Gao Shan High Mountain Black Tea

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Black Tea
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Baked Bread, Earth, Cream, Honey, Smoke, Vanilla
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205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 g 6 oz / 173 ml

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  • “Working from home today to give myself a bit of a break. Still far too many things to finish up this week to warrant an actual day off, but at least this way i get to hang out in my pj's drinking...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 5241 tasting notes
  • “When I first started drinking this one it was a bit underwhelming. I mean, it was tasty enough, but not overwhelmingly awesome. But then it _became_ overwhelmingly awesome as it cooled. Sooooo...” Read full tasting note
    dinosara 2007 tasting notes
  • “I picked this tea from my Yezi samples simply because of this line: "A brew of Gao Shan is ideal for firing you up on a dreary day when you could do with a burst of acceleration." Okay, Yezi Tea,...” Read full tasting note
    TastyBrew 361 tasting notes
  • “This is one of Tasty Brew's offerings to the BBBBox! I've been excited about trying Yezi teas, & would like to request some of their samples, but I haven't yet. This one is tasty, with a dark...” Read full tasting note
    Terri HarpLady 3046 tasting notes

From Yezi Tea

Bittersweet moments often make for the best memories, and there’s no reason to assume that it should be any different for tea. Yezi is proud to bring you the bitter yet sweet Gao Shan high-mountain loose-leaf tea.

Gao Shan is grown high in the Nanhu Mountain range on the outskirts of Fuqing City in the Fujian province of China. At these elevations, the near-incessant fog cover and the extreme temperature difference between night and day help make for teas with a complex and diverse flavor palette. Gao Shan is a deep red-brown tea, and its strong, satisfying flavor makes many a tea connoisseur compare it to Kung Fu black tea. A brew of Gao Shan is ideal for firing you up on a dreary day when you could do with a burst of acceleration.

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33 Tasting Notes

422 tasting notes

I haven’t been able to drink a cup of tea in a week. I manged to pick up hand foot and mouth from my daughter and the blisters in my mouth have been angry at any hot or cold liquid. It is freezing outside and to try to warm up a bit I decided to try a hot cup again. I am trying all 3 of my generous samples from Yezi.

This is very yummy. I haven’t done much tasting with straight black so to be able to try 3 right next to each other is really fun. I get a bit of a bitter sweet, chocolatey taste from this one. I would definitely buy this again, and in comparison to the other 2 that I received, Qing Pin and Jin Jun, this ties with Qing Pin.

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4550 tasting notes


This is a seriously awesome black tea!

A bold, very satisfying black tea – it’s got some heft to it. One of those teas that I like to drink in the morning because it can get me going on the days when I’d rather be sleeping. (Which is most days.)

A nice, bittersweet cacao note with caramel-y undertones. Rich and rewarding. Here’s my full-length review:

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340 tasting notes

Haha! Found the little box of samples I got from Yezi Tea. I’d put it on the dresser to try but then some papers fell on it and I couldn’t find it yesterday. Today might be an even better day to drink tea though as it’s been raining and a little cold… finally Winter weather is coming. It’s a nice deal when a company will let you try their tea in sample size and for only the price of shipping for sure.

This tea smells yummy, like baked goods. It’s a smooth tea that tastes pretty good. It has some faint chocolate taste, more like dark chocolate than milk and the smokey taste is more detectable as an aftertaste. The chocolate taste comes out more as the tea cooled. Even though the smoky taste isn’t really strong or offensive, I think generally this tea is not one I’d buy more of but the taste is kind of intriguing like maybe I would get a little more…ok, so I’m just indecisive. Thanks to Yezi Tea!

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61 tasting notes

The aroma of this tea as I opened the 5g sample pack was sooooo inviting, brew me it said. So I did, used the 5g sample in a 1920’s gaiwan 170ml, I received as a gift last night from a good friend who came to dinner. Quick rinse and the 1st steep was just how they prefaced the tea on Yezi’s site. The wet leaves now smelled even more inviting. Subtle smoky whiffs and could that be chocolate as well. Couldn’t wait for the sip. Bitter I must say was the first thing I noticed and was temporarily disappointed until that sweetness finally hit after the tea was gone. Bitter-Sweet.

2nd steep 20 seconds and catastrophe struck. My new antique gaiwan broke as I picked it up. The rim splintered into 3 pieces. I poured the tea anyway. So it got a longer steep, say 50 seconds and wow this was deep. That bitter was more muted and the sweet more pronounced. The flavors of malt, chocolate/cocoa, cigar smoke in a good way.

3rd steep, transferred to a 150 gaiwan for 25 seconds. Aromas are starting to fade but the remembrance is strong. Flavors are also starting to fade but the maltiness is out in front. Should have been paying attention to that 2nd steep and brewed longer.

4th and 5th steep were both 50 seconds and the aromas and flavors are back.

You can go longer with this tea but I think 5 steeps for me is the limit. Over all a nice return to a red tea as I have been drinking TGY at work for the past month. I grew up on Keemun and this brought me back.

I need to give props to Yezi, my order came in 2 days!!, and a nice personal note from Mei Qin Weng including the smiley face only makes this a better experience. The Gao Shan was an extra sample on top of the free ones I chose and a free tea strainer was in the box as well. Can not wait to try the rest. Thanks again Yezi.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

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78 tasting notes

This tea has a rich sweet chocolate flavor that is delicious.

205 °F / 96 °C

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344 tasting notes

So. The description for this tea is: Cream, Honey, Smoke, Vanilla.
Least according to Steepster.
This tea is nothing like that description. Perhaps it’s because I steeped it for three minutes instead of two, but…doubt it’s that.
For me this one is strong and earthy. The bready-ness made it drinkable, but…there’s just so much earthiness. Makes me not so much of a fan, to be honest.
Would rather not feel like I am mainly drinking dirt. xD But it’s not horrible. Just not what I expected or hoped for.

Flavors: Baked Bread, Earth


hahaha meanwhile i really loved this one :) tea makes me happy…everything is different for everyone


I am glad this one makes you happy!! Tea is awesome (:


yes. yes it IS!

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126 tasting notes

I was surprised by this one. Yezi describes it as “bitter yet sweet” but I happily get absolutely zero bitterness in this tea. It is beautifully sweet and very strongly reminds me of Bailin Gong Fu. It’s a nice hearty tea with a lovely body even though I under-leafed it. The first 15s steep was a little light, but the second is just lovely. Smooth with notes of sweet cream and a touch of malt.

Rinse, 15s, 30s…

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 30 sec 3 g

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1700 tasting notes

I had this earlier today but couldn’t log it because of steepster issues. I don’t remember it much now – just that it was nice and then it cooled and was awfully bitter. Damn. But I’ve had a few great Yezi teas, so I’ll just focus there.

Thanks Sil (189)

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740 tasting notes

Fantastic coco-ey, bold, dark, black tea from Yezi.
This is exactly the type of black tea that I love.

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243 tasting notes

I revisited this tea because I just had some awesome green tea from Yezi using their proper steeping instructions and I realized that I over-leafed this one the other day. I looked at the wrong section for steeping and today I looked at the right one lol.
This is my old review from the other day that I am deleting but keeping here (because I like to have my reviews for a tea all in one place):

From Nanhu Mountain; Fuqing City, Fujian province, China.
Dry leaves are small black/brown twisted threads with a few golden ones mixed in. They smell malty, like malt-o-meal cereal.
I used a little glass gong-fu pot that I got. I love this little pot bc I could both brew the tea gong fu style and see the leaves and liquor progress at the same time.
The water was at 200F and first steep was 15 seconds then subsequent steeps for 25-30 seconds.
Liquor was a golden-amber color and wet leaves smell smoky.
Flavor is smoky,,,this tea tastes like Da Hong Pao. The dry leaves don’t look like Da Hong Pao but the flavor tastes like it with the smoky, espresso, and cream notes.

I got all those smoky notes on the 28th because I had too much leaf in there. I got a proper Gong Fu tea set too with serving pitcher because you need the serving pitcher.
This tea is delicious with notes of Vanilla and Cream and a natural sweetness of subtle honey. There is a light light touch of smoke but not like when I overleafed it the other day. It is subtle and hardly there.

I kept my old review here because you can see how overleafing can change the taste. I am glad that I had some more of this one to do a re-do. Yumm and I’m glad I know how to brew it now :) lol !!!

Brewed this one Gong Fu style today. Dry leaves are thread shaped and it has a beautiful golden colored liquor. The wet leaves are course, like a Da Hong Pao. They have definitely been twisted and smoked. The flavor is high mountain smoked creamy with not a lot of sweetness. This type of tea always gives me a caffeine buzz too so it is a good one for morning or early afternoon pick up if you are feeling drowsy.
All of Yezi’s teas are so delicious and high quality!!
Tried this one both Western and Gong Fu this morning. I brewed it at a lower temperature, 190F for 3 minutes in my little glass one cup size pot and then gong fu was immediate rinse, 30-15-30-30
Gong Fu brings out subtle notes and a focus on vanilla, cream, and honey with a touch of smoke. Western brings out a more intense blend of them all but completely balanced both ways. This tea is really really balanced in its flavors. Super good and I like the lower temp for me but Yezi recommends 200F. This tea is good all ways as long as you pay attention to your leaf and don’t overleaf.

gao shan (Gao1 Shan1) = high mountain (高山) or high elevation, especially in Taiwan

Flavors: Cream, Honey, Smoke, Vanilla

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 3 OZ / 88 ML

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