2007 White2Tea Repave

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Black Currant, Jam, Smooth, Dark Wood, Sweet, warm grass, Apricot, Dust, Plums, Earth, Rum, Smoke, Floral, Sweet, Tangy, Tobacco, Caramel, Citrus, Astringent
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205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 8 g 15 oz / 457 ml

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From White 2 Tea

Repave was made with aged puer tea material from 2007, which was stored in Menghai for 7 years prior to being pressed in 2014. The soup is already a dark bronze color, sweet and soft. The material is from Hekai.

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15 Tasting Notes

2657 tasting notes

This morning I am enjoying this sample that I got from a Steepster friend, thank you friend!

At about 10 seconds of steeping time, the first two steeps are pretty strong. It is a potent tea with woodsy flavors, a nice fruitiness and quite a bit of bitterness in the finish. It has a bit of smoky aroma, but not too much smoke in the flavor.

I decided to lower the water temp for steeps #3 and #4 to about 200 f. I feel that the bitter and tobacco notes have taken over this one to the point where I don’t really feel like drinking it. Not sure if it’s just the mood I am in or the tea itself, but I think I will try this again on another day, it’s making my stomach hurt a bit even though I already ate breakfast. Such is the dilemma with sheng… but it seems that overall some of the other tasters enjoyed this more than I did.

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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4822 tasting notes


A really smooth, lovely, mellow pu-erh. A sweetness that is somewhere between molasses and a buttery caramel. Only a very slight earthiness which I really appreciated.

Really very pleasant and sweet.

Read my full-length review with details about the many infusions here: http://sororiteasisters.com/2015/01/05/2007-white2tea-repave-pu-erh-tea-from-white-two-tea/

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1043 tasting notes

I drank this tea all morning. Thanks for the sample Marzipan!

I found it to have smooth mildness like an aged sheng, but with a little bitter punchiness like a younger sheng. Perplexing! Best of both worlds? Perhaps :)

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96 tasting notes

I am going to be broke(Paul take all my money)

I am literally upset I did not find this site earlier. Paul has consistently good tea and honest descriptions with accurate tasting notes. Best of all you get what you pay for which leads me to this tea. I dare you to find a better tea at this price range, it is not the most complex, ethereal elixir of the gods but if you drink enough puer where you go through a few cakes-tong a year this can easily get my vote for staple. I don’t trust myself to store puer yet being in a very dry climate and my rather experimental 75% RH pack semi- sealed storage. Otherwise I would definitely purchase a bunch of this stuff and happily drink there the mountain of samples I have to keep me happy for the a long while.

*Tasting notes
A common theme of this tea seems to be me casually brewing this hungover sunday mornings so I don’t dare to claim to know it but I have picked up on a few consistent pleasant features. First off it steeps better with more leaf/water ratio (usually I go g/15mL of water as a starting point) but with this one closer to g/12-13 mL with good results. I consistently got a sweet taste and a nice slow pouring viscosity the oil present are hinted at the stained cake wrapper. Not as thick as a bu lang but much thicker than say most autumn harvests. The taste was not bitter at all but if you pushed the steeping time it got a little smokey which may or may not be your thing. Very versatile as the just nice sweetness and no smoke is not present if you flash brew. I was not able to taste any fruitiness as I have in the past but my taste buds are fried and it was more casual chug then a slow concentrated “gong fu” session.

A nice middle of the road versatile daily drinker that is priced perfectly and very approachable sweetness that is hard to offend most taste buds.

Flavors: Dark Wood, Sweet, warm grass

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 4 OZ / 125 ML

He is taking money from us all. But it’s a good trade off.

Jiāng Luo

Indeed bittersweet, very glad I found his site but I am literally spending a fortune because his consistent quality and prices


+1 agreed with you. Wish I had a bit more to spend there.

Jiāng Luo

I think I will make one more big order this week and cut myself off puer wise for the year

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39 tasting notes

7g used.

5s – Aroma is light herbal on top of earthiness. Flavour is mild. It has a syrupy consistency with a soft finish. Tasted lightly of sweet dark fruits (dried apricots) . Not complex.

10s – Stronger. Slightly punchy. The flavour comes, then it goes. It is pleasant, soft and has a raison like fruitiness. The flavour profile is linear but it does have a short burst of flavour, but this disappears promptly.

15s – Aroma is thick herbal dustiness. The high notes have arrived; however, they do not sit upon a particularly dark base so they do dominate and they do give it a much longer ‘ringing’, sweet finish.

20s – Aroma is steamy dust mainly; herbalness in the background. The high notes are still there, this time accompanied by drying and sweetness. Sweet fruits, plummy sweetness. This is a mellow, not complex, but pleasantly fruity tea.

Flavors: Apricot, Dust, Plums

4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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3 tasting notes

This was a potent tea! A small amount of leaves really carried a lot of flavor, and brought a small amount of nice bitterness. The flavor was one that was very new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It seemed to have a very satisfying element to it. Maybe that was just because Ive haven’t had too much Pu Erh in the last month… I also found it incredibly intoxicating, sinking me deep into the chair. My mind was buzzing and very relaxed. The color of the liquor was also a beautiful golden color like a brandy or whisky.

Flavors: Earth, Rum, Smoke, Smooth

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 120 OZ / 3548 ML

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149 tasting notes

oh. hello good tea!

I’m drinking this tea as I write, so beware the tea-drunkness. The foil sealed bags worked perfectly as when I opened the packet, I was greeted by a plethora of aromas. fruity sweet cherries, a faint menthol, and a sweet tobacco. Reminds me of an experiment I did in my undergrad where we transformed Tobacco plants with TMV. When we infected the plants you had to damage the leaves, and that fresh green scent is definitely present in this tea.

Makes me wonder what tobacco blossoms smell like!

The taste is subtle, but sweet, full bodied, and not over-powering. I could see this being an excellent tea in the future. There is a faint bitterness, but I’m not brewing this in the traditional method so all I can really say is that I am enjoying it, and looking forward to the second and third brews of this tea!

New Rating
Price 81.25
Representation 77
Taste 82

80.1 (old ranking 82)


I have a cologne called Tobacco Flowers by Fresh. I have a bit more than half a bottle left, went online to buy more but it is no longer being made. And a more late version of the bottle is going for $200. Maybe I should sell what I’ve got left!

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159 tasting notes

Dry – Bitter-tobacco/wood notes, bittersweet floral notes
Wet – Bitter-tobacco/wood notes, bitter floral, bittersweet fruit and hints of sweetness and tangy notes.
Liquor – Amber to copper.
Gongfu in Porcelain lined Yixing Gaiwan 130ml

The first two steeps had a savory front with tangy and bittersweet floral notes over the gentle tobacco background. As it washed down if feels smooth and has an almost oily texture that coats the tongue with mellow bitter floral notes and faint smoke.

Following steeps are more open and forward but continue to be mellow in character. The front is savory with smoky, bitter-wood/tobacco notes adn floral bitter-sweetness. As it goes down, it continues to coat the tongue with a lightly oily texture that feel smooth, but has a more apparent bitter-tobacco/wood and floral notes, that although more apparent are still somehow gentle.

Later steeps (past 8th-10th) are more faded, but still echo the characteristics of this tea. Most of the notes are cumulative so the tobacco and floral notes and faint smoke linger in the back of the tongue and throat. The huigan is fairly fast yet mellow in taste. Cha qi is present as a warming sentation.

A nice tea, I insist that this to me echos a very gentle Xiaguan or what a Xiaguan/Yiwu blend would taste like in my mind.

Flavors: Floral, Sweet, Tangy, Tobacco

205 °F / 96 °C 7 g 4 OZ / 130 ML

I liked this one pretty well.


it is pretty good. Gentler than I anticipated it would be.

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276 tasting notes

I’m thinking about selling everything I own and starting a tea forest.

Method: 6g, 6 oz, 205 degrees, rinse-10-20, sheng yixing

Aroma: I was a little nervous because this smelled a bit menthol. That’s probably not even exactly right, but it’s close.

Flavor: Oh hello, mild gorgeous thing.

Zoned out.

And I’m back. I keep sipping this and staring off into the distance, picturing myself in a forest of wild tea trees, napping by a stream.

Am I looking dewy? Is this the sheng sweat that mrmopar was talking about?

I have no idea, but I am having a very pleasant reaction to this tea. My heart feels all fluttery and I think my ears may be ringing, ever so slightly.

This one is a winner! It’s going to the top of my White2Tea full cake wishlist.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 6 OZ / 177 ML

You are so funny.


Oh thank you! :)

I’m drunk on sheng and watching Ghost Shark now. This tea is yummmz!!!!

Cameron B.




You can blame ost for telling me about it. :p


Can we add this to my list Sarsy?


Absolutely, pumpkin pie!


WHY Steepster? WHY? Why do you eat entire sentences?


I was telling you I just had some Teavivre’s gold bud-thingie out of my newky seasoned purple pot and it’s so so good.


sigh. Newly. But at the beginning of the pour it is not good – maybe I’m doing it wrong?


You mean the pour is not good?


Too much c.


It is once its going but at first it goes everywhere


I have one other one that does that. the other don’t. It’s probably me. Marz – c?

Cameron B.



I tilt the cup to meet the teapot a little. Usually works. If it’s still being funky, maybe post on the forum? Someone may have a suggestion.


It does it even when it’s not full >.


And I still haven’t eaten dinner


I had a veggie burger. Yumz


Oh I have some of those. And some corn and cheese tamales in the freezer


But right now I’m eating chocolate


This tea sounds great, and you guys are silly and making me laugh. I love it.


You got yourself the tea qi.


Oh it was nice, too!!!!


Yah Ima-addict. :P


LOL @ this thread. Want to live in Sarasonator’s tea forest a la Swiss Family Robinson: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_gSvAoHjnktM/TKxjXlna9OI/AAAAAAAABW8/FF0q0qnaLTk/s1600/Tobago+Swiss+Tree+1960.jpg
Cuz I don’t rough it


Lol, mj, that’s totally our fashengista in her tea forest, you are too funny!!!


:p Cwyn

OMG mj!!!! That’s perfect!!!!

I am already shenging this AM, Foxy. We will see where I end up today :)


That will be it.


I’m a bonafide space cadet!


The Chairman ha sent his approval of your tasting notes. He was read this since he can’t personally read and sent a 2 meow response.


When are we getting a pic of the Chairman Meow-er?


Here’s my Chairman. Mrmopar has his own Chairman :)



Oh and mrmopar… I tried to get my Chairman Meow to pick my tea the other day. He gave me a stare that said, “whatever human. Bow down to your kitty overlord and get me some treats”

So it didn’t work out well…


That is a corporate executive cat! He definitely has some personality, had to laugh at the lion pose he has got there.


I call that his “Most Interesting Cat in the World” pose :p

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228 tasting notes

Chaiman Meow picked this one 2 times in a row and the chairman knows best. I broke off 10 grams and separated what I broke off into mainly full leaves as this is compressed lightly. I used the Gaiwan also per the chairmans pick on the brewing vessel. I gave a good 5 second rinse to wake everything up. The wet leaf had a touch of ’mustiness" that most teas this age exhibit.
It gives bit of the floral and citrus along with sweetness and an almost caramel touch to it. It also gives the tongue tingle that most older quality teas give. Really nice, not too harsh astringent or bitter considering its age and origin. A really nice one done here. If this is “middle of the road” I think it does a good job.

Flavors: Caramel, Citrus, Floral, Sweet

10 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

well said!


mrmopar – you have a Chairman Meow too? I think Sarsonator’s cat is also named that – and I LOVE that name for a kittie

mrmopar Sarsonator pegged my kitty as Chairman Meow. So I stole it from here.

Oh my. I don’t know if the world is ready for two Chairman Meows! What if they decide the Earth isn’t big enough for the both of them!?! It could be war, people!!!! LOL

It’s funny that your Chairman picked this one, mrmopar. I’ve been thinking about placing an order with White2 and I wanted to try this! I guess if the Chairman has spoken, I really can’t refuse. All hail the kitty overlord! :)


I love the Kitty Scratch Method.


mrm – did you know that Sarsy has become a raging sheng-head?


Kitty tea randomizer!!! LOL. What’s not to love? :p

It’s true, I have. I’m currently staring at the Yunnan Sourcing site trying not to click “place order”


I ordered a buttload of samples from them and I had to trim my list way back because it was outrageous


I wish the shipping wasn’t so high. But they don’t have everything I want on the us site.


Yeah the China site is the one for me too. But my stuff came really quick and I only paid $2 more. And I got a purple yixing. Happy.


Blah. Shipping is half the cost on the us site. Maybe I’ll just buy less.


Plus the package shows up faster, he uses Priority in the US. I always check there first for something before the China site. Trying not to hit Place order for 4 orders of the Wild Purple Dehong black tea.


you can “play” with shipping. the more you order the shipping kinda stops. so usually i say to myself $20 is max for the ship. and I keep adding to the cart. i think that China site is more economical overall. and better selection. but i try to wait for sales. the discount sometimes equal to free ship. and dont forget you earn loyalty vouchers


I do the same, boychik. I keep adding until the shipping tips over my limit and then I remove enough to bring it back down. Then I will try adding samples up to the maximum weight to get best value for money from the shipping. I’m based in the UK, so I don’t worry too much about comparing China with the US site.


I just made this and I adore it. Chairman Meow absolutely does know best!

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