Golden Snail (Bi Luo Chun) Yunnan Black

Tea type
Black Tea
Chinese Black Tea
Baked Bread, Butter, Chocolate, Creamy, Floral, Honey, Malt, Maple, Smooth, Apricot, Molasses, Sweet Potatoes, Grain, Wet Earth, Roasted Barley
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Loose Leaf
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec 12 oz / 366 ml

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From Whispering Pines Tea Company

This Yunnan black tea was harvested in early spring (2014) and carries a robust and delicious flavor profile! The first thing you taste is a the thick honey flavor giving way to creamy cocoa with a touch of malt. A heavy molasses-like sweetness lingers on your tongue while juicy morel plays with a hint of gardenia in the aftertaste. This tea is delicious hot as well as iced and holds up very well to three or more infusions!

Milk Chocolate, Molasses, Malt, Morel, Cream, Gardenias

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22 Tasting Notes

778 tasting notes

Mmm this is a marvelous tea :) so smooth with caramel and chocolate notes.

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4644 tasting notes

thank you KallieBoo!

I didn’t have good luck with this tea today. There was something funny about the tea, but i’m not sure if the tea was contaminated or i just goofed it up. oh well. I’ll eventually get round to placing an order with WP and maybe ill try it again. thanks for sending this my way!

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103 tasting notes

“Wee snaily yums” is right.

This tea…what is this tea? It’s a slice of buttery, perfectly toasted bread, drizzled with sweet honey and maple syrup. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar. There’s a tiny hint of spice that makes me think there’s cinnamon on top too. Visualize it. Mmmmm. There’s some malt and chocolate in there, towards the end. I mean GOOD chocolate, none of that Hershey’s bullshit. My college roommate last year was a young woman from Kazakstan. She brought me a bar of milk chocolate from her country and it was better than any milk chocolate I had ever eaten. That’s what I mean. It was creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. This tea is exactly that. It’s the best, buttery flaky croissant I’ve ever had. It’s the best milk chocolate and the lightest, loveliest honey.

You better have a good reason for not having this in your cupboard.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Butter, Chocolate, Creamy, Floral, Honey, Malt, Maple, Smooth


Yummy :-)


I’ve been drinking WPT on the daily! I think I’m addicted. Best addiction EVER


BEST EVERRRR!!! Lol, welcome to my world..

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302 tasting notes

This tea is delicious . I have to admit I’m partial to Yunnan blacks. Very rich and satisfying. Malty, creamy, some chestnuts. As cooled I’ve got some slight spice which was welcoming. It’s fun tea and I’m glad I picked it with my recent order. Made it western according to WP parameters. I have to try it gongfu , my usual style of brewing Yunnan blacks.

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Yummy snaily tea :-)


Tiny :)
Resteep @ 6 min was great, rich, spicier, roasty and some minty notes showed up

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1617 tasting notes

Thank you Brenden for including this sample in my last order. It sounded so good that I had to drink it immediately. Unfortunately, I finished both cups of this a few hours ago so I don’t remember much, but I feel like I tasted spices and sweet potato and warm baked bread. It was delicious and I enjoyed each steep.

I might grab an oz for my next order just to get a better feel for it!


I was looking at this one when making my potential Whispering Pines order but it was sold out.

Terri HarpLady

I didn’t order any because I already have plenty of tasty black bi luos from YS.

Dag Wedin

Yeah tried this from YS last year i think. Its decent but less of everything compared to a good dian hong.


Oh – I need to try them at some point too! Not soon, but eventually. :D

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215 tasting notes

Now I can say that I have had “wee snaily yums” and my autocorrect REALLY wants that to be Yuma instead.

These little dingleberries of awesomeness certainly make a nice tea! And they’re cute. Then they morph into giant tea leaves. It’s like having sea monkies in tea form. It’s a show and a tea!

Yep, in a weird mood today!


Sounds cool to watch!


Sea monkies! So cute. LOL

Terri HarpLady

Good old sea monkeys! They never quite measured up to the hype, but whatever.


I know Marzipan – I had to teach my auto-correct all about wee snaily yums. Stupid iphone.


Now I want some.

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332 tasting notes

Up next from the recent WP order. I am not yet well versed in Yunnan’s. I know I have had a few, but not enough to really know. I made the mistake tonight of starting to sip this tea with a bowl of strawberries in front of me. The sweet from the fruit did not help this tea out. It made my first few sips a bit wishy washy. Once I got the sweet taste out of my mouth I was able to focus on the tea a bit more. I enjoyed this cup. I get malty, tad bit of honey-ish flavor with a bright finish. I will need to have another go with this cup without a bowl full of fruit to get to know this one a bit better.

Cameron B.

Love this one! I’m so glad I ordered an ounce during the sale. :)


This is a purr-ful one.


Oh, now me want a cup…no strawberries required ;-)

Cameron B.

Of course not, everyone knows tea fairies prefer crunchy cherries!


Haha Cameron, good one :-)
(They totally do!!!)

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206 tasting notes

Hooray, more Whispering Pines! This sample came from the giant Yunnapalooza pack sent to me by the lovely and generous Nicole. I was pretty excited to try this for a couple reasons: 1 – it’s super cute!, and 2 – I ordered an ounce of this in the 4th of July sale this past weekend. The leaves are so cute and beautiful, and just looking at them makes me think of “wee snaily yums” and that makes me think of those adorable snail fairy land pictures provided by mj! Squee! When I opened the paper packet, I immediately smelled Fruit Loops. Huh? The scent is very honeyed and there’s a definite stonefruit note, which I am starting to find common in Yunnans, especially very tippy ones. I brewed this according to the package directions.

Mmm the aroma! Lovely yeasty bread and mild sweet potato! Tart stonefruit with honey and molasses! Exclamation point! Needless to say, waiting for it to cool was agony… #firstworldproblems. The taste is surprisingly light for a black tea! But it is definitely full of flavor, just without a lot of heaviness. My first impression is of lovely light, crispy toast with honey slathered over the top. There in the middle is that sweet potato, very creamy and smooth in texture. And in the back there’s molasses, adding a lovely richness and depth to the overall taste. And is that a little hint of floral near the end? According to the website description, it’s gardenia, and since I have no concept of that I will have to take their word for it! I was missing the stonefruit from the aroma, but then I got a nice pop of apricot in the aftertaste, which was unexpected but wonderful!

This is my favorite Yunnan yet, and I am very glad that I ordered an ounce! Can’t wait to try the Imperial Gold Bud, too! :)

Flavors: Apricot, Baked Bread, Floral, Honey, Malt, Molasses, Sweet Potatoes

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

HAH at wee snaily yums!

Cameron B.

This tea will forever be unofficially known as wee snaily yums. Thanks MzPriss! :P




Glad you liked it! :)

Cameron B.

I didn’t like it, I loved it! :D


It’s awesome tea – I adore it and yes, WSYs!!!! I like that Brenden changed the name to reflect its Golden Snailness

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211 tasting notes

This tea is so pretttttyyyyy! Is this the one that MzPriss called “wee snaily yums”? If not, I think this could also merit that term :-). To me, the smell is very bready and it greatly increased my anticipation of the first sip. My nose did not lead my astray; the taste is also very bready, with a big dose of honey dolloped on top. So good! The finish is really clear and fresh tasting- a characteristic I’m noticing with Whispering Pines teas and that I really appreciate. It looks like this one will be a repurchase as well. Brenden, we are all just putty in your hands.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Honey

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

Love bready teas! And snaily, too; it’s just such a friendly little shape.


This is indeed the wee snaily yums – see why?


I call adding a little bit of maple “Terri-style” :)


I do see why! This tea is absolutely adorable in a snaily kind of way. Like these snails here:!89xnh So cute!!


OMG! Who knew snails could be so cute?


Awwwww!!!! So adorable!!! Who could possibly want to eat them now?
And yes, MzPriss’s way of calling this tea is the cutest thing ever :-)

Terri HarpLady

I feel special :)


@Terri – only because you are

Terri HarpLady

You get a big hug!
LOL, auto correct changed hug to hog, but I saw it & changed it back.
Then I thought about the big mandala puer sale discussion group from a few days ago… :)


Laughs! Well yeah, there were hoggish tendencies on display during that time….


And you get a big hug back. I tried a Terri breakfast this morning which was an epic fail – but I maintain it was Mark Bittman’s fault.

Terri HarpLady

What did you fix?


Cornmeal pancakes – see my note on Fujian Black from this morning :(

Terri HarpLady

I hate when things like that happen.

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112 tasting notes

This tea made it hard to drink and think. Some teas are very easy to drink and review….the flavors are like sitting ducks, just out there waiting to be identified….like a little string of decoys on a lake at gloaming. Some teas….the most INTERESTING teas deny such easy identification to the tongue and make you work for it. This Bi Luo Chun is that kind of tea.
The first thing I noticed was the creamy smoothness of this tea. Well, that’s not a flavor per se, but it was my first impression. Then, as I tried to deconstruct this tea and identify what I was tasting, my brain kept interrupting with “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”….ok, there’s some sweet potato note but no skin on the sweet mmmmmmmmmmmmmm potato. I’m getting some light earth mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm notes and they’re really well layered with a mmmmmmmmmmmm grain note and some….some…mmmmmmmmmmolasses……..

This tea is beautifully balanced. The flavors layer with amazing intricacy, like a tapestry from days gone by. Try drinking it with your eyes closed. Bliss.

Flavors: Grain, Molasses, Sweet Potatoes, Wet Earth

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML
Cameron B.

This is one that I really want to try! I’m sure it will make my brain go “mmmmm” too. :P


LOL I love this note


Good review, drew me in…could taste the tea.if you have Netflix watch Somm. You will crack up at how people training for Master Sommeliers sound like those of us who review tea.


Great review!


Haha! Mmmmm, is the definitely the best descriptor for this one :-)


I love this tea so much. I call it “wee snaily yum” and I’m hoping thre is some in my mailbox tomorrow or so…


LMAO “wee snaily yum”? What does that even mean?

Cameron B.

mj, clearly it’s small and snail-shaped and yummy! Duh! :P


Exactly! The dry leaves looks like weensy golden snails and it tastes just so very fine. I LOVE this tea.


That is the cutest thing I’ve heard all day


I’m a goof :)

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I approve of this entire page. :)

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