Master Bi's Jin Guan Yin Wuyi Oolong

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  • “This has been a lovely day, so far. I got up at 7:30, did taichi & yoga, & it felt so good to have time to just breath & stretch. Then it was out to the garden, where I picked a carrot,...” Read full tasting note
    terri-harplady 3201 tasting notes
  • “I was going to get into some of my reserve club puerhs today, but then I read the tasting notes for this one and I decided to have it instead. It’s a roasted wuyi oolong, so not my favorite...” Read full tasting note
    dinosara 2182 tasting notes
  • “another sipdown for today (178) as i’ve been drinking this with focus this morning, running through a number of steepings to decide where i land on in terms of this one. Final verdict? ...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 6601 tasting notes
  • “Third day of spring and it’s snowing here near Seattle. And right when my body was starting to expect the spring temperatures. I really need a warming brew today. Surprisingly, when deciding...” Read full tasting note
    lteg 17 tasting notes

From Verdant Tea (Special)

Verdant Reserve Club – March

When I asked Master Bi to pick this tea out for the reserve club, he knew immediately that the Jin Guan Yin was the way to go. He sent it to us in beautiful 100g boxes, each hand-painted with his calligraphy and seal approving each batch.

Pouring water over these beautifully twisted little leaves, the aroma of raspberry chocolate cake wafts up- dark, grounded and luscious fruit.

The first steeping is like the satisfying aftertaste of melty chocolate truffles. The taste lingers on the tongue assertively, developing a fruity taste like chocolate covered blueberries. This continues to develop into a light bergamot citrus that hints at earl grey.

As the steepings continue, the flavor becomes more bright and crisp, concentrated on the top of the tongue. There is a warm numbing sensation and rich dark fruity quality like a good aged tawny port wine.

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18 Tasting Notes

3201 tasting notes

This has been a lovely day, so far. I got up at 7:30, did taichi & yoga, & it felt so good to have time to just breath & stretch. Then it was out to the garden, where I picked a carrot, a parsnip, some egyptian walking onions, a radish, a few turnips, some tomatoes & peppers, & dandelion greens. My garden is a mess! I’ve had so little time, it really is a wreck, with tall weeds everywhere. I’m gonna try to get out there next week & get at least part of it under control, but I guess when winter comes all the weeds will die, & I can start next spring with a clean slate, LOL. Meanwhile, it is still producing! I have lots of fresh herbs, all of the aforementioned veggies, the fall raspberries are starting to come on (I ate the first small handful), & there are sweet potatoes, crowder peas, brussells, & butternut squash that will be ready soon.

I came in & made a pot of root veggie stew for breakfast, using some homemade chicken stock from my freezer, & added a cut up chicken thigh. I love soup for breakfast, and I got to sample the first cup of my continuous brew Kombucha! Yay! I’ll never buy the bottle kind again, cuz it is SO much more amazing! It actually reminded me of a fizzy apple cider :)

Teas I drank today:
Multiple steepings of Imperial Mojian – YS
I shared a pot of Two Tigers with wedding clients during their consultation – Devotea
A large mug of Elderberry brew, fairly strong.
And now this one, a much hoarded Wuyi oolong. I’ve reviewed it plenty of times, & it really is very nice: roasty, fruity, with a heady aroma that rises into the sinuses & lingers.


OK, now you have to explain Egyptian walking onions. (I’m getting mental pictures like those old-old 1930’s Looney Toons cartoons that were nothing but music and dancing fruit or animals… :)

Terri HarpLady

They are a topsetting onion. Here’s a link:

Let me know if you want me to send you some, they are super easy to grow, & result in an endless supply of green onions. The roots don’t get huge, but can be tossed whole into soups, or diced up to use like regular onions or shallots.


Alien onions! Those are really neat. I’ve never heard of them until now.

Terri HarpLady

My ex hubby got some from this old guy, probably 40 years ago. Mine are descended from those :)


Thanks for the picture link—I have seen those before, just didn’t know what they were called. Veggie gardening, unfortunately, is on the “someday when I am old and retired and have time” list :)

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2182 tasting notes

I was going to get into some of my reserve club puerhs today, but then I read the tasting notes for this one and I decided to have it instead. It’s a roasted wuyi oolong, so not my favorite type, but I am of course looking forward to trying it out.

The steeping instructions call for a crazy amount of leaf per ounce for gongfu… almost double what I usually use. But I followed them, using almost the whole package for my 6oz pot (10g). It did fill the pot 2/3 full, which is what the instructions say that Master Bi does with this tea. The warmed leaf smelled like a toasty oolong, but also intensely fruity, and I definitely could smell raspberry distinctly. It smelled very promising!

This, of course, yields a very strong tea. The rinse was crazy dark, and the first 3 steeps (only 3-4 seconds each) were just too strong for me, with a note that edges on bitter to my palate. I did get berry notes on the aftertaste and maybe a hint of bitter chocolate, but overall the bitterness was overwhelming my palate in the main part of the sip.

Quite a few steeps in (I lost track how many) it started smoothing out and losing that unpleasant (to me) edge. The sip was bright and minerally, not so roasty (I think I washed a lot of that out). There’s actually kind of a sweetness here that is very nice. It’s still quite fruity as well, and with a lot of body.

In the end this was a pleasant tea and I enjoyed my tasting, even though it is decidedly Not My Style. But I didn’t expect it to be, and this club is all about tea adventure to me.

Terri HarpLady

Haven’t tried this one yet. In fact, I’ve barely started on the TOMC box. I’ve been so busy, I just haven’t had time to really relax with my teas. Thanks for sharing your experience! Although I like my tea strong, I probably won’t go quite that strong! :)

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6601 tasting notes

another sipdown for today (178) as i’ve been drinking this with focus this morning, running through a number of steepings to decide where i land on in terms of this one. Final verdict? While this is a lovely oolong, it’s still an oolong for me. So the rest of this will be going to a couple people whom i think would love to try this one.

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17 tasting notes

Third day of spring and it’s snowing here near Seattle. And right when my body was starting to expect the spring temperatures. I really need a warming brew today. Surprisingly, when deciding what that should be my mind didn’t go for the spiced black teas I normally reach for on a chilly day — it went straight to this. It seemed the perfect reason to use up the second half of this Reserve Club sample.

This tea embodies warmth. The second that smokey aroma starts wafting out of the cup I feel like I’m huddled around a crackling campfire. And someone is making a s’more because I can smell their burnt marshmallow melting the bar of chocolate it’s dripping over. It’s so nostalgic and warming to just smell. And it’s commandingly strong; I’m still catching whiffs of it all around the house almost 3 hours after my first brew.

At first sip this tea tastes like the smell to me — smokey. And while that’s okay it’s not something I find myself wanting to drink a lot of. But by the second and third sip that smokey taste almost immediately turns into a rich dark chocolate aftertaste. I can’t taste it when the tea is on my tongue but it comes up immediately after the sip and lingers there forever. Five minutes after my last sip I can still taste that rich dark chocolate, but as time has passed it’s become a dark chocolate spiked with citrus or berry, I can’t decide which.

I’m 7 or 8 steeps in right now and that dark chocolate flavor is still lingering there every bit as strong as it was on the first, but the first taste has mellowed from smokey to citrus (something I’m rather thankful for).

This was the perfect brew to start my chilly day off with. It’s so rich and warming. If it weren’t for the price tag on these reserve club teas I’d definitely restock this one, but alas, my budget forces me to leave it as a pleasant memory after today.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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13 tasting notes

I am enamored with this tea! I’m not going to go into a flavor profile right now, as it is complex, but for me this tea is a keeper!

And I must thank David, and everyone at Verdant…I purchased 3 of the two ounce portions as allowed when the tea was released for purchase, which would be an estimated 170g of tea. Imagine my surprise when I saw two of the original 100g boxes staring at me as I opened up my package! Also the note with a mention that as I purchased a bunch, that they figured they would include the two boxes for me :) As per all of my interactions with David and the Verdant Team, they continue to go above send beyond what is expected!

I feel I am going to be having a very tough time with this April Reserve shipment…A Wuyi, a shu puer, and what looks like two black teas…ugh, I have a feeling I am going to love each one, and I may be parting with a sizeable sum of money in the near future stocking up on these teas!

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439 tasting notes

I have only a few more samples left from the wonderful bunch Sil sent me back in Decenber…it seems that I saved the best for last.

This has an amazing aroma…it really came as a burst as soon as I removed the lid of the gaiwan. And guess what? It tastes even better!

It’s floral but not in a bouquet kind of way, just a delicate linger…also fruity, fig like.

Some caramel as well and a subtle nuttiness that wraps and ties everything together.

It feels round in the mouth, thick and voluptuous. I think it’s one of the finest Wuyi I have had for sure.

I stopped reading just to make sure I would fully focus all my attention to it. It’s that good. I had 4 delious steeps and will now cold brew the leaves for tomorrow…

Thanks Sil, this was lovely :-)

Dog and tea story…(skip if not interested)

My dog Dexter is a snob. I always say he’s an “AristoDog”, basically he acts like he’s Royalty. He doesn’t like to get messy, spring time, he tries to avoid stepping in mud, and if he does (which inevitably is bound to happen), he licks himself till he’s got no more saliva.
And Dexter likes his comfort. Yes, he’s allowed on the couch. He has special cushions that he grabs and carefuly places at stategic spots so he can morph into a sophisticated potato couch. This is a typical illustration of his concept for comfort:

There’s one thing missing though: his “doux-doux” (French prononced “doo-doo” in English). “Doux” means soft. In my family, we’ve been calling our favourite special throws/blankets a “doux-doux” ever since we were little children. I still love special blankets, have several all over the house and ready to be used when sitting in front of a fire, or just to lounge on the couch, a book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other. Dexter has his own doux-doux, the same one since he was just a puppy. He carries it with him pretty much everywhere. When I wash it, he looks for it everywhere.

Today was a lounge doux-doux day for the both of us… I grabbed mine, he grabbed his, and we had a cup of this wonderful tea. I say “we” cause while I was sipping, he kept trying to get into my cup, literally…totally unlike him!

But there’s something about this intoxicating aroma that tantalized his canine nostrils it seems…well I don’t blame him, this stuff is irresistible!


What a cute story!


OMG I love his eyes, sad eyes. he really looks like blue blood. its doberman right?


When you cold steep the leftover leaves, how long do you have to leave them steeping?


So adorable! And he does look pretty comfortable with all his pillows!


Thanks Keychange!

Boychik, that’s his sad puppy face, he probably does it on purpose just to get the attention, he seems to love the camera, lol! Here’s his happy face, and yes, he’s an “un-cropped” Doberman :-)

Marzipan, I cold brew used leaves in mason jars for about 24h, but I suggest you just taste along the way and decide when it’s enough for you. New leaves, I will normally do 12 hours, depending on the tea. Don’t hesitate if you have other questions :-)


So glad you enjoyed this. I was hoping you would :)


Caile, yes, he’s quite a lucky puppy I’d say…but I’m a lucky owner as well, he’s such a great companion :-)

Sil yep, totally my style, thanks :-)


I love the floppy ears!!!


Puppy! :) So cute!


Dexter is so so so cute and I love that you didn’t crop his ears. My dogs like to get in bed with me in the morning while i drink tea and sniff my tea mug.


I learned a new vocabulary word! Doux-doux. Love it. We use woobie and huggy interchangeably for the same sort of item.


He’s beautiful – awesome when you get to have lazy lounging days with your pets!!!


Thanks guys :-)
Stephanie & MzPriss: floppy ears are not common for Dobermans, the breeder was pressuring me to have his ears cropped when I got him at 3 months old, but just didn’t have the heart to do that to him. I’m glad I didn’t!
Haha! I see your dogs can appreciate a good cuppa also :-)

Gmathis, I love woobie, I’ll try to remember that!

Dexter, those are my favourite days…I know you enjoy them also :-)

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