaves and carefully twisting them.

The meticulous crafting makes this jasmine open slowly, yielding a light but refined flavor in early steepings and growing into a thick full body more reminiscent of a Taiwanese oolong than anything else. The jasmine scenting is retrained, allowing the texture of the tea to come through in a way we have never seen before in the world of jasmine.

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12 Tasting Notes

2185 tasting notes

Sipdown, 123. Gongfu session of the day. This was such a lovely jasmine tea. I had a ton of steeps of this, all of them delicious. I don’t feel like it is more extraordinary than other pearl-type jasmine teas, but it is tasty. And those twists are quite cute.


This tea is beautiful!


I want the verdant special club! Maybe for Christmas…


It doesn’t exist anymore Stephanie. Instead you can buy those teas under “reserve.” The Blends tea of the month replaced it.


Ohhhhhh :)


haha it’s better this way..that way everyone can share in the reserve teas :) plus i know you’re getting the blends monthly thing heh

Terri HarpLady

This is a really lovely tea, no doubt about it.

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3254 tasting notes

This is one of the Verdant Tea of the Month Reserve selections for February! It is a beautiful hand crafted tea, sage green with streaks of tan, with the heady aroma of jasmine…aahhhhh!

Damp it smells of moss & key lime.

The first 2 steepings had me lying in the forest on a bed of moss. The flavor is lightly floral & vegetative, with what I can only describe as a mossy texture, & a lingering jasmine sweetness in the back of the throat.

3 & 4: mmmmmm, creamy & sweet, with a hint of astringency & a fuzzy tongue sensation. These were my favorite.

5 & 6: I steeped the hand-twisted tea in a glass gaiwan (even though it always gets ridiculously hot & burns my fingers) so that I could watch them unfold. At this point they are fully unraveled & beautiful. The tea from these steepings has a taste & mouth-feel of key lime (I actually compared it to one of the limes on my mini-tree), with a clear & bright sensation, a lingering bitterness on the tongue, & sweet jasmine in the back of the throat.

7 & 8: The lime & moss aromas are gone, now I just smell the jasmine in the wet leaf. The flavor is still bright, but the bitterness of lime peel is gone. Now I have a fine, clear jasmine tea.

This is a luxurious treat!


woman! you get to them so quickly! Mine hasn’t even made it here yet :(

Terri HarpLady

Really? I think mine came last friday, but then I was running around all weekend, & then sick for a couple days. I was even at first hesitant to try it out today, wondering how my tastebuds would be, but the Big Red Robe went down nice & flavorful, so I figured, “I deserve something really special”.

Terri HarpLady

Maybe that explains why I keep being the first to review so many of them, eh?


lol probably. canada = usually 10 days before i get it :(

Kasumi no Chajin

I’m not in Canada, but I have to brace myself for trying verdant…brave it really…have had poor luck with my palate so far.

Terri HarpLady

Chajin, have you tried any of their teas yet?

Terri HarpLady

Sil, hang in there! I’ll try not to flaunt it too much ;)

Terri HarpLady

It would be nice if it arrived before you leave the country, eh? If not, I’m sure it will be waiting for you when you return!
(is the cup half empty or half full?)


I was thinking of buying a glass gaiwan, but then I saw your review and changed my mind :) I think I’ll stick with my glass teapot to show off nice tea…
This makes me want to join the reserve club. But it’s a little expensive for me now…

Kasumi no Chajin

yes, I have tried 3, maybe 4 verdant so far.

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8162 tasting notes

So I’m not rating this tea, given that this is from the perspective of someone who is NOT a fan of jasmine (actually i’m pretty sure it gives me a headache).

That being said, i saw Bonnie’s tasting note tonight and it inspired me to try this for several reasons. 1 – there is someone out there in tea land who would LOVE to try this but couldn’t afford to pick some up and 2 – there’s a pretty good chance id never open it of my own free will if i didn’t just jump at the chance!

So seize it I did. The first thing i have to say, this is a BEAUTIFUL tea. The hand tied little bundles are just beautiful. They remind me of the bundles of herbs that hang to dry in some shops….or when people with wonderfully long hair braid their hair and twist it up into a loop. Really. Just so pretty.

And that’s about where my love for this tea ended. I went through a few steepings to get a sense of the different aromas and tastes (1-2 sips per steeping at most). This might be the one jasmine tea that i could love…if i could ever love jasmine. there is a delicate balance here between the flavour and the tea. There is also a hint of a citrus like taste/flavour that eluded me because of the jasmine. I have trouble getting anything else when jasmine is around, even if i try really hard. So, this is technically a sipdown. I’m hoping that the home this is going to will love and cherish it like i never could :) I’m still happy to have tried it though.


This sounds really interesting! And I really liked the imagery of braided hair

Kasumi no Chajin

the citrus and banana notes are what have me on edge about trying this one…LOVE jasmine (was even collecting the flower/plants for a while)


We used a temp of 170 for about 30sec.-1 min. Using 2 tiny pieces.Unbelievable results! How much did you use?


i did the rinse at 200 degrees and then i sort of let the water start to cool as i did steepings…very unscientific. I kept it to short steeping (10 secs?) I had maybe 2-3 pieces in the gaiwan.


Scientific? Who’s scientific!


Bonnie – uh…scientists! :)

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676 tasting notes

Joe at Happy Lucky’s and I shared 2 small pieces of this exquisite tea placed in a little white gaiwan.
The small pieces were the size of the tip of my little finger and amazingly fragrant.

We leaned towards the vessel, eyes lit with a glow that you see in the eyes of children when they’re about to blow out the candles on their birthday cake.

POOF! Our small gaiwan was ready to pour tea in a flash.

The first sip unfurled like a flower at the back of my throat, spicy and sweet. Lingering….

Cool, sweet, buttery jasmine and fresh rain.

Smooth and rich in my mouth…every steep drenched with sweet floral juice as though I had squeezed citrus.

The aroma was curious. Yellow delicious apple? Pineapple Mango?
Possibly a combination of both with the floral jasmine.

Mind wandering:
On very warm Summer evenings, I used to like to walk around the neighborhood right before sunset. I’d listen to the sounds of dogs barking and people making noises. Lawn mowers would turn off and mothers would be calling children in to dinner.
The air was warm enough to lift the scent of jasmine as I passed by the many scrubs common to my city. I loved that aroma and would breathe in deeply….ah! It gave me the same feeling of comfort as pulling the covers up over me on a Saturday morning and going back to sleep.

Jasmine has always smelled like PIE!

If those 2 small braided pieces of jasmine tasted so splendid, what would 4 pieces taste like?! I can’t imagine, but another time…I’ll try, and I’ll be back with more notes!


I’m so glad you reviewed this tea Bonnie. I’ve been putting off trying this one because I HAAAAAATE jasmine…. Lol.


I’m glad I tried it the way I did with hardly any leaves. It provided insight into just how potent this magical tea is.


i took a page from you and i think i had 2 pieces as well haha

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3134 tasting notes

Sipdown! 825.

So I possibly did a Bad Thing and used all 5(?) of the little bundles for one western-style infusion. I just couldn’t be bothered to do things gongfu style; yes, I’m lazy. However, this tea was pretty tasty regardless. I gave it a 1-minute infusion probably at about 90C, and the result was delicately jasminey and quite tasty. I really can’t tell you much more (other than it’s quite a delicious jasmine), but perhaps I can upon further infusions.

Thanks for letting me try some of this one Sil :)

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec

delicious. jasmine. two words not be used in the same sentence unless it’s with an accompanying “rice” :)


Haha :P

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871 tasting notes

Thanks to Sil for this one.

The dry tea leaves are beautifully twisted in to small braids. There is a strong sweet floral jasmine fragrance.

The tea tastes like a slightly sweet jasmine tea on a base of mildly creamy green tea. Very delicious jasmine tea.

I steeped for one minute. The jasmine braids only slightly unfurled. Many more steeps to come of this one.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 0 sec

It’s always nice to see a review when I send tea. Lol I often forget what I send people when it’s not on their list lol

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691 tasting notes

0.75 tbsp for 255 ml

Brewed tea has very strong floral aroma. The tea flavour tastes like a white. Jasmine flavour fairly faint. Smooth mouth-feel. Jasmine flavor blooms close to the end of the sip.

Rating: 77
Thanks to Sil for sharing with me!

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 15 sec

Glad you liked it :)

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417 tasting notes

I still love this tea. I brought my little packet of this to our local Chinese restaurant. (I wasn’t sure if this was a rude thing to do or not, if someone knows what the etiquette is, please comment.) Anyhow, I was with Casey and I dropped three of the little twisted bundles in each of our cups. The restaurant provided us with hot water, and we refilled our cups perhaps 5 times each. I think this tea had a calming effect on me, as I am more relaxed tonight than I have been in weeks.

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93 tasting notes

The smoothest jasmine tea I ever tried. It is amazing that I even like it because I absolutely hate jasmine usually! So sad tehre is so little of this :(

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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